The Referendum

Obama and his henchmen (and mouthpieces in the media) have already begun to spin tonight’s elections.  They insist that the elections are strictly local and NOT a referendum on Obama’s and the Dem Congress’ performance thus far.  Bullshit!  Here are the races.  As long as I’m awake, I will post comments regarding the races as results come in.


There are the races for governor and all statewide races including the Virginia Assembly.  Projections are that the GOP will make gains across the board.  There is a potential for the GOP to sweep the state’s big 3 offices – Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General.  Late polls show Republican Robert McDonnell with a 10+% lead over Democrat Creigh Deeds for governor.


Chris Christie (R) is going up against incumbent Dem, Jon Corzine for New Jersey’s governor.  Corzine has run the state into ruins and jacked up taxes.  This is a close race.  Corzine has spent millions of his billions on this race.  It’s too close to call, but this would be a major upset in a deep blue state.


A race for New York’s 23 rd US House Congressional District pits Doug Hoffman (C) versus Bill Owens (D).  As you all know, the liberal Republican dropped out a few days ago and gave her personal support to the Democrat.  Owens is a life-long Republican with conservative values.  Late polls show him with a slight lead even after the departure of the pseudo-Republican.  This would make a major statement concerning Obama and the Dems in Congress.  Additionally, it would send a sharp message to the GOP establishment.  Stay tuned.

Obama and Biden have assisted the national Dems in pouring all their resources into each state.  So when the media and the White House downplay the importance of these results – don’t believe them for a damned minute.  The fact that the Dems are so concerned with these “petty local elections” show that they take them seriously.  There is a statement to be made here.  I hope the message goes for our side.  These are all 3 states that voted for Obama last time around.  The Dems and the White House have shown some urgency in all three states.  They know the implications.