See Liberals, Terrorists Really Do Hate You!


As if poor Britney did not have enough trouble, a Muslim Extremist leader has threatened to behead both Britney and Madonna.  Well, there would go 90% of what makes the gay community wake up in the morning!  Finally, maybe they’ll be willing to fight.

Madonna, in particular has been especially vocal in her opposition against George Bush.  The terrorists know that she is against George Bush.  Doesn’t this debunk the Ron Paul arguments that if we just leave them alone, they will stop? 

Low and behold the terrorist’s name is “Muhammed.”  Why do I get the strange feeling that Madonna and her liberal (especially the gay ones) fans will finally begin to support profiling?

Mainly in response to Madonna and her Kaballah-reading, he says the following about both women:

“If I meet these whores I will have the honour to be the first one to cut their heads off if they will keep spreading their satanic culture against Islam”

There you have it liberals.  There you have it, Ron Paul!  If you believe in freedom, no matter how vulgar, you need to be converted to Islam, or you must die.

I wonder why this hasn’t made headlines?

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My Sympathy for Britney


Wow, things really are not going well for Britney.  Just like the writer of Fox News that wrote this story, my knowledge of her is somewhat limited.  Although I always did remember her being one major star that did say she supported George Bush back when the rest of Hollywood was dissing him.

However; it turns out after her major flawed performance at the MTV awards, she was just fired last night by her manager and she was also fired by her divorce attorney.

She is also at risk of losing custody of her kids to her ex-husband (who I understand isn’t exactly the most prominent and accomplished “man.”)

New album or no new album, she really needs to go away for awhile and clear her head.  It’s very sad to see talented young women (Whitney included) get sidetracked and screwed up by horrible men.  While all of it was self-inflicted, it’s hard to not feel some kind of sadness for her.