Blame It On The Mexicans

Tuesday night, in between calls, I watched a portion of the Joy Behar Show. Whoopi Goldberg was her guest, and they got onto the topic of Newt Gingrich’s idea that students in public schools could potentially be tasked with cleaning the facilities, freeing schools from having to pay high costs for janitorial staff (granted, it’s an idea that would never take off, but Newt did float it during an interview) and teaching kids the importance of hard work. Behar and Goldberg immediately called it racist. When I first heard it, I struggled to understand how they could have gotten to that point. Then the discussion progressed.

What was said next made me want to pitch my Gatorade at the TV. They literally said that when we in the Tea Party talk about illegal immigrants, we’re not talking about illegals who are French, Italian or Irish – we are talking about Mexicans. That’s it. We only want the Mexicans out. Why? Because, you know, we’re racists.

I am sick to death of that accusation. Where is your proof? What evidence do you have? Do you have any of us on video talking about how much we hate certain races? Do you have articles written? Emails? Recorded phone calls? What in the hell do you have that can prove that we are racists? As a matter of fact, I said on this very blog a few years ago that there were an estimated 12,000 Irish nationals currently residing in the US illegally, and I wanted them out – even with Bertie Ahern calling on then-president Bush to give them amnesty. I am Irish and German by heritage. I speak a little of the languages spoken in both of those countries. I do not give a damn what color your skin is, if you are in my country illegally, I want you out. Period.

If you’re looking for evidence in my life, you’re not going to find it. Two of my best friends in the wide world are from Mexico, and one of them is currently working her way through the naturalization process. They would not consider themselves politically conservative, but they are every bit as vehement about curbing illegal immigration in this country as I am. I went to see their wedding in Los Angeles and I joked that the State of California must have an aversion to putting up speed limit signs – to which one of them immediately replied, “no, they can’t afford to put them up because they’ve blown all of their money on the friggin’ illegals!”

There is nothing racist about wanting to see the law enforced. Just having a baby in this country should not give them automatic citizenship. We do not need to roll out the red carpet and let everyone who wants to live in America come here. It is lazy, insulting and intellectually dishonest to call a person a racist for merely wanting America to be the sovereign nation that we are.

Of course, Behar and Goldberg aren’t the only ones who have said those things. Rosie O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Janeane Garofalo, Chris Matthews and a host of others have said the exact same thing. Not one of them has a shred of evidence that we’re racists. I recently heard Bill Whittle of PJTV give a speech about being in the Tea Party, and he touched on this very subject. He made a very good point: they only call us racists because they know it bothers us. He also said the fact that it bothers us should prove the truth, but these people are unwilling to see it. This is a form of bullying you’ll never hear anyone call out because they honestly believe that we deserve it. Teach tolerance!

So now we’ve gone from Tea Partiers being across-the-board racists to just hating the Mexicans. Tell me something…when you frequently say that they’re here to do the jobs that Americans won’t do, what kind of statement do you think that is? It’s not anti-American. It is, at its core, very racist. What these people are saying through that simple remark is that the Mexicans crossing our Southern border to do low-paying manual labor are uneducated and unskilled and all that they’re good for are the jobs that we don’t want.

What flabbergasts me is that the illegal rights groups parrot the sentiment.

Victim of the System

Unbelievable…President Obama’s Auntie Zeituni Onyango had a few things to say to a Boston reporter recently, and she proudly represents the entitlement group of illegal immigrants who believe America owes the world. Tip of the mean black cowboi hat to Pat over at Tammy Bruce’s site:


Outrageous. A few thoughts…

She says “the system gave it to me. I didn’t ask for it.” Really? In order to obtain public assistance in the form of housing and disability checks, you have to apply for it. If you don’t play the lottery, you can’t win; similarly, if you don’t apply for public assistance, you cannot receive it. If I lose my job, I’m not going to get unemployment by sitting in my home and whining about how terrible my circumstances are. I have to apply, answer questions, and prove that I’m continuing to apply for new jobs. Don’t give me this BS about not asking for it – if you applied for it, guess what? You ASKED for it.

