Obama: Testing the Waters of Patriotism

Yes, here we are in the middle of probably the most important conflict of our generation.

Yes, our awesome troops are proud of what they are doing.  Yes, they are succeeding. 

I guess Obama has paid attention to the news lately – which means that he can at least read.  I’m sure he’s realizing that violence is at record lows in Iraq.  He’s realized the success and acknowledges the oil contracts we are bidding for now and what these can possibly mean to our economy.  Money, money, money – hey then we can invent new taxes!

Obama says Iraq trip can refine his policy

Right, after eight years of Bush getting harangued on a daily basis, Barack Obama does two things:

First, he actually admits he supports domestic spying (something even Alan Colmes is angry about).  Second, he slowly starts to “refine” his war position.

Oh sure, after all the work has been done by Bush and Rice, Democrats will try to find some way to take credit for the success this war brings, or will attempt sadly to begin a pathetic backtrack of their eight years of blatant idiocy and this time, they didn’t even have to run a phony war-hero to do it.

Hopefully when this begins, we will know better.  Start looking for the signs real soon.

Take this article as #1.  I can’t wait to hear Code Pink’s response to this incidentally.


Apparently Code Pink and the rest found out – yes, less than three hours after reading the first article above – we get a new “unchanged” Barack.

Thanks Barack, and thank Code Pink along with the crazy Koz kids and the moonbats from over at Air America radio that still believe the war was evil.  Silly me to think that Democrats (the elected ones) could ever claim credit for Iraq’s success.  

Obama Wades Into Controversy With Iraq Comments

Obama’s Terror Connection: What Would Reagan Say?


On Obama’s part, Alan Colmes manages to think that this is not a “big political problem.”  The topic at hand: Obama’s relationship/friendship with former terrorist and founder of The Weathermen leftist-radical group in the late 60’s.  The group was founded in opposition to the Vietnam War.  And what better way to protest a war than by bombing the United States Capitol, The Pentagon, and the Harry S. Truman building within a span of a few years.

Incidentally, what has come about of the bombing in Times Square a few months ago?

Back to Obama: let’s review his friendships with a few random folks. There’s Reverend Jeremiah Wright who said in response to 9/11: “God bless America… No!… God Damn America”, and also said in regard to HIV and the United States Government:”[t]he government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color.”  These are accompanied by dozens of other black-power, blame the white-man sentiments.  Obama confirmed his admiration for Reverend Wright by personally thanking him in the same book raved about by Oprah.

Then, there’s his personal friendship and ties with Tony Rezko.  As we all know, Obama scored a sweet real-estate deal with Rezko in 2006.  Rezko is currently on trial for fraud, money-laundering, bribery, and attempted extortion.  Here, Obama admits this was a decision he considers a “mistake” that he regrets.  Rather Clintonian, wouldn’t you say?  Rezko has also held various fundraisers for Obama raising millions of dollars for his campaign and was also very chummy with Illinois Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich.  Adding to his list of favorite politicians, Mr. Rezko has also supported and done many money favors for Cook County Board President; John Stroger who is ultimately responsible for Chicago’s ultra-high sales tax rate.

Now, we find out Obama has kept a friendship/relationship with “Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Illinois Chicago” Bill Ayers.  Ayers and wife, Bernadine Dohrn were original members and founders of the 1960’s radical terrorist group called the Weathermen.  In their opposition of the Vietnam War, they peacefully protested by bombing multiple government buildings here in the United States and screwed up a bomb experiement in NYC that ultimately cost the lives of three other members.  The two then – in a very Rosenburg kind of way – lived underground for years and continued in their pursuit to terrorize.  In the 70’s – after leaving the group, they turned themselves into authorities only to have the charges dropped against them for “prosecutorial misconduct.”  (Basically they walked on technicalities.)

Of course, as is the case with many walk-away psychotic criminals (O.J.), “Professor” Ayers wrote a book which was ironically published on September 11th, 2001 (perhaps it really WAS  an inside job)  that opens up with “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough” and also states that he would not “discount the possibility” when asked if he would do it again.  This man is a “professor” at a University today.

To think for the last few years, liberals have contemplated capturing GW Bush and smashing his fingers with a meat cleaver for once shaking hands with Jack Abramoff.  (Note to self: be prepared for comments and e-mails reminding me that Bush is good friends with has met the bin Laden family that have been estranged from Osama for decades and once said “good evening” to the President of Halliburton.)

So what would Reagan say?  Would it be: “I’m sure he’s very patriotic but his relationship to Ayers is open to question“?  Somehow, I think not.  But it’s certainly what John McCain said.  Someone ought to remind Mr. McCain that sometimes to advance yourself politically, it’s not always best to “play politics.”  Sometimes we have to call a spade and spade.

Put all this together: Obama’s ties to an angry-black-racist-pastor, an indicted slum lord, and a proud-former terrorist now teaching students at the University of Illinois, I’d say Americans have a really good excuse to be pissed off at the media and people like Oprah for putting this dangerous individual out to the American people.

Or they could concur with Michelle Obama’s recent statement: “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country.” 

Ann Gets Mad!


I hate to keep talking about this, but I am happy to see this get turned around.  Coulter is absolutely right on this one and outsmarts Alan as only she could that quickly.

This is not a controversy created by true Jews or true Christians.  This is a controversy created by a boring talk-show host like Donny Deutsch and irreligious liberals in order to stir up trouble between true-believing Christians and true-believing Jews.

True-believing Jews have backed her up here as I provided links in previous posts leading to articles written that explain what she said.  Ann in this segment (before she got angry) explained fully what her comments meant.

After explaining, Colmes still called her an anti-semite.  Colmes is not an offended Jew, he’s just a blathering liberal who’s been denied the gift of listening and learning.

Moreover; if Alan was a true Jew who actually followed the laws of the Old Testament as he is supposed to be doing, he certainly would not be a liberal.