Suggestions of a New Banner?

Guys, it’s no secret that I have loved Sarah Palin since her arrival in November.  I thought she was cool with her no-nonsense persona and loved that her family and life were really very similar to that of the rest of the nation.  Even after the election, the more liberals continue to call her “stupid” or “corrupt,” the adjectives seemed to make me love her even more – seeings as what some of those same people say about Reagan to this day.

My problem is with Bristol – her daughter.  I have no problem ridding the Republican party of phony conservatives like John McCain or any of the members of Congress who voted “yes” to any part of Obama’s spendorama.

Bristol and the father of her child I gather are officially announcing a split.  No marriage and no two-parent home for the baby they just brought into the world.

This girl (Bristol) was raised by two loving parents and is now purposely subjecting a child to a life without a permanent father figure.  I cannot support this and will not even though her mother is the best thing for our country in my eyes.

The question is, where does this leave Sarah?  Of course Bristol is an adult now.  Is Sarah obligated to make a statement on this?  Or is this still just a private family matter?

Knowing what single motherhood has done to this country in terms of crime and poverty, it seems to me that issues which start out as “private family matters” become public matters when someone is victim of a crime committed by a child raised without a strong father or our tax dollars are raised to support children who are being raised by single mothers without educations or careers.

I’ve seen it first-hand and I’ve seen it abroad.  Kids raised without dads have a 50-times higher rate of turning out to be crappy adults that the rest of us have to put up with forever.  I wouldn’t have a problem with “private family matters” if the troubles that come out of the situations stayed within the families as well.  But frankly, it doesn’t.

The governor should encourage her to put that kid up for adoption at once, should adopt the child herself to be raised by her and Todd, or should encourage Bristol to get over herself and to marry the guy she once loved enough to make a baby with. 

This child deserves a dad who is not around only on the weekends.

Palin’s daughter Bristol splits from fiance