Palin Standards, This Time for Another Democrat up for Promotion

You know, as Ann Coulter pointed out on Geraldo last week (even making liberal, Kirsten Powers chuckle), “Wesley Snipes is ready to step in.” 

It’s really the only thing Obama has left to do.

Hey, maybe Snipes can even write the tax code for ACORN voters and Obama’s staff. 

Perhaps a new tax form can be introduced for 2010?  How about a form 1040-LIB?

In any case, the new gal on the block is Kathleen Sebelius, another liberal up for a promotion in the new Obama administration as Health and Human Services Secretary, has been doomed another tax cheat.

 To prepare for confirmation hearings, Kathleen hired a new accountant to “scrub her taxes.”

“Unintentional” tax errors were found in the areas of  “charitable contributions, the sale of a home and business expenses.”

What is “unintentional” about failing to report the sale of a home or posting too many selling expenses against the capital gain?

What is “unintentional” about overstating charitable contributions?

What is “unintentional” about overstating business expenses against business income?

These “unintentional” mistakes are areas people are most likely to “cheat” with.

Our beautious Sarah, last month, as I pointed out had the ENTIRE state staff’s per diem expenses (an area much easier to make an honest mistake on) fully investigated to make sure full compliance with the Internal Revenue Code was carried out.  As a result, Palin amended her taxes and immediately paid.

What’s the difference?  Well, other than the fact that per diem expenses are less an issue than company perks like a car or business expenses, or CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS, Sarah Palin did not have her taxes amended because she was up for a promotion.  The November elections were long over with.

Now, this Democrat Kansas Governor decided it was time to do the same – in preparation for confirmation hearings as HHS Secretary, of course!