The “Lies” of Fox News

Whenever I get into a “debate” with a liberal (I use the term lightly, considering the fact that it is usually comprised of someone spewing personal invectives at me for admitting that I’m conservative), I could practically set my watch by their claims that I am a mindless drone for Fox News. “Turn of Fox,” they say, “and learn to think for yourself!”

Didn’t you know? FOX LIES!!! Now learn to be more tolerant, you idiot!

It’s funny when they say that, because it is their go-to accusation whenever you say something that they can’t come up with a decent response to. I have asked multiple times for all of them to give me evidence that Fox actually lies. None of them have even attempted it. They always tell me, “if you can’t see it, then you’re hopeless!” Apparently being able to prove one’s claims is no longer important. Finally, though, after pointing out many of the lies from MSNBC, a liberal actually gave me something I could respond to.

I just picked my head up off of my desk. Yes, it’s that bad.

The first link that the liberal in question gave me was for The article is titled, “12 Most Despicable Things Fox News Did In 2012.”

“Romancing Petraeus: Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Tries to Recruit for the GOP.” The claim is made that Ailes sent a Fox News defense analyst to try to persuade Petraeus to run. Actually, WaPo’s Bob Woodward reported that Ailes sent a personal request – likely in writing – to ask Petraeus to consider it. Ailes didn’t send Kathleen McFarland to talk Petraeus into running in 2012, she was sent by her producers to interview Petraeus about the war in Afghanistan. She was about to ask him if there was anything he felt the media could do to help the troops, and he jokingly made reference to a personal remark that Ailes had made. Petraeus said, “I’m not running.” That was it. It’s not a lie, nor is it Fox News “exploiting its power and wealth to manipulate political outcomes.” To claim such is a lie in and of itself.

“Fox News Produces Its Own Anti-Obama Video.” It’s not anti-Obama…it’s a commentary on how things have changed since Obama rode into the White House on a unicorn promising to change everything. If you’ll recall, Obama promised to cut the deficit in half in his first year in office. Not only did he miserably fail, he only made the deficit AND the debt far worse. The writer links Newscorpse, which in turn links Media Matters. MM only answers three of the many points made in the video, and their entire response is, “it’s all Bush’s fault!” Obama has been in office for four years by the time this is all being written, but it’s still Bush’s fault. Oh…and where did MM get their supposed “proof”? From The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a group helmed by uber-liberal Robert Greenstein, a former financial advisor for Democrat presidents Carter and Clinton.

“Fox News: How Much Rape Is Too Much?” Dear Lord. Seriously? The oft-slammed remarks from Liz Trotta are, again, paraded out as evidence of Fox being a group of hatemongers. What the writer never mentions is that the segment’s host, Eric Shaw, openly disagreed with Trotta – as has pretty much every host on Fox she’s been on with. Fox is hardly the only network to ever invite a contributor on who has made incendiary remarks. Hell, MSNBC has multiple hosts that do that on a routine basis. Keith Olbermann used the Nazi salute and refused to apologize even after the Anti-Defamation league stepped in, Lawrence O’Donnell challenged one of Mitt Romney’s sons to a fistfight, and Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut”. Ed Schultz also deliberately edited an audio of Texas governor Rick Perry, cutting it off at a certain point to make it sound like Perry was referring to President Obama as “a black cloud that hangs over America.” At least Fox hosts have no problem calling out other right-wingers when they’re wrong. Olbermann had Jeneane Garofalo on his show multiple times and guffawed loudly when she called all conservatives racists.

“Fox News Conning Latinos for Politics and Profit.” Oh, horsefeathers. Fox News has its own Latino site. Yes, Fox reports on illegal immigration – because no other news network will. When was the last time you saw MSNBC or CNN report on the criminals pouring across our Southern border?

(BTW, I had to link Michelle Malkin for most of the stories on illegal aliens who commit rape and murder because most of the media – Fox included – ignores the fact that some of these brutal criminals are illegals. Mrs. Malkin has done an incredible job of reporting some of these stories and she continuously takes a great deal of hate for it.)

“Fox Lies About Military Access to Voting in Ohio.” Actually, they weren’t lying. Absentee voting laws actually began during the Civil War as a way to make sure that the troops were guaranteed the ability to vote. To be sure, absentee voting was only upheld by six states after the Civil War ended, but that doesn’t mean that the military doesn’t have the right to vote – and since much of our military is still caught up in a war, it’s only fair that their special circumstances grant special rights to make sure that their votes are counted. As it was, thousands of ballots in the last election were lost or destroyed between Afghanistan and the US. Convenient, isn’t it?