She says, “I didn’t vote for your system. Go ask your system!” You’re not allowed to vote for anything, and even WE didn’t vote for this system. She says, “I’m not a criminal. I didn’t kill anybody. I didn’t steal that money.” Horsefeathers. If you didn’t pay into that system yet you benefited from it, you did steal that money, and you are a criminal. That’s not to mention the fact that you were ordered not once but TWICE to leave the country and you refused to.

What she starts out with, however, is most galling of all. “If I come to this country, you have an obligation to make me a citizen.” Wait…WHAT?!? I have an obligation to what, again? I don’t have any obligation to you at all. If you come here, you may obey the laws and apply for citizenship. You may ask our permission to remain here. If we feel that you will abide by the rules, we may give you a conditional residency but you will have to earn your citizenship here just as you would need to earn it in any other nation on this planet.

In an astounding twist, this woman was granted amnesty in May of this year.

Mountains from Molehills

The last prison facility I worked at was the Eloy Detention Center in Eloy, Arizona. It is still run by Corrections Corporation of America, better known as CCA, contracted to house ICE detainees for hearings and removal from the country. I primarily worked the night shift. I already had experience working for state corrections and had left because I simply didn’t have the patience to listen to grown men whine about how terrible it was and keep my mouth shut (imagine that!). I took the job when the full-time EMS job I’d sought didn’t pan out. I had often heard my conservative counterparts rave about how perfect an idea private corrections was, so when I was offered the job I took it eagerly. A few things were quite noticeable to me from the get-go: first of all, they didn’t fingerprint me. They didn’t ask me if I had a fingerprint clearance card, either. They asked permission to do a background check on me but never asked me about anything they found in it. I did absolutely no testing for them the way I had in state corrections (such as the MMPI, which measures your personality). The “academy” was no academy at all. I was in a training class with about thirty other people, some of them I knew from the start were only there because the company needed warm bodies to fill uniforms.

Fast forward to about three months after I finished their training. It’s right around 0200 (that’s two in the a.m.) and I’m driving a perimeter truck with a shotgun. I have the only hard rock radio station in Southern Arizona on. Suddenly, I hear a familiar voice being played over the airwaves. I turned up the volume and heard, “…yeah, I’m an inmate at an ICE detention facility in Eloy and I just wanted to say…”

That was all I needed to hear. I slammed on the brakes, got on the radio and told my lieutenant exactly what I’d heard. No inmate phone would have been able to call a radio station; inmates are only allowed to call numbers approved prior to the call to be sure they’re not going to call a victim. Plus, it’s 0200. All inmates are locked in their cells. The facility is packed to capacity and nobody but the officers are up and about. An inmate somewhere in that facility had a cell phone.

Unless you’ve worked in corrections, you cannot understand how much damage an inmate can do with a cell phone. Officers weren’t even allowed to bring cell phones inside the gates. They can call other felons they are prohibited from having contact with, coordinate delivery of all manner of contraband items (narcotics and weapons among them), give sensitive information about officers to dangerous people unimpeded, plan an escape, or – and I believe this to be the worst, even worse than jeopardizing my personal safety – contact victims to torture them further. Cell phones are strictly banned at jails and prisons across America. Yes, it was a very bad thing that an inmate had a cell phone. The next morning it was found in pieces being hidden by four different inmates. They’d had it for a week. Were I to describe anything else I know I would be treading the line between legal and illegal disclosure.

During my time at that facility, I came to realize that private corrections is quite possibly the worst idea a human being could have conceived (with the exception of communism and the atomic bomb). Officers caught bringing contraband such as narcotics and weapons or even porn, or those caught having sex with inmates would have been arrested on the spot if they’d been working for state. Not so in private corrections. You see, the arrest of an officer looks bad and has nearly guaranteed potential to cause a sharp drop in stock value for the company. Officers I knew who were caught bringing in dangerous narcotics, weapons, and other contraband items, and those caught having sex with inmates, were merely fired and walked out of the facility. At least two openly bragged to me and others about having gotten their jobs despite having done time in federal prison for aiding human smugglers (a direct consequence of not fingerprinting applicants or conducting FBI background checks). I worked with officers who had no business being officers because of physical limitations or an extreme lack of intelligence. Such facilities are not safe, neither for officers or staff.

