Putting Wheels on Their Prayers

It’s time for conservatives and the best Republicans we can find (like Rob Simmons of Connecticut) to cut the whining about lack of money and continue doing what they can to get the word out. 

Rob Simmons; highlighted by Ann Coulter in her column last week where she pleads for Sarah Palin to endorse him, has suspended his campaign as he is being outspent dramatically by the other Republican candidate,wrestling-guru Linda McMahon.

As Ann alluded to, there are 18 currently held Democrat-Senate seats up for re-election this year.  Connecticut; which could turn out to be another Massachusetts (if we get the “wrestler” out of Simmons’ way to do it),  is poised for a strong Republican takeover if the right candidate is running against the lying-sack-of-crap-Blumenthal, who is vying to replace the lying-sack-of-crap Chris Dodd. 

Dodd leaves Connecticut feeling as the Kennedys left Massachusetts, which is to say massively betrayed by the broken promises made of large-government, seat-hogging politicians who serve for decades.  There is no better time than now to replace him — even if some conservatives think it’s beneath them to support someone perceived to be a “moderate”.  Nobody; however, was screaming “moderate” in the case of Scott Brown after he won.  Nor would they if any Republican took over a Senate seat in a liberal-elite state like Connecticut. 

This brings me to Carly Fiorina and Palin’s decision to endorse her over Chuck Devore.  Most forget that Sarah Palin ran three campaigns on her own.  They also forget that she won all of them.  In all cases, Palin had less money and resources in Alaska than the incumbents she was running against (except when she was the incumbent for her second run as Mayor).  She worked her rear off.  She prayed, put wheels on those prayers, and placed herself in the front seat to become both driver and navigator covering every inch of the largest state in the country.

It’s hard to believe that Devore in California, or Simmons in Connecticut, could not do the same thing.  Today, Rush Limbaugh’s fill-in (don’t know the guy’s name by heart, sorry!) remarked specifically with examples of how Devore ran a lousy campaign.  Simmons as well ran a mediocre campaign and certainly did not utilize the resources available to him free-of-charge.  These include Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Meetup, etc.  Networking sites today; as I wrote about last week, are just as powerful as campaign commercials and airtime. 

In fact, I myself spend much more time on my computer than I do staring at the TV.

Because of Ron Paul loyalists and 9/11 Truthers who’ve chosen to adopt the tolerance of Hugo Chavez, what became known as the “tea party movement” began to split off from Americans concerned about spending and liberties between others who want to kill the IRS while simultaneously smoking a joint legally.  You can usually detect the latter if they express rage towards Sarah Palin for “hijacking” the movement.

Foolishly, without figuring out which “tea-partiers” are behind them, some of these candidates seem to believe that merely proclaiming to be the most conservative candidate ever (no, I mean “really-really conservative”) is enough to pull them through.  But the fact is, Americans are just as leery about casting their votes for unknowns every bit as much as they are about casting votes for incumbents.  Unlike the elections of 2008, voters in 2010 are energized and informed.  If Devore doesn’t campaign with as much passion as Fiorina did, how can independents possibly take him seriously?

Sarah Palin knows how to win in California as a Republican that isn’t pro-choice.  You hold true to the vast positions of the party and you keep your name out there and campaign with a little conviction.  Carly Fiorina won that contest fair and square.

But even as Ann Coulter pleads (and I did as well on her Facebook page) with Sarah to endorse Simmons, Sarah couldn’t possibly do so when in fact it seems Coulter and people like myself care more about it than he does!!  Sarah Palin knows what it takes to win an election, it is your life and it is your sacrifice until the election night is over and the votes are counted. 

If we cannot take them seriously as campaigners, how can we possibly hold them accountable as public servants?

Another Girly Liberal Throws Food

FOX – Man in Minnesota throws tomatoes at Sarah Palin, misses, and smacks an officer right in the face.

I’ll bet he voted for Obama.

No doubt in the Christmas season he was simply paying tribute to the two liberals who threw pies at Ann Coulter and missed as well.


The “man” is 33-year-old Jeremy Olson.  All one really must do is LOOK at the picture released tonight.

Meanwhile, liberals at the Huffington Post are proclaiming him as their new hero.  No Kidding!

