What Do You Need A Gun For?

I’m still on a high from yesterday’s news from Iowa, but today’s news is quite sobering. Something else happened yesterday that certainly caught my attention, but I wanted more details before posting anything about it. Then, this morning, a friend in Philadelphia sent me a text message that something huge was going down in Pittsburgh (where his family lives)–I’ve been monitoring the news all day. More facts have come out about both incidents, and they are more than just a little disheartening.

Yesterday, a Vietnamese immigrant named Jiverly Wong–whether he’d been naturalized as a U.S. citizen is unclear to me so far–walked into an immigration help center he’d been taking classes at and opened fire. He was wearing body armor when he committed the crime (another detail I’ve not yet found is whether the body armor was an updated version or if it was crudely homemade), but before police could stop him, he committed suicide. He managed to take the lives of 13 innocent souls. Friends and coworkers have said that Wong hated America and even dreamed aloud of assassinating the President. Shirley DeLucia, a receptionist at the center, heroically stayed on the phone with dispatchers for nearly 40 minutes, constantly feeding them information despite being gravely wounded herself. The first reports were that the shooter had taken hostages. It is actually believed there were no hostages; the initial report was put out because there had been no contact with Wong.

Then, this morning, 23-year-old Richard Poplawski (also wearing body armor) opened fire on police officers responding to a complaint of a domestic disturbance at his home. Paul Sciullo III and Stephen Mayhle responded to a 911 call from Poplawski’s mother and were both cut down by the first shots; Eric Kelly was on his way home from his overnight shift when the call for help came over the radio and tried to help his fallen brothers when he, too, was cut down by Poplawski. At some point, the shooter called his best friend to say he was going to die–then continued to exchange fire with SWAT officers. A fourth unnamed officer was shot in the hand and a fifth broke his leg during the standoff, but Poplawski was taken into custody when all was said and done. It has been widely reported that Poplawski had lost his job recently and was a gun enthusiast who was openly afraid that Obama would ban civilian ownership of firearms. He used an AK-47 and a .357 magnum in the shootout.

Naturally, in the wake of these two back-to-back incidents, gun control advocates are speaking out. The whole thing is compounded by the fears of Richard Poplawski (at least as related by friends). Forgive my sarcasm, but it’s already all our fault.

We’re conservative, we believe in the Second Amendment, and many of us own guns, so it’s our fault. If guns weren’t so readily available, it wouldn’t be so easy for these people to kill, right? The comments on the board at HuffPo are outrageous not only in their brazenness but also in their stupidity. Several outright blame the NRA, with one saying, “your Second Amendment rights at work!” One girl from Australia has the audacity to say, “there are more guns circulating the US than there are people” before insulting every single one of us by saying, “US may not have best education system or healthcare, but they are on top for gun ownership and shooting related crimes.”

I’m sorry…but isn’t it the US that everyone flocks to when they get really sick because their government’s socialized healthcare system won’t foot the bill to take care of them? And has the US not put some of the greatest minds on the planet out there to better the world? Shooting-related crimes are NOTHING compared to crimes committed with other weapons, such as knives, clubs, chains and cars (yes, CARS), honey. The vast majority of guns on the streets are illegally obtained, having gone through thefts and illegal sales before being seized after an assault or murder. The bad guys have guns BECAUSE THEY DON’T OBEY THE LAW. They’re not supposed to have them, but just like the drugs they’re not supposed to have, they still find a way. I once saw a homemade gun in a prison made out of an old metal band-aid box, a bar of soap, a rubber band and a paper clip. Someone managed to smuggle a live handgun round in and the guy who had it was ready to commit murder. What the hell makes anybody think that banning them is going to make these crimes stop?

Guns are illegal in Europe, yet last month 17-year-old Tim Kretschmer donned combat gear and stormed his former school near Stuttgart, Germany. The Netherlands, Sweden, Argentina, Canada, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Finland have all experienced mass shootings in the past decade, all of which have stringent gun laws in place. Yet somehow, angry kids and adults still manage to get their hands on the guns they’re not supposed to have and carry out these deeds. In 2002, Germany experienced TWO mass shootings within a period of two months. Still think making them illegal is gonna solve the problem?