“Graphic Evidence of the Racism of Fox News: Racial Photoshopping.” This is an egregious lie, one I’m tired of having to answer. Every liberal in America seems content to accuse us of racism when we refuse to agree with them. In this accusation, they claim that a photo of Trayvon Martin was “obviously darkened” to make it look more “ominous.” Click here for the graphic in question. The photo actually came from another publication, and it is actually Newscorpse that makes the outrageous claim that some kind of “racial photoshopping” was carried out to make Trayvon look more dangerous somehow. Then, it’s claimed that Fox changed the graphic to make it look less damning – actually, they changed the entire headline. The first headline stated that charges were to be filed. The second stated that Zimmerman was actually in custody following the filing of charges. It’s all racism, though!

“The Polling Schizophrenia at Fox News.” First of all, schizophrenia is a mental disorder involving delusions and paranoia – not lying. The sub-title just sounds insultingly stupid. Second, the Salon writer (again) links Newscorpse, which claims that Fox ignores its own polls and refuses to report on them…by linking a report by Fox News showing that Obama had gained a lead in a poll. Wow. I’m speechless.

“Fox News Psycho Analyst: Newt Gingrich’s Adultery Means A Stronger America.” Here the Salon writer lambasts Psychologist Dr. Keith Ablow (now notorious for suggesting the possibility that Casey Anthony really didn’t do it) for saying that Obama is “contemptuous of the judiciary” (he is) and “devoid of all emotion” (when was the last time he showed any emotion other than anger?). Nobody had any problem with Dr. Martha Stout constantly referencing George W. Bush in her book “The Sociopath Next Door” and declaring him to be an absolute monster, but they’re going to tear down Dr. Ablow for stating the blatantly obvious? Plus, they’re going to mock Dr. Ablow’s forgiveness of Gingrich’s indiscretions when they weren’t even willing to hold Bill Clinton’s feet to the fire after he was accused by more than one woman of rape? Puh-leeze.

“Fox News Airs Hour-Long Commercial for Anti-Obama Film on Hannity.” First the Salon writer (who is still only quoting Newscorpse) crows about “The Undefeated” being a “flop” at the box office. Then he bemoans Hannity pushing the documentary “The Hope & The Change”, as if doing so was immoral. The Newscorpse writer he links then goes on to say, “Hannity didn’t reveal what other documentaries he’s seen, but it’s fair to guess that his second favorite would be “Triumph of the Will,” Hitler’s propaganda film directed by Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl.” Really? We’re calling Fox a network of liars over this? Moving along…

“Fox News ‘Democrat’ Kirsten Powers Accuses Obama of Sympathizing With Terrorists.” The implication here by the Salon writer is that Powers can’t possibly be an actual Democrat if she disagrees with something President Obama has done! This is the SAME organization that proudly posted a “Republican Women for Obama” video in the last post that was linked. Powers wrote an op-ed for in which she blasted the President and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for their comments against the video that was accused of starting the attack on our embassy in Benghazi. We have since uncovered (no thanks to Fox News and others who have refused to let it go) that the video, “Innocence of Muslims”, had nothing to do with the attack. It was premeditated by multiple jihadist organizations well in advance, and there were multiple warnings that it was coming. Both President Obama and Secretary Clinton were swift to righteously condemn the video, but said nothing against the terrorists who plotted and carried out the attack. It was refreshing to hear a Democrat admit that her side was being cowardly in refusing to respond to the attack.

“Fox News Spinning Furiously On Unemployment Rate.” The spin here appears to be a headline questioning the report in 2012 that the unemployment rate dropped from 8.1 to 7.8. Never mind the fact that they’re reporters and their job is to question the official story. Never mind the fact that unemployment is actually dropping in some cases because some folks have been out of work for so long that they’re just giving up – no employer wants to hire someone with an extensive gap in their employment history, and some people have been out of work for so long that they’re dropping out of the workforce altogether. There’s a lot that plays into the unemployment numbers, and trying to simplify it into “something GOOD is happening under Obama!” is irresponsible at best.

And, the kicker…

“Fox Opposes Ban on Assault Weapons But Imposes Ban on Talking About It.” Okay…let’s get something straight for the umpteen jillionth time: the First Amendment is meant to protect you from the government, not from private entities. Even if you could prove that Fox had instituted a ban on talking about assault weapon bans, trying to say that Fox is “slaughtering the First Amendment” by refusing to allow guests to talk about it is every bit as silly as conservatives who accuse MSNBC of somehow abridging our First Amendment rights. I will tell you what I tell them…you have the same right that the other guys have. You just need to exercise it. That said, Fox has instituted no such ban on discussing proposed revivals of the Clinton-era assault weapons ban. David Clark, one of the executive producers, instituted a temporary ban on discussing gun control policy for a short time because he felt it was too soon after the Newtown tragedy to talk about such a charged political issue. The ban was lifted not too long afterwards and there have since been quite a few discussions on FNC and about gun control and assault weapons bans.

