Sarah’s Reason?


I use the news of Sarah Palin’s unexpected move to resign as Alaska’s governor as an “I told ya so” moment.  It’s been a few months since the national election and in those months liberals spent all their time attempting to downplay Sarah Palin….and there have been a few Republicans who really think it was time to leave her in the dust.  The media reaction to the news instantly refutes all of those claims and positions.

While Obama had the press in the bag for him during the election, it became apparent that Republicans – especially those that drew larger crowds than Obama did at rallies, speeches, and televised debates – needed a new angle.  Sarah Palin, like any decent and hardworking American, got involved in politics because she didn’t like the way her tax dollars were being spent.  Some of us show up on blogs and complain about it, some of us can write books and vent, and a very chosen few can have radio shows that draw more listeners than Oprah or every liberal television host at MSNBC and radio host at Air America radio combined. 

As attractive and likable as she is, Sarah chose a humble path.  She went to college, married the man she loved, had five beautiful kids and allowed God to keep handing her new opportunities.  Coming into the political world on a national level with such an impressive resume that beamed with the light of what makes someone a true American, you would think that one would have it easy.  But higher powers provide opportunities like this for a reason.   

As unimportant as liberals would like to pretend Sarah Palin is to real Americans, I am confused as to why we are getting such an over-the-top response from liberals in the media?  Immediately, the New York Times was flooded with articles and comments – mostly linking the resignation to the current status of the GOP.  Then there are the hosts on Air America, MSNBC, and moonbat writers like Shannyn Moore who once tried to convince us on this blog that she was an independent, that are celebrating.  The comments on her webpage to the news are pretty self explanatory.  Then of course, a full page ad on The Huffington Post seems to bump the death of Michael Jackson into the number two slot of news items today. 

Shannyn Moore became a guest on MSNBC chatting with fine folks like Keith Olbermann, a wise and honorable man who – like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly – opens up his show to guests with diverse opinions all the time, right?  Anyway, since the election, Moore has been hot on Palin’s trail and while Obama’s staff reminded Americans how Obama’s personal relationships with people like Jeremiah Wright & William Ayers were irrelevant smear – and scolded us on the far-fetched rumor that Obama would enact policies that would bankrupt the coal industry (ahem), liberals took that fair and smear-free style of theirs to the really important issues like: Bristol’s pregnancy, questioning who Trig really belonged to, insisted that Sarah Palin abused her power in the firing of a violent Alaskan state trooper that is still employed and the commissioner who left state service on his own – and let’s not forget her fancy pantsuits and the tanning bed she kept in her home…heavy stuff!

Ever since Obama sent a thrill up Oprah Winfrey’s leg, the entire media jumped into bed with him.  Because of the portrayal of Bush in his final years by that same media AND that same talk show host who would not have an even-more-popular Sarah Palin on her show before the election, Obama really had an easy ride.  The curse was there, and now we’ll watch the appropriate people suffer for the decisions being made right now.  (If you don’t think it will be you, just wait until you get your utility bill in a few more months).

Unemployment is still rising, inflation is starting to surface, North Korea is seconds away from destroying Hawaii, but Obama’s parents would be really proud of his smile and the fancy speeches he gives us.  That sort of falls in line with one of the tough questions he was asked during the campaign by Brian Gumbel about how his parents would have felt and if Obama was thinking of them.  Or when he was asked by another journalist when was the last time he cried.  Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is giving an oral book report on the Bush Doctrine and asked if she agrees with it – just moments after she put her son on a plane to fight in a war executed under the same author of that doctrine.  Why no, I do not agree Charlie, but my son’s going to fight with my blessing anyway!

Sarah Palin has the will of good Americans on her side.  However; as Governor, her powers are limited on a national level.  Just tonight, Palin released a statement crediting a “higher calling” to unite true Americans that refuse to give up on their ideas of what made this country great. 

But with the media constantly telling you one story with its own color, even the will of good Americans can fizzle.  But that same will never dies and has the ability to flourish all over again.

Sarah will now be able to spend more time in the lower 48.  She can use her enormous popularity to give speeches, write a book or two, and really put together one hell of a national base with plenty of money and endless resources as unemployment continues to rise, inflation soars, interest rates go up, and the quality of our healthcare goes down the drain, she can use those resources to speak on behalf of so many voices that will need to be heard.  Her force – as it is with true Americans – will be unbreakable in the same outlets that reject her now.  Sooner or later they’re going to have to face it.

