Another Fun Appointment

Good Lord – I’m loving this stuff.  Ron Paul appointed to the House Subcommittee in charge of Federal Reserve oversight.  You have to be kidding.  This is great!

Republican Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, one of the most outspoken critics of the Federal Reserve, will lead a congressional panel next year with oversight over the central bank.

 Paul, who wrote a book entitled “End the Fed,” told Bloomberg Television in an interview this morning that he will “not really, not right up front” push for an end to the Fed.

 “But obviously that’s the implication,” he added. Paul said he will first focus on oversight.

 When Republicans take over the House next year, Paul will chair the House Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee, which is part of the Financial Services Committee. Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama, chairman-elect of the Financial Services Committee, announced the new leaders of the committee yesterday…..

Paul’s scrutiny of the Fed has bolstered his libertarian credentials in the eyes of his supporters. On Wednesday, a coalition of about 30 Tea Party-aligned groups wrote a letter to Bachus and incoming House Speaker John Boehner in support of Paul’s appointment to chair the financial subcommittee, the Washington Post reports. The letter came after reports that GOP leaders may have given the chairmanship to someone else because of Paul’s views.

This is really a brilliant move.  First, Jeff Flake is appointed to Appropriations – now this.  Keep ’em coming Mr. Boehner.

A Good Start On Congressional Spending

Good news in the House when it comes to earmarks…

Incoming House Speaker John Boehner is supporting fiscal conservative Rep. Jeff Flake’s bid to join the Appropriations Committee. 

In a bow to fiscal conservatives, Boehner (R-Ohio) said Monday he would support Flake’s effort to join Appropriations. 

“I support Congressman Jeff Flake in his effort to be appointed to serve on the Appropriations Committee, and I join with incoming Majority Leader Cantor in expressing hope that other reform-minded Members of Congress will follow Jeff’s example in seeking appointment to the committee,” Boehner said Monday in a statement.

Flake and other fiscal conservatives have sought to aggressively cut spending in the next Congress and end practices like earmarks, on which the House and Senate GOP have adopted a voluntary moratorium. Flake’s appointment to the Appropriations panel would be seen as a major tidal change for the committee.

Boehner, himself, doesn’t do earmarks.  And the GOP leadership in the House and Senate has vowed to take on earmarks.  Whiny little grassroots folks like us are constantly reminded by establishment Republicans, Democrats and their MSM consorts that Congressional earmarks account for so very little in the grand scheme of federal spending.  But we all know it’s a good step forward to eliminate them. 

Arizona Rep. Jeff Flake’s appointment to the Appropriations Committee is excellent news that signals the House GOP leadership is serious about this battle.

House Updates

I’m going to keep the House and Senate separate.  I will track party pick-ups here rather than detailing all the incumbents who keep their seats. Refresh often for updates.

House Pick-Ups:

