This Great Blue State of Mine

Now I know for a fact, at least half of the gay men smoking it up in the Northside club-hopping area are indeed greatly responsible for electing nuts like Rod Blagojevich who finally catered to the big-goverment loving Democrats and signed a statewide smoking ban just a few days ago.  This new law trumps any local laws set up the gave exceptions for bar and restaurant owners.

Moving forward, just yesterday, the Democratic majority in the state of Illinois voted 6-3 to approve a statewide 75 cent increase on their cigarette tax making the total tax $1.73.

The new law will give the state $328 million estimated to pay for roads that we already pay tolls on to use.  They also boast that it could force some to quit smoking.

That’s the trade off I suppose, either “give us your money or give up your life.”

Indiana is really starting to look much better to me.