The author of this article is Mark Howard, who appears to have written the multiple Newscorpse articles that are literally the only thing linked. It’s remarkable that Salon would allow this kind of hit piece to appear on its pages. What is more remarkable is that there are liberals out there trying to point to this tripe when they claim that they have proof that Fox News does nothing but lie. It seems more like liberals are obsessed with Fox, so much so that they’re willing to pass anything off as proof – even if it’s a lie.

Next up: George Soros, Media Matters, and the war against Fox News.

A Prank…Or A Hack On Fox News?

Click on this link to a Fox News internet story. You don’t have to read the story; just click on the very first link, the one with “California Academy of Sciences” highlighted in blue, and tell me what you think.

It takes you straight to the page selling the Confederate flag with “REDNECK” painted across it.

Either someone on the web team at Fox News was playing a dirty prank, or a Fox hater hacked the site. I’m guessing that Fox is pretty diligent about making sure nobody defaces their website and likely have another anti-conservative insider working for them.

I have screen grabs in case anyone needs to ask.

The Lies of the Fox Mole

In just a few days, Gawker’s “Fox Mole” has been outed as O’Reilly associate producer Joe Muto. He apparently began working for O’Reilly in 2004 with the express purpose to “get hired, keep my head down and my views to myself, work for a few months, build my resume…” Whether his original purpose was to act as a mole isn’t answered in his first dispatch, posted just a few days ago. The title begins with “Announcing Our Newest Hire”, so chances are he wasn’t in any kind of deal with Gawker. The supposed three-part series is impossible to follow as Gawker doesn’t have one launching point for all three where they’re labeled appropriately; you really kinda have to take a shot in the dark and hope you’re getting the right one if you’re interested in reading them in order.

What he says in his posts, however, is breathtakingly offensive to every conservative on the planet. I’m pretty sure some of his misinformation is deliberate.

First, he claims to be blacklisted because he works at Fox News. If that’s the case, then how did Fox personality Rita Cosby get picked up so quickly by MSNBC in 2005? I find it very hard to believe that other networks refused to pick him up because he worked for Fox.

Second, he refers to Fox Nation – the blog arm of the network where hosts and producers can talk about the news with viewers and readers – as “an unholy mashup of the Drudge Report, the Huffington Post and a Klan meeting.” His whole point is based on a single article called “Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ Didn’t Create Jobs.” He says, in caps, “HOLY MOLY THESE PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE THE BLACK PRESIDENT.”

Excuse me? Oh, yes – he really did say that. His claims point to odd commenters who used the n-word when referring to President Obama (I have only twice seen anyone use the n-word when referring to the President on Fox Nation, and those people are soundly rebuked by everyone else in short order – something you won’t see on those articles now because Fox routinely shuts down comments on an article once it reaches a certain age). Muto also points to commenters who refer to Obama as “the Muslim president”, something I have said before – it’s not a racist thing. The man has “slipped” before and referred to it as “my Muslim faith.” We’re not lying when we call him that, nor are we being racists. I would think people would get the message when Obama shelled out one and a half billion for the Muslim Brotherhood, but apparently that has gone completely unnoticed.

What’s more, Muto doesn’t link the actual articles. What he links to are the reports from uber-hard-left groups such as Huffington Post, Media Matters and Think Progress. That, in and of itself, should be very telling.

He goes on to provide unseen footage of Mitt Romney and Sean Hannity talking off-air about riding horses – particularly the kind of horses he likes as opposed to his wife. He then has the nerve to compare Romney enjoying horseback riding to Obama playing golf. Hold on just a minute, sparky…Obama goes out to play golf when he SHOULD be running the country. He does it with astonishing frequency. He also goes on “date nights” that include taking a carbon-belching jet to New York to do things that only the very wealthy can afford to do all while telling the rest of us that we need to “tighten our belts”. Exactly who do you think you’re fooling?

Then he really gets under my skin. He mocks Romney’s proper pronunciation of a particular breed of horse – a dressage horse known as an Austrian Warmblood – by saying, “to GOP-voter ears it sounds not only gay, but even worse, French.”

You arrogant little shit.

