Castro’s “Basic Human Qualities”

I cannot believe what I’ve just read. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me, particularly when it’s coming from a group that is STILL calling for the release of cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal. The Congressional Black Caucus flew to Cuba recently, but they weren’t going to visit Guantanamo Bay. They went to visit former dictator Fidel Castro and current dictator Raul Castro. Their verdict?

Democrat Bobby Rush (the same Democrat Representative from Illinois who is sponsoring the Blair Holt Firearms Act) said, incredibly, “I think that what really surprised me, but also endeared me to him, was his keen sense of humor, his sense of history and his basic human qualities.”


Let’s talk about the Castro brothers’ basic human qualities. Russian KGB and East German Stasi trained the “officers” of the Cuban Interior Ministry. That alone should give you an idea of what “human rights” and “human qualities” are to the Castros. Not only are you not allowed to leave Cuba, you’re not allowed to even ask to leave. Trying to leave Cuba will automatically result in a five-year prison sentence (which, unlike America, does NOT translate to six months in prison followed by four and a half years of parole). If given permission to leave the country on business or for school, your relatives–particularly children–are required to remain behind to ensure that you return.

By 1970, just ten years after Castro’s revolution, an estimated 5,000 people had been executed by the communist government. Most were given little to no trial for any offense deemed dangerous to the government (to include speaking against the communist regime) and were executed immediately upon arrest. An estimated 40,000 have been executed to date, if you do not include those killed while trying to escape the island in crude boats or other craft (incidents like the 1994 attempt by the Cuban navy to stop a group of citizens trying to escape on a WWII-era tugboat come to mind–41 of the 72 passengers, including women and children, were killed when high-powered fire hoses from a warship swept them off the boat’s deck).

Ask Armando Valladares about Castro’s “human qualities.” He was in prison from 1960 until 1982 after he refused to place a placard on his desk in support of the communist government. He was only released after the French intervened on his behalf because of the tales of horrid torture (you think the stories coming from Abu Ghraib are bad? At least our soldiers haven’t beaten inmates half to death and urinated on them while they lay bleeding on the floor after days of depriving them of water). Ask doctor Oscar Elias Biscet, recently sentenced to 25 years in prison for vocally opposing Castro. Or ask Reinaldo Arenas, the gay Cuban playwright sent to prison on 1973 for “ideological deviation” (meaning they tossed him away because he was gay) and tried to smuggle his work out of the prison, only to be discovered and severely tortured–nearly to death. He was forced to renounce his writings and his homosexuality to be released and escaped Cuba in 1980.

Castro’s “basic human qualities” end with the fact that he is, by scientific definition, of the homo sapiens species. Beyond that, there is little to prove that he his human in any way, shape or form. That American lawmakers are praising him makes me absolutely sick, and proves even more that the Democrat party is trying all it can to move my country toward socialist ideals.