Here’s something else to think about. Your chances of being killed in a plane crash are greater than your chances of being killed by gunfire. Roughly 1 in 5100 people die every year in the US because of guns. But 1 in 84 die in motor vehicle accidents. ONE IN EVERY EIGHTY-FOUR. Of all the accidental (non-natural) deaths in the United States, MVA’s account for 41%, Poisoning for 16%, and falls 15%. Drowning comes in behind that. Firearms are nearly dead last on the list (no pun intended). So why does everyone call for the banning of guns when someone is shot? Everything we use is going to kill someone. Cars, however, are the most dangerous weapon we own, and not one person is out there stumping for greater control of the vehicles that kill 1 in every 84 people.

And the big question: what do you need a gun for? Lemme tell you folks somethin’…if any person has the nerve to threaten you or your loved ones, it should infuriate you. Nobody has the right to threaten you, and you should want to stop them. If they have a knife or a bat, it is not in any way unfair to level a gun at them and give them one opportunity to leave you alone. Having more power than the bad guy is likely the only justice in this world, because our legal system certainly isn’t just. If just one of the innocent students at Virginia Tech had been allowed to carry on campus that day, the worthless flab of human debris who killed 32 people could have been stopped long before it became the worst school shooting in US history.

I’ve got a sign for all you folks out there who are dead-set against our Second Amendment rights:


Who Needs The Truth?

Per Foxnews.com’s William Lajeunesse, some sobering statistics are being presented that directly contradict the numbers being presented by politicians and newsmakers alike. Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (among multiple reporters) have quoted the statistic claiming that 90% of all guns used for drug cartel crimes in Mexico came from the United States. It seems simple, straightforward and easy to explain, right? Here’s the problem: it’s a complete fabrication.

These people aren’t idiots (and before you libs jump on me for quoting FOX, the writer quoted ATF, FBI and ICE agents as well as Amnesty International and the LA Times–go read the piece for yourself). The politicians blindly tossing this number about know exactly what they’re doing. After making a big to-do about planning a trip to Mexico to work on stemming the violence South of our border, Democrats promised to do all they could to make sure that US gun laws stop making it so easy for the cartels to obtain guns. It’s a precursor to sweeping, across-the-board gun control legislation.

But the 90% figure? They didn’t just pull it out of their derrieres; there is, in fact, a grain of truth to it. Somewhere around 29,000 guns were seized in 2007 and 2008 in Mexico. Of that number, only 11,000 are traceable–meaning they have serial numbers or other markings that provide information on where they came from. Not all countries require this kind of information on guns, but the USA is one of them. Of the 11,000 traceable weapons found in Mexico over those two years, only 6,000 were successfully traced; and of that number, just over 5,100 were, in fact, traced back to the US market at some point or another. But in reality, that means only around 17% of the guns seized in TWO YEARS in Mexico came from the United States.

Think carefully about that claim. The weapons being seized in Mexico are incredible–AK-47’s, M16’s, shoulder-fired RPG’s, fragmentation grenades, you name it–are already illegal in the United States. You have to have a federal firearms license to even be in possession of one of the kinds of guns popular with the cartels, and to be federally licensed you have to jump through a myriad of flaming hoops. What do you think the ATF does? They raid the places that illegally traffic these weapons, and they do it on a regular basis. They’re not sitting on their laurels.

The drug trade is a lucrative business. The Russian mob is heavily involved and funnels weapons and money to the cartels. They get weapons made in South Korea, China, Spain, and Israel. A question brought up by Lajeunesse brings home a very good point: why would the cartels pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for straw buyers in the US when they can get what they want at a far lower price without having to go through the tight US dragnet at the border? They can have it brought in on boats without being questioned.

Think about this one, too–in the past six years, 150,000 troops have deserted the Mexican army. When they do this, they usually take their weapons with them. The standard issue rifle in the Mexican army is still the M16. I wonder where those are coming from? And, seriously–RPG’s? Fragmentation grenades? Who really believes that those are being procured in the USA?