There are about three or four hundred conservatives I personally know who got pissed about that remark. Every single one of them knows I’m a lesbian, and they think it’s fantastic that I’m both gay and politically conservative. Many of them actually support gay marriage rights despite what morons like you would have the whole world believe. They don’t wish me dead, they don’t want to see me thrown in jail under any re-hashed sodomy law; they wish me all the happiness in the world. Every one of them was just as deeply insulted by your crass remark as I was. We are all continually insulted by the continuing claims that we are all racists who dislike the President because he’s black. I guess you missed the many messages of overwhelming support for Allen West to run. Either you missed them or you deliberately ignored them.

You are just another mouthpiece for the Soros-funded left-wing extremism that permeates our culture like a noxious fume. You’ll decry dangerous rhetoric even as you spit it out like a trained parrot. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

Steve’s Latest AT Article (and what I’ve been up to)

As election-2012 begins to unravel and as my work schedule begins to finally let me out of my shackles, I look forward to jumping back in.

I want to thank Mel for her brilliance and her continuing to share her thoughts with us.  If it weren’t for her, I’d be cleaning out cob webs.

Aside from participating in my usual political banter, I have actually gotten involved with O4P (Organize 4 Palin).  I’ve been working with the good folks on various projects such as making calls to various voters, speaking with voters at a summer county fair, and attending the Palin rally in Indianola, Iowa last month to help sign up more O4P volunteers.  As my commitment with this wonderful grassroots organization begins to deepen (considering we’re still waiting for an announcement), I look forward to continuing to balance my blogging life with work and volunteering.

To kick things off, here is my latest article published over at American Thinker:

Sarah Palin Goes after Fox News

Also picked up at Conservatives4Palin.

Is Sarah Palin preparing to declare her candidacy for president?  In what is sure to cause a lot of speculation, she has taken the opportunity in her last two interviews on Fox News to go after some of that network’s tactics and contributors.

Palin expressed major displeasure at what she called a “quasi-reality-show” media game of building up candidates in order to tear them down.

Among her examples, Sarah Palin cited the popularity Michele Bachmann experienced with the media immediately after winning the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa.  Bachmann is now down significantly in all the polls, especially since Rick Perry has jumped into the race.

After enjoying a few weeks at the top, Rick Perry’s frontrunner status is now threatened by the media, who is now paying more attention to Herman Cain after he won the straw poll in Florida.

Palin’s logical position seems to align with the GOP grassroots, who are left scratching their heads wondering why it should take one singular event to get the media to pay more attention to a candidate.  We should be relying on the media to focus on all candidates equally so we can assess the records and positions of each one fairly.

Speaking with Greta Van Susteren earlier this week, Palin remarked on Herman Cain.  She spoke about how his words and his experience as a working American resonated with the grassroots.  She then went on to suggest that it took the straw poll in Florida to make him “flavor of the week” for the media, when in reality it was his qualities as an American which made him appealing to voters.

As usual, the media chose to pick up on one line of Palin’s commentary — i.e., the suggestion that Herman Cain was “flavor of the week.”  As a result, various newspaper articles and major media outlets began reporting her context inaccurately.

Later in her interview with Greta Van Susteren, Palin showed dismay at Fox for cherry-picking a few polls which placed her toward the bottom of the GOP’s list.  On CNN a couple of days before, a McClatchy Poll was reported which actually showed Palin beating Obama 47-43 among independents.

Fox News contributor Juan Williams remarked that Sarah Palin made a “nasty” comment.  Williams made the statement on Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch Thursday, right before Palin was scheduled to appear.

In Palin’s subsequent discussion with Napolitano, she said, “I think it’s nasty when a colleague [Williams] takes a shot when they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Palin’s complaints on Fox News come after a few other Palin-naysayer moments on the network.  Recently, Bill O’Reilly continued to cite one poll which stated that the majority of Tea Partiers do not want Palin to run for president.  Meanwhile, Sarah Palin continues to draw the largest crowds at Tea Party events, as she did in Indianola, Iowa just a few short weeks ago.

In addition to O’Reilly, frequent Fox News commentators and guests like Dick Morris and Ann Coulter have continued not only to downplay Sarah Palin’s chances as a potential candidate, but also to insult her supporters, since they are awaiting Palin’s decision before they choose to support anyone else.

Of course, Ann Coulter’s undying obsession with Chris Christie is questionable, considering that Christie has stated more than a dozen times that he is absolutely not interested in running for president.   We could also remind Dick Morris that his predictions hardly ever turn out to be accurate.  How did that Hillary vs. Condi thing work out for him in 2008?

