Hey, Jude

On Friday of last week, BP CEO Tony Hayward was removed by the board of his company from his position leading the efforts to stop the oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. On Saturday, he took his teenaged son to a yacht race off the Isle of Wight. By Saturday night White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel was lambasting Hayward for going to the race. Today, White House Spokesman Bill Burton echoed that sentiment, saying, “We took him at his word that he was going to get his life back, and it’s clear that he has.” Hayward was removed from leadership after saying that he wanted his life back in a TV interview on May 30.

Obama said he was “looking for some ass to kick” over the Gulf spill crisis less than a week after taking time off to enjoy a concert with Paul McCartney and a mish-mash of American musicians, including the Jonas Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Jack White, former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl and a host of others. Obama graced McCartney with the Library of Congress’ Gershwin Award for his contributions to American music and culture. Posted on the White House website was this video, part of a broadcast to be put out in late July:


At least Obama was thinking of the Gulf Coast when he took time off for this shindig. I wonder if he was thinking of the Gulf Coast disaster any of the MANY times he’s gone to play golf. Or basketball. Or to see a baseball game while Hayward was at the aforementioned yacht race (it was the Chicago White Sox against the Washington DC Nationals, in case you were wondering).

The hypocrisy flowing so freely from the White House right now is absolutely breathtaking. Hayward hasn’t taken a single break from his duties to do something non-work related, yet while the Big O has done interviews and junkets several times, he’s done nothing…except play golf. The explosion occurred on April 20; It has now been more than two months, and we’re still hoping for a conclusion. He’s talked about plugging the hole, but what did he do to contain the oil from the beginning? Nothing. If you look at the reports to Democrat constituents, offers of assistance from other countries were accepted rapidly after being received; this is not so. Three days after the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon, the Netherlands was the first country to begin offering help. If you believe the politicians trying to placate voters, the Obama administration accepted that help in “early May.”

It is a patent lie. Not until May 23, ONE MONTH AFTER THE INITIAL OFFER WAS MADE, does the US State Department admit to accepting oil skimming vessels from the Netherlands. Those ships have not been put to use yet, though; the way they work and the foreign crews trained to operate them are the big issue. The Jones Act forbids the use of foreign workers as opposed to American union workers in US waters, and despite the unions saying repeatedly that they don’t want the Jones Act to become an issue, it already has. The other problem is that the EPA has rules regarding how cleanup can occur. Those rules forbid water previously tainted by oil from being sprayed back into the ocean. This creates a whole new problem because the skimmers are built to collect oily water, separate the oil and put the clean water back. The EPA won’t back down.

Thus far, offers from only five countries have been accepted. Offers from more than twenty others are still listed as being “under consideration.”

Considering the fact that Obama told Senator John Kyl and others that he was essentially holding border security hostage in return for immigration reform, this shouldn’t surprise us. He’s already begun to push cap-and-trade. Now we’ve got Democrats saying, “SEE?!? Drilling for oil is too dangerous!” Aaaaand, there’s another little factoid being conveniently ignored by liberals and the MSM.

Obama and BP have worked together on pushing cap-and-trade legislation, as well as other legislation – including green jobs, climate change, and strong EPA rights. Why would BP hamstring themselves so blatantly? Well, they’re not…they’re benefiting already. Such legislation offers handsome subsidies to companies that go from selling fossil fuels to helping in the effort to “save the planet”. Those companies aren’t being stiffed. They’re being bought off.

Deep-water oil drilling was always dangerous because there is no craft that can help humans survive at the depths they’re drilling. The oil companies are only out there because environmental activists have insisted on refusing to allow them to drill closer to shore. They were afraid of a spill like this. Unfortunately, this spill has proved to be most difficult for the simple fact that people can’t get to it – they have to send robots. Drilling in ANWR wouldn’t present nearly the same challenge as that region is ON LAND. The current Gulf disaster is a monster of our own making, and our President is too busy singing “Hey, Jude” with some of the biggest superstars in the world to actually do something about it.

