Sex Offenders for Obama!

C’mon, did you really think child-preying sex maniacs were actually going to vote for Sarah Palin?  After all, she’s too old for them!

Poor liberals are so desperate that they are using this fella‘s youtube video as an example of folks who are voting for McCain.  Many say Obama is a terrorist, others clearly state that Palin’s experience is more impressive.  All in all, you can indeed see that none of those Americans are indeed threatening.  The main reason they say he is a terrorist though is because they are badgered by the cameraman until they actually say it.

He then asks about how long ago have they heard about Obama vs. Palin.  That’s the problem, all we keep “hearing about” is Obama, whereas Palin has an actual record of leadership and is loved in her state.

To this sex-offender, I say – we don’t think Obama is a terrorist.  We’re just frightened over his idiotic economic policy!  Perhaps if this blogger had a job like the rest of us, he’d be frightened, too.

Just another example of the type of folks going for Obama. 

We certainly saw the ones ACORN has been rounding up as well.  But, the good news is, last night, a federal high court ordered Ohio’s Jennifer Brunner to set up a system by Friday that personally inspected every voter registration submitted and that the results of that inspection were to be made available.

Palin’s Troopergate Report: Liberals Settling for Bacon Grease


Poor liberals.  They got short-changed two years ago when Plamegate gave us a phony perjury charge against Scotter Libby, to which President Bush issued a pardon.  Nobody outed Plame.  Rove, Rice, Bush, and Cheney were charged with revealing her name and liberals after months of hysteria had to settle for bacon grease.

With Troopergate, liberals were sure they would be delivered the actual bacon.  And in the far-off land of liberal-reporting in the MSM like the following MSNBC video, they are still pretending they have it by outright lying. 

I believe it was politically planned to release this report on a Friday night to keep all the conservatives on talk radio like Rush and Sean from delivering the truth on the MSM’s portrayal of this until Monday, giving us an entire weekend of Palin-bashing.

Palin’s “abuse of power” in the report merely charges her for not stopping her husband from contacting her subordinates, contacting state representatives, and others in the Alaskan legislature to get Mike Wooten fired.  Suddenly, liberals are against any state or federal citizen contacting state or federal officials to express concern against policies or decisions made? 

What a strange way to get liberals to admit that they do indeed support the Patriot Act!  In fact, they want it massively amended!

Speaking of “abuse of power” – Rachel Maddow of MSNBC abuses her power as a broadcaster immediately in this video in opening up the segment by saying:

“Governor Palin abused her power in firing Alaska’s public safety commissioner.”

Then seconds later quotes the report as saying:

“Governor Palin’s firing of Commissioner Monegan was a PROPER AND LAWFUL EXERCISE”

It then goes on to describe the complaint of the Palin family going to state officials.

Many articles online tonight and broadcasts on MSNBC are headlining the “Abuse of Power” and some like Rachel Maddow are even going so far to continue to implicate that the report concludes Palin was found guilty of it for firing Monegan, which liberals have proclaimed all along.

Now that it proves them wrong, liberals are again living off the bacon grease.

Should we expect anything less of the darlings?

A Travesty to Democracy, Ohio “Volunteers” Stomping for Obama

Be prepared to get sick.  Watch the entire video!


Good news is coming! Court ruling today declares:

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is breaking federal law by not giving county elections boards the chance to determine whether new voter registrations are fraudulent, a federal judge ruled this evening.

What’s the point of ACORN these days?

Unless you’re living under a rock, I am sure you’ve been hearing all day today about the massive cases of fraud with regard to voter registrations in the battleground states.  Yesterday, ACORN offices were raided and today we read the headlines of both proven and suspected fraud in the states of Missouri, Ohio, Florida, Colorado, and Nevada

Voter registrations of dead folks and imaginary dreamed up names seems to all have the same party affiliation after them.  “D.”  This of course is causing an outrage.

Everyone I talk to in my personal day-to-day life is terrified of Obama’s plans to tax.

They all understand that 40% of Americans don’t pay tax to begin with and that raising taxes on businesses, corporations, and oil companies will simply result in lower wages, elimination of jobs, and will stunt the growth of new jobs.  Moreover; companies will merely raise the costs of goods and services to compensate.

Who will these issues affect?  Good old Main Street!  The same ones Obama is promising either a tax cut or a welfare check to.  What he doesn’t tell them is that whatever he is planning to cut will NEVER compensate for the downcuts in their jobs, benefits, and upgrades in the prices they will pay for goods and services.  Thus creating a larger deficit with more problems for the next President to fix.

What ACORN is doing is targeting the “poor” through community organizers to get crackheads and unemployed folks registered to vote.

We pay ACORN through tax dollars to do this.

I signed up to vote through my local municipal establishments.  That same right is opened to every American in their own towns.  Most of them; being unemployed, have a hell of a lot more time than I do to do the same thing!

The good news is, signing them up to vote just to get the daily-tracking polls up does not necessarily mean that most of the crackheads and phony names will actually show up to vote, which is why when McCain/Palin win in a landslide, we’ll be able to point this out.

This is all a matter of cheerleading for one side while decent Americans like us are paying for the pom-poms.

Take it from a guy that lives here

Sent to me earlier:


Perhaps the U.S. should pull out of Chicago?

Body count: In the last six months 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago; 221 killed in Iraq

Senators. Barack Obama & Dick Durbin

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.,

Illinois Gov. Rod Blogojevich,

Illinois House leader Mike Madigan,

Illinois Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike),

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley (son of Mayor Richard J. Daley)

…..our leadership in Illinois…..all Democrats.

Thank you for the combat zone in Chicago.

Of course, they’re all blaming each other.

Can’t blame Republicans; there aren’t any there! 