The argument that we are primarily responsible for the bloodshed in Mexico because of our gun laws is absolutely preposterous. A criminal, by nature, is ultimately a completely selfish beast. He will try to find the easiest route to procure what he wants. He would rather take the path of least resistance to his goal, and if he can avoid a struggle or a high price, he will do so every time. The fact that Mexico’s drug cartels have more money does not negate these facts. They’re only killing more people because there’s more people involved and much higher stakes to consider.

The politicians who are now badly misquoting the 90% figure know exactly what they’re doing. They’re not complete idiots. I brought this up in my last post on DADT; they’ll woo us with promises that they have no intention of keeping, then once they’ve got what they want, they’ll screw us royally. They want to force their mission of gun control on us any way they can, and the quickest way to dupe the populace is to simply lie to them. The easiest lie to tell is the one that has a grain of truth to it. You see, it’s not just us being affected now–it’s the innocent people of Mexico being caught in the crossfire, and it’s all our fault. At least that’s what they’d have us believe.

Who needs the truth when they already have the power?

The Evil Guns Do

I read a news article over the weekend about the spike in gun sales.  In particular, people are buying the guns that were blacklisted during the Clinton Gun Ban.  Here’s a little bit of how I feel about it (though I could go on all day):


What say you?  Genuine discussion, please, don’t bog it down with personal insults (or phallic references, that just sounds ridiculous).

The #1 Reason Why Obama is WRONG on Gun Control

Early this morning, a 23-year-old student at the University of Arizona–just two hours South of my Phoenix home–was getting ready for class at his off-campus home when two men he didn’t know forced their way into the small guest house he was renting.  Most people would have just done what they were told to do; not this kid.  He whipped out his handgun and shot both intruders to death where they stood.

It’s exactly what I would’ve done, what my dad would have done, and what any hot-blooded American should do when anyone invades their home.  When any person forces their way into your home when they know you’re there, you should expect that they have every intention of harming or killing you.  In that case, you should be incensed.  You should be completely enraged that anybody would have the gall to threaten you or your loved ones, and if you’re not willing to fight for yourself or your family…well, I guess you’re a liberal.  Barack Obama has consistently voted against the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and if he’s elected–if left up to him–like Nasty Pelosi and Dianne “this is the evidence we have against the night stalker” Feinstein, he will see our rights stripped and our guns confiscated.  Were it up to the libs this young man would have been dead because he wouldn’t have been allowed to have the weapon that saved his innocent life.

Anyway, detectives from Tucson PD are already pretty much convinced that the kid did nothing wrong.  His name isn’t being released due to the nature of the crime; it’s possible that the men he killed have friends who would retaliate.  Kudos to that young man for standing up to the bad guys.  Everyone should display such courage.

Keep pushing those gun control laws, Barry O.  If we just had a few more laws, maybe they wouldn’t be able to get their hands on all those drugs, either.

Hallelujah! Guns Are Legal!

I was a happy boy this morning.  The Supreme Court affirmed what conservatives knew all along – the Second Amendment to the Constitution affords American citizens the right to bear arms.  Go figure!

The 5-4 majority opinion was authored by Antoin Scalia and joined by Justices Thomas, Roberts, Alito and Kennedy.  Thank you Mister President for giving us Alito and Roberts.  What a relief.  Here is the decision in a nutshell.

Writing for the majority, Justice Antonin Scalia said that an individual right to bear arms is supported by “the historical narrative” both before and after the Second Amendment was adopted.

The Constitution does not permit “the absolute prohibition of handguns held and used for self-defense in the home,” Scalia said. The court also struck down Washington’s requirement that firearms be equipped with trigger locks or kept disassembled, but left intact the licensing of guns.

Scalia noted that the handgun is Americans’ preferred weapon of self-defense in part because “it can be pointed at a burglar with one hand while the other hand dials the police.”