Apparently Liberals Still Aren’t Over Palin

As Ann Coulter mocked beautifully this week, liberals just cannot seem to get over Sarah Palin.  Just within the last 24 hours, the following was put forth:

1.) Suddenly now, it appears that Levi Johnston has become the new hero to liberals.  I mean, it’s only natural.  He made a baby he’s not taking care of, he lived off of the Palins for months, and he’s caving into all the sudden new respect, adoration, and praise of a group of idiots. 

2.) Just this morning, Sarah Palin and her attorney released the following statement:

When Governor Palin announced that she would be resigning, in part, because of the unusual number of frivolous ethics complaints burdening the state of Alaska, that was not intended to be an invitation to file more frivolous ethics complaints. Not everyone got the message. As if to underscore the Governor’s point, two more frivolous complaints were filed this week.

For example, Raymond A. Ward (DOB 1947), has apparently filed a state ethics complaint (No. 19) incorrectly alleging that the Governor has appeared on “television and radio variety shows earning and accepting money for personal and private use on state time.” These allegations are categorically false. Though signed under “penalty of purgery” (sic) it is apparent that Mr. Ward has no factual basis for the statements he has made.

Governor Palin has never been paid an appearance fee or received other remuneration from any “television or radio” show. She has not been paid for any media interview. The allegations made by Mr. Ward have no basis in truth.

In releasing the complaint publicly today, Mr. Ward violated the confidentiality provision of the Ethics Act. Mr. Ward is apparently no stranger to the Alaska court system apparently with a collection of criminal and civil matters allegedly involving him, including possible allegations of: filing a false report, illegal use of the telephone, criminal trespass, domestic violence, vehicle tampering, and DUI. Ward’s attorney in some of those past cases–Rex Butler.

Attached are Courtview print-outs as well as an updated list of ethics complaints.

THOMAS VAN FLEIN-Personal Attorney for Governor Palin

Criminal and civil matters?  Interesting.

Hypocrisy Always Swings to the Left

Thanks to Ann Coulter and the WSJ, this little tidbit has been displayed for Americans to read with regard to Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame.  Enjoy!  Courtesy of anncoulter.com


The [Boston] Globe notes that not all Catholics are unhappy with Notre Dame’s plan to give the president an honorary degree:

“There are some well-meaning people who think Notre Dame has given away its Catholic identity, because they have been caught up in the gamesmanship of American higher education, bringing in a star commencement speaker even if that means sacrificing their values, and that accounts for some of this,” said the Rev. Kenneth Himes, chairman of theology department at Boston College.

“But one also has to say that there is a political game going on here, and part of that is that you demonize the people who disagree with you, you question their integrity, you challenge their character, and you brand these people as moral poison. Some people have simply reduced Catholicism to the abortion issue, and, consequently, they have simply launched a crusade to bar anything from Catholic institutions that smacks of any sort of open conversation.”

Now read this 2006 Associated Press dispatch: Nearly 100 faculty members at Boston College have signed a letter objecting to the college’s decision to award Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice an honorary degree. The letter entitled “Condoleezza Rice Does Not Deserve a Boston College Honorary Degree,” was written by the Rev. Kenneth Himes. . . .

“On the levels of both moral principle and practical moral judgment, Secretary Rice’s approach to international affairs is in fundamental conflict with Boston College’s commitment to the values of the Catholic and Jesuit traditions and is inconsistent with the humanistic values that inspire the university’s work,” the letter said.

Himes, it seems, is an expert on demonization.

Sarah Palin (by Ann Coulter)

Wow, one of my favorite women writes about the other!  Courtesy of Time Magazine, Sarah Palin one of the most influential of 2008:

Sarah Palin was arguably the most influential person in 2008, but no one notices because she wasn’t influential enough to overcome the deficits of her running mate and win the election.

Until Palin, 45, burst onto the scene, Obama was headed for a Nixon/McGovern landslide. Palin may not have changed the election result, but she killed what otherwise would have been a rout.

John McCain was so preposterous a candidate (at least on a Republican ticket) that Palin was responsible for far more votes than the usual vice-presidential candidate. The biggest red flag proving her popularity with normal Americans is that liberals won’t shut up about her. Palin is a threat to liberals because she believes in God and country and family — all values liberals pretend to believe in but secretly detest. There’s a reason there’s no “Stop Olympia Snowe before it’s too late!” movement.

