Comedy With a Refreshing Twist (Dane Cook on arrogant Atheists)


This is awesome.  First, I have to admit – I think Dane Cook is one helluva sexy fella.  He’s also one of the most funny comedians I have enjoyed watching lately and he has an amazing following.

While you would expect most Hollywood-comedians to write comedy routines attacking the extreme religious, Dane did a very original and ground-breaking act by describing the attitudes of your average atheists and poking fun at them.

It’s a nine minute video but worth every second!

Extremism is Extremism – Just say “No!” to it….


And it doesn’t matter which side you are batting for, either.

Many gay writers have been astonished that Shirley Phelps (“God Hates Fags” Westboro Baptist Church Leader) was on a CBS Logo (gay network) alongside a “gay activist” who gets along with and has respect for Shirley.  For the two seconds he is reasonable, he admits Phelps and her family are intelligent and articulate people.  I’ve always felt this way and whenever they go onto talk shows (Tyra Banks) and speak on Fox News, they usually outwit the people trying to debate them.  They are all educated attorneys and hold a solid belief and stand for it.

Who cares?

But then the “gay activist” moves right next to Shirley’s anti-gay extremism by insinuating that any person in the world against gay marriage is homophobic.

That’s a very extreme position to take.

I hate when people counter extremists like Shirley Phelps or align themelves with her by being just as extreme.  When a youtuber posts videos on the Phelps, many activists and irreligious FANATICS come out of their ratholes to use the Phelps family as representatives of all Christians.  That’s right.  Through their own hatred of God and Christianity, they conveniently jump on the position of “this is why Christianity is bad for America.”

I know many Christians.  They really couldn’t care less that I am gay.  If they disagree with my lifestytle, the worst that they can do is pray for me, right?  If they disagree though with the concept of two men marrying under the same jurisdiction as a man and a woman, why are we so quick to take the extreme position of labeling them as homophobic?

It’s just the same when Al Sharpton labels anyone racist who wanted Tookie Williams executed, who wanted the officers in the Sean Bell case acquited, and who uses the term “ho” every now and again.

Why not we drop the extremes altogether?  The next time you hear one out of someone sitting across from you – no matter which side they are batting on, make sure to remind them that they really are no different than the ones they are complaining about.

Since When Does Religion Equal God?

Some of us know how to distinguish the two but a new Gallup poll recently indicates that national confidence in religious institutions has gone down

The article also goes on to mention that books by Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are questioning religion “to varying degrees.” 

Let’s be clear about Dawkins and Hitchens.  They flat-out denounce God, not just religion.  Dawkins is blathering about scientific proof while he admits to opponents that he himself in unsure of “how it all began.” 

I know that articles and this poll will give atheists a smile thinking that somehow their “Dawkins movement” is working.

But let’s be clear.  While some Americans may be disappointed in religious institutions these days and do not attend church regularly, 86% of them do indeed hold a firm belief in God as noted by Gallup as well just two months ago.

My Apologies to the Atheists…

Wow, I thought this one was put to bed.

This all started just a couple of weeks ago when I posted a humorous reply that Ann Coulter had to Christopher Hitchens.  It was not a debate of science, it wasn’t even a serious opposition to the overall theory of atheism.  Yes, we all know that Ann Coulter is a believer and does not agree with Darwinism (along with 76% of the country by the way).

For some reason, that very general comment drew the fire of a lot of non-believers which is perfectly fine with me.  I am not an enemy of discussion (otherwise I wouldn’t be here.)

In response to those comments and discussion, I posted a second video which featured Bill O’Reilly debating Richard Dawkins.  In this video, I proved that even Dawkins (the Atheists’ God) himself cannot prove that it all started without the force of a Creator.  When O’Reilly asked him where his proof was, he stated “We’re working on it.”

So, basically we have two men.  We have Jesus Christ and we have Richard Dawkins.  Jesus Christ professed a belief in God used that belief to stop a prostitute from being stoned to death, probably the only thing that liberals and the ACLU would have endorsed on His behalf. 

I then posted different perspectives from very different sources.  I also showed how scientists all over the place disagree with one another on the various theories that have been concocted all on the basis that God “probably does not” exist. 

While Darwinism has proven itself a totally flawed theory, my argument has always remained the same which is: why should our tax dollars support the theory being taught in public classrooms?

