All Fired Up

I’ve already posted today, but I just got a piece of news that I cannot ignore. As a member of the Fire/Rescue/EMS community, I have a passion for fire safety and prevention. I’ve studied fire science and love the subject. I’ve seen many fires destroy homes that could have been prevented, lives upended by people who don’t educate themselves about the dangers of fire.

The US Department of Homeland Security has a grant program with a cap of $35M called the Fire Prevention & Safety Grant. The maximum grant allowed is $1M per organization. It’s a part of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program; the aim is to help fire departments acquire equipment, training for firefighters and education for the public. In Louisiana last month, some genius at DHS awarded nearly the full amount allowed to…wait for it…WAIT FOR IT…



I literally fell out of my chair when I read this a few minutes ago. It wasn’t news at the time because it was kept on the down-low. So was last year’s awarded grants, nearly HALF of which went to ACORN. That organization does absolutely nothing–nothing!–to further fire safety or prevention education whatsoever, and their mission statement never goes into it. So what the hell is anyone doing awarding a first-responders grant to ACORN?

Janet Napolitano, who used to be my state’s governor (don’t ask me how), refused to comment to the media. She had her spokesman say that they will respond directly to Louisiana State Senator Vitter–because “we don’t respond to correspondence through the media.” Translation: we’re not going to do anything to make ourselves look any more stupid than we already have.

Newsflash, Napolitano–you’re just about too late.

A small-town fire department in Louisiana applied for a paisley $120,000 in grant funds to buy smoke detectors for low-income families in the wake of a home fire that killed four kids. They lost that grant to ACORN. Many fire departments lost grant money to ACORN for no visible reason. A similar thing happened last year–we wasted more than $450,000 in the same grant fund on ACORN, and that was during the Bush years! Who the hell makes these decisions?

I wasn’t able to find out. There’s little to nothing on the webpage, except a suggestion to email the program’s directorate. There’s little to no information available on the decision process–who gets what. Bureaucracy in action.

It took exactly minutes from the time that the news broke on for the Obama administration to suddenly sit up and notice the incredible flub. They’ve now said that ACORN will receive none of these funds.

My problem isn’t that their funding wasn’t cut soon enough. According to government sources, as soon as the sting videos were posted and Congress voted to cut their funding, DHS followed suit to revoke the grants they’d been awarded. What galls me is that a grant for first responders–money meant to help firefighters, paramedics and dispatchers make their communities safer through fire prevention and safety education–was ever awarded to ACORN at all. They’re not involved in educating the public about fire prevention. They don’t have any fire experts in their employ. So how did this happen?

It shouldn’t have. They never should have gotten a dime of that money, not last year, and sure as hell not this year. The idea that a group completely uninvolved in public safety won such a massive amount of money supposedly for that sole purpose has got me all fired up, and I’m not letting this one go.

I’ve shot an email to DHS and FEMA reps. I’ll let you know what I get in response.

Age of Accountability

ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis shocked the entire country by appearing on FOX News this past Sunday. Today, however, she’s made a liar by her own organization. I have no trouble believing Lewis ordered this herself:

ACORN has filed suit against James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, the two independent reporters who ran the actual sting operation, and against Andrew Breitbart, owner of and, which aired the controversial ACORN videos.

Recap: earlier this month, a shocking video was posted on in which O’Keefe and Giles, posing as pimp and prostitute, went to the ACORN offices in Baltimore, Maryland to see what would happen if they asked for help and advice for their “situation.” They told the ACORN workers–Tonja Thompson and Shera Williams–that they made most or all of their money through Giles’ work as a prostitute, and they needed to hide their illicit activities from the IRS. Moreover, they wanted to buy a house to use as a brothel and wanted to staff it with underage girls from South America.

Thompson and Williams didn’t bat an eye. Both pretended like it was business as usual and gave the pair a laundry list of tips on how to evade detection by lying to the IRS and other authorities, including how to avoid paying taxes on ill-gotten gain and how to represent themselves on tax returns (they were really supposed to call themselves “performance artists”).