The American voter can be hornswoggled occasionally, but we can generally spot a real American, and that’s what Sarah Palin is. She really was a housewife who went into politics because she didn’t like the way her taxes were being spent. She really did take on the old-boy network — the oil companies and her own party — and won. And yes, she really did walk the walk on abortion when she found out she was carrying a Down-syndrome baby.

The combination of Palin’s attractiveness as a candidate and her ability to expose liberals made her a celebrity among Republicans. The only thing I have against her is that she threatens to surpass me in attracting the left’s hatred.

Coulter is the author of Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America

Olbermann’s “Teeny-Tiny” Mistake Monitor Finally Gets Smacked Down


You know, Ann Coulter can take a beating.  I thought about posting every youtube video of Keith Olbermann yammering on about something Ann Coulter did or said (They’re easy to find, just look for the ones on youtube that say “Olbermann pwns Ann Coulter” or “Olbermann Destroys Coulter!” ) but it would have taken up the entire page.

In all of Olbermann’s Ann-obsession, Coulter managed to skirt on by with not much to say, because afterall, who cares?  It’s ONLY a liberal on MSNBC!

But after the above segment of “Countdown” aired regarding Rush Limbaugh’s speech at CPAC, Coulter had plenty to say tonight in her newly released column:

These small-time opportunities to show off by correcting someone else’s teeny-tiny mistakes are the lifeblood of Olbermann’s MSNBC show, “Countdown.”

There is utterly no purpose to these lame “gotchas,” except that Olbermann is so desperately insecure that he is willing to waste valuable airtime in order to convince other status-conscious idiots that he is, like, scary-smart.

Olbermann relentlessly attacked low-level Bush administration employee Monica Goodling for not going to a name-dropping college, saying — approximately 1 million times — that she got her law degree “by sending 100 box tops to Religious Lunatic University.”

I would venture to say that the students at Goodling’s law school at Regent University are far more impressive than those at the Cornell agriculture school — the land-grant, non-Ivy League school Keith attended.

That’s right, folks!  The intellectual light of the left; Keith Olbermann, did not graduate an Ivy League school.  He went to a state-version of agriculture and studied “communications.”  As Ann points out, he continuously (as all liberals do) spotlights “teeny-tiny” mistakes to erase the room for the point he was supposed to really be making – all while telling others of his “Ivy league” status.

Indeed, Keith is constantly lying about his nonexistent “Ivy League” education, boasting to Playboy magazine, for example: “My Ivy League education taught me how to cut corners, skim books and take an idea and write 15 pages on it, and also how to work all day at the Cornell radio station and never actually go to class.”

Except Keith didn’t go to the Ivy League Cornell; he went to the Old MacDonald Cornell.

The real Cornell, the School of Arts and Sciences (average SAT: 1,325; acceptance rate: 1 in 6 applicants), is the only Ivy League school at Cornell and the only one that grants a Bachelor of Arts degree. 

The rest is just too painful but quite enjoyable.  Liberals knit-pick at simple mistakes or misstatements all the time (“I can see Russia from my house!”) like Olbermann did here in this video with regard to Rush quoting the Declaration of Independence when he thought he was quoting the Constitution.

Olbermann is going to wake up pretty angry.  The quote that got me to ALMOST feel sorry for him:

It may seem cruel to reveal the true college of someone who already wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat worried that he’s a fraud. But I believe that by pointing out that Olbermann actually is a fraud, I am liberating him.

You may not realize it now, Keith, but you will look back on this day and say, “That was the best thing that ever happened to me!”

Let the war begin.  But Ann Coulter, a true attendee of the real-life-Ivy-League Cornell (and graduate) is well-prepared and finally knocked this pompous and bitter man off of his imaginary golden-platter and served him on a paper plate where he belongs. 

Read “Olbermann’s Plastic Ivy.”

Best Quotes From CPAC

I call on all readers and my wonderful Phil and Mel here….

The speeches at CPAC were amazing, the only ones I watched in their entirties were Rush Limbaugh’s (thanks to Phil) and Ann Coulter’s.

I’ll kick the observance off with the best one I have found thus far:

It’s interesting that Obama’s adorers in the press keep comparing him to Lincoln and Reagan.  Apparently they can’t think of a Democrat president worthy of being compared to.

