A Turning Point for Conservatives

I got back from a long night shift to see some of the best news I could have heard all week. Via GayPatriot and HotAir, Ryan Sorba – a member of California Young America’s Foundation – took the podium to talk about something completely unrelated to what he actually said. First, Alexander McCorbin stood and thanked CPAC for inviting GOProud. While he did this, one lone member of the crowd booed while everyone else cheered in an effort to drown him out. Minutes later, the loudmouthed heckler took the podium to answer a question, and instead of answering the question, went on a rant in which he attacked CPAC for allowing GOProud to cosponsor the event, then when they started booing him off the stage he deliberately insulted everyone there.

From Lee Doren, here’s the two clips of both young men speaking, then an interview where he simply let Sorba talk. Take a look:


I find it interesting that Sorba didn’t want his face shown, despite the fact that he’s already very well-known within some conservative circles. He’s apparently a member of Young America’s Foundation, a group I have previously suggested to conservative friends whose kids want to get into journalism and/or politics. Depending on the response I receive from that organization, I may or may not support them in the future, though I have a hard time believing that YAF really supports Sorba’s odball statements and complete alienation of much of CPAC.

What gets under my skin the most, though, is that the clip of Sorba’s original comments has been uploaded by nearly every liberal on YouTube. Air America members, followers, any liberal with the capability to upload – they’ve all put it up in an effort to prove their belief once and for all that conservatives really are hatemongers and need to be defeated at every turn.

That is the silliest thing I’ve heard so far. Why? Because Sorba isn’t cheered for his comments, he’s booed off the stage by everyone in attendance. I can’t hear anybody cheering his idiocy in this clip. Then, when Doren talks to him, he goes on some bent about being rational as if common sense includes never allowing oneself to feel.

I will post a video response later today, but I wanted to post this for everyone to see. Let the discussion begin.

“President Palin”


The immediate news shows — even the ones on CNN — gave Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Convention speech great reviews.  The speech was simply inspirational along the lines of her RNC speech in 2008.

In the post-speech Q&A, the gentlemen remarked to her:

I can think of two words right now that scare liberals, “President Palin.”

A simple but classic line that drew roars of applause and ovation followed by a “Run Sarah, run!” chant.

Palin, in answering that comment sure hit the nail on the head when she addressed the current administration’s phony and loose use of the word “bipartisan.”  There was nothing bipartisan about any part of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid plan to hijack another sector of free-market enterprise.  (Since the government’s involvement in the mortgage industry was so impressive!)  This flack about bipartisanship was a strawman for liberals — as it never truly existed — and merely impossible for Republicans since no Democrat took any of their ideas seriously.  Palin said that if she were president, she wouldn’t lie to Americans the way the current administration has in that regard.  If Obama’s policies are so good for the country, and knowing how conservative free-market principles are so demonized by the left, why would he risk his credibility with the moonbats by pretending to even want bipartisanship on an issue so important as health care? 

If Palin were President, she’d tell it like it was.  Her Congress won’t be pointlessly rattling on about a bipartisan effort with nuts like Pelosi or Kucinich.  However; the Tea Party has proven that conservative free-market principles are not Republican ideas.  They are American ideas promoted by conservatives.  There are conservative Republicans,  conservative gays, conservative Democrats, conservative blacks, and conservative whites. 

There is no “bipartisanship” in rejecting the Constitution.

Sarah Palin drove that point home tonight by speaking simply, honestly, and directly to the Tea Party crowd.

I cannot think of a better way to honor Ronald Reagan on his 99th Birthday than to have the nation hear the words “President Palin” uttered after what will go down in history as one of her most definitive and effective speeches ever.

Here is the full speech in all five parts!






Pro-Choice, but for who?

The hypocrisy coming from feminists and pro-abortion fanatics is astonishing with regard to the Stupak amendment.  The Stupak amendment was passed on Saturday with bipartisan support – just in case the travesty bill known as HR3962 passed (which it sadly did).  Basically, it prohibits the use of public funds for abortion by women.  Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

Not according to Planned Parenthood and NARAL.  Tonight on Joy Behar’s show, the ultra-liberal pro-choice host had on a few of these women along with Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  To say these women stretched the truth is a huge understatement. 

When people take advantage of a public option to anything, they succumb to big-government bureaucracy.  It’s always been that way, it always will be.  Who votes for these politicians who support big-government bureaucracy?  Why I do believe it’s the same liberals who are angry about the Stupak Amendment!?