It didn’t stop there. There are reportedly no less than seven videos total, possibly eight. Each sting is at a different ACORN office, in every corner of the country. In each incident the same advice was given by different people. The reporters themselves later said that they didn’t expect to get anything of use out of the first meeting, and they certainly didn’t expect it to be so widespread. The operation revealed a systematic misuse of taxpayer and grant dollars for ACORN workers to help people use illegal means to get ahead.

After the first video was aired, most of the MSM ignored it–except FOX News. Within seconds of their first report on the sting, ACORN sent FOX producers a nasty-gram to stop showing the videos or reporting on the controversy (you could have set your watch by their timed reaction). When video after video revealed the same issues at every major ACORN hub in America, though, Congress took notice. They voted to de-fund ACORN. And Lewis had to stand up and say something, so she said it to FOX, whom they’d already threatened with a lawsuit.

Just days after her pontification about the actions of those employees being “unconscionable” and “inexcusable,” however, Lewis must have had a change of heart.

What’s interesting about the lawsuit is that it’s only for ACORN’s damaged reputation and the two Maryland employees–not all the others. And the entire basis of the suit is the Maryland Wiretap Law, which is quoted in the complaint. But if you read the quotations, it refers to “interception” of communications; nowhere does it refer to recording one’s own conversations. There’s a difference. O’Keefe and Giles weren’t setting up cameras and microphones to tape conversations they weren’t involved in, they were taping themselves.

So in reality, they didn’t violate the MWL. And it’s incredibly disingenuous for ACORN’s fearless leader to feign acceptance of responsibility for the poor actions of their employees, then turn around and sue the people who brought the grievances to light.

She’s basically saying, “yes, we were wrong, but we’re gonna make you pay for calling us out on it.” It’s a bully tactic, pure and simple. If Lewis were really sorry for what had been done, if ACORN weren’t really a criminal racket, and if it truly were just an isolated problem (at seven or eight offices all across the country, no less), there would be no lawsuit. It’s not just the two employees suing–it’s ACORN suing on their behalf. They’re demanding $1 million for ACORN’s reputation and $500K each for the two employees. And legal fees to boot.

Ah, the age of accountability. We’re so much more honest now than we were a year ago, aren’t we?

Frick and Frack

It’s Rosh Hashanah, everybody! I’m with my family today, enjoying the day and their company. I’m also–as usual–watching the news. FOX News in particular. (Liberals, roll your eyes now and start the familiar “FOX isn’t news” mantra…face it, they’re getting John Stossel, they’ve already gotten Bernie Goldberg and Chris Wallace, you can’t just say they’re making up their own news or get pissed about their “right-wing agenda”.)

I just finished watching Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday section featuring ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis and Republican congressman Darrell Issa (don’t tell me they’re biased–you’d never see Issa or any other known conservative sitting next to such a die-hard liberal on any of the other major networks!). Wallace was fair; he actually gave much of the floor to Lewis. I found it very interesting, both amusing and at the same time irritating, that Lewis was completely incapable of addressing Issa. Not once did she so much as look at him. She didn’t turn to face him. She couldn’t even speak to the man–any time Issa posed a civil and rational question to Lewis, using “you” and “your” and other direct, personal words and phrases, Lewis would ONLY speak to Wallace. “What Mr. Issa says is interesting,” she’d say, or, “I’m glad Mr. Issa asked that question.” She wouldn’t even acknowledge he was in the same building, let alone sitting not two feet from her.

I daresay that behavior was absolutely outrageous. Can you imagine if Darrell Issa had done that? He’d have been tarred and feathered. It’s every bit as outrageous as Obama making a point to blitz all of the Sunday morning news shows…with the only exception being FOX. He wouldn’t give one second of airtime to FOX, yet he’d talk to every other big-name network.

This week, Andrew Breitbart’s began running a series of explosive videos in which two independent journalists posing as pimp and prostitute ran a sting and caught at every single office ACORN employees giving them advice on evading detection for their illicit activities by finding ways to hoodwink the IRS and others who might come sniffing. In some cases, the ACORN workers gave tips on how to hide the fact that they were using underage girls from South America in a prostitution ring. When the videos first came out ACORN threatened to sue and put pressure on the Maryland AG’s office. That AG first tried to threaten Breitbart and his reporters with an investigation into supposed illegal wiretapping for recording the sessions. Today, after threatening FOX with a lawsuit for showing the videos, Lewis appeared with Wallace in a concerted damage control effort. Obama, though, is trying to claim he didn’t know what was going on and that he doesn’t care.

