Coulter Will Support Giuliani…


This is big news for me….and as such I’d like to share it.  As expected, Ann Coulter has been giving many interviews lately for her funny new book “If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans” and in a discussion with Geraldo (of all people) Coulter basically finally said she would support Giuliani if he was indeed the nominee.

 She of course gives the obvious reasons…terrorism and the fight against it.

This is very different from her interview with O’Reilly earlier in the year where she said that she would not support any pro-choice candidate. 

In the end, I do agree with her in the sense that if it’s between Giuliani and any of the front-running Democrats, of course he would be better for the country.  But I still believe we should fight as hard as we can up until.  In the small chance Hillary wins, we will have four years of Democrats luxuriating in the fact that all Republicans supported someone who was pro-choice – thus painting us as a party with no principles and a party of hypocrisy and I guarantee it will show up in elections to come.

Holy Hillary!


A poll just released today reports that seven out of 10 Americans polled believe that “it is important for a president to have strong religious beliefs.”

It also determines that the same respondents view Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton the two least religious candidates.  Mitt Romney was deemed most religious.

Of course after the primary, Hill will be working feverishly to make sure photos of her attending church are released.  But in the meantime, it looks like hanging out with the Daily Kos isn’t working too well for her in the “holy” department.

3,000 Americans and How Many Civilians? Thanks Anti-War Folks!


Take a good look at this photo.  This is what happens in wars that we win effectively and we move through like champions.  This is what happens when we ignore tree-huggers that run around claiming to love and support the troops while simultaneously waiting for them to be defeated.

Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama took potshots at the military this week.  Read the whole story at Sweetness & Light.  Obama said recently:

We’ve got to get the job done there and that requires us to have enough troops so that we’re not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians”

What an asinine thing to say!  He’s right, we do have to get the job done.  We could have gotten the job done a lot sooner had it not been for the stupid liberals (not to mention Ron Paul supporters trolling the internet) who have done everything imaginable to make excuses for terrorists and lay the blame of all of it on the USA. 

Obama does not realize apparently that concern for civlilians in a time of war is “red-flag number one”when identifying language of people who are trying to protect our enemies.  We had killed and/or captured hundreds of thousands of insurgents and members of Al-Queda.  We have captued the 9/11 Mastermind and while most us were grateful to the military for it, liberals in Congress cared more about his rights to read the Koran and whether or not he was being water-boarded.  We killed Zarqawi and we have rounded up much of Al-Queda’s top guys.

Democrats and supporters of Ron Paul say that this war miraculously gave birth to terrorists.  I say that it got the roaches out of their cracks and gave us the opportunity to drop bombs on them.

But thanks to Democrats, the MSM, and blowhards like Ron Paul, the roaches have been able to run back to their cracks and plan for more attacks as is evident of the large bombings in Iraq last weekend.

We could have cleaned up Iraq AND Afghanistan in a week if we fought this war like our brave men fought WW2 as illustrated in the picture above.  Civilians would have died, and so would have members of our troops.

But because we are unable to fight it the way we once did, more troops and civilians have died slowly over time than would have if we would have handled this the right way from day one.

If it continues this way, we will lose.  Harry Reid can be confident in his position because individuals like himself are making sure of it.  Ron Paul and his supporters and making sure of it, and with Rove leaving, something tells me Bush will be making sure of it.  Just today, General Patraeus — in response to the Al-Queda suspected bombings over the weekend — is already advocating troop cuts.

2008 is right around the corner folks.  We need a real wartime leader who isn’t going to cave-into caterwauling. 

All of our lives are at risk here.  If the way we fight this war does not change, then I will have absolutely no choice but to fully support Giuliani.  At least he will get us past this by fighting this war without much regard for civilian casualty or Democratic whining for Constitutional Rights of terrorists.

While Ron Paul supporters and liberals run around crying about their precious civil rights and bash the Patriot Act, I can somehow in my mind wish that their hysteria would materialize with a few choice amendments to the Bill.  The sad fact is folks; these people are just as dangerous to us as Al Queda is.  By supporting Ron Paul and using their freedoms to bash our President and troops in wartime, it means they have the rights to go on with their blather because of the ways we once fought wars decades ago.  But unfortunately, they are simultaneously making sure that those same freedoms will eventually crumble for all of us.

Is Al-Queda or our other enemies giving much regard for casualties of civilians?  Do they care about treating their enemies with regard to constitutional rights?