Considering the track record of many of these commentators, it certainly is easy to understand Palin’s point about the “quasi-reality show” they are attempting to create and steer through 2012.  It can also explain why so many of us are waiting for her to shake that up, just as she shook up those “corrupt bastards” in Alaska.

Now, if Palin chooses to suspend (or even terminate) her contract with Fox News, it could well signal her intention to run for president.  And that’s exactly what a lot of people are waiting for.

Graves for the Living

Here in the States, the scandal over News of the World was little-noticed until recently. British tabloids (that’s what their media is over there – think every newspaper looking like the National Enquirer) have gone back and forth with the story until last month, when it was revealed that the little phone-hacking problem was actually a big phone-hacking problem. News of the World issued its last paper on July 10, this past Sunday. The hysteria as spread across the pond to liberals right here in the US.

What’s the big to-do? Well, News of the World was owned by News Corp. That’s the company run by media magnate Rupert Murdoch. It includes Fox News, well-known to be like garlic crosses dipped in holy water to liberals.

British tabloids have gone for blood this time. The Mirror, which lambasted Americans after the 2004 elections, described Murdoch’s company as “crumbling”, going on to accuse reporters involved in the scandal of targeting British victims of 9/11. This is the portion of the article that all of the US politicians are getting upset about:

“But he flew straight into another storm as it was claimed 9/11 victims may have had their mobiles tapped by News of the World reporters. And there was more bad news when it was revealed nine reporters ­allegedly at the centre of the phone scandal and claims of police corruption could face jail, along with three officers.

After he spent time at News International’s Wapping HQ in East London, 80-year-old Mr Murdoch held crisis talks with Mrs Brooks, 43 – who denies any knowledge of the Milly phone tapping – at his home in Mayfair.

The pair chatted behind closed doors as a former New York cop made the 9/11 hacking claim. He alleged he was contacted by News of the World journalists who said they would pay him to retrieve the private phone records of the dead.

Now working as a private ­investigator, the ex-officer claimed reporters wanted the victim’s phone numbers and details of the calls they had made and received in the days leading up to the atrocity.

A source said: ‘This investigator is used by a lot of journalists in America and he recently told me that he was asked to hack into the 9/11 victims’ private phone data. He said that the journalists asked him to access records showing the calls that had been made to and from the mobile phones belonging to the victims and their ­relatives.

‘His presumption was that they wanted the information so they could hack into the ­relevant voicemails, just like it has been shown they have done in the UK. The PI said he had to turn the job down. He knew how insensitive such research would be, and how bad it would look.'”

When even a normally liberal blogger at TIME Magazine calls this stupidity out, you know something’s wrong. The blogger pointed out something that I thought of as I read the article, too – namely that the source is unidentified, that source purports to be an acquaintance of the person he claims made the allegation, and the investigator supposedly said that he decided against taking the job because he feared they wanted to hack emails as they had done in the UK. The problem with that last part? Nobody could have known that was going on back when the incident is supposed to have occurred.

Democrats Barbara Boxer (CA), Frank Lautenberg (NJ), Jay Rockefeller (WV), and Louise Slaughter (NY), along with idiotic Republican Peter King (NY) have all called for SEC and FBI inquiries into the claim that NOTW tried to hack the phones of 9/11 victims. This whole episode is beginning to stink. In fact, I daresay I’ve met decaying human bodies that were less offensive.

Having a criminal charge to bring against the CEO of News Corp, and ultimately a way to topple Fox News, is every Democrat’s wet dream. We might wanna get these guys a few drool buckets. They are salivating over the idea that they might well have a reason to shutter the only news organization that openly questions their motives and policies.

The problem is that there is no hard evidence to begin an investigation with. Not a shred. The only thing everyone is going on is some nameless, faceless cad claiming to know a guy who was supposedly contacted by a guy at the very newspaper that just went down in flames over the illegal activities of a handful of people.

Look at the facts of the original case. In a newsroom of 150-200 people, only seven were believed to have been involved at all, and two may not have actually known what was going on. One person was hired as a private investigator, and HE was the person who bribed three British police officers for information that he could hack crime victims’ voice mails with. Those involved deserve to go to prison for what they did. But does evidence that a handful of reporters, one private investigator and three crooked cops in another country committed crimes against victims mean that it’s happening here?

You’d think that if these people really wanted to bring down Fox, they’d be a little wiser about it. By doing it this way they are telegraphing their motives to everybody. It is perfectly clear exactly what they’re doing, and it’s absolutely nauseating. They’re digging graves and dancing at the proverbial wakes of people who are still alive. I sincerely doubt we’ll hear anything from the Big O. They’re all hoping this comes out the way they want it to.

