Obama Has Left The Building

Hey Kids!  This in an activity that invites participation from all of our blog readers and my fellow moderators. Here are the instructions:

Watch the following YouTube video of President Obama’s joint press conference with former President Bill Clinton.  The video is over 30 minutes (it involves Bill Clinton).  I’d urge you to watch all of the video because it is informative, but I’d ask, at least, that you watch the first 11 minutes to gain full context.  The critical moment is at 10:24. And then observe at least a little beyond that to watch Clinton’s interactions with the reporters.

Just check it out and let me know what hits you.  I won’t comment in the body of this post.  I’ll wait and make my observations later.  I’m interested in hearing your comments concerning how this reflects on Obama and what it has to say about Hill and Bill.  This is incredibly significant in so many ways, in my opinion.  Let’s see if you agree.