Welcome To The Fold

A journalist from the Las Vegas Review Journal comes out of the closet and makes the jump to the GOP

First, I’m not trying to time anything. Enough was enough. Could stand no more. So, when it came time to renew my driver’s license on June 9, I also gave the Democratic Party the pink slip.

I pushed the DMV clerk the paperwork. She shoved it back and said I didn’t have to fill out that form if my address remained the same.

“No, I want to change party affiliation.”

“Oh,” she said. “Had enough of the president, have we?”

“Up to here. I quit.”

Welcome, Mr. Frederick.  I have a feeling that you won’t be alone.  Come 2010, I think there will be more defections to the GOP than anytime since the 1994 Republican Revolution.  I think a whole bunch of folks are having some buyer’s remorse.  And I think a lot of people who were so cavalier about politics are now scared shitless over the things they are seeing from the Democrat regime in DC.

The “C” Word

Maybe the word “Conservative” is coming back into style.  Maybe the efforts of grassroots conservative movement is paying off – that’s if the polls are to be believed.  An article in “The Hill” reports –

While the label “Republican” is polling about as low as it’s ever polled, its part-time synonym — “conservative” — is the most popular ideological descriptor in politics.

A Gallup poll this week found that the number of Americans defining themselves as conservative is at its highest point in 20 years, at 40 percent.

That compared to 35 percent saying they are moderate and 21 percent saying they are liberal.

Of course Aaron Blake makes another connection between this and some other seemingly incongruent numbers in the Gallup Poll.  And I think that we can all understand this very well.

A conservative resurgence? Possibly. A boon to the Republican Party? Hardly.

Overlay those numbers with Gallup’s recent finding that 53 percent of voters identify themselves as Democrats or lean that way, while just 39 percent identify as Republicans or lean that way.

There’s something wrong with that picture: 40 percent conservative, versus 39 percent linking themselves with Republicans. It means there are plenty of conservatives out there who are done with the GOP, and independents aren’t replacing them.

On top of all that, even those who still identify with the party are unhappy with it; Gallup found 38 percent of them having an unfavorable opinion of their own party.

It seems a golden opportunity for Republican candidates to start emphasizing the C-word and leaving behind the R-word.

If all of this is true, then it is truly a good thing for conservatives. And maybe it will make the country club GOP power-brokers take notice.  Holding onto power for the sake of power itself is not going to get you very far.  It’s possible that Obama, Pelosi, Reid et al have scared enough people into understanding that conservatism (not Republicanism) is the only antidote to the socialist take-over at hand.

Who’s Yo’ Daddy, Specter?

The Dark Knight is one of my all-time favorite movies. Heath Ledger beat the crap out of every actor who has ever played the Joker (don’t get me wrong…Jack Nicholson was great, but Heath gave the character a whole new personality). There is only one part in the movie that I can’t stand. Democrat senator Patrick Leahy has a bit role in the film. During the fundraiser/party scene, Leahy tells the Joker, “we’re not afraid of you!” I love the sentiment, but I can’t stand that they gave that role to Leahy. I promise you’d never see a Republican senator in any major film–not even a RINO.

Senator Arlen Specter–labelled “Benedict Arlen” by many American conservatives–switched parties after 29 years in office as a Republican. He did so just days after swearing to remain a Republican as a matter of principal. I’m not sure he thought it through, though, because things aren’t going so well for him.

In an effort to make sure Specter is a kept man, Democrats have revoked his seniority.

Specter sits on several subcommittees, and after nearly three decades was the ranking senator on each of them. Some political pundits have called the move by Democrats unprecedented; I believe I predicted something like this when he first announced that he was switching. I said then that they’d find a way to keep him on a short leash. It took them a matter of days to revoke his seniority. Harry Reid told him that Democrat leaders would review his record in 2010, at which point he might be able to “earn” his seniority back. Today, after Dick Durbin offered Specter his chairmanship of the crime subcommittee, Patrick Leahy immediately put the kibosh on the decision, showing absolute incredulity that any Democrat would dare do such a thing.

Specter was offended and promised, “I will be with Democrats on ALL procedural votes.” Harry Reid’s spokesman had this to say to the media after all the hubbub: “Sen. Reid never takes any votes for granted.”

Translation? You’re our bitch now, Specter. Assume the position.

This is the Democrat way of forcing loyalty. They don’t want someone who really has his constituents’ best interests at heart, they want someone who will side with them on every single issue. I promise that any vote that does not coincide with what his new masters want will immediately result in Specter’s being shunned. If he does vote out of step with shrill Democrat demands, he will likely lose his seat; if, in that case, he manages to hang onto it, he certainly won’t ever be given his seniority back by any living, breathing liberal. If he so much as farts the wrong way now he’ll be tarred and feathered.

