LOL of the Night

Doug Powers added his two cents (and so much more) over on Michelle Malkin’s blog today. Apparently, a group of Code Pink moonbats were going through Egypt on their way to aid those peace-loving terrorists in Gaza – better known as Hamas – when they were caught up in the unrest in Cairo. A group of Americans saved their rose-colored asses (sorry, ya’ll, but I couldn’t resist!) on a chartered flight out of the country and then proceeded to put the women up in a high-brow hotel in the Netherlands. The kicker? The Americans who came to Code Pink’s rescue were Shell Oil employees – the same company that Code Pink has repeatedly protested.

Doug had some sage words to make you wet yourself:

No doubt these two whiffle-brained irony magnets will be quickly reimbursing Shell because they’ll never be able to sleep at night knowing they’ve accepted blood money and favors from an evil oil company… right?

*Sniffle* Oh, my…WHOO!!!…that just burned another two hundred calories. I [heart] Doug Powers. There are links to some very good information about the incident, so please, visit the post and read all about it.

Obama: Testing the Waters of Patriotism

Yes, here we are in the middle of probably the most important conflict of our generation.

Yes, our awesome troops are proud of what they are doing.  Yes, they are succeeding. 

I guess Obama has paid attention to the news lately – which means that he can at least read.  I’m sure he’s realizing that violence is at record lows in Iraq.  He’s realized the success and acknowledges the oil contracts we are bidding for now and what these can possibly mean to our economy.  Money, money, money – hey then we can invent new taxes!

Obama says Iraq trip can refine his policy

Right, after eight years of Bush getting harangued on a daily basis, Barack Obama does two things:

First, he actually admits he supports domestic spying (something even Alan Colmes is angry about).  Second, he slowly starts to “refine” his war position.

Oh sure, after all the work has been done by Bush and Rice, Democrats will try to find some way to take credit for the success this war brings, or will attempt sadly to begin a pathetic backtrack of their eight years of blatant idiocy and this time, they didn’t even have to run a phony war-hero to do it.

Hopefully when this begins, we will know better.  Start looking for the signs real soon.

Take this article as #1.  I can’t wait to hear Code Pink’s response to this incidentally.


Apparently Code Pink and the rest found out – yes, less than three hours after reading the first article above – we get a new “unchanged” Barack.

Thanks Barack, and thank Code Pink along with the crazy Koz kids and the moonbats from over at Air America radio that still believe the war was evil.  Silly me to think that Democrats (the elected ones) could ever claim credit for Iraq’s success.  

Obama Wades Into Controversy With Iraq Comments