Civil Discourse

Social events in our country over the past year have driven many to clamor for a new form of civility – the University of Arizona even founded a National Institute for Civil Discourse in the wake of the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and five other innocent souls in Tucson (the home of U of A). The suicides of multiple young kids after months – sometimes years – of gay-related bullying (even when those kids weren’t gay) brought on a fresh round of cries for people to start caring and lawmakers to pass anti-bullying and hate-crimes legislation.

Our actions, however, tell a different story.

It amazes me that liberals are usually the first ones to squeal about the horrors of bullying and hate crimes because it is often those identifying as liberals who display the most hatred and ignorance (see my post on Nazi comparisons for further extensions). I can’t get used to it because they continually lie about wanting society to do better. They clamor to end all religious influence over society yet when asked why human beings are basically good, they have no response. They insist on teaching that we humans are essentially just highly-evolved animals, but they believe that we’re somehow better than animals…all on our own. There is no God, and my faith is culturally unacceptable, but human beings are supposed to be better than other animals?

It’s no wonder that our society displays so much hatred and ignorance. On April 18, an unbelievable display of such wanton emotion was captured on cell phone video in a McDonald’s restaurant in Baltimore. According to multiple news sources, a 22-year-old woman was attacked in or near the bathroom by two girls, one 14, the other 18. The two attackers showed open hostility to everyone who tried to intervene – and even after leaving the restaurant TWICE, they came back to beat their victim again. The third attack had the suspects ripping the victim’s wig off and dragging her by her hair to the door while an older woman with more balls than the male manager tried to stop them. Incredibly, the two girls assaulted the older woman as well.

The video carries on for more than three minutes. What’s more, the incident was caught on a cell phone camera owned by none other than Vernon Hackett, an employee of the restaurant, and the video catches him and a fellow employee laughing hysterically at the violence. The manager is caught doing nothing more than yelling “stop!” at the two thugs – he didn’t even reprimand his employees for taping and laughing at the fight. He never even tried to stop them. At the end, the victim is left having a seizure on the floor, chunks of hair litter the floor, and the aspiring filmographer warns the suspects to get away because the police have been called.

This isn’t the first time that a video of a pile-on beating has been posted to the internet, but coming on the heels of all these calls for civility and concern for bullying victims, the fact that such an incident could not only occur but go viral online is astounding. It gets even worse from here…multiple sources, including the local ABC affiliate linked above and LGBTQ Nation, are reporting that the unnamed victim was a transgendered female…and the attack was over the fact that she was trying to use the women’s latrine.

Personally, I believe that if you’re transgendered but still genetically the gender you were at birth, you should use the corresponding facility for the corresponding plumbing. If businesses want to install unisex bathrooms, fantastic; that is their decision. Whatever your belief, however, there is no excuse whatsoever to react violently and then try to excuse your outrageous behavior by pointing out your victim’s perceived character flaws. I’ll tell you right now, if I had been there and had witnessed that scene firsthand, neither of those two girls would have left that establishment in one piece. Regardless of what I think I would have stood up for their victim and use the gifts the Good Lord gave me to do so. I might have even turned on Hackett and just said, “oops…sorry!” afterward.

I’ve also got good money that says every one of the employees and perpetrators involved is an Obama fan. If this is what they call hope and change, they can keep it.

If you want a good look at just how “civil” liberals are, take a look at the vicious attacks on Sarah Palin over her son Trig. A Wonkette writer recently attacked Trig himself, saying, “what’s he dreaming about? Nothing. He’s retarded.” (It’s worth pointing out that so many conservatives were rightly outraged that Wonkette deleted the post…h/t to Steven Crowder for the info). Worse yet, “comedian” Louis CK went on the Opie & Anthony Show and verbally assaulted “that baby that came out of her disgusting c–t” and flayed her for mentioning the difficulties of raising a Downs Syndrome child, continuing to say, “this is hard? It’s a baby, put your tit in its mouth!” The commenters, which include the user who posted the clip, are just as evil – and the singular comment I posted garnered six positive marks, yet the poster removed it. I guess he’s too much of a coward to face the same criticism he offers.

Liberals embody the very same intolerance they attack conservatives for. Somehow they manage to exalt themselves whenever another teenager commits suicide by claiming that it’s all the fault of conservatives. I have news for you, folks…our society will never grow up as long as this kind of thing is acceptable. As long as teenagers watch the adults in this country launch personal attacks against politicians like Sarah Palin, liberal commenters bully conservatives into submission with accusations of racism and intolerance, teen-mom reality “stars” caught on video beating their baby daddies and ex-friends, and trans-phobic beatdowns at McDonalds, kids will keep getting the message that bullying is perfectly acceptable, and the more shock value you garner the more popular you become.

Civil discourse is beginning to look an awful lot like gang rape.