  • Sandra Adams (R) beats incumbent Suzanne Kosmas (D) in FL-24
  • Robert Hurt (R) beats incumbentTom Perriello (D) in VA-5
  • John Carney (D) defeats Glen Urquhart (R) for DE- at large
  • Larry Bucshon (R) defeats Trent Van Haaften (D) in IN-8
  • Daniel Webster (R) defeats incumbent Alan Grayson (D) in FL-8
  • Morgan Griffith (R) defeats incumbent Rick Boucher (D) in VA-9
  • Todd Young (R) beats incumbent Baron Hill (D) in IN-9
  • Scott Rigell (R) beats incumbent Gleen Nye (D) in VA-2
  • Frank Guinta (R) defeats Carol Shea-Porter (D) in NH-1
  • Diane Black (R) defeats Brett Carter (D) in TN-6
  • Steve Southerland (R) defeats incumbent Allen Boyd in FL2
  • Chuck Fleischmann (R) beats out John Wolfe (D) in TN-3
  • Scott DesJarlais (R) defeats incumbent Lincoln Davis (D) in TN-4
  • Bill Flores (R) defeats Chet Edwards (D) in TX-17  KICK ASS!!!!
  • Stephen Fincher (R) defeats Roy Herron (D) in TN-8
  • Dan Benishek (R) beatsGary McDowell (D) in MI-1
  • Mike Kelly (R) defeats Kathy Dahlkemper (D) in PA-3
  • Lou Barletta (R) defeats incumbent Paul Kanjorski (D) in PA-11
  • Austin Scott (R) beats incumbent Jim Marshall (D) in GA-8
  • Thomas Marino (R) beats incumbent Christopher Carney (D) in PA-10
  • Andy Harris (R) defeats incumbent Frank Kratovil (D) in MD-1
  • Bob Gibbs (R) over incumbent Zack Space (D) in OH-18
  • Alan Nunlee (R) defeats incumbent Travis Childers (D) in MS-1
  • Bobby Schilling (R) defeats incumbent Phil Hare in IL-17 (There ya go Steve!)
  • Cedric Richmond (D) beats incumbent Joseph Cao (R) in LA-2 (We expected this)
  • Jeff Landry (R) defeats Ravi Sangisetty (D) in LA-3
  • Mick Mulvaney (R) beats incumbent D leader John Spratt  in SC-5
  • Rick Berg (R) defeats incumbent Earl Pomeroy (D) in ND- at large
  • Randy Hultgren (R) beats incumbent Bill Foster (D) in IL – 14 (Steve, What did you do?)
  • Adam Kinzinger (R) beats incumbent Debbie Halvorson (D) in IL-11
  • Kevin Yoder (R) defeats Stephene Moore (D) in KS-3
  • Michael Fitzpatrick (R) beats out incumbent Patrick Murphy in PA-8
  • Steve Stivers (R) defeats incumbent Mary Jo Kilroy (D) in OH-15
  • Cory Garnder (R) beats incumbent Betsey Markey (D) in CO-4
  • Thomas Reed (R) beats Matthew Zeller (D) in NY-29
  • Bill Johnson (R) defeats incumbent Charlie Wilson in OH-6
  • Jim Renacci (R) beats out incumbent John Boccieri (D) in OH-16
  • Allen West (R) defeats incumbent Ron Klein (D) in FL-22 YES!!!!
  • Reid Ribble (R) beats incumbent Stephen Kagan (D) in WI-8
  • Steven Palazzo (R) beats incumbent Gene Taylor (D) in MS-4
  • Vicky Hartzler (R) defeats incumbent commitee chair Ike Skelton (D) in MO-4
  • Richard Hanna (R) defeats incumbent Michael Arcuri (D) in NY-24
  • Paul Gosar (R) defeats incumbent Ann Kirkpatrick (D) in AZ-1 (GO MEL!)
  • Steve Chabot (R) beats out incumbent Steve Driehaus in OH-1
  • Mike Keown (R) defeats incumbent Sanford Bishop (D) in GA-2
  • Tim Walberg (R) beats incumbent Mark Schauer (D) in MI-7
  • Charlie Bass (R) defeats Ann Kuster (D) in NH-2
  • Jon Runyan (R) beats incumbent John Adler (D) in NJ-3
  • Mike Grimm (R) defeats incumbent Michael McMahon (D) in NY-13
  • Nan Hayworth (R) defeats incumbent John Hall (D) in NY-19
  • Christopher Gibson (R) beats incumbent Scott Murphy (D) in NY-20
  • Renee Elmers (R) defeats incumbent Bob Etheridge in NC-2
  • Jaime Herrera (R) defeats Denny Heck (D) in WA-3
  • David McKinley (R) beats Mike Oliverio (D) in WV-1
  • Sean Duffy (R) defeats Julie Lassa (D) in WI-7
  • Martha Roby (R) defeats incumbent Bobby Bright (D) in AL-2
  • Rick Crawford (R) beats Chad Causey (D) in AR-2
  • Steve Pearce (R) defeats incumbent Harry Teague (D) in NM-2
  • Kristi Noem (R) defeats incumbent Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D) in SD – at large


Florida, Illinois, Virginia and Tennessee are delivering for the GOP big time!

2 Dem Pick-Ups

NOTE:  This is where I end for the night.  This is not an exhaustive list.

Senate Updates

Sorry I was running a bit late, but I’m settled in now.  Here’s how we start (these seats are being called without final results).  I will be updating this post, so refresh often.