So, be prepared to hear the term “political suicide” coming from every major news outlet in the country.  Be prepared for liberals to tell us that Sarah Palin made a fast dodge to escape her next really big controversy and ethics probe about overpriced miniskirts purchased for her when she went to middle school.  (I just hope nobody finds out that her beauty pageant was rigged!)

That will be all we will need to read and hear.  Sarah hasn’t gone away and she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 



Regarding the moonbats and their theories, Palin’s attorney released the following statement:

“To the extent several websites, most notably liberal Alaska blogger Shannyn Moore, are now claiming as ‘fact’ that Governor Palin resigned because she is ‘under federal investigation’ for embezzlement or other criminal wrongdoing, we will be exploring legal options this week to address such defamation,” Van Flein said in a statement. “This is to provide notice to Ms. Moore, and those who re-publish the defamation, such as Huffington Post, MSNBC, the New York Times and The Washington Post, that the Palins will not allow them to propagate defamatory material without answering to this in a court of law.”

America is a MUSLIM NATION

According to the New York Times today, Barkey had the gumption to claim that America is a Muslim nation on the eve of his trip to the Mideast.

I kid you not.

Here’s his exact words: “And one of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”

Oh, no he just didn’t.

He went on to babble about “those who build” as opposed to “those who destroy.” My God, man, do you really think Sunni Muslims in Egypt are going to go along with that crap? Now, all of a sudden, after spending the entire campaign getting all butt-hurt about the use of your middle name and allusions to your Muslim upbringing, NOW you’re talking about your pride in your Islamic heritage. First you denied it, then you decided to embrace it. Then again, you’ve changed your mind suddenly on a lot of things–Jeremiah Wright, taking over the banks, taking over GM, et cetera.

Holy good Godfrey, Barkey is the moodiest president ever to sit in the oval office. Someone give him a Midol already!

I love another one of his little sound bites: “the United States and other parts of the Western world have to educate ourselves more effectively on Islam.”

Okay…newsflash, Mr. President: I HAVE. I own copies of both the Qur’an and the Hadith and I’ve studied both Sunni and Shi’a sects heavily. I understand their beliefs, their laws and their resultant actions. YOU have either missed the lesson, or you’re deliberately misdirecting everyone with your nauseating talk about how we need to educate ourselves and we need to create “dialoge.”

Just so nobody can say they weren’t told the truth, here it is…you tried to create that dialogue with Iran and it didn’t work. Did you not stop to think about that before you started calling for more talking? Of course you didn’t, because you have to appear to be doing something. As long as you’re at least flapping your gums nobody can accuse you of doing nothing (which, in reality, is exactly what you’re doing).

Here’s another tidbit of truth: the Qur’an calls on Muslims to kill all infidels. Sure, they should take care of the widow and the orphan, under the conditions that the widows and orphans are Muslims holding true to Sharia. An infidel is any person who refuses to adhere to Muslim faith and teachings and pray to Allah in the name of Muhammad.

There should be no mistaking exactly what Muslims in the Mideast believe and what their faith commands. Let’s not kid ourselves; there was a reason for 9/11, and it had nothing to do with what our military had done. Those hijackers believed that they were going to be assured a special place in heaven for their act of terrorism, and the belief it was based on was ingrained in them from childhood by the Imams in the nations Obama is paying homage to now.

No, sir, America is NOT a Muslim nation. We are America. If you can’t understand that, then we have a problem.

Hypocrisy Always Swings to the Left

Thanks to Ann Coulter and the WSJ, this little tidbit has been displayed for Americans to read with regard to Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame.  Enjoy!  Courtesy of


The [Boston] Globe notes that not all Catholics are unhappy with Notre Dame’s plan to give the president an honorary degree:

“There are some well-meaning people who think Notre Dame has given away its Catholic identity, because they have been caught up in the gamesmanship of American higher education, bringing in a star commencement speaker even if that means sacrificing their values, and that accounts for some of this,” said the Rev. Kenneth Himes, chairman of theology department at Boston College.

