Who Needs the Truth?

Ever since election day 2000, we’ve heard nothing but “Bush stole the election!” Nobody has been able to prove this. They keep whining about Florida, and how the race was rigged, but the real truth has been stuffed down and ignored.

At 1949 Eastern Standard Time on November 7, 2000, nearly all of the major news networks–beginning with NBC–announced that the polls had closed in Florida and Gore had won the state’s 25 electoral votes. Trouble was, the Florida Panhandle was on Central time. Their polls were actually due to remain open for another hour. Thousands of voters who had not yet been able to vote didn’t go. Some were standing in line when the announcement was heard and left. With the demand for a recount, even with the military votes tossed out Bush still carried the state. He won three recounts. In the aftermath, the Supreme Court of the United States had to intervene to stop Florida voting laws from being upended. Even a Democratic strategist admitted that Bush lost no less than 10,000 votes in Panhandle precincts where the announcement caused people not to vote. The media, quick to prejudge, cost Bush votes–but he still managed to eek out a win. The AP refused to concede that Bush had won throughout the whole mess.

Later, at 0216 EST, FOX News analyst John Ellis made his network the first to announce that Bush had won the presidency. Somehow, the same MSM networks that had erroneously called the Florida election for Gore an hour too early managed to make the Bush win all Ellis’s fault. According to them, his announcement made it a psychological thing, some sort of behemoth that couldn’t be stopped (at two in the godforsaken a.m.? Please!). Why? Because Ellis was Bush’s cousin. Then, with no proof at all, the MSM accused Ellis of giving Bush confidential inside information–something that was completely illegal.

They’ve never dropped it. Not one of them has ever been able to prove the accusations against Ellis, but they refuse to let it go. A Lexis/Nexis search turns up literally hundreds of news articles about John Ellis’s role in the 2000 election…and next to none about the rest of the networks choosing to call Florida for Gore an hour before their polls closed, with less than 2% of the precinct numbers in.

Most recently, the MSM sought to sully the name of another conservative, this one far more prominent: Rush Limbaugh.

Rush has always been an object of hatred for the MSM. The liberal-controlled press, normally compassionate to liberals with drug problems, bragged about “the permanent smirk” they wore after Rush admitted to being addicted to Oxycontin in 2003. Just a couple of weeks ago Rush put in a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams (NFL). The media jumped on the announcement with both feet.

Dave Zirin, a writer for a radical rag known as The Nation (but put forth by MSNBC as a sportswriter), was the first to malign Rush over his bid. He claimed to have heard Rush say “slavery had its merits.” The same quote was used by NFL quarterback James Farrior and was posted on NBC’s website after being regurgitated by Dave Schuster. CNN joined the charge when anchorman Rick Sanchez spit out a more complete version of the quote: “…slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back. I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.”

The next day, the only mention of the quote on CNN was made by Sanchez, and he only said that Rush had denied ever saying anything like it. Nobody had offered the date, time, or an audio sample to prove its authenticity, but it was out there, and a good number of people believed it without question. Sanchez defended himself by claiming–also baselessly–that other racist quotes had been attributed to Rush and a lot of people found it offensive.

MSNBC didn’t even post Rush’s denial of the quote. They didn’t give him a second thought. David Schuster and Tamron Hall only repeated the quote and swore up and down that it was legitimate. Hall’s guest on that show, on Tuesday, October 13, was Karen Hunter–and she took the attack on Rush a step further by claiming Rush had praised James Earl Ray (Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassin) and said he deserved the medal of honor. Rachel Maddow parroted both quotes on her show. Trouble was, the only source from which the James Earl Ray quote was taken was a radically left-wing book by Jack Huberman called 101 People Who Are Really Screwing America (ripped from Bernie Goldberg’s book of the same title).