As much as I loathe private corrections, however, I am stunned at the willful stupidity of the local media in the most recent episode of the SB 1070 saga. Here’s the report:


(It’s important to note that the footage you see is NOT the Eloy facility that the report is discussing. It’s another facility entirely.)

Okay…just a few things. Number one, you would think that a major media outlet would know the role of a lobbyist. They lobby for legislation that favors the interests of their cause or business. Hence the term lobbyist. They do not sell services to potential clients, nor do they negotiate contracts with said clients. They lobby congressmen to pass laws that would favor their industry. Neither of the two connected to CCA as lobbyists for private corrections would have had anything to do with pushing this legislation to further CCA’s interests. Which brings me to number two…the facility is ALWAYS full. The biggest problem they have is not having enough room (at least the way they see it; I personally would say they have much bigger issues). There were times when inmates were illegally stacked three to a cell because ICE didn’t have anywhere else to put them and the facility had no room left. SB1070 would only have exacerbated the problem. Unless they had begun building a new facility, which is no small undertaking and costs billions of dollars, it cannot be proven that CCA saw this as a boon to their business.

Number three, you have to bear in mind that many immigration detainees don’t go to those kind of facilities. Most are allowed to remain free and, when deported, are ordered to self-deport (often they refuse to obey the order). In those cases they never see the inside of an ICE-contracted facility. SB1070 would not have produced nearly enough bodies to justify lobbying efforts from CCA to pass the legislation.

As for the claim that Brewer is making up stories about decapitated bodies being found, CBS 5 is saying they called the ME’s offices for all of the counties along the border. They say they were told that no such bodies have been reported to them. What CBS 5 won’t tell you is that, often, without actually going and looking at the records or requesting a specific record, no medical examiner’s office is going to offer up information like that. There are times you may get someone on the phone who either isn’t allowed to speak on such claims or doesn’t actually know. So, was there a case reported recently? Likely not.

The general public doesn’t realize that they’re being quietly hoodwinked by the media. They’re still buying the MSM’s story, though. CBS 5 is making a mountain out of a molehill because as good liberals it’s their job to do so.

Nazi Racists…YOU’RE WHITE! You Don’t Belong Here!

I love this. A brown beret activist from La Raza (meaning “the race” in Spanish) shows up for a protest and immediately starts calling SB1070 supporters racists and Nazis.

What comes next will floor you…she says, “go back to Europe! This is America! You’re white, you don’t belong here!”


She is right. This is America. We speak English and we live by the rule of law. Don’t like it? Go back to Mexico.

Reality Check: The Long Reach of Illegal Immigration

My anger over the current crisis surrounding illegal immigration is a little personal. Way back in 1999, a person I worked with stole my identity – name, social security number, date of birth, address at my parents’ house, all of it – and bought a car. When the payments weren’t made the bank I worked for at the time started chasing me down. I got harassing phone calls every day from a guy who was determined in his refusal to believe that I didn’t own a fully-restored 1960’s Thunderbird. It took six months to convince them that I never applied for or ever took control of that vehicle. Believe it or not, that was far more efficient than what was about to happen.

Fast forward to 2005. At least I think that’s when it happened. Two Mexican men who worked for the same company that employed me, a small family-owned company, got their hands on my social security number and started establishing new identities. Both of them ended up getting worker’s compensation. Both opened bank accounts and credit cards. One got an auto loan and the other managed to get a mortgage (how that happened I’ve nary a clue). I didn’t know anything until I filed my tax return in 2006. Instead of the fair-sized direct deposit I expected, I got a letter. I had apparently worked THREE other jobs, collected worker’s comp at two different addresses that I didn’t recognize, and owed far more in taxes than I had paid according to the IRS.

It wasn’t until 2008 that I finally got my back returns for the previous three years combined. In the meantime, I had also begun to get letters from two banks and a lawyer regarding debt on several accounts that were somehow linked to me. It wasn’t until this year that I didn’t have any difficulty in getting tax returns paid. Five years. That is how long it took me to convince Wells Fargo, Desert Schools Credit Union, and the IRS that I hadn’t worked for a restaurant or a construction company and that I hadn’t collected worker’s comp or taken out loans for a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe or a house down on Southern Avenue. I was even threatened with the specter of imprisonment at one point – for fraud that I hadn’t committed. I never told my family and most of my friends never heard about it because I was genuinely afraid that I might be in big trouble over another person’s crime. It was a nightmare I hope never to revisit.