Oh, and lest I forget…it’s not just Republicans who are cozy with big oil. Democrat John Kerry owns quite a bit of stock in oil companies, including BP. His wife owns millions of dollars in oil stock separately. People who live in glass houses…

So Much For LOWERING Taxes!

After all the hubbub and noise about Obama cutting taxes for the working class, Obama and his Democrat hordes are trying to deal us a one-two punch that we’d never recover from if they passed. “Oh, but he only raised taxes for the wealthy–we’re getting an extra $13 a week! He’s cutting taxes for us! He’s the new Robin Hood!”

Oh, gag me.

First of all, his proposal for universal healthcare would raise taxes on EVERYBODY. Not just the wealthy. Working-class folks like Philip, Steve and I would all be taxed for the benefits that our employers give us. Private healthcare would be taxed out of existence. Contrary to popular belief, that’s not competition. Wal-Mart may drive their competition out of business with low prices, but they don’t have the power to tax their competitors out of the market. The government does. That isn’t competition, it’s called abuse of power, and it’s wrong no matter which way you look at it. Somehow, some way government healthcare would need to be paid for, and it would be done through taxes.

Second–and Philip brought this up a couple of days ago–CAP AND TRADE. Oh, my God, we’re going to tax ourselves into destitution with cap and trade, and we’re smiling as we do it. Here’s the basics about this farce: it’s better known as Waxman-Markey or HR 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act. It might sound good on the surface, but all bills typically do. They’re intended to do good. But we all know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and this bill would take us straight to hell in a handbasket. You know all those special interests and earmarks that we’re all so upset about? They’re up to their eyeballs in Waxman-Markey, and average American Joes like you and I would pay through the teeth for this ridiculous bill if it passes the Senate. Energy rationing would become more of a reality than it was during WWII.

The idea behind Waxman-Markey is to provide a way to create so-called “clean energy” for use by Americans. The way to it, however, would cost us everything we have. It would require greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced by 83% by 2050, a feat that every expert on the subject admits is herculean. That’s the tip of the iceberg. All the massive energy companies have sold out, seeming to lend credibility to the push for clean energy, making Democrats look at them in awe and say, “oh, how brave–you’re giving up your profits to save the planet!” But there’s more to that, too. No CEO in his right mind would throw his company’s support behind a bill that would cut their legs out from under them without some kind of compensation for their troubles. Their compensation is a full 85% of the rationing coupons, and the CEO’s even admitted in hearings over Waxman-Markey that they’d refuse to support the bill if they weren’t getting such a high number of those rationing coupons.

Recently, emails were revealed from the EPA that showed the reality of global warming and how we need to “save the planet.” In reality, temperatures stopped rising nearly ten years ago. The liberal brown-nosers at the EPA shut down one employee’s research on the subject when that employee revealed just how futile our efforts would be if we passed this sort of legislation. Their argument? “This employee is not a scientist.” Good God almighty–neither were 98% of the nitwits who signed Al Gore’s petition to stop global warming, but how many people took that crap seriously?!? The employee involved is Alan Carlin, and the director of the EPA was caught with his pants down when he said in an email that Carlin’s work would “hurt the office” and that they’d already decided to go forward with “endangerment funding.”

Translation? We don’t care about the fact that there’s evidence that we’re wrong–we want this, and we’re going to ram it down your throats any which way we can.

Cap and trade would result in the loss of millions of jobs, fuel and energy rationing, and only the very wealthy being able to afford their vehicles. Democrats blocked Republican amendments that would have suspended Waxman-Markey in the case of $5-a-gallon gasoline or 15% unemployment rates. Far from reducing our dependence on foreign oil, this bill would lead stateside fuel refineries to import even more in an effort to keep their product affordable for us so they could turn a profit. By 2035, my niece’s family would be paying upwards of $20,000 annually in combined energy usage. The cost of EVERYTHING would go up to balance it out, because businesses will be paying the higher energy costs, too. All that outsourcing of jobs that we’re so pissed about? Guess what? That’ll get worse, too, because it’ll be that much cheaper to hire someone in China or India to do some of our jobs because those countries have sworn they’d never do anything as remarkably stupid as Waxman-Markey.