I think Obama would rather have dental surgery without anesthesia than talk to a FOX reporter. He’d rather talk to the reporters who fawned over him when he walked by because they won’t challenge him–they’ll ask him what appears to be a tough question, much like George Stephanopoulos did this morning on ABC, then once he’s given his answer they let it go. They won’t ask him to elaborate, they just move on. What happened to really asking the tough questions? I seriously think everyone in the MSM has lost their balls. I think they dropped off and rolled down their pant legs, and they didn’t stop to think before kicking them away as little more than an annoyance.

Stephanopoulos asked Obama about ACORN, to which Obama stuttered and finally said that he wasn’t paying attention to the ACORN controversy and the news about Congress cutting off funding to the community-organizing group. It stopped there, though. It went no further. Stephanopoulos allowed Obama to deny being involved and didn’t point out a single shred of evidence (of which there is quite a bit) that Obama is, in fact, heavily involved with ACORN. He always has been. Where were the challenges about Obama’s previous legal work on ACORN’s behalf? Where were the challenges about Obama training ACORN workers for Project Vote? Where were the questions about Obama giving more than $830,000 to Citizens Services, Inc., an ACORN front organization, for “advance work” on his campaign–work such as sound, lighting, lodging, polling and license fees. Mind you, ACORN and CSI are both supposedly just community organizing groups that canvas for low-income families. And the Obama campaign had to later revise their federal reports on the payments to CSI. They lied about it on the report they initially filed.

Nobody in the MSM has dared to cross The One and ask questions about funding, ties to ACORN, or questionable practices. Hardball my Texan ass–the MSM doesn’t know how to do it anymore. They couldn’t even play real hardball with Sarah Palin! What the hell kind of question is “what magazines do you read to get your news?” Are you freakin’ serious?

We need to face facts. Bertha Lewis and ACORN are a criminal racket and Obama is up to his eyeballs with them. He says he’s not paying much attention, but the reality is that he’s just trying to distance himself from his most ardent supporters in an attempt to save face. Plausible deniability is the new chic with Democrats. First Charles Gibson pretended to know nothing about the ACORN scandal, then Nancy Pelosi followed suit. Today, Obama played dumb. Obama and ACORN are frick and frack, folks. You can’t separate ’em.

Driving The Liberals Nuts

I received an email from the “Our Country Deserves Better” PAC with this new ad that they devised.  Apparently the moonbats and other libs are furious about this ad.  That’s a good thing.  It means someone struck a nerve.  And I think this ad is right-on.  Enjoy.


Obama’s Very Own Harriet Miers Debacle

(I have to point out the amazing stupidity of last week. Tammy Bruce, my favorite conservative lesbian and proof that I can’t possibly be single forever because I’m not the only one out there, compiled a list of Obama gaffes all made last week. First he compared credit and mortgages to exploding toasters, drawing on an economic analyst’s comments in 2007. Then he compared AIG to suicide bombers. Next, on St. Patrick’s day, he thanked himself for inviting everyone to the White House during a teleprompter meltdown after the Taoiseach read Obama’s speech over again, after which he insulted the Irish by telling them not to be caught wearing lampshades in front of the cameras. He topped it off on Jay Leno with a horrid “joke”–that he was practicing his bowling skills at the White House and his score was 129, then said, “it was like the Special Olympics or something!” Barkey had a full week. If Bush had been caught saying ANY of these things, he’d have been tarred and feathered.)

I’m sure we all remember Bush’s hare-brained SCOTUS nomination in October 2005. Harriet Miers, a member of Bush’s staff (whom some claimed Bush owed a favor or two), was nominated to take Sandra Day O’Connor’s place on the Supreme Court bench. However, when questioned by lawmakers Miers demonstrated a lack of ability to describe basic Constitutional rights and the laws that support them. Miers was a poor choice, and everyone–even Republicans–let Bush know it. Miers withdrew from the nomination herself to save face.