Today, MCSO deputies raided a local family-owned sanitation business called Parks & Sons after the company hired people who used fake ID’s and stolen social security numbers to get their jobs. The raid was the culmination of an eight-month-long investigation into a tip from an employee. As is customary now, wives showed up with a small army of children in tow, some of them crying and screaming at deputies for arresting the men. Only seven were actually taken into custody; another 40 are at large, most of whom managed to jump fences and escape as the raid began.

One woman, Maria Ruiz, said, “they’re coming here to arrest people that are here working…how come he doesn’t go to the border or to, uh, somewhere to arrest criminals? People that are on the streets? I have six kids! So what’s gonna happen now? I’m waiting for my US citizenship. My kids are US citizens! So what’s gonna happen now?” Naturally, the cameras captured her and a friend both wearing the customary “Legalize Arizona” t-shirts that anti-SB 1070 protesters wear (either it’s becoming a staple in their wardrobe or they were prepared for this incident). And they were captured crying hysterically as the MCSO paddywagon pulled away. It was all very dramatic.

There was no drama when I found out that I was being held responsible for bills I hadn’t incurred. I was the only one crying when I got a phone call from an investigator who told me that the penalty for tax fraud could be prison time. Nobody was there to crusade for me when two illegal immigrants bailed on their debts when they couldn’t find jobs and I was the only one left without a chair. I did nothing wrong, yet I paid dearly.

I get tired of hearing about how the illegals have such a rough time of it. It makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck when I see these people showing up at deportation raids wailing and gnashing teeth about how horrible it is that their loved one is being arrested. They say it’s all about racism. I say they’re full of shit. I have lived the reality of identity theft and I am angry that nobody seems to care about the fallout from these supposedly “victimless” crimes. What’s worse is that there are far worse examples out there and people have put out far more time and money than I did to clean up their credit. Some of the victims are kids who have no idea what’s in store for them – the first time they go to open a checking account, they’ll be rebuffed because there are already accounts and loans under their identity.

To Maria Ruiz and those like her, I say this: get out of my country. Stop popping out anchor babies. Stop using whatever means you think you can get away with to get jobs, bank accounts, mortgages, business loans, worker’s compensation, and unemployment benefits. The pity party is only going to get you so far. Obama won’t be in office forever. We will not allow political correctness to destroy our country.

Dereliction of Duty

I have to wish a very happy father’s day to all the dads out there…I spent the day with my dad. When I was a kid we didn’t get along. Now that I’m an adult, my dad is one of my best friends. We talked politics all day long (between episodes of Band of Brothers), and at the end we both admitted that we fear our country may already be so far down the path to destruction that it may not be salvageable.

Then, fellow blogger and friend Nic Minacapelli shared a video on Facebook that made my blood run cold. Apparently the Obama administration and Democrats are holding border security hostage – for immigration reform.


How would we like it if a cop refused to go on a call unless the city agreed to pay his mortgage? That’s essentially what Obama is saying.


My Spanish isn’t great, but if that isn’t a word it should be.

“Grindaderas” is a slur that loosely translated means “things Americans do” (use your imagination on the actual meaning…it’s not nice). It was the headline of a front-page article in a Mexican tabloid after 15-year-old Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereka was killed by a US Border Patrol agent. According to US officials, the boy was in a group on the border that retreated back across the border to throw rocks at the Border Patrol agents. The agents were arresting illegal immigrants who had just crossed the border. When I say they were throwing rocks, I don’t mean they were picking up pebbles and making the courtesy symbolic gesture you see in the movies that isn’t going to hurt anyone. They were picking up stones the size of baseballs and grapefruits and chucking them at these agents. Some agents have, in the past, been badly hurt by rock-throwing hellions in Mexico. They’ve long believed that because they’re on the Mexico side and Border Patrol agents can’t cross, they could get their pitching practice in as long as they wanted with no consequences.

Not anymore. Yesterday, Huereka was shot dead while trying to help the poor, hapless immigrants being arrested by the Border Patrol agents. Had Bush been in office there wouldn’t be much of an argument. Obama is in office, however, and we all know where this is going.