Everything–farming, manufacturing, retail, EVERYTHING–would be taxed to the brink of destruction by cap and trade. Between lost revenue here at home and losses in the GNP, it would cost us nearly nine-and-a-half trillion dollars. Oh, and low-income families would be hit hardest by the hardships imposed by this legislation.

So much for lowering taxes!

Cap and Trade Sham Passes

I was watching CSPAN today and listening to talk radio.  The House passed the massive energy tax this afternoon by a vote of 219-212.  It is euphemistically known as “Cap and Trade.”  CBO estimates show that this legislation will result in 2 million job losses per year [Correction: The CBO failed to analyze the total economic impact of this legislation on the US economy and, in fact, underestimated the impact.  CBO admissions of job losses led to an outlay in the legislation providing billions of dollars for workers who would lose their jobs under this bill. The studies and statistics on job losses were provided by other sources. An upcoming post will present these studies] Additionally, it is expected to drive up energy bills to the residential consumer by 90%.   And it’s all based on alarmism intiated by false science concerning “global warming.” 

I will speak more on this subject in the coming days, but I wanted to focus on the vote.  There were 42 Democrats who sided with the GOP in an attempt to defeat this bill.  Before you get all giddy – realize that a few of those included leftist nuts like Dennis Kucinich who felt that the bill didn’t go far enough.  Mostly, though, the Democrats were conservatives or Dems in unsafe House seats who heard the message from their constituents loud and clear.  Apparently, the House switchboard melted down with people calling in to voice their displeasure over this legislative piece of crap.  The overwhelming number of calls were reported to be in opposition to this irresponsible sham.

On the other side, 8 “Republicans” sided with the Democrats on this legislation – thus providing them with the necessary margin need for victory.  I will list their names and phone numbers below.  I was listening to Mark Levin while the vote was going on.  He had Reps. John Shadegg (AZ), Mike Pence (IN), Eric Cantor (VA) and John Boehner(OH) on the radio during that time.  Cantor (minority whip) and Boehner (minority leader) both came on after the final vote was counted.  Levin pressed them on the 8 GOP traitors.  Cantor was diplomatic but did note that people would respond via the ballot box.  Boehner, surprisingly, was more incredulous and almost promised that those 8 defectors would hear about what they had done.  The minority leader was as pumped and determined as I have ever heard them.  I was really proud of his response.

This measure will go to the Senate now.  Boehner feels that this legislation will not become law.  But we don’t need to rest on his reassurances.  If more celebrities die shortly before the Senate vote, I might buy into some sort of conspiracy theory.  I’m not sure that Americans were focused on the 1200-page monstrocity and its repercussions.  And this 1200 page bill only merited 3 hours of debate in the House.  A 300-page amendment was introduced at 3:09 am this morning.  I can assure you, that the Senate will operate under the full glare of American voters when their time comes to vote on this. At least they will have time to read it before they cast a vote.

In the meantime, here are the names and office numbers of the 8 RINOs who voted for this garbage.  Our campaign against their reelection begins today.  Feel free to call and express your feelings – especially if you are in their district.  In the coming months – as the primaries ramp up – I will be coming back to these people and feature their opponents.  And I can almost guarantee you that each one will face primary opposition. 

Mary Bono Mack (CA – 45th)  202-225-5330

Michael Castle (DE – at large) note:  Castle is thinking about the Senate race.  I’ll be there for him too.  202-225-4165

Mark Kirk (IL – 10th)  202-225-4835

Leonard Lance (NJ – 10th)  202-225-5361

Frank LoBiondo (NJ – 2nd)  202-225-6572

John McHugh (NY – 23rd)  202-225-4611

David Reichert (WA – 8th)  202-225-7761

Chris Smith (NJ – 4th)  This one saddens me.  But he is toast now.  202-225-3765

Anyone see any pattern above?  Same ole, same ole.