Palin Smacks Down Lisa Murkowski (Once Again)

In a satirical piece, Alaskan radio-host Dan Fagan mocked Lisa Murkowski for forcing her way into the race against Joe Miller as a write-in candidate.

In addition, Fagan and many others are awaiting a ruling from the Alaskan Supreme Court which involves whether or not polling stations must hand out lists of write-in candidates, something they allegedly had not been forced to do in about 50 years.

Being the sore loser she is, Murkowski’s corporate-funded campaign threatened Fagan’s radio station with a lawsuit and sadly, Mr. Fagan lost his job.

Palin tonight asked Lisa if she’d be so bold as to use legal action to shut down her Facebook page for writing the message she wrote to Murkowski tonight:

Individuals like Dan Fagan have a fundamental right to speak their minds without threats from the incumbent Senator from Alaska. It is hard to find a constitutional right Americans cherish more than the right to free speech. This was a right Joe Miller, as a decorated combat veteran – a tank commander tested in battle, was willing to die to defend. Dan Fagan has not always agreed with me, but I will gladly defend his right to speak freely on his radio show, which he has often used to criticize me. In fact, Fagan has actually used his radio show to attack and insult me, my husband, my children, and my family in just about every way possible. He was especially insulting to my son, who left for a war zone to defend Fagan’s right to attack our family. But when I was his governor, I never would have dreamed of threatening his right to free speech. I support him in this fight because this D.C. Beltway thuggery, as exemplified by Lisa Murkowski’s latest threat, is ruining our country. The powers that be want ordinary Americans to sit down and shut up and let the ruling class ride us right off the debt cliff we’re heading towards with Obama, Pelosi, and Reid steering the nation’s car. We can’t let them. Now is the time to put aside our past differences and stand up to the establishment powers. 

This whole episode confirms again why we need to elect Joe Miller. Lisa, you can sue me if you want (you won’t be the first). But I will not be intimidated from speaking my mind. Your intimidation just empowered us liberty-loving Alaskans. Are you really that out of touch?

– Sarah Palin 

Much like the Democrats’ latest attack on Christine O’Donnell which has failed miserably (today a new poll shows that Coons has lost half of his lead), I believe this will only help Miller and further discourage voters from these arrogant tricks of such establishment politicians.

Don’t be too surprised Tuesday night for possible upsets in Delaware and Alaska.