My Thoughts on the Sherrod Controversy

Man oh man, the media is eating this up now.  While the public seems to be placing blame where it is due the most in this case — obviously with the White House — I feel emphasis coming from most in the MSM in disparaging Andrew Breitbart and Fox News.

I don’t have an exact re-cap of all the events leading up to the first mention of it on Fox.  I am currently looking into that because of all the accounts I keep hearing on Fox and throughout the day on talk radio, Fox had not even mentioned it until AFTER the White House got word of it and persuaded her to resign by warning her about the big scary Fox and Glenn Beck which was headed her way.

I cannot prove anything but something stinks here. 

Yes, Breitbart, Fox, The White House, all owe an apology to Sherrod.  However; Ann Coulter mentioned on Hannity last night that she believed Breitbart was “set up.”  I agree.  However; it still does not excuse Breitbart (whom I adore and shall remain a loyalist to from failing to doublecheck the entirety of the speech.

Still, I find it a little odd that in the same week the NAACP passes a ridiculous resolution against the “racist elements” of the Tea Party with specificity (I am still waiting for their resolution against Harry Reid), a mysterious videotape appears.

How about this?  Someone from the other side pieces this together and sends it to Breitbart.  He plays it, Sherrod gets fired because afterall, this administration never investigates anything before rendering opinion  (like the AZ immigration law and Obama saying the Cambridge police acted “stupidly”), the truth then comes out and Sherrod gets to attack Brietbart and Fox for a couple of weeks.

I wouldn’t mention it — because I truly hate conspiracy theories — but it is odd that Fox has been a target of the administration from the get-go and the three major networks have all lost millions of viewers within the last year alone while Fox continues to grow and THIS surfaces months before a midterm election.

In the end, we know the Obama administration acts “stupidly” all the time with rushing to judgment.  But unfortunately, with the rest of the media in his corner, Fox will get the biggest beating over this.

It’s just a theory.  However; I feel it in my bones that we have not heard the end of this and there is indeed one more person out there to surface.

Is the World’s “Fever” Really Breaking?

Pre-conference e-mail-attack threatens climate change agenda.


But shortly before his announcement, hackers broke into the servers at the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in Great Britain and posted e-mails in which scientists dismissed climate change skeptics, expressed concern about the lack of evidence to prove the threat of global warming and even made one reference to a plan to “hide the decline” in temperatures. 

My Day With Sarah Palin (Dedicated to AirForceWife)

Have you ever wondered what Heaven was going to look like?  I have, and I think I got a little preview Thursday when I went to Sarah Palin’s book signing in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  (In the following video, you will see me at 0:26 looking horrible as my friend, Veronica, a liberal – laid exhausted at my side).


The signing was from noon until 3pm.  We needed to be there, with our books – by 10am to obtain a wristband.  Since this was Palin’s second stop from her kick-off in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we were sure to watch the news on Wednesday; during the day, to get an idea of how early to arrive.  Boy, I am sure glad we did because Grand Rapids was quite a crazy event.  In fact, folks who could not get to see her in Grand Rapids due to crowd issues, took a chance and left out Wednesday night to get to Fort Wayne, Indiana in plenty of time.

A few days ago, a filling came loose in a tooth of mine.  Therefore; I was in quite a bit of pain.  I had planned on attending the book signing with one friend.  It was so annoying that I almost decided to stay home.  But as the pain grew, so did my desire to put it aside and place mind over matter when seeing that this was my opportunity to meet someone so incredible.  So without a lick of sleep; Wednesday night, I met Veronica in Indiana (my home is located in Illinois just on the border). 

Veronica is one of my best friends.  She voted for Obama and was apprehensive about meeting Sarah Palin.  Nonetheless, we’ve had eachothers’ backs through a lot more than this, so she happily agreed to the three-hour road trip getting no sleep as well.

We arrived at Meijer in Fort Wayne, Indiana at approximately 3AM.  It’s a large store popular in the midwest.  Thank God it’s opened 24 hours because her and I brought blankets and pillows to camp out in “Karen” (my Lexus) with the heated seats to keep our bums from freezing.  With luck, we went into the store and the folks in Fort Wayne were so nice…they allowed us to bring our pillows and blankets inside and to join the already multiple crowded aisles of folks who had been there since 9pm Wednesday night.

We then settled in “our aisle” and quickly noticed the vast crowding of folks outside.  (We apparently got there just in time to get a final indoor waiting spot).  People didn’t care.  They brought blankets, coats, and even though we were all deathly tired, people kept smiling and chanting for “Sarah!”  In some cases, people from the inside would temporarily switch places with someone from outside to allow small children to warm up, etc.