In our upside-down world, right is wrong and wrong is right. Criminals have more rights than victims do. Law enforcement officers are, more often than not, guilty until proven innocent; all the accused needs to do is claim that they were brutalized and the media reports their side of the story without question. Now, we have liberals demanding that use of force in all cases be “proportionate.”

In other words, they’re demanding that the good guys only use force in self-defense that matches the force being used by the bad guys.

Mexicans, particularly authorities up to and including el presidente Felipe Calderon, are lambasting us right now. They’ve called us all racists and pointed to Arizona SB 1070 as the cause of the shooting of the boy. They’re wailing that the use of force against the kids throwing the rocks was “disproportionate”. FBI agents trying to investigate the scene couldn’t even get close to the actual border – Mexican federales were there pointing rifles at them, threatening to kill them if they dared to cross the border. At one point agents had to retreat altogether because the federales wouldn’t even let them into the Rio Grande riverbed without shouting and pointing guns at them. Sometime in the middle of the retreat, Mexican cops crossed onto the US side, picked something up, and carried it back to the Mexico side, where they deposited the item next to the body of the dead boy.

US officials confirmed that the action was caught on video, as was the actual shooting showing the agent still on the US side. They have not yet released the video. I’m inclined to believe them considering the fact that the US Border Patrol has a long history of demonizing their own officers in the name of keeping things cool with Mexico. The existence of the video came up after a Mexican politician, Arturo Sandoval, claimed that an autopsy had revealed that the boy had been shot at “relatively close range” and that a .40 caliber shell casing was found next to his body. After this statement was made the Border Patrol immediately coughed up the video to Mexican investigators. Very little was said afterward.

Calderon, for his part, said, “[Mexico] will use all resources available to protect the rights of Mexican migrants.”

So will we, sir. Americans are getting tired of being expected to simply allow your people to come here and live whenever they please. We are tired of our people being killed by yours when they refuse to obey the law here. Our children have been raped, our police officers have been shot by thugs and run down by drunk drivers, men and women have been assaulted and killed in the name of Mexican gangs and drug dealers. We are tired of being expected to simply live with this reality. Our current President may not know where he left his balls, but the rest of us are fed up and believe me when I say we WILL put someone in office next time around who will tell you exactly where you can shove your faux outrage.

Where was your outrage over the death of officer Marc Atkinson at the hands of Mexican drug dealers who had originally “just come here to work”? Where was your outrage when a Mexican national was arrested and convicted of a string of rapes of young teenage girls? Where was your outrage when another police officer, Nick Erfle, was shot by a Mexican thug and gang member who had been deported before and was simply being asked not to jaywalk? Where the hell was all this indignation when one of your own got drunk and hit another police officer responding to an emergency and it was discovered he’d been deported multiple times and had THREE DUI warrants out for his arrest under as many different aliases?

Your anger, your self-righteous judgement of all Americans based on that anger, means nothing to us. You have done nothing to stop the flow of dangerous people into my country and they have raped, pillaged and murdered. Wherever possible, you have had the gall to feign moral superiority by refusing to extradite those hiding in Mexico if they faced the death penalty for their crimes in America.

If you really believe that the use of force was disproportionate, then I’d have to ask you why your officers were carrying fully automatic rifles and pointing them at FBI agents armed only with semi-automatic pistols. That’s a little over-the-top if we’re playing by your rules. That’s not to mention the fact that they actually verbally threatened to kill our agents if they tried to cross onto the Mexican side to even look at evidence. Another thing you’re ignoring is that the boy that was killed was actually on a list of most wanted smugglers; he was well-known to be a juvenile smuggler in the El Paso region. That won’t be important to you, though. Americans never have been.

You are quickly wearing out your welcome. If it helps to say it in your language, me estás cabreando.

Washington’s Dividing (Gay) Issue of the Year: D.A.D.T.

For about a week now, the number-one searched term on internet search engines like YAHOO! has been: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” 

As with the previous administration, the current one is using an issue important to some members of the gay community to deflect from much larger problems most sane people would like dealt with first.