Senate Races Called:

  • Dan Coats (R) picks up Indiana’s seat from Dems  (GOP GAIN)
  • Rand Paul (R) maintains Kentucky’s seat for the GOP
  • Pat Leahy (D) retains his seat in Vermont
  • Rob Portman (R) keeps Ohio’s seat for the GOP
  • Marco Rubio (R) keeps Florida’s seat for the GOP
  • Richard Blumenthal (D) hangs onto Connecticut’s seat for Dems
  • Christopher Coons (D) retains Delaware’s seat for Dems
  • Kelly Ayotte (R) keeps New Hampshire’s seat with the GOP
  • Roy Blunt (R) hangs onto Missouri’s seat for the GOP
  • Barabara Mikulski (D) keeps her seat in Maryland
  • Richard Shelby (R) also keeps his seat in Alabama
  • Johnny Isakson (R) keeps his seat in Georgia
  • Jim DeMint (R) keeps his seat in South Carolina
  • Tom Coburn (R) keeps his seat in Oklahoma
  • John Boozman (R) picks up Arkansas for the GOP (GOP GAIN)
  • John Manchin (D) keeps the West Virginia seat for the Dems
  • Richard Burr (R) retains his seat in North Carolina
  • Kirsten Gillibrand (R) keeps her seat in New York
  • Jerry Moran (R) keeps Kansas in the GOP
  • Chuck Schumer (D) keeps his seat in New York
  • John Hoeven (R) picks up the North Dakota seat for the GOP (GOP GAIN)
  • David Vitter (R) keeps his seat in Louisiana
  • John McCain (R) keeps his seat in Arizona
  • Chuck Grassley (R) keeps his seat in Iowa
  • Mike Lee (R) retains the Utah seat for the GOP
  • Ron Johnson (R) picks up the Wisconsin seat for the GOP (GOP GAIN)
  • Barbara Boxer (D) keeps her seat in California
  • Ron Wyden (D) keeps his seat in Oregon
  • Daniel Inouye keeps his seat in Hawaii
  • Pat Toomey (R) picks up the seat in Pennsylvania (GOP GAIN)
  • Mark Kirk (R) picks up Obama’s seat for the GOP in Illinois (GOP GAIN
  • Harry Reid (D) unfortunately keeps his seat in Nevada

Black Republican Answers Obama

I’ll bet you didn’t know these tidbits:  1) 32 Black Republicans ran for Congressional office in the 2010 primaries, 2) 14 Black Republicans are now contesting Democrats for Congressional seats in the 2010 general election.

There are 3 Black Republicans who are well-situated to win their races.  The candidate most assured of a seat is Tim Scott who is running for a House seat in South Carolina.  I appreciated this article from theLondon Daily Telegraph – that’s London, England.

Campaigning a few miles from Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired in 1861, Tim Scott described last week how he was born into poverty and a broken home, much like Barack Obama…..

But the conclusions that Scott, 45, drew were very different from those of Obama. When he was 15, a man who ran a Chick-fil-A fast-food restaurant taught him “that there was a way to think my way out of the worst conditions”. Scott went on to became a small businessman and a proud “conservative Republican”.

Barring a cataclysmic upset, Scott will be elected to Congress on November 2nd. There, he will be a ferocious opponent of Obama, to whom he gives a withering “failing grade” for his presidency.

What I really love is the Telegraph’s commentary on Obama.  I had to do a double-take to make sure that the words weren’t a quote from Scott.  I’m so accustomed to the left-wing tripe from the American MSM, that this was a total shock.

Rather than ushering in a post-racial era, Obama’s election to the White House appears to have intensified racial divisions in America. This is not, as the Left asserts, because Right-wing opponents are full of white-hooded bigots who refuse to accept a black man as President. Obama’s own strange myopia on race has played a big part.

This article is too great to miss.  Be sure to read it in its totality.  The Telegraph levels a charge that the GOP has “ceded black votes to the Democrats and failed to recruit candidates like Scott to winnable congressional seats.”  And I don’t disagree with that for one moment.

While most of us would consider it self-evident that GOP values agree strongly with the traditional values of the black and hispanic communities, we must also realize that the effort to highlight those areas of agreement has been neglected by the GOP.  Republican presidents have nominated women, blacks and hispanics to the Supreme Court and have appointed them to their cabinets.  But the presence of minority GOP members of Congress has been lacking.

The obvious reason for this is that their vocal leadership and Democrat elites have convinced minority voters that the Democrat Party is the only vehicle to secure their interests.  The GOP’s failure to counteract that false message is a travesty at best and a total disservice to be sure.

If Scott is the only black Republican on Capitol Hill in 2011, he will be all too easily marginalised and treated as a curiosity. That would be a shame because he has some interesting views on cutting the deficit and shrinking government.

“I’ve been black for a long time,” Scott says wearily whenever he is asked about race. He wants to be judged on his character and policies rather than the colour of his skin. At Fort Dorchester, encouragingly enough, not one pupil asked Scott about race or why a black man would be a Republican.

Obama made history by winning the White House. But it will take the likes of Scott to break down the racial barriers in America that the first black president has been content to leave in place.