As I sat in the aisle (pictured below) among other people, a news reporter (who is also responsible for these images) approached me and talked with me about Palin and why we drove from Chicago to meet her.  As a result I was quoted in her article covering the event.

Nearby, Stephen Flesher from Chicago leafs through the book as well.
“I think Sarah is very cool. She knows how to bring a lot of good people together. I think she is inspirational,” he said.

Speaking of media, many correspondents were there from Fox.  Also, Norah O’Donnell from MSNBC was trolling around the crowds with her cameramen and microphones.  But, since we all knew what she was up to from the day before in Grand Rapids, we were certain to chant Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! every time she came by our aisle trying to interview interrogate folks.  Good Morning America was running around and Andrea Mitchell from Today was there as well. 

The connection we all shared was amazing.  I was thoroughly impressed with the store and its management.  We were treated free coffee and refreshments and were allowed to save spots for one another so that people could go outside and smoke, use the restroom, etc.  Out of thousands of folks who turned out, there was not one altercation or incident which confirms what I said: “Sarah brings good people together.”  People were polite, smiling, and though we were all tired, we shared stories and ideas and talked a lot about politics and government.  It truly was a nice time meeting other Palin fans in and of itself.

As Sarah Palin entered the building, everyone stood up and applauded loudly….tears streaming down faces of military wives who were holding portraits of their husbands who are overseas fighting for our country, little girls dressed up hand-in-hand with their parents, and some standing with gifts and flowers they had brought for the Governor.

Miraculously, MSNBC and Norah O’Donnell had disappeared before reporting that part of the event….the rest of the media were still there.

Palin immediately began signing books.  We were all told that she would be able to sign two books each and had 20 seconds per person.  This was not the case.  Palin insisted on asking everyone’s name, asking where they were from, shaking hands with every admirer and sending well wishes as folks left. 

…and whenever a military wife would approach, Sarah would always reach out for a hug and a kind word…

As I saw Sarah Palin hugging these various military wives, I thought of our very own AFW and noticed the raw emotion of these women.  This was their time to shine and be noticed.  They deserved it because of their selflessness they grant to us everyday.  So AFW, again, thank you for your selfless contribution to our country!

As I approached Palin myself, I grew weak in the knees.  However; Sarah made up for that with a surprisingly firm handshake and a smile.  I told her I had driven from Chicago and she asked how long it took.  I then told her I was so grateful to her for everything she’s done and how she had a lot of support in the Chicago area whether she realized it or not.  She smiled and said “thank you, that is so encouraging” and said she was amazed I had driven three hours.  She then ordered me to go get some sleep.  (I must have really looked awful! 🙂 )

No matter where Sarah Palin goes, I feel in my heart that it’s upward.  She’s brave and she speaks our language.  This day in my life was very special. I met some terrific friends and for about 10.5 hours total, I was reminded how peaceful and happy large groups of people can really be – especially when we all share a hope for something better.  I then for two seconds wondered if this is how conservatives felt when they first discovered Ronald Reagan.  Perhaps.

So, do I really think this encouraging day of mass familiarity was an indication of what Heaven is going to be like?

You betcha!

Who Needs the Truth?

Ever since election day 2000, we’ve heard nothing but “Bush stole the election!” Nobody has been able to prove this. They keep whining about Florida, and how the race was rigged, but the real truth has been stuffed down and ignored.

At 1949 Eastern Standard Time on November 7, 2000, nearly all of the major news networks–beginning with NBC–announced that the polls had closed in Florida and Gore had won the state’s 25 electoral votes. Trouble was, the Florida Panhandle was on Central time. Their polls were actually due to remain open for another hour. Thousands of voters who had not yet been able to vote didn’t go. Some were standing in line when the announcement was heard and left. With the demand for a recount, even with the military votes tossed out Bush still carried the state. He won three recounts. In the aftermath, the Supreme Court of the United States had to intervene to stop Florida voting laws from being upended. Even a Democratic strategist admitted that Bush lost no less than 10,000 votes in Panhandle precincts where the announcement caused people not to vote. The media, quick to prejudge, cost Bush votes–but he still managed to eek out a win. The AP refused to concede that Bush had won throughout the whole mess.