Scalia’s opinion dealt almost exclusively with self-defense in the home, acknowledging only briefly in his lengthy historical analysis that early Americans also valued gun rights because of hunting.

The brevity of Scalia’s treatment of gun ownership for hunting and sports-shooting is explained by the case before the court. The Washington law at issue, like many gun control laws around the country, concerns heavily populated areas, not hunting grounds.

I will echo the sentiment of other conservative commentators in expressing my disbelief that 4 justices actually dissented.  The Second Amendment is clear.  And the writings of our forefathers clearly place this into proper context.

Nevertheless – here we go again.  This was a 5-4 decision.  Are you folks beginning to understand the stakes in November?  The person we elect as President will make nominations that will make a difference for a long time to come.  Conservatives have no room for error.

Escaping the Sean “Bell” Jar

Since the judge’s decision this morning to rightfully acquit the officers who shot Sean Bell, I have been anticipating all of the left-wingers running out (particularly those who are supporting Obama) and playing the race card.  Much like the death of Jerry Falwell where his name always followed “whether you agreed with him or not” we hear the same regurgitated prelude to the point of Bell’s death: “Just before he was married, Sean Bell was tragically killed by a round of 50 bullets.”

It’s a fact that Bell and his two friends were having a bachelor party the night of the shooting.  It’s a fact that witnesses heard his thug-friend; Joseph Guzman yell “yo, get my gun!”  It’s a fact that Sean Bell had been arrested previously for crack-cocaine possession.  It’s a fact that Guzman and Trent Benefield (the other thug-friend) had been arrested “nine and three times, respectively” and each having at least one of them for illegal possession of firearms.  (Where are the gun-control liberals, incidentally?)

It’s a fact that Bell and his friends refused to obey police orders and “freeze” choosing to speed off while incredibly intoxicated plowing into a police vehicle in pursuit of their getaway. 

It’s a fact that unto approaching the car of thugs, police testify that Guzman made a gesture that led them to believe he was reaching for a gun.

Now, let’s throw all those facts out the window. 

Let’s recharacterize “after getting trashed and flirting with prostitutes, yelling “yo, get my gun!”, disobeying police orders to “freeze”, violently driving into a police vehicle while grossly intoxicated, and making a phony gesture which led police to believe Guzman was reaching for a gun, police shot Sean Bell which tragically ended his life” to “police shot and killed Sean Bell 50 times the day before his wedding.”

To all the race-card playing, Obama-supporting, Reverend Wright-Al Sharpton imitating liberals of the world, escape the “Bell” jar already.

Rather than suing the NYPD, Bell’s family should bring a civil suit against Joseph Guzman and may want to raise the rest of their children to avoid selling crack-cocaine and hanging around gun-toting criminals.

Dr. Laura: Required Compulsory Military Training

I have always had an affection for Dr. Laura.  During my final years as a liberal in the late 90’s, I had a job where I was driving all day from stop to stop.  As much as I love music as I drive, I became extremely bored with it after the first two hours on one of my routes.  I turned to talk radio and Dr. Laura was on for three hours a day.  As a liberal at the time, boy did she make my blood boil!?  Which is why I believe people like Ann Coulter when they say that the best way to convince people is to A. make them laugh or B. enrage them!  I love people who make my blood boil because it usually indicates that I’m about to really learn something.  Dr. Laura was my blood-boiler.

In any case, I was reading her blog earlier and found a post that she had written shortly after the Virginia Tech Shootings.  The entire passage was very moving but here is the last pargraph that really got my attention:

“I believe every household should have at least one person trained and certified to shoot a gun.  I believe every young person between 18 and 20 years of age should be required to receive compulsory military training.  Over 70 nations in the world require some level of compulsory military service on the part of their young citizens including countries such as Austria, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.  Why shouldn’t the United States be as prepared as these countries?  I believe we as Americans should be equipped mentally and physically to protect ourselves, our family, and our Country.”

Don’t forget, Dr. Laura holds black-belts in advanced levels of martial arts.  I think she might be right on this one.  Click here to read more.