State pension fund $44 Billion in debt, worst in country.

Cook County (Chicago) sales tax 10.0highest in country. (Look ’em up if you want).

Chicago school system rated one of the worst in the country.

This is the political culture that Obama comes from in Illinois.  And he’s gonna ‘fix’ Washington politics for us!

The “Broken Pipe” of Socialism


If we have to go down this November, and it is still pretty close in the polls, we have to do it screaming the obvious so that in four years when we come back, we can scream even louder “I told you so!”

The fact is; fellow conservatives, the bailout deal was anything but conservative.  The fact is, our own President endorsed it and our own Presidential Candidate went along with it. 

The only dissenter, or the one who took the position of normal Americans was Sarah Palin in the VP debate when she said that Americans on Main Street needed to take responsibility for their actions.

The video I posted above is the great Ann Coulter with Neil Cavuto.  They discuss the problems of sub-prime mortgages and liberalism’s hand in this. 

The mess in and of itself is not at all the fault of Republicans.  It’s a result of liberalism.

I feel sold out by McCain and Bush for coming in and approving this to give banks their way who are saying they aren’t loaning money to anyone unless the government comes through and hands them this money.  That’s sick.

The current crisis represents a leaking ceiling that required a patch.  Sadly, that patch cost us $700 billion.  But, the ceiling which holds the broken pipe of socialism will not only leak again eventually, but will finally out-and-out burst.  How much will that cost that?

Obama is adding one trillion dollars in spending virtually ripping the ceiling off altogether.

Just as Bush was magnificent at doing with foreign policy, the economic crisis required a long-term response to the broken pipe.  And while Democrats wouldn’t see the immediate results right away, we could easily be on the proper track of repair if we took the right attitude.  You cannot reverse major problems in a years time.

But sadly, now the work will be even more difficult if we have to endure four years of Obama.

Palin Gets CNN To Finally Talk About Obama’s Terror Ties


This has been a great weekend. 

Finally, someone in this campaign has the balls to call out sick connections on the side of Obama; sad to say, it had to be a woman.

The MSM and CNN are finally talking about it – of course to do damage control on their darling terror-loving, slumlord back-stratching candidate who wants to represent 300,000,000 Americans on November 4th.

Palin’s words may backfire on McCain; an article written by the AP proclaims.

Well, if telling the truth creates a backfire, then I am willing to accept it.

Ann Coulter and other brilliant Republicans led in a successful impeachment of Bill Clinton, resulting in massive years of Republican wins, who’s to say she won’t be able to do it again with Obama?  If America and the MSM refuse to fully acknowledge this disgrace now, it will happen sooner or later, I guarantee it.

CNN gives partial facts.  In fairness, they acknowledge that Obama and Ayers live in the same neighborhood and everyone already knows their kids go to the same schools.  They also acknowledge Ayers using his “credibility” in 2005 to sponsor a fundraiser for Obama and also being a major contributor to Obama’s state campaign.

But, that’s it!  They haven’t been connected since!  Not even a full three years later, Obama suddenly denounces Ayers’s actions because after all, poor Obama was only 8  when they happened.

Well, I hadn’t even been born yet.  I still think the man is repulsive and top this all off with the fact that in 2001, Ayers acknowledged all of the bombings they followed through on, not to mention the fact that he killed fellow members in the 60’s, he does not regret it and claims they didn’t do enough.

“I don’t regret setting bombs” and “I feel we didn’t do enough” – William Ayers in September of 2001.

Charges against him were dropped SOLELY because of liberal laws prohibiting “prosecutorial misconduct.” 

That’s our country with liberal doings.  The only reason Ayers did not support and endorse Obama from a jail cell is because of “prosecutorial misconduct.”

This man is a criminal.  No matter where this election goes, we cannot let this one slip.

Palin Winning Over Liberal California?


This is so exciting.  Palin drew a massive 20,000+ crowd in California today. 

She also drew a massive crowd in Colorado. 

  • $1,000 to get into the doors
  • $2,500 to get your picture taken with her
  • $25,000 to sit with her and talk over coffee

Voters were thrilled to hand it over to a good cause and those who didn’t have it sat outside in the parking lot loyal with thousands of signs and cheers for Sarah.

Of course, 100 liberal voters got up to go protest.

My question is, shouldn’t she be spending this time in Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc.?

While it would be pretty incredible taking California, I don’t see that happening. 

But one thing remains, Sarah is the rock star in this election and she’s reaching Americans thousands of voters at a time.

She was even introduced by a National Organization of Women leader today in California.

Should Sarah Save Michigan?

Absolutely!  Palin Questions McCain’s concession of Michigan

I respect McCain and praise his choice in Palin as VP.

The debate is over, there is new energy.  And while McCain has to focus on the national eye, I think all rallies and speeches should be left to Palin so that energy can be used to its extent. 

Palin is the ticket to a win.  70 million people tuned in to see the biggest Political Event in the history of this country. 

Palin; for the remainder of the campaign, needs to snub the stupid media and go right to the voters.

1.) Michigan rallies and visits to working plants as she suggested.

2.) Ohio rallies and speeches to voters.

3.) Pennsylvania and Virginia rallies and town hall Q&A’s.

4.) Florida as well

McCain can use her energy to get through the next two debates while focusing on Obama’s lack of record.

The Democrats are terrified and are freeze-framing the windows on the web showing Obama’s lead in all the battleground states.  There’s a reason they are doing that.

On that note; in a state recently turned to Obama in the polls, Florida – today “Gov. Sarah Palin’s public rally in Southwest Florida on Monday has been moved to a bigger venue after overwhelming public interest.”

She’s a star and the real people love her.  Get her out there, get her in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida.  She should rotate rallies every other day in everyone of those states from now until November 3rd.