Oprah Pouts over Palin (oh and Blagojevich is arrested, too)

While there is much to write and speak of over Governor Blagojevich and his arrest early this morning, I am going to put that aside and let the media rake it over a few times.

That’s not news to the liberal media anyway. I mean a liberal Governor actually puts a price on Obama’s Senate seat, then mentions occupying it himself in a taped telephone conversation I suppose isn’t enough to get it on the top of the news page (besides, liberals are still busy telling us how corrupt Governor Palin is).

Nope, on top of the news page today is Oprah’s statements.  First, she revealed her weight (wow!).  And secondly, she proclaimed that she was snubbed by Sarah Palin. 

Sorry, I just have to stop now and let you watch for yourself.  The laughter is just too much on this end.