What angered me about Behar’s show (not that I expect journalistic integrity out of her) is how uniformed she herself was as the fanatics proclaimed that women would still be denied abortion if they paid for their own policies.  She, of course, was appalled as the same fanatics continued to blame “anti-choice” members of the House. 

“Paying for their policies” doesn’t grant them that right if they are paying for their policies out of the exchange.  Why?  Because if a woman purchases an insurance policy out of the public option and pays $100 per month for a policy which she would have paid $300 per month for from Blue Cross Blue Shield, this means that two-thirds of her insurance policy is subsidized by the American taxpayer.

It’s the same concept with Section 8 or public housing.  Folks pay a small sum of money – say $150 per month – and the government covers the remaining $600-$800 per month.  In my county, such recipients are constantly put through the most rigorous procedures.  They have to send in pay stubs every month, they get their house inspected every two months, their kids’ clothes are inspected and beds are checked, personal questions about the dating lives of the recipients are asked, etc. etc. etc.  Every aspect of their lives from A to Z is violated.  There is no privacy when you sell out to big government and wear one of their numbers.

What about the “choice” anyway?  Any liberal who complains about this Stupak amendment is a total hypocrite.  What about the choice of taxpayers who have to pay for the bill (considering it passes the Senate)?  Do they have a “choice” of whether or not to pay for it?  Miraculously, Planned Parenthood or NARAL doesn’t seem to mind that, nor do liberal politicians, nor do the voting liberal base.

They selectively apply “choice” and “privacy” to matters that are only important to the radical left-wing.

Here’s a little newsflash for them (and feminists alike): this is only the beginning!  Every aspect of your life is going to be uncovered, there will be an answer to them for everything you do, and they WILL have the control over your life that they have always wanted.

And you know what?  You deserve it. 

You want your precious privacy?  Good!  You might have just taken your first step to being a conservative!

The Referendum

Obama and his henchmen (and mouthpieces in the media) have already begun to spin tonight’s elections.  They insist that the elections are strictly local and NOT a referendum on Obama’s and the Dem Congress’ performance thus far.  Bullshit!  Here are the races.  As long as I’m awake, I will post comments regarding the races as results come in.


There are the races for governor and all statewide races including the Virginia Assembly.  Projections are that the GOP will make gains across the board.  There is a potential for the GOP to sweep the state’s big 3 offices – Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General.  Late polls show Republican Robert McDonnell with a 10+% lead over Democrat Creigh Deeds for governor.


Chris Christie (R) is going up against incumbent Dem, Jon Corzine for New Jersey’s governor.  Corzine has run the state into ruins and jacked up taxes.  This is a close race.  Corzine has spent millions of his billions on this race.  It’s too close to call, but this would be a major upset in a deep blue state.


A race for New York’s 23 rd US House Congressional District pits Doug Hoffman (C) versus Bill Owens (D).  As you all know, the liberal Republican dropped out a few days ago and gave her personal support to the Democrat.  Owens is a life-long Republican with conservative values.  Late polls show him with a slight lead even after the departure of the pseudo-Republican.  This would make a major statement concerning Obama and the Dems in Congress.  Additionally, it would send a sharp message to the GOP establishment.  Stay tuned.

Obama and Biden have assisted the national Dems in pouring all their resources into each state.  So when the media and the White House downplay the importance of these results – don’t believe them for a damned minute.  The fact that the Dems are so concerned with these “petty local elections” show that they take them seriously.  There is a statement to be made here.  I hope the message goes for our side.  These are all 3 states that voted for Obama last time around.  The Dems and the White House have shown some urgency in all three states.  They know the implications.

Sarah Palin Gets Results!

When news broke last week that Sarah Palin was endorsing the third-party but more-conservative candidate; Doug Hoffman in NY, an independent poll had Doug Hoffman in third place at 23% trailing the Democrat and the RINO endorsed by Newt Gingrich.  Just Friday, Newt declared support for Hoffman ‘a mistake’ as he continues to give his support to the pro-abortion RINO, Dede Scozzafava.

After Palin’s announcement, Doug Hoffman raised an amazing $116,000 in one day and in a newly released independent poll today, Hoffman has soared to first place.

I hope Newt is paying attention.  I regard the man with so much respect and cannot believe he doesn’t notice the country’s crave for real conservative values.  As bad as I feel for Newt’s dissent, I am thrilled that once again; however, we are reminded of the sheer power that Sarah Palin possesses over public opinion.