Obama has just created his own Harriet Miers problem. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you David F. Hamilton.

Per The Other McCain, Obama has nominated David F. Hamilton to sit on the US Court of Appeals, the Seventh Circuit. Hamilton has an impressive record…AS A FUNDRAISER FOR ACORN! Fan-freakin’-tastic. The organization responsible for thousands of cases of voter fraud, pressuring banks to make risky loans to people who can’t afford them, and now breaking into foreclosed homes for the same people who couldn’t afford the mortgages in the first place is where Hamilton got much of his experience. THIS is the change Barkey is bringing? My God. I don’t even want to know how much worse it can get.

Here’s what’s really galling: Republican Senator Richard Lugar, from Indiana, is absolutely ecstatic about the nomination–and the Senate approval of it. If rolling my eyes could make a sound it would be deafening.

Someone get me a barf bag.

God save us from bipartisanship! (Note to those bloggers who have made remarks about Obama suggesting Hamilton for SCOTUS: shut yer freakin’ pie holes! There is no excuse for giving this man any encouragement!!!)

Sex Offenders for Obama!

C’mon, did you really think child-preying sex maniacs were actually going to vote for Sarah Palin?  After all, she’s too old for them!

Poor liberals are so desperate that they are using this fella‘s youtube video as an example of folks who are voting for McCain.  Many say Obama is a terrorist, others clearly state that Palin’s experience is more impressive.  All in all, you can indeed see that none of those Americans are indeed threatening.  The main reason they say he is a terrorist though is because they are badgered by the cameraman until they actually say it.

He then asks about how long ago have they heard about Obama vs. Palin.  That’s the problem, all we keep “hearing about” is Obama, whereas Palin has an actual record of leadership and is loved in her state.

To this sex-offender, I say – we don’t think Obama is a terrorist.  We’re just frightened over his idiotic economic policy!  Perhaps if this blogger had a job like the rest of us, he’d be frightened, too.

Just another example of the type of folks going for Obama. 

We certainly saw the ones ACORN has been rounding up as well.  But, the good news is, last night, a federal high court ordered Ohio’s Jennifer Brunner to set up a system by Friday that personally inspected every voter registration submitted and that the results of that inspection were to be made available.

What’s the point of ACORN these days?

Unless you’re living under a rock, I am sure you’ve been hearing all day today about the massive cases of fraud with regard to voter registrations in the battleground states.  Yesterday, ACORN offices were raided and today we read the headlines of both proven and suspected fraud in the states of Missouri, Ohio, Florida, Colorado, and Nevada

Voter registrations of dead folks and imaginary dreamed up names seems to all have the same party affiliation after them.  “D.”  This of course is causing an outrage.

Everyone I talk to in my personal day-to-day life is terrified of Obama’s plans to tax.

They all understand that 40% of Americans don’t pay tax to begin with and that raising taxes on businesses, corporations, and oil companies will simply result in lower wages, elimination of jobs, and will stunt the growth of new jobs.  Moreover; companies will merely raise the costs of goods and services to compensate.

Who will these issues affect?  Good old Main Street!  The same ones Obama is promising either a tax cut or a welfare check to.  What he doesn’t tell them is that whatever he is planning to cut will NEVER compensate for the downcuts in their jobs, benefits, and upgrades in the prices they will pay for goods and services.  Thus creating a larger deficit with more problems for the next President to fix.

What ACORN is doing is targeting the “poor” through community organizers to get crackheads and unemployed folks registered to vote.

We pay ACORN through tax dollars to do this.

I signed up to vote through my local municipal establishments.  That same right is opened to every American in their own towns.  Most of them; being unemployed, have a hell of a lot more time than I do to do the same thing!

The good news is, signing them up to vote just to get the daily-tracking polls up does not necessarily mean that most of the crackheads and phony names will actually show up to vote, which is why when McCain/Palin win in a landslide, we’ll be able to point this out.

This is all a matter of cheerleading for one side while decent Americans like us are paying for the pom-poms.