Remember the Titans is another favorite movie. This reminds me sharply of the scene where Denzel Washington, after being told by the white team captain that they didn’t need any of the new colored players, leans in and says, “Gerry, if you want to get on that bus you will tell me right now…who is yo’ daddy? Who’s yo’ daddy, Gerry? Who’s yo’ daddy?”

Who’s yo’ daddy, Specter? Thaaaaat’s right. Quit whining.

A Call To Action











There will be a special election in New York’s 20th Congressional District on March 31st.  This is the election to replace Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand who took over Hillary’s Senate seat.  The candidates are Scott Murphy (D) and Jim Tedisco (R).  This Upstate New York district has been traditionally Republican.  Voters in the district elected Gillibrand in 2006 over Republican John Sweeney who had a detestable ethical track record.  Sweeney was linked to Abramoff and was into the whole DWI/domestic violence BS.  No wonder.

The point of this post is not to trash Sweeney (good riddance).  It’s a call to action.  This special election has enormous implications. Jim Tedisco is a guy we need in Congress.  The GOP grassroots is being asked to heed the call and donate to Tedisco.  I’m going to donate, and I hope everyone else will as well. 

 Murphy is dangerous and will goosestep with Nancy Pelosi in the House.  I have a hard time believing that the good folks of New York’s 20th Congressional District would elect someone like Scott Murphy. Consider this –

As a Senior Editor for the Harvard Perspective, Murphy approved and signed onto this garbage regarding the ROTC:

The values enforced by the military — submission to authority, unquestioning obedience, and a hierarchy of power — are contrary to the University’s values of independence, thoughtful inquiry, and equality for all.”

“Bringing ROTC on campus is not the best way of helping the economically disadvantaged.”

“We, as editors of Perspective, firmly believe all people should have the right to choose whether or not to be in the military, but we believe a university must not sanction a philosophy that is founded on an unquestioning submission to authority.”

Pure trash.  And it gets better from here –

Scott Murphy, the Democrat running for New York’s 20th open seat, is sure to be wincing at all the attention on President Obama’s appointment picks who failed to pay their taxes.

Murphy is opposing Republican Jim Tedisco for the seat vacated by Democratic Rep. Kristin Gillibrand and the GOP already has their hands full of opposition research.

The New York Department of Taxation put out a lien in Murphy’s Small World Software Company in 1999 for $20,805. He paid up but the state had two other liens, worth about $750 combined, still outstanding.

The National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee issued a statement saying Murphy was “taking lessons in tax evasion from his party’s elite.”

Hilarious.  I guess if things don’t go well for Murphy in this House race – he can always grab a seat in Obama’s cabinet. Maybe Undersecretary of the Treasury under Tim Geithner. 

The point here is – this special election is important.  The Conservative Revolution has been launched.  This is our first chance to prove that we are serious. 

 Yeah….so what?  A dumb special election in upstate New York.  Doesn’t matter, right?  


If we are going to have any essence of momentum going into 2010, we have to start somewhere.  This is ground zero.  If you are happy with Obama, Reid and Pelosi – ignore it.  If not, get up off your asses and do something.  It’s time to mobilize folks.  No more sitting on the sidelines.  Our nation is about to slide into socialist obscurity.  And our only recourse is to slow this with the Congressional elections of 2010. 

This special election is a precursor to 2010.  We need to start now. The GOP grassroots is asking for $20 in the effort.  That’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things and considering the ramifications of the Democrat stranglehold on this nation. Go here to donate please.

Some Hope For The GOP

The GOP will have to make some fundamental changes in order to recapture control of Congress.  But there might be another factor working in the GOP’s favor – demographics.  This is from a blog featured in the hometown paper (Fort Worth Star Telegram).

As usual, New England’s loss is Texas’ gain.

Election Data Systems, a political demographics consulting firm, reports that updated census figures from July show that Texas is due three extra seats in the US House, and that will rise to four seats by the time apportionment happens in 2010.

The losers: Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Texas will gain more members in the House than any other state, according to the report. Four other states – Florida, Georgia, Nevada, and Utah – would each gain a seat and Arizona would likely nab two. Depending on how population trends move in the next two years, Oregon, North Carolina and South Carolina might get extra seats too.

Notice all of the Southern states there (and Utah)?  That could be really good news for GOP chances in Congress.  Naturally, it will all depend on the areas within the various states that gain seats.  That will ultimately lead to issues of redistricting and charges of gerrymandering.  Not sure how this will work out, but it bodes well in that there are new House seats being allotted to traditionally GOP states. 

We gotta take ’em where we can get ’em.