Later, at 0216 EST, FOX News analyst John Ellis made his network the first to announce that Bush had won the presidency. Somehow, the same MSM networks that had erroneously called the Florida election for Gore an hour too early managed to make the Bush win all Ellis’s fault. According to them, his announcement made it a psychological thing, some sort of behemoth that couldn’t be stopped (at two in the godforsaken a.m.? Please!). Why? Because Ellis was Bush’s cousin. Then, with no proof at all, the MSM accused Ellis of giving Bush confidential inside information–something that was completely illegal.

They’ve never dropped it. Not one of them has ever been able to prove the accusations against Ellis, but they refuse to let it go. A Lexis/Nexis search turns up literally hundreds of news articles about John Ellis’s role in the 2000 election…and next to none about the rest of the networks choosing to call Florida for Gore an hour before their polls closed, with less than 2% of the precinct numbers in.

Most recently, the MSM sought to sully the name of another conservative, this one far more prominent: Rush Limbaugh.

Rush has always been an object of hatred for the MSM. The liberal-controlled press, normally compassionate to liberals with drug problems, bragged about “the permanent smirk” they wore after Rush admitted to being addicted to Oxycontin in 2003. Just a couple of weeks ago Rush put in a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams (NFL). The media jumped on the announcement with both feet.

Dave Zirin, a writer for a radical rag known as The Nation (but put forth by MSNBC as a sportswriter), was the first to malign Rush over his bid. He claimed to have heard Rush say “slavery had its merits.” The same quote was used by NFL quarterback James Farrior and was posted on NBC’s website after being regurgitated by Dave Schuster. CNN joined the charge when anchorman Rick Sanchez spit out a more complete version of the quote: “…slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back. I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.”

The next day, the only mention of the quote on CNN was made by Sanchez, and he only said that Rush had denied ever saying anything like it. Nobody had offered the date, time, or an audio sample to prove its authenticity, but it was out there, and a good number of people believed it without question. Sanchez defended himself by claiming–also baselessly–that other racist quotes had been attributed to Rush and a lot of people found it offensive.

MSNBC didn’t even post Rush’s denial of the quote. They didn’t give him a second thought. David Schuster and Tamron Hall only repeated the quote and swore up and down that it was legitimate. Hall’s guest on that show, on Tuesday, October 13, was Karen Hunter–and she took the attack on Rush a step further by claiming Rush had praised James Earl Ray (Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassin) and said he deserved the medal of honor. Rachel Maddow parroted both quotes on her show. Trouble was, the only source from which the James Earl Ray quote was taken was a radically left-wing book by Jack Huberman called 101 People Who Are Really Screwing America (ripped from Bernie Goldberg’s book of the same title).

The “slavery” quote, which made it’s MSM debut with St. Louis Post-Dispatch op-ed writer Bryan Burwell, also originated with Jack Huberman. Burwell followed that bogus quote up with the following: “I know how those words play out in idiot America. They’re embraced as gospel.” The Post-Dispatch refused to back up their writer, but he wouldn’t back down. He went on to describe his article as “throwing a deck chair off the Titanic,” and made the first claim that Rush had a litany of racist remarks, thus making him unfit to own an NFL team.

When nobody–not Huberman, Burwell, Schuster, Sanchez or Hall–could come up with any proof that Rush had made any of those statements, the media spent less than 60 seconds on the idea that Rush may have been falsely accused. After that 60 seconds was up, they dropped it.

FOX has been the only network that has aired Rush’s demand that the accusations be retracted.

I don’t listen to Rush much. I really just don’t have the time. When he’s on, I’m at work, and I have more important things to do than listen to talk radio. What I do hear from him, however, I tend to agree with. And I find it stupefying that the MSM can all but try to throw a presidential election, blame it on a FOX analyst, and try to ruin a man with accusations of racism and hatemongering when all of it–ALL OF IT–is a crock of lies. I guess the quotes were just too good for anyone to do any source-checks.

Who needs the truth when we’ve got the media?

Perhaps Fox News is Responsible for Historic Poll Results?

Direct from Gallup:

“Barack Obama averaged 52.9% approval in his third quarter in office, down sharply from a 62% average in his second. That is the largest drop between those quarters for an elected president since 1953, and one of the largest quarter-to-quarter drops for any first-year president.”

Apparently, the White House understands the failing President is continuing to fail.  He isn’t just failing America, but on a political basis, he’s even failing his own nutty base.  It should be no surprise that the blame game has resulted in an enemy’s list starting with Rush Limbaugh back in January and moving on to Fox now.  Wow, less than one year. 

In brighter news, Sarah Palin is going on Oprah.  Since so much was made of Palin not being able to name one newspaper she read, perhaps she can ask Oprah which policy or accomplishment of Obama’s that she is most proud of since he’s been elected – of course other than winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  😉