One last note – there are 3 races where Black Republicans look poised to take a Congressional seat.  Aside from Scott, there is Allen West in Florida and Ryan Frazier in Colorado.  But there are other candidates with a chance.  One of my favorites is Rev. Stephen Broden, who is trying to upend scandal-ridden Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson in Dallas.  He was actually endorsed by the Dallas Morning News (who had repeatedly endorsed Johnson) over the 12-term incumbent. Visit Broden’s website and donate at

Turning Tide: Ohio

Ohio is a bellweather state in politics.  The bells are tolling a requiem for Democrats in the 2010 elections, apparently.  This from Fox News:

Voters in Ohio are angry. Unemployment is 9th worst in the nation and has hovered over 10% all year.

Labor argues that in this 2010 midterm election the anger is best directed at the Bush administration for what the left calls “failed GOP policies of the past.” Polls in Ohio and nationwide however suggest the anger is being aimed at Democrats…..

Incumbent governors routinely have their states strongest political machines and that is the case with Ohio Democrat Ted Strickland.

However Strickland trails GOP challenger and former congressman John Kasich by 12 points in the latest Columbus Dispatch poll conducted just before Labor Day by mail…..

Strickland’s current lieutenant governor, Lee Fisher is leaving the statehouse to seek the U.S. Senate, but Fisher trails by 13 percent behind popular former congressman and Bush administration official Rob Portman….

Several incumbent House Democrats are also in trouble. In the Buckeye State’s first congressional district (Cincinnati), Democratic freshman Steve Driehaus is in a rematch against former Republican Congressman Steve Chabot. Driehaus beat Chabot in 2008. Before that Chabot, who won the seat in the 1994 GOP revolution, had held it for 14 years. Chabot is now favored to return to D.C. and pickup the seat for the GOP.

In Ohio’s 15th congressional district (Columbus) freshman Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy is also facing a rematch and in trouble. Republican state Senator Steve Stivers, a lieutenant colonel in the Ohio National Guard, served a tour of duty in Iraq prior to 2005. In 2008 Stivers won the GOP nomination but lost, this time he’s favored.

In the 16th district (Canton) incumbent Democrat John Boccieri is also in trouble, facing Republican businessman and former Wadsworth mayor Jim Renacci.

All three House Democrats are under fire for their votes on health care reform, financial regulation, stimulus spending and the Obama agenda. Labor may want voters to blame the Bush administration for what it DID…but polls say voters are unhappy about what the Obama administration is DOING.

The voters in Ohio aren’t the only ones who are angry.  Political guru Larry Sabato who is the director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics (I’ve always suspected he might be slanted a little to the left) finally acknowledged wholeheartedly that the GOP will take the House, and he is leaving the Senate open to GOP control if it can pick up the 10 seats needed.  He upgraded GOP chances from a +7 gain to a potential 8-9 seat gain in the upper house.

My mind is buzzing at 1000 mph these days.  I don’t want to be overconfident, but I feel a little hopeful (almost giddy) inside.  The voter GOP preference poll results are at historical highs.  The “Summer of Recovery” that Obama and the Dems promised hasn’t occured.  The Democrats are now going to engage in a “triage” which will effectively cut off campaign funding for all but the most hopeful yet endangered Democrat Congressional candidates.

Pelosi and Reid’s worlds are falling apart before their very eyes.  They know, and the voters know, that as soon as the GOP resumes control of Congress that they (emboldened by conservative and Tea Party newcomers) will begin to dismantle Obamacare and the other massive legislative mistakes that have occured over the past 2 years.

 And that, my friends, is why the voters will empower the GOP in November.  Then it will be up the Republicans to embrace the mandate and do what they were elected to do – and not screw it up again.


If You Can’t Blame “W”…..

Then just blame Congress.  Obama apparently got the message from poll numbers that suggested Americans were tired of his “blame it on Bush” strategy as a way to avoid responsibility for the nation’s still-unrecovered economy. So, what does the Big O do now?  Throw it off on Congress.

– But before leaving for his ninth presidential vacation, 10 days at a…...secluded estate on Martha’s Vineyard, Obama devoted four minutes in the White House driveway to a special statement on the latest disappointing jobs numbers. (Full text, as usual, can be read on the jump, along with a brief reaction from the Republican National Committee chairman.)

No questions allowed because the president didn’t want to explain why despite the administration’s announced Recovery Summer Program, the jobs numbers have started going backward again after 19 months of promises and $787 billion in alleged stimulation spending. Because, faced with the uncertainty of the economy and the certainty of new taxes after Nov. 2, employers are holding back on hiring.