“But one also has to say that there is a political game going on here, and part of that is that you demonize the people who disagree with you, you question their integrity, you challenge their character, and you brand these people as moral poison. Some people have simply reduced Catholicism to the abortion issue, and, consequently, they have simply launched a crusade to bar anything from Catholic institutions that smacks of any sort of open conversation.”

Now read this 2006 Associated Press dispatch: Nearly 100 faculty members at Boston College have signed a letter objecting to the college’s decision to award Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice an honorary degree. The letter entitled “Condoleezza Rice Does Not Deserve a Boston College Honorary Degree,” was written by the Rev. Kenneth Himes. . . .

“On the levels of both moral principle and practical moral judgment, Secretary Rice’s approach to international affairs is in fundamental conflict with Boston College’s commitment to the values of the Catholic and Jesuit traditions and is inconsistent with the humanistic values that inspire the university’s work,” the letter said.

Himes, it seems, is an expert on demonization.

Palin Standards, This Time for Another Democrat up for Promotion

You know, as Ann Coulter pointed out on Geraldo last week (even making liberal, Kirsten Powers chuckle), “Wesley Snipes is ready to step in.” 

It’s really the only thing Obama has left to do.

Hey, maybe Snipes can even write the tax code for ACORN voters and Obama’s staff. 

Perhaps a new tax form can be introduced for 2010?  How about a form 1040-LIB?

In any case, the new gal on the block is Kathleen Sebelius, another liberal up for a promotion in the new Obama administration as Health and Human Services Secretary, has been doomed another tax cheat.

 To prepare for confirmation hearings, Kathleen hired a new accountant to “scrub her taxes.”

“Unintentional” tax errors were found in the areas of  “charitable contributions, the sale of a home and business expenses.”

What is “unintentional” about failing to report the sale of a home or posting too many selling expenses against the capital gain?

What is “unintentional” about overstating charitable contributions?

What is “unintentional” about overstating business expenses against business income?

These “unintentional” mistakes are areas people are most likely to “cheat” with.

Our beautious Sarah, last month, as I pointed out had the ENTIRE state staff’s per diem expenses (an area much easier to make an honest mistake on) fully investigated to make sure full compliance with the Internal Revenue Code was carried out.  As a result, Palin amended her taxes and immediately paid.

What’s the difference?  Well, other than the fact that per diem expenses are less an issue than company perks like a car or business expenses, or CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS, Sarah Palin did not have her taxes amended because she was up for a promotion.  The November elections were long over with.

Now, this Democrat Kansas Governor decided it was time to do the same – in preparation for confirmation hearings as HHS Secretary, of course!

Obama’s Very Own Harriet Miers Debacle

(I have to point out the amazing stupidity of last week. Tammy Bruce, my favorite conservative lesbian and proof that I can’t possibly be single forever because I’m not the only one out there, compiled a list of Obama gaffes all made last week. First he compared credit and mortgages to exploding toasters, drawing on an economic analyst’s comments in 2007. Then he compared AIG to suicide bombers. Next, on St. Patrick’s day, he thanked himself for inviting everyone to the White House during a teleprompter meltdown after the Taoiseach read Obama’s speech over again, after which he insulted the Irish by telling them not to be caught wearing lampshades in front of the cameras. He topped it off on Jay Leno with a horrid “joke”–that he was practicing his bowling skills at the White House and his score was 129, then said, “it was like the Special Olympics or something!” Barkey had a full week. If Bush had been caught saying ANY of these things, he’d have been tarred and feathered.)

I’m sure we all remember Bush’s hare-brained SCOTUS nomination in October 2005. Harriet Miers, a member of Bush’s staff (whom some claimed Bush owed a favor or two), was nominated to take Sandra Day O’Connor’s place on the Supreme Court bench. However, when questioned by lawmakers Miers demonstrated a lack of ability to describe basic Constitutional rights and the laws that support them. Miers was a poor choice, and everyone–even Republicans–let Bush know it. Miers withdrew from the nomination herself to save face.

Obama has just created his own Harriet Miers problem. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you David F. Hamilton.

