One Good American: “I Didn’t Vote For Him [Obama]”


In response to the President’s comments which labeled him and his local colleagues as people who behave “stupidly,” Sgt. Crowley says that he will not apologize to Gates.  He also implies how unimportant Obama’s opinion is of him by asserting he did not vote for him.

Doing a complete flip; however, Police in Cambridge, Mass. are now demanding the apology – but from the President himself.  Among the department is a Black officer who supports the arrest of Gates as he was there to witness what actually happened.  Miraculously, Gates has neighbors that witnessed the event, too and err on the side of the officer given what he saw as well.

Meanwhile, the Obama staff has done a complete turnaround with the media.  Suddenly, it is fashionable for Gibbs to blame the media of obsession for prolonging the story.

In other words, can’t we just make this go away!?

These guys should try being Sarah Palin for just one day.

My take on this focuses more on the response by commenters on youtube and Facebook who are expressing sorrow for casting their vote for the beloved one after being convinced of Obama’s bias to this incident by his rushing to judgment without knowing all the facts (as he has admitted).

My surprise is that Obama has exuded signs of racial activism since his days in the Illinois legislature.  We all know he went to a church and listened to the sermons of Wright and Pleger for many years before suddenly resigning in the same year he was running for President.

NOW America is noticing?  Proof that Mr. Gibbs better watch his mouth with regard to the media as it was that same enterprise that sent over half of the voters into voting booths pulling levers as a bunch of drugged monkies.

If indeed Al Queda ever had reason to laugh at us, this is the time.