According to the president, he’s been “adamant” with Congress for months now about a new jobs bill to help small businesses. Obama says this really good bill is stalled in the Senate, where so much administration legislation has been crammed through so effectively by Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Interesting ploy.  Blame it on Congress.  But….hold on now!  One problem.  OBAMA’S PARTY RUNS THE DAMNED CONGRESS!!!

It’s time to man up, Barry.  Face the fact that your idiotic policies have done nothing to pull this nation out of a lingering recession.  While Europe begins to turn things around with surprisingly conservative economic measures, you go the opposite way.  You endorse ridiculous spending measures that bring our deficit into the trillions, and you pursue social(ist) entitlement programs during a time when we can least afford it.  You are about to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire, and every new piece of legislation that you hatch with Pelosi/Reid is riddled with new taxes.  All of this during a time of recession.

Don’t blame your failure to pull us out of recession on George W.  And don’t blame things on Congress either.  Your party has more than enough votes to ramrod more crap down the throats of average Americans.  If you honestly think that throwing more money in an inefficient manner at this recession is going to solve the problem, then just tell Nancy and Harry to do it.  Are you scared?  Are they?

Send The House Home


This is a piece of art by Georgia Rep. Tom Price (R).

Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) issued the following statement after offering a resolution on the floor of the House of Representatives calling on Congress not to hold a lame duck session after Election Day for the purpose of passing hugely unpopular legislation like a national energy tax, enormous deficit spending bills, and the kickback to Big Labor known as “Card Check.”

“Americans are sick and tired of their elected leaders making backroom deals to ram through unpopular, 2000-page bills that no one has read,” said Chairman Price.  “They are sick of out-of-touch politicians, and they are tired of being ignored.  A number of Democrats, including members of their leadership, have recently expressed a desire to ignore the public will and use a lame duck session to pass liberal legislation Americans do not want.  Today I gave my Democrat colleagues an opportunity to show they are finally ready to listen to the American people.

“Our system of government rests upon the consent of the governed, but it is quite clear that Democrats no longer have Americans’ consent.  The public’s trust in this Congress has been repeatedly broken.  Voting for a national energy tax and other items on the liberal wish list in a lame duck session would shatter it beyond repair.  Republicans are fully prepared to do what is necessary to restore Americans’ trust in their elected representatives.  We know it will be a long road, but it is one well worth traveling.”

Not going to happen, but it’s sweet to listen to all of his “whereases.”  This guy has it all right.  Congress is about to go into their August recess.  Might not be a bad idea if they extended their recess for a lot longer.  The Texas legislature meets once every two years.  Sounds like a good idea for the federal level.

Not On Oprah’s Reading List

This one is sure to NOT be a part of Oprah’s Book Club.  It’s called “2010: Take America Back” by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann.

As a graduate student at Ohio University’s School of Interpersonal Communication in 1998, I wrote a Master’s Thesis entitled “Saying Much While Saying Nothing: Bill Clinton’s Use of Ambiguity As A Rhetorical Strategy.”  Little did I know at the time, Dick Morris was the driving force behind the triangulation and ambiguity that President Clinton utilized to make himself the “Teflon President.”  I’ve watched Morris’ metamorphisis over the years from a disgruntled detractor to a cheerleader for Republicans and conservatives.  Many, such as Rush Limbaugh, still seem to hold a grudge and distrust him.  But others (Sean Hannity) have embraced him as a strategist with much to offer the GOP.

“2010: Take America Back” is a gutsy book that Morris wrote with his wife, Eileen McGann.  The book has four parts.  The first lays out the case against Obama and Congressional Democrats.  The second part indentifies specific Democrat senators and representatives ripe for the picking in the 2010 congressional elections.  The third part (speaking mainly to candidates and campaign staff) discusses how to frame the debate for the 2010 elections.  The fourth part tells me, an individual, exactly what I can do to effect the 2010 elections in favor of the GOP.  Part #2 was, naturally, right up my alley.  Part #4 was so exciting that I posted this and decided to embark on a new project via this blog.

Skipping ahead to Part 4, Morris and McGann note:

“Too many of us still labor under the illusion that politics is a top-down game, driven by the manager and candidate whose intiatives filter down to the lowly campaign workers – the foot soldiers on the ground.  We wait for our phones to ring or emails to arrive telling us what to do to help win the election.