Per The Other McCain, Obama has nominated David F. Hamilton to sit on the US Court of Appeals, the Seventh Circuit. Hamilton has an impressive record…AS A FUNDRAISER FOR ACORN! Fan-freakin’-tastic. The organization responsible for thousands of cases of voter fraud, pressuring banks to make risky loans to people who can’t afford them, and now breaking into foreclosed homes for the same people who couldn’t afford the mortgages in the first place is where Hamilton got much of his experience. THIS is the change Barkey is bringing? My God. I don’t even want to know how much worse it can get.

Here’s what’s really galling: Republican Senator Richard Lugar, from Indiana, is absolutely ecstatic about the nomination–and the Senate approval of it. If rolling my eyes could make a sound it would be deafening.

Someone get me a barf bag.

God save us from bipartisanship! (Note to those bloggers who have made remarks about Obama suggesting Hamilton for SCOTUS: shut yer freakin’ pie holes! There is no excuse for giving this man any encouragement!!!)

Suggestions of a New Banner?

Guys, it’s no secret that I have loved Sarah Palin since her arrival in November.  I thought she was cool with her no-nonsense persona and loved that her family and life were really very similar to that of the rest of the nation.  Even after the election, the more liberals continue to call her “stupid” or “corrupt,” the adjectives seemed to make me love her even more – seeings as what some of those same people say about Reagan to this day.

My problem is with Bristol – her daughter.  I have no problem ridding the Republican party of phony conservatives like John McCain or any of the members of Congress who voted “yes” to any part of Obama’s spendorama.

Bristol and the father of her child I gather are officially announcing a split.  No marriage and no two-parent home for the baby they just brought into the world.

This girl (Bristol) was raised by two loving parents and is now purposely subjecting a child to a life without a permanent father figure.  I cannot support this and will not even though her mother is the best thing for our country in my eyes.

The question is, where does this leave Sarah?  Of course Bristol is an adult now.  Is Sarah obligated to make a statement on this?  Or is this still just a private family matter?

Knowing what single motherhood has done to this country in terms of crime and poverty, it seems to me that issues which start out as “private family matters” become public matters when someone is victim of a crime committed by a child raised without a strong father or our tax dollars are raised to support children who are being raised by single mothers without educations or careers.

I’ve seen it first-hand and I’ve seen it abroad.  Kids raised without dads have a 50-times higher rate of turning out to be crappy adults that the rest of us have to put up with forever.  I wouldn’t have a problem with “private family matters” if the troubles that come out of the situations stayed within the families as well.  But frankly, it doesn’t.

The governor should encourage her to put that kid up for adoption at once, should adopt the child herself to be raised by her and Todd, or should encourage Bristol to get over herself and to marry the guy she once loved enough to make a baby with. 

This child deserves a dad who is not around only on the weekends.

Palin’s daughter Bristol splits from fiance

Chicago’s Tea Party


This fella hit a great note this week on CNBC when he spoke on behalf of “the silent majority.”  His liberal counterparts are simply speechless.

Finally, the true majority is starting to scream back.  A Chicago Tea Party in July, I invite all out to join us!  😉

I have officially switched my position on the Fairness Doctrine….so long as Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews will not be able to escape guys like Rick Santelli.

Obama is Inviting the Terrorists HERE

President Obama this month quietly signed an executive order related to “unexpected urgent refugee and migration needs related to Gaza.”

I’m not kidding, folks. In it, Obama promised around $20.3 MILLION to aid “for the purpose of meeting unexpected and urgent refugee and migration needs, including by contributions to international, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations and payment of administrative expenses of Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration of the Department of State, related to humanitarian needs of Palestinian refugees and conflict victims in Gaza.”

Translation? Barack Hussein Obama has just authorized millions of dollars to make sure that Muslim extremists have the opportunity to live in the United States, a country they have sworn to try to take down just as they have sworn to take down Israel. He has seriously just given the green light to setting God knows how many Palestinians on the path to lives in America. Apparently he missed the memo about the threat of Hamas as a terrorist organization; the executive order he’s signed (during an economic crisis, no less) not only gives validity to a terrorist cause, but gives those terrorists the wherewithal to strike at us here, on our own soil, after issuing an intifada against the United States.

9/11 was just a primer. If you thought they couldn’t get us again, think twice–the Obamessiah just opened the door for ’em.