The “slavery” quote, which made it’s MSM debut with St. Louis Post-Dispatch op-ed writer Bryan Burwell, also originated with Jack Huberman. Burwell followed that bogus quote up with the following: “I know how those words play out in idiot America. They’re embraced as gospel.” The Post-Dispatch refused to back up their writer, but he wouldn’t back down. He went on to describe his article as “throwing a deck chair off the Titanic,” and made the first claim that Rush had a litany of racist remarks, thus making him unfit to own an NFL team.

When nobody–not Huberman, Burwell, Schuster, Sanchez or Hall–could come up with any proof that Rush had made any of those statements, the media spent less than 60 seconds on the idea that Rush may have been falsely accused. After that 60 seconds was up, they dropped it.

FOX has been the only network that has aired Rush’s demand that the accusations be retracted.

I don’t listen to Rush much. I really just don’t have the time. When he’s on, I’m at work, and I have more important things to do than listen to talk radio. What I do hear from him, however, I tend to agree with. And I find it stupefying that the MSM can all but try to throw a presidential election, blame it on a FOX analyst, and try to ruin a man with accusations of racism and hatemongering when all of it–ALL OF IT–is a crock of lies. I guess the quotes were just too good for anyone to do any source-checks.

Who needs the truth when we’ve got the media?

Don’t Listen to Me…I’m Just a Right-Wing Extremist

I’ve been really busy lately and am now as sick as a dying dog (my friends would argue that it’s my refusal to take a break that’s to blame), but since the local pharmacist is going to take TWO HOURS to fill my prescription for codeine, I’m going to channel the body aches, the fever, the racking cough and the near-migraine into a blog. (I bet it’s nothing compared to Steve’s predicament–being a tax guy who just blitzed the end of tax season!)

So much has happened in the news this week that I’m not sure where to start, but it all ties in. I guess I’ll start where the madness began: the DHS report released on Monday, Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment. Unfortunately, I’m not kidding. They actually released this report. Our liberal readers will jump up and down and scream, “they released a report on left-wing radicals in January!!!” Here’s my beef: that report released earlier this year named specific groups, listed the aims of those groups and highlighted specific incidents (such as bombings, break-ins, flooding homes and threatening personal violence) and gave police reports as their sources. The report on “right-wing extremism” does no such thing. It’s very vague. And here’s how it starts off: “the economic downturn and the election of the first African American President present unique drivers for rightwing radicalization and recruitment.” It claims that white supremacist groups are on the rise, and points out “opposition to abortion or immigration” as key indicators of right-wing extremism. Its sources? Not police reports…more like the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has named the American Legion a “hate group” for opposing illegal immigration.

Go read it for yourself. Put down your drink before you do, or you’ll be choking on it. Trust me.

It’s no coincidence that the report was released just days before the massive Tax Day Tea Party protests across the country. It was no secret that this was coming, organizers started over a month ago planning this shindig. The Tea Parties were a throwback to the historic Boston tea party, when American colonists dumped shiploads of tea into Boston Harbor to stop the tea tax levied by the Crown without any say in the colonies. Today, we’re angry about being told that it’s our “patriotic duty” to pay more taxes (don’t give me any of that “it’s only the rich” BS, either, because ALL taxes will rise eventually thanks to the Democrats’ outrageous spending). Yesterday’s massive nationwide protests are the backlash that was inevitable, and all of those registered Republicans who couldn’t stand to plug their noses and vote for McCain showed up with people from all walks of life to send the message that we’re not interested in being taxed to death. The aforementioned report is the Democrat government’s version of a preemptive strike.

Not that they really needed it. The MSM did a remarkable hatchet job all on their own, no doubt in an effort to protect Barkey’s messiah-like aura. Anderson Cooper stooped to the level of sexual innuendo by calling them “teabagging” parties, fat bastard James Wolcott from Vanity Fair put his fingers in his ears like a two-year-old and said, “they didn’t appear on the front page of my newspapers, so I WON’T believe they happened!”, and CNN’s Susan Roesgen whined that it was offensive to call Obama a socialist (this after gushing over a paper-mache effigy of Bush with devil horns and a Hitler ‘stache as an “excellent lookalike”). The message? If we don’t agree with you, we’re going to do our level best to make you all look like the radicals that our Democrat DHS says you are!