We had some atheists hell-bent on making Christians direct enemies of science.  After I pointed that out, another atheist stated the contrary, and finally in this post, I am accused of censoring comments and believing that biology is NOT a natural science.

There is not one quote from me that suggests that.  This is just another pathetic attempt for atheists to make science an enemy of religion. 

So here we go one more.

1.) Darwinism is a byproduct of Evolution.  Christians and believers do not discount Evolution altogether.  What they denounce is the idea that we all share a worm.

2.) Darwinism and the crack-pot theories of someone like Richard Dawkins are not true bonafide science in the sense that it is linked to real science like Biology or Natural Sciences!

3.) Dawkins admits that he does not know and claims to be “working on it.”  So, we are just supposed to believe in the meantime and err on the side of idiocy that says it all “just happened” — that everything in the galaxy occured without the design of a magnificient being.

4.) 76% of this country agrees with me — if you are an atheist and you are reading this, I am not interested in convincing you!  You are the frustrated one because you are the one unable to provide the proof that backs up your idotic assertions (while shamefully using the good name of science to promote that same idiocy.)  I’m not here to convince you, and you guys have a lot of work to do if you want to change the mind of 228 million Americans.  Good luck.

5.) I do not delete comments.  I did; however, in the beginning (you know the Creationist in me) select an automatic setting that automatically blocks postings that contain more than two links as it usually indicates spam.  I don’t want my readers clicking on something and getting a virus.  But no comments were intentionally deleted. 

Now for the love of “God” (literally), quit crying like big sissies everytime someone exposes your extremism.  You have the choice to change that by respecting others’ rights to believe and keeping out of our pockets to promote your phony science.

Dawkins: Why I do believe the atheists have found their God!


As promised to my beloved non-believing posters, I am posting the interview between Bill O’Reilly and Richard Dawkins.

Highlights of the exchange include the following:

O’Reilly: “I understand the physiology of it, if you will, but it had to come from somewhere and that is the leap of faith that you guys make – ‘that it just happened’.”

O’Reilly: “Jesus was a real guy, I could see him, you know, and I know what he did and I’m not positive that Jesus is God but I’m throwing in with Jesus rather than throwing in with you guys because you guys can’t tell me how it all got here – you guys don’t know.”

Dawkins: “We’re working on it.”

And there you have it – the bottom line. Atheists run around blathering about pseudo-science and pseudo theories and when realists denounce it as a crock (as it is), they turn the message from these people aren’t convinced with the lack of evidence we have provided to Believers are ignorant people who hate science.

Dawkins in his own words admits that there is no empirical evidence available to denounce a greater being that created it all but then insists that it is up to the majority of the country to convince him and the 12% of Atheists living here simply because they’re “working on it”?


I’ll say it one more time to avoid confusion – I believe in God. I proudly believe in God. My belief in God is infinite and everlasting and it is something that I internally know to be confirmed. It is not my job to convince anybody what the majority of this country already agrees with me on.

Atheists like Dawkins and Hitchens everyday are illustrating what side of the debate has claimed extremism. If atheists were as convinced as they are telling us they are, they would just believe what they wanted and would shut up about it and stay out of my pockets for funding Darwinism in public schools.

Coulter’s Response to Atheist Copy-Cat


This Christopher Hitchens character is just too much.  But ultimately here, Coulter is correct.  Christians and conservatives alike couldn’t care less about Christopher Hitchens and ultimately it will be God who will deal with him in the end, it’s out of our league and is not worth pondering.

However; I would like to make an objectional observation.  Last year when Ann Coulter released Godless: The Church of Liberalism, Christopher Hitchens wrote for Vanity Fair and wrote the review for Coulter’s book. 

A year later, he puts out a book called God is Not Great?  In the book he makes many statements that would be perceived by the whining left as provactive if they were being said about liberalism, the Jersey Girls, or Obama.  (The only difference is, conservatives couldn’t care less.) 

It seems to me that this man cares less about his position as a Godless liberal and more about his sad attempt to adopt Ann Coulter’s writing style to cash in on Coultermania.

He should have went all the way by growing his hair long and wearing a black sports-dress on the cover of the book, too.

Liberals are such clones.