We can thank one group ultimately for the death of civilians and troops in Iraq, the Democrats and anti-war crazies!  They have allowed Al Queda to fight us harder and have blatantly stopped our troops and country from properly defending us.

The Ron Paul Madness

How much longer will we have to endure libertarians’ (liberals disguised as Republicans) endorsement of Ron Paul?  Just how much history are they aware of?

An article today was misleadingly titled: Paul Tops List of GOP CandidatesUnforunately, that is not where the absurdity ends. 

The author links Ronald Reagan to Barry Goldwater of all people while simutaneously giving us  a rundown of true Republican values.  We know what those values are:

  • National Security (#1 these days)
  • Life
  • Low Taxes
  • Small government

Barry Goldwater was not in any way like Ronald Reagan when it came to the social issues.  Barry Goldwater lost in the biggest defeat ever of a Republican candidate and Reagan won in two historic landslides. 

We have endless carping about the interference of our civil liberties with Bush’s magnificient anti-terrorism measures set forth since 9/11.  These “big government” decisions that some are complaining about happened to have saved thousands of lives.  It stopped the Brooklyn Bridge from being blown up, plans to bomb the Sears Tower, the passengers headed to England on a flight destined for 9/11esque destruction, and finally the JFK terror plot.

Conservatives (the real ones) have tried explaining over and over again to liberals and libertarians that the mistakes of the Carter administration in dealing with the Shah of Iran and embracing the new government led by Islamic fanatics began most of the issues happening in the world today. 

We have a guy here who wants to be our Commander-in-Chief and also wants to pull all military out of Iraq and leave it to terrorists.  He does not see the value of deposing a brutal dictator like Saddam Hussein nor does he acknowledge the fact that when you have a madman like Saddam making purposed bluffs to the U.N. about WMD after 9/11, you don’t ignore it!  Especially after we went in and put a stop to rape rooms and torture chambers that were in daily operation.  And nevermind the fact that Saddam harbored and funded terrorists as well. 

Such individuals living in this kind of denial are called liberals.  Not people who live by “true Republican standards.”  How about the Republican standard of realism?

We also have a man who could blame a tragedy like 9/11 on our own Government (thus explaining the support gained from whacky conspiracy theorists).  Has he paid attention to the endless terrorist attacks on our interests for the past 20 years?  Do the conspiracy theorists have explanations for those, too?

People like Ron Paul and folks who support him are dangerous to our humanity.  They want us to remove anti-terrorism measures proven to be effective right here in our homeland, they want us to run out of Iraq like “paper tigers” (as declared by OBL after Clinton ripped our troops out of Somalia), and serve as Al-Qaeda’s head-cheerleaders. 

I’m sorry, Republicans aren’t that stupid to run away and stick our necks in the sand praying that somehow, some way, our enemies will like us more and will never attempt to hurt us again if Ron Paul becomes President.

Ron Paul hardly “tops” Romney, Giuliani, or Thompson in the various polls available to us.  (click here to see how things are looking)

Once the Iowa Caucus is done and over, we can finally see an end to this madness.

Duncan Hunter on Ann Coulter


It’s a shame conservatives really have not paid more attention to this guy and I have to hand it to Ann Coulter because she has always endorsed Hunter regardless of how unpopular he was compared to headliners like Giuliani or Thompson. 

Idealogically, for conservatives this would have probably been the best shot.  Perhaps Thompson can look his way for Vice-President at least.

He makes a funny joke at the end of this short clip and comments on the hoopla between Elizabeth Edwards and Coulter a few weeks ago.

Still Using Victims to Make their Points

I remember seeing a portion of a video on youtube (it was put on in 7 parts, I believe) that was part of the whole 9/11 conspiracy nut brigade.  I remember the segment where Rudy Giuliani’s on-radio interview with Peter Jennings had him saying that he knew the towers were going to collapse.  Now, the way the video stretches this is that Rudy had extensive knowledge of the fact that the towers were going to fall long before it occured.  What Giuliani had actually said was that the fire-fighters on scene had told him just before that they were going to collapse.

Here is a prime example of what liberals who watch youtube are doing with their time in response to nonsense like this.  As Giuliani was confronted by these nuts, you can actually detect that he feels real sympathy for the girl that he is talking to.   

The people hollering out around her prove that Rosie’s legacy lives on!