After completely failing the American people, Obama finally held a press conference today on the BP oil disaster which is closing down businesses, endangering the Gulf and all of its natural resources which human beings and wildlife rely on, and happened to kill a handful of decent hardworking Americans responsible for providing and refining energy that we need as a nation to remain productive.  In the conference, Obama accomplished what we all knew he was capable of doing: to assign total blame to BP and accept absolutely no substantial responsibility whatsoever.  

Couldn’t he have done this about 20 days ago?  Ahh, he must have been too busy playing golf, giving comedy routines to the Hollywood elite, and attending fundraisers and events for Barbara Boxer.  (Guessing by his track record of carrying candidates to victory in 2010 with endorsement, perhaps we can thank him for his contribution to at least one issue important to Americans: getting rid of pompous incumbents.)

And while he wasn’t playing golf and stumping for Boxer, he was busy having lavish state dinners with foreign leaders who attack American policies.  After inviting President Calderon from Mexico to the United States last week, we saw two Presidents disparage Jan Brewer’s noble efforts to protect Arizonans and rail in rounds of applause from a liberal Congress by trashing the majority of Americans who support it.  (Rumor has it one of those presidents were supposed to be American.)

Clearly Americans are royally pissed off at the administration and Congress which are reflected in the latest GALLUP tracking poll with the President’s approval rating at 46% and his disapproval rating at 47%.

What better way to attempt to distract from issues important to Americans like immigration and a current national crisis which goes far beyond the simple characterization of something equivalent to “Bush’s Katrina” than to stir up American disagreement on crucial matters of national security?

Clearly, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is a matter of national security where its proponents have made their valid arguments and its opponents have made theirs.  Honestly, I am sorry, but I couldn’t care less about it right now.  Other than a few friends directly affected by it — one in particular who was kicked out of the military once it was discovered he was gay — it is not an issue that united Americans are focusing on.

Flashback a few years to George W. Bush.  If you recall; McCain, Kennedy, and GWB were trying to force amnesty down our throats before the 2006 midterm elections and in the heat of grassroots-American rage in its opposition to what became known as “shamnesty,” Bush directed Congress to jump on a divisive issue attached to homosexuality and they immediately began debating gay marriage.

Most strident adversity to gay issues like “gays in the military” come from people who equate homosexuality to a sickness or a social disorder of some kind.  But people change and in order to get them to change, we must exist in a society where the most important issues of the day like a national tragedy such as the oil spill or the complete and utter madness stemming from a simple Arizona law supported by the majority are discussed and resolved.

Clearly, this administration and its liberal congressional partners-in-crime are not, and have never been, interested in representing the core parts of its people who unite us.  If they had, their version of “health care reform” would have never had a chance to come up for a vote, we wouldn’t be using our hard-working tax dollars to contribute to bailing out Greece’s failed socialist policies, we wouldn’t be inviting foreign leaders who cannot control criminals within their own country to come on our soil and accuse us of all being racists, and we wouldn’t be witnessing the most embarrassing reaction to a national crisis.

Instead of blaming Bush this time, he’s blaming BP and has ripped a page out of the worst chapter of the Bush playbook: when you’re up against the ropes, turn against the voters and throw out a scapegoat issues sure to divide Americans to distract from finding solutions to our biggest current problems.

THIS is the extent of gay relevance in Washington.  It doesn’t matter which party is running the show.  But at least one of those parties don’t run around pretending to be our best friends so we foolishly walk into voting booths and pull levers to gratify their electoral hunger.

Until we can get matters on track like jobs, our economy, securing our borders, and assisting those in the southern states most affected by the BP gush, I’d prefer Washington stop using our community to divide Americans and screw with delicate matters of national security.

Screw Your Revolution

Phoenix Police Officer Travis Murphy, a 29-year-old husband and father of two with 4 1/2 years on the force, was gunned down in the very early hours of this morning by a convicted felon named Danny Ledesma Martinez. I have quite a bit of information already, but I want to wait for more before posting. For now I have something that’ll make your blood run cold. Here’s Raul Alcaraz leading a protest at the University of Arizona on May 5, just a few short weeks ago (tip of the black cowboy hat to Jennifer Leslie of Tucson’s Smart Girl Politics):


When my dad was a kid speech like this would have earned you a one-way trip to jail. I have a response to his rant, and here it is – his comments (in chronological order according to the video) in italics, mine following…

“I claim rainbow today…to all people of struggle, I come today as a subversive, queer, anti-capitalist, migrant, abolitionist that struggles for the liberation of all people.”