But in today’s politics, those intitatives have to come from us, not from on high……

It is now clear, however, that the Internet is becoming the most powerful forum for political campaiging.  And we all have equal access to the Web.

The means one thing:  You are the campaign!  You can be your own campaign media guru, strategist and manager.  You don’t need money.  You don’t need fame.  You just need to be able to produce cogent and effective campaign messages to send to your friends and associates by email and to the world at large on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and whatever else is invented between now and when you read these words…..

In this new era, we – the party’s and candidates’ supporters – must do the heavy lifting.  We, not the candidate or his staff, must get the messages out.  The campaigns themselves – with their budgets and exposure – become ammunition factories producing shells for us to fire.  Why?  Because we have credibility they do not…”

Steve has done all of us who believe in the Conservative Cause a great favor by establishing a credible blog site at GayConservative where our posts and comments are not in vain.  We aren’t exactly the Huffington Post or Michelle Malkin, but there is a readership there.  Based on the emails we receive privately and the comments in response to our posts, I can deduce that our voices are being heard.  There are web searches and our presence on other blog rolls that send folks our way.  That translates into word-of-mouth that carries our message onto the streets.  That gives hope to me that everything we do can help translate to victory in 2010.

I’m a laid-back guy (non-medicinal) and not prone to theatrics, but I am genuinely frightened.  The direction of our nation is all wrong.  Under Obama, we acquiesce to thugs and terrorists, build up our national debt and budget deficits at an alarming pace, nationalize our private industries and run our nation into ruin.  After eight years of Bush, we had a $500 billion deficit.  Less than 2 years into Obama’s reign, we have put that deficit to nearly $1.5 trillion (give or take). Banks and automotive companies are slowly but surely being put under government control.  Taxes are on the rise (on the middle class too – don’t kid yourselves).  Health care is going to be administered by a government who bankrupted social security and can’t run the postal service.

We can’t do anything about Obama or the Marxists who occupy the White House until 2012.  But we can render them impotent by electing Republicans (especially Conservative ones ) in 2010.  Obama’s feeding frenzy will come to a halt in 2010 if we all get the message out.  The mood is ripe for a repeat x 2 of 1994.  Morris believes we can win both the Senate and House.  I personally believe that we will retake the House and bring the Senate with 2 or 3.  Winning both gives us our best chance at halting the socialist tide.

My new project here is based on part 2 of Morris and McGann’s book.  They go into detail about congressmen and women who are vulnerable in 2010.  You need to read the book to realize how corrupt and disingenuous some of these people can be.  The GOP had ethical issues that put us in this mess in 2006 and 2008.  Most of those losers have been weeded out.  Now it is time to weed out “moderate Democrats” who vote with Pelosi and Reid 85-98% of the time.  Yeah – that’s right.  There are Dems from GOP or swing districts proclaiming themselves to be “moderate” and still vote the Dem party line 85-98% of the time.  Read the book.

Over the next few months, I will take on some of these targets and expose them for the frauds that they are.  I will profile them individually and make the case for their defeat.  I have, in the past, pledged my meager financial support as well as my moral support to Republicans in other states and districts.  I will continue to do so and encourage all of you to do the same.  Adopt a Republican.  Do what you can.  We better start now before it’s too late.

My Letter to My District’s Representative

Dear Congresswoman,

I am writing respectfully to ask you to not support or to withdraw support from HR3200.

In a town hall meeting today, President Obama stated that he had no problem with “people like him” paying “a little bit more” to make sure 46 million Americans had insurance.

In a perfect world, I suppose that would be fine – ideology aside – but the difference between Obama and others making over $250K per year is that he; like yourself, work for the United States Government.  It doesn’t matter if the United States Government makes a profit or not, he will still receive more than $250K per year, he will still be able to opt out of this plan the rest of us will have to live with, and he will still receive a pleasant retirement.

When CEO’s of insurance companies, as well as other industries the Government cannot seem to keep their hands off of, start producing losses because they are competing with the US Government who doesn’t have to make a profit ever, this means that the number of Americans making $250K per year decreases drastically.

This means less tax revenue to pay for all of this.  Just how does Congress and Obama expect to compensate for these inevitable tax losses without carving into the middle class out here stuck with a single-payer plan?  It will lead to that, because as insurance companies start to crumble, so will OUR choices.

I am begging you, please listen to your constituents.  I am an accountant and make a moderate income and am proud to be middle class – this bill will wreck our country.

Steve Flesher

To find your Representative, click here!