Then, today, in an amazing, brazen act of hypocrisy, Obama went to Mexico and held hands with Felipe Calderon (well, not really, but what happened is just as nauseating as watching Bush hold hands with the same Saudi king that Obama bowed to not long ago), declaring–and I do quote–“how we can improve our enforcement of existing laws because even under current law, trafficking illegal firearms, sending them across the border, is illegal. That’s something we can stop.”

This is where Philip goes, “oh, REALLY?”

I’d like to know exactly how Obama plans to do that. He not only refuses to secure the border, he also openly announces a brewing plan for amnesty–all the while accusing those of us who want the current laws enforced EXTREMISTS. How does he intend to pull off this heroic act? Send the National Guard to the border to seal it off with orders to let any “workers” coming North to pass by? How does he think the drugs are getting here? How ’bout we look at something that happened right here in Phoenix. In 1999, Phoenix police officer Marc Atkinson spotted a suspicious vehicle and pulled it over. The three men inside hid around a corner and ambushed Atkinson; an armed American citizen had the cojones to return fire in defense of the fallen officer and hold one suspect for officers responding to the scene. Today, that citizen would be labeled an extremist along with the rest of us.

But not only does Barkey swear to stop the flow of cash and guns South and the flow of drugs North, he yet again repeats the tired, debunked lie that 90% of all of the guns being used by the cartels come from the United States (I’m not gonna re-iterate my point, just read it here). The Arizona Repugnant repeats that lie and instead of “reporting” the story of Obama’s visit to Mexico, it gives a personal spin that makes it reek of a badly-placed editorial. So much for journalistic ethics.

What’s really funny is that in a related piece, the same freakin’ paper points out that a .50-caliber anti-aircraft machine gun was recovered in Mexico, mounted to a truck. Where’d it come from? Not the US, but you wouldn’t know that from the tacit omission by the writer who submitted the garbage for print.

If we can commit $350 million to stepped-up enforcement on guns and drugs on the border, then we can sure as hell start enforcing the immigration laws that our government has, so far, refused to enforce. Guess what? This human cost that you’re pointing out here, Barkey–THIS IS THE HUMAN COST OF IGNORING THE LAW AND GIVING A FREE PASS TO THOSE WHO FLAUNT IT. We don’t need reform. Our immigration laws are the way they are for a reason, and guest workers have the H2-A guest worker visa now to make themselves legal with. Stop bending over for the shamnesty crowd or you become the laughingstock you say your predecessor was.

But don’t listen to me. I’m just a right-wing extremist. I believe in the rule of law, liberty for all law-abiding citizens and LEGAL immigrants and small government that allows me to keep what I work hard to earn.

All the things that spell disaster, right?

Hmph…no pun intended.

“Frivolous Lawsuit” Defined

This one is strange and a little on the humorous side.  A couple of Chinese citizens have decided to file suit against CNN for comments that they and their government deemed offensive.

A Chinese primary school teacher and a beautician have filed a suit against CNN in New York over remarks they say insulted the Chinese people and are seeking $1.3 billion in compensation — $1 per person in China, a Hong Kong newspaper reported.

The case against the Atlanta-based cable channel, its parent company Turner Broadcasting and Jack Cafferty, the offending commentator, comes after 14 lawyers launched a similar suit in Beijing alleging that Cafferty’s remarks earlier this month violated the dignity and reputation of the Chinese people.

Wow –  pretty hefty and, I think, unprecedented.  So what, pray tell, was the offense that was uttered and caused such a backlash?

Cafferty said the United States imported Chinese-made “junk with the lead paint on them and the poisoned pet food” and added: “They’re basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they’ve been for the last 50 years”.

This baffles and befuddles me for two reasons.  #1:  I can’t believe that a CNN commentator would actually make such an un-PC claim that would speak to the absolute truth of a matter.  #2:  I can’t believe that anyone, even in China, would be offended by the obvious truth. 