Great, you’re claiming “rainbow”. You’re an anti-capitalist? Why? America’s capitalist society has made your comfortable life possible. Who needs to be liberated? If you’re talking about the illegals who don’t belong here, there’s a great way to liberate them: send them home. What, exactly, are you aiming to abolish? The law?

“SB 1070 is not just a fight against racism or white supremacy. SB 1070 is a fight against over 515 years of colonial occupation on this land, on native land!”

That’s funny…I thought SB 1070 was the bill that we enacted to aid us in getting rid of the illegals not your fight against us. Perhaps next time you can say something like, “our fight against 1070 is a fight against (name your subversive cause).” 515 years of colonial occupation?!? Son, the United States didn’t become a nation until 1776. This year, my country will be 234 years old. The Republic of Texas was populated by both Mexican and American settlers, neither of whom appreciated General Antonio de Santa Ana repealing the Mexican Constitution of 1824 and, in the face of oppression, banded together to fight the Texas Revolution. Their fight against the real oppressors was no less important than the American Revolution. So, if you count American settlers that joined Mexicans all the way back to 1820, you can really only claim that this “colonial occupation” has been going on for 190 years. I hope you didn’t pay much for your history and math classes (and I would hope your instructors would be mortified upon hearing this garbage).

Plus, I’d like to know if you even realize your own people’s history. Are you one of those who thinks he’s a descendent of Aztecs and/or Mayans? I bet you do! 515 years ago was a good 20 years before Cortés landed on the Yucatan Peninsula, so your math would STILL be off if that was part of the “colonialization” you were claiming. The land that is now Mexico was claimed as New Spain and the Spaniards slaughtered the Aztecs and Mayans, at least partially by bringing smallpox to them. By 1700 the Spanish had nearly wiped out all traces of the Aztecs and Mayans. Very, very few of those indigenous peoples survived. You are almost entirely descended from Spanish conquistadors. Fix that cranial-rectal inversion.

“SB 1070 is a fight against the invasion of our minds, of our bodies, of our spirits, and of our souls. SB 1070 is a fight against patriarchy, homophobia, and heterosexism.”

Invasion? Kid, the only invasion here is the invasion of millions of illegals who have no right to be in my country, and people like you who openly wish to subvert our laws and government. That “invasion of our souls” crap is hysterical, it really is – I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants. Fight against homophobia? I bet if you read this I’ll get more hate from you than I ever have from the whole of conservatives in America. Every writer on this site has said time and time again that it is substantially more difficult to come out to as conservatives to other gays than it is to come out to conservatives AS gay. The only phobia here is emanating from YOU.

“I don’t come today to fight for civil rights. I don’t even come today to fight for human rights.”

Then what in the Sam Hill are you fighting for, you loon?

“Today I come for our fight for liberation and self-determination of our people.”

Oh, the 129th generation of Spanish colonialists? RIGHT. You don’t need liberation, you need a lobotomy.

“If we are to take the word ‘liberation’ seriously, if we were to take it into what it really means, we would have in our vision for social justice queer people and women at the forefront and center of our vision for revolution in this country and this world.”

I hope you didn’t pay much for those English classes, either…I keep hearing “liberation” and “revolution.” Are we talking revolution a la Ché Guevara? If so, you might want to read up on your history. The type of despots that took over Mexico in the 1820’s and Cuba in the 1960’s made homosexuality a crime. In Guevara’s vision, you would have been sentenced to re-education through hard labor. You see, homosexuality isn’t part of the Marxist vision of the “greater good.” You need to procreate to carry on the great nation and provide new workers. Homosexuality is a crime to religions for a different reason; in communism, it’s an affront to “the people,” and thus is illegal.

“Visions of reform and immigration reform excludes not only queers and women framework, it also excludes a radical – a radicalism, it silences radicalism, it silences the grassroots, it silences the people that are most directly impacted and affect by these apartheid, criminal legislations that we are facing today.”

