It’s Okay For Bill Maher

In the past week, a whirlwind of events have taken place. It mostly centers around Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law student, going before a “mock” panel held by Nancy Pelosi after Darrel Issa determined that Fluke had no expertise on First Amendment (specifically the religion clause) issues and could not testify before the actual committee. The subject? Healthcare laws requiring ALL employers, including religious non-profit organizations, to provide healthcare coverage that covers all contraceptives for women.

I’ll get to the ins and outs of Fluke’s ridiculous claims later, but for now I want to focus on what everyone else has focused on since this charade first began. For three days after her testimony before Pelosi’s mock committee, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh called Fluke a slut. I wholeheartedly disagree with his words; he never should have said it regardless of how frustrated he may have been by how ridiculous the debate has become. Even when I found out several years ago that my girlfriend was using me to cheat on the woman I’d been told was her ex, I wouldn’t have called her a slut; it’s not a term that should be used to describe any woman. Other words fall into that category, too (this next part is not safe for work or the kiddies) – bitch, cunt, twat and whore are among them. I’ve been called all of the above by angry liberals who don’t believe I have the right to keep breathing because of my political beliefs.

So has Bill Maher.

Maher has slung every misogynistic slur you can imagine at Sarah Palin, yet not one liberal has stood up to tell him that he’s wrong. For years he has called her all of the names I just listed and insulted Sarah’s intelligence at every turn, but the only people who recognize his hateful hypocrisy for what it really is are the conservatives who were insulted by his comments in the first place. Liberals have proven with Bill Maher that they are completely unwilling to police their own and, in fact, will rejoice when someone in their ranks does stoop to such low levels.

Just to make sure Fluke’s feelings weren’t hurt, President Obama called her up after Rush’s comments were aired by the media to tell her what a good job she’d done. She’s now making the rounds on all the requisite liberal daytime talk shows and is referring everyone to Media Matters. Fox News can’t get her publicist to return calls, however, and she’s now being represented – yes, this woman who came out of nowhere now has PR backing – by a firm owned by the current administration’s own Anita Dunn. She’s being held up as the underdog heroine of the left wing.

Today, Jay Carney held a press conference where he was asked if Obama would return a $1M donation from liberal hatemonger Bill Maher. Carney said that no, the money would not be returned – then went on to say, “language that denigrates women is inappropriate,” but it is not the President’s place to be the “arbiter” of every controversial statement.

Then, to dismiss the controversy, Super PAC head Bill Burton (the very man who has refused to return the money donated by Maher) said this about the whole thing: “The notion that there is an equivalence between what a comedian has said during the course of his career, and what the de facto leader of the Republican Party said to sexually degrade a woman who engaged in a political debate of our time is crazy.” He later referred to Maher’s comments as being made “in the past” and flatly said that Rush had lied about Fluke.

That Burton doesn’t realize just how misogynistic his buddy Maher really can be is an insult to my intelligence. What’s worse, there are women out there who will buy his ludicrous argument. Somehow, I have a very hard time believing that they would be as forgiving if, say, Ron White took the stage and said some of this stuff about liberal figures (not that Ron White is conservative, but you get my point):


My favorite there was “the Maverick and the MILF!” That was classy.


I have to ask, where was this wit when Obama mispronounced “corpsman” TWICE, in front of two different audiences?

Where was Maher’s apology after all of this? Come to think of it, where was Keith Olbermann’s apology when he called Michelle Malkin a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it”? Oh, right…he just “apologized” today, three years after the fact, after ranting that he had every right to say what he said in the first place. Maher has never even attempted to hide his contempt for women and his belief that all conservatives are morons, and this is what we get from left-wing women:


UPDATE: I forgot to include the link to the news story where I found the quotes. Click here.

Drain the Puss: Send Grayson Packing

I am convinced.  The Democrats must have grown up in bitter homes and must thrive off of hatred to survive, to attack like no other, and to feel better about themselves by putting other people down.  Even if it means lying.  They thrive on the same types of fungus that puss needs to exist. 

The truth to that very simple observation plays out in front of our eyes.  Last night on O’Reilly, Bill Maher actually stated that extremists existed only on the right side of the aisle without admitting the extremism on the left.  This type of derangement (which I believe Sarah Palin should be credited for causing) is priceless and aligns itself properly when the same crowd boasts that the recession is really over, or that jobs really were created with the stimulus, or that Obamacare really will bring costs down.

Of course, in a land of reality, we all know that you don’t have to look far to find the extremism, the poison, the fungus, the true puss of the left. 

If he weren’t in a  seat which has a voice in deciding legislation that affects me, Grayson could be quite comedic.  In fact after he loses his seat this year, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow should pray he doesn’t replace one of them. 

I firmly believe more people would tune into see him than they would any existing host on MSNBC.  (Not to mention the massive benefit this would be for conservatism for years to come.) 

During the health care debacle, he declared Republicans wanted old people to “die quickly.” Just recently released the following attack-ad on his opponent taking a quote completely out of context:


Unbelieveable characterzation considering the full speech, explained here by Dan Webster and shown even by little Contessa Brewer who took Grayson to task over it:



What’s funny is that days earlier, Ed Schultz (almost as insane, yet a lot more boring than Grayson), praised Grayson as being a Democrat who endorsed Obamacare and cited a poll from The Nation stating Grayson was ahead of Webster by 13 points!


Well, since the guts and lies of Grayson-the-puss’s attack ad have been revealed, more relevant polls show Webster ahead now by 6 points and because of Grayson’s insanity, Webster has raised a massive pile of cash as a result.

In hindsight, this is one of the best things Grayson could have done for his country and I look forward to watching his new show on MSNBC when it’s all over with.

Now if we could only get Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to join him.

Maher Finds out the Downside of Being a Liberal


This was a real treat!  The only people dumb enough to believe that the government was involved in 9/11 conspiracies are liberals (aside from the crazies supporting Ron Paul).  Here we go again with more “Building 7” propoganda.  (The same conspiracy Rosie O’Donnell believes in).

I feel sorry for Maher.  Aside for the fact that his guests were Sheila Jackson Lee and Chris Matthews; he actually has to try and sit through an audience of liberals who have spent too much time surfing 9/11 conspiracy sites, Alex Jones sites, and reading Rosie’s blog (and not working like the rest of us have to) . 

I like Bill Maher in the sense that the man is actually smart and funny.  But it has to be said that up until this point, these crazies thought they’d be welcome in his audience.  More Democrats and Ron Paul should vocally denounce these crazies every chance they get.  But unfortunately, most fall into this trap (let’s face it, Paul needs every vote he can get).

If Maher would have spent more time making fun of these crazies in lieu of degrading his President that has kept him safe since 2001, perhaps this type would not show up to act as opportunists.  And perhaps they would never think that this type of venue would welcome them in the first place.

Nice to see him make fun of them and throw them out!

BTW, I didn’t see Sheila Jackson Lee or Chris Matthews vocally denouncing the crazies as Maher did. (Unless it’s in a later segment.)  Prove me wrong otherwise.


Apparently Maher did bring this up a month ago and made fun of the 9/11 conspiracy loons.

I give him credit for that, but I still find it funny that he really is the only mainstream liberal pundit to make fun of the Rosie-crowd to this extent.  Maybe Ann can get him really drunk one night and convert him.  😉