Ann Coulter

Coulter-Stalking Liberal Screams “Help Me!” During Arrest


If you ever wanted an example as to why women who marry conservative men have better and more orgasms, this video is all you’ll ever need to see.

Reports from various sources reveal that Mike Tracey; student at The College of New Jersey AND vice-President of the College Democrats stormed the stage that Ann Coulter was standing on during a speech more than a couple of times and was repeatedly warned by campus security.

Of course, he had to test the waters a final time and was removed from the speech and arrested.  The video; only 38 seconds long, shows no police brutality whatsoever and also explains the liberal way of turning virtually ANYTHING into “torture.”

Reports also indicate that the parents of this ninny are pissed and are fighting to get the charges removed. 

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you one of the future William Ayers of the world.

Coulter vs. Behar (What was Larry Thinking?)



Well, I have to go to a friend’s birthday party out on the town tonight and as fun as that will be, I could have enjoyed watching this glorious 16 minutes over and over again.

Ann Coulter was scheduled to appear on Larry King Live and Joy Behar filled in.  I have a feeling now that Joy will not make that mistake again – at least without the rest of her “team” on The View.

This is precisely why I cannot stand Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  THIS is how a Republican should handle a liberal loud-mouth like Behar.

The 16-minute exchange even won this comment from Entertainment Weekly –

I always enjoy you on The View, Joy, but last night on Larry King, I’d have to say, you got served by Coulter.

The conversation begins with talk on the Stimulus, or as Ann refers to it as, “The Reward Failure Act.”  It then moves on to Ann giving Joy a thrashing over Behar’s comments that Rush was an “extreme right winger.”   Then they discuss the fact that conservative women have more orgasms than liberal women do.

One thing I thought Coulter was capable of  (and perhaps she was just being nice after all the other thrashing she delivered in her “play-it-cool” style) is something I noted toward the end of the interview when, in response to Coulter’s comments on single mothers being responsible for “80 percent of the inmates in our prisons.”

Joy shot back:

“but there are tons of people out there who were raised by single mothers who are doing quite well”

“why not look at it from that end?”

Huh!?  If we could decrease crime by 80%, do we stop that for the purposes of looking at it from the wrong end?

Speaking of wrong ends, how many times did Joy and Whoopi (and Rosie) prattle on about the number of military deaths in Iraq or the number of civilian casualties during the conflict?

Hundreds of thousands of troops were deployed, hundreds of millions won’t be gassed by their own dictator in the future of Iraq, hundreds of millions survived the conflict and they now have the Democratic right to vote!

Just when is it okay to look at any issue from the end where the cons exist?

Get some popcorn, sit back, and be prepared to laugh and laugh hard – especially when Ann advocates torturing Guantanamo inmates with old episodes from The View.

Coulter Spanks McClellan on “Dr. Phil”



FINALLY – someone posted this interview in both parts on youtube.  Until today, only PopModal(the conservative alternative to youtube) had it.  Now, I am guessing that it took a conservative on youtube to post it as well.  It is certainly one of those rare appearances where the host (just as Jay Leno was a few years ago) was absolutely polite to Ann Coulter. 

On the other shows including Today and The View,the hosts had biases about Ann Coulter way before she came on.  That’s why in both appearances, she had the hardest time getting out a full sentence before she was interrupted.  The fear sets in their eyes as she starts to make great points, because heaven forbid, someone might agree with her.

This was the case on Dr. Phil.  The audience was apparently not pre-screened for “liberal only” as they are on shows like The View. 

In this interview, Ann explains the true concerns on Obama, the media love fest for him, and finally gives Scott McClellan the biggest beating he’s been deserving since stabbing the President in a back a few months ago.  When the moment comes, Dr. Phil enjoys every bit of it as well as the audience.

On youtube now and in other articles, liberals are whining and suggesting that Ann Coulter be “moderated.”  She didn’t need to be moderated.  Unlike Joy Behar and Whoppi Goldberg, Dr. Phil is actually able to get through a conversation without screaming.  This interview was fair and all got to answer completely and be heard.

“Moderation” to a liberal means screaming over your conservative guest, filling the audience with liberals, then replaying it on youtube and marking it: “Ann Coulter gets “Pwned” on The View!” 

Yeah, I know, “pwned” isn’t a word, yet liberals still feel the need to use it.

Also, in the second video, note how the audience responds when Ann points out where the venom truly resides in politics.