Of course, on #2, I guess I can sort of understand.  PC types in this nation are offended by the truth quite frequently.  I guess that I am more amazed that a CNN commentator would actually get one right for once.

Debate Fraud

I’ll be the first to admit, I missed last night’s YouTube-format GOP Presidential debate on CNN.  In retrospect, it was probably a good thing.  Reading the recaps of the debate, it would have been as much a waste of my time as it was a waste of time for the GOP candidates themselves.  I received one of the action alert emails from RedState.com Editor, Erick Erickson, that was sent out to all RedState.com subscribers.

Dear RedState Reader:

RedState is calling for CNN to fire Sam Feist, their political director; and David Bohrman, Senior Vice President and Executive Producer of the debate.

During last night’s debate, which CNN billed as “a Republican debate, and the goal was to let Republican voters see their candidates,” CNN either knowingly or incompetently allowed hardcore left wing activists to plant questions and Anderson Cooper willingly gave one of those activists a soapbox so he could harass the Republican candidates about military policy.

Simple googling would have revealed these left wing activists.  

Had CNN done its homework, this would not have happened.  They either willfully let it happen, or incompetently bungled it.  Either way, heads should roll.

Likewise, we hope one or more of the GOP Presidential candidates will call for a do-over debate on substantive policy issues.

You can read our Directors post here. 

You might want to take a moment to read the RedState directors’ call to action concerning the debate.  CNN showed their bias by allowing Dem plants to pose questions to the candidates.  RedState allows for the possibility that this may have merely been incompetency, but knowing CNN and their agenda, I find that highly doubtful.

I find it ironic that the Dems submarined a planned debate co-sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus on Fox News because they were either scared of potential hardball questions or because of their hatred of Fox News.  Yet the GOP willingly participated in the CNN debates despite CNN’s track record as a mouthpiece for Democrats and liberal activists.

I don’t watch CNN on TV or read any of their “expert analysis” online.  I mainly check out their website for news stories.  I will likely continue to do so, but I also don’t think it would be a bad idea to hold someone accountable for allowing Dem activists a platform at a debate that was supposed to serve as an educational forum for GOP voters in the primaries.  Just like CBS and Rathergate, CNN has now painted a clearer picture when it comes to their political and social agenda.  I’m just sorry that more Americans can’t see through this crap.

Mitt vs. Fred: My Top Two Picks

I watched the Republican debate on CNN while simutaneously switching back and forth to Hannity & Colmes to watch the Fred Thompson interview.

McCain is really starting to alienate Conservatives with his immigration bill.  Moreover; he responds by asking detractors to come up with something else.  Romney last night answered this question, though I have a feeling McCain missed it and is still walking around today believing that he can still use the “do you have anything better to offer?” line.  Romney said that the visas issued to the 12 millions illegals should not be permanent.  Rather, they should be temporary.  In his words, to do otherwise is “not fair” to all Americans.

I did not like that Thompson split-voted during Clinton’s impeachment.  Basically, Fred Thompson presented himself as a good potential and I would have to support him.  However; Mitt Romey is still my favorite among the official candidates.

Ann Coulter was interview on H&C immediately afterwards and made two excellent points:

1.) Thompson is a true conservative from a very conservative state.  What this means is that Thompson had to live up to a minimum amount of conservatism to get elected in Tennessee.  Romney on the other hand holds many of the same values but manages to get elected as a red-stater in a massive blue-state.

2.)  Since Thompson was elected as a conservative in a red-state, we are left to judge him on the outside points.  According to Ann Coulter, the split vote on the Clinton investigation was indeed one of those moments and in fact Thompson failed that test.

 The fact that Romney got elected in a blue state holds A LOT of weight.  He is not shy in answering McCain’s shamnesty bill and is excellent on spending. 

At this point, it’s very hard for me to give all of my support to just one of them.  I will make sure to observe in the weeks to come before making my final decision.