Your lack of ability to speak properly is giving me a headache. Apartheid? Who is making Hispanics sit at the back of the bus? Use separate water fountains? Live in government-provided shacks while whites live in mansions? Who is kicking Raul Grijalva out of the State Senate? Are mobs of heavily-armed soldiers gunning your people down in cold blood? Are they rounding you up just because they think a crime was committed in your neighborhood by a Hispanic person? Those are all things that happened during the apartheid years in South Africa. You’re not being told you can’t go to school. You’re not being put in prison for speaking against a racist government. If this were truly apartheid, you’d have disappeared quickly and IF you were ever found, you would be so badly beaten your mother would have trouble identifying you. THAT is what apartheid was like, and my African friends who now live in the US are tired of listening to whiners like you cheapen a very violent and unjust period in their history to force us to accept your views.

By the way…the only ones being silenced here are Americans, and we’re being silenced by the true racists in this fight – thugs like you. You and your activist groups use words such as racism, homophobes, Nazi, and apartheid to try to scare us into shutting up. No more.

“Reform is the belief that slavery and capitalism can be improved to benefit us. Reformism is the belief that these laws of this colonial government are legitimate. Reform is the belief that surveillance and militarization and the continued bloodshed of our people is acceptable crumbs from this system, and it is not.”

Your horrible grammar is getting worse (as if it could). “Reformism” is not a word. Surveillance and militarization are the norm in communist governments; how else does the government maintain control? BLOODSHED?!? I’d say you must be joking but you’re not, and it’s astounding. The only bloodshed I see are countless innocent civilians, police officers, EMS/rescue workers and others being killed by that sect of illegals who drive drunk, rape young girls, smuggle drugs into our country and pull illegally-obtained guns to shoot indiscriminately. I should remind you of Marc Atkinson, Nick Erfle and Shane Figueroa. How about the Chandler Rapist, a Mexican national here illegally, who was trying to escape to Mexico after raping five teenage girls? I don’t see where you’re getting the “bloodshed” from.

“But today, I come to let you know that I am against reform. I am against immigration reform as we know it today. What I am here for today is a migrant uprising for liberation. An abolition radical movement that defies and no longer cooperates with this colonial occupation that we have been suffering for over 500 years.”

I’m against reform, too. I don’t think we need to allow more than 250,000 immigrants come to America annually. What I am for is sealing the border shut and sending every one of your sorry butts back to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, or wherever the hell you came from. You come here and take advantage of our education system, health care, legal system and welfare benefits and this is how you thank us? Go back to whichever country your parents brought you from, you ungrateful little creep.

“Instead we need a movement that does not try to improve slavery or try to get at the heart of the slave master, we need a movement, an abolition movement, that will burn down the house of this colonial master house that we live in.”

Okay…if you don’t like your free education (paid for with MY tax dollars), free health care (paid for when I need health care and have to pay extra so they can cover costs when you bail on YOUR bill), food stamps, unemployment benefits and welfare payments (all paid for with MY TAX MONEY), then go back to Mexico and demand it from them. If it’s so horrible to live here, then get out!

“A movement that will free all slaves, not just the Uncle Toms or the Tíos Tomases.”

Since we’ve established the truth, that I’m actually beholden to you already, then the only slave that needs to be freed is ME. I’ll start by booting you back across the border.

“No more compromise…”

Nope. Do not pass “GO”, do not collect $200. Just go home.

“No more crumbs…”

That’s right…when you go home and we keep you out, we’ll actually be able to see our taxes fall, our health care bills improve and crime fall, making life just a smidge easier for our police officers and firefighters. We won’t have to subsist on crumbs anymore. We’ll actually be able to keep some of what we work to earn.

“I am for solidarity if solidarity means with queer and women people.”

Fantastic, your grammar isn’t improving!

“I am for freedom if freedom includes queer people and women.”

What you’re describing isn’t freedom. It’s collectivism, the idea that nations can be run by forcing equality on everybody. Nobody is allowed to be richer than others; everyone is as equally destitute as everyone else. Freedom means the right to live your life without intense interference from the government. You cannot have freedom without capitalism.

“I am for a revolutionary migrant justice if revolutionary migrant justice includes women and queer people and all people’s struggle.”

I ask for the umpteen jillionth time: where is the injustice??? You keep harping on it but you haven’t said exactly how you’ve been wronged! Please, don’t just use some blanket term such as “racism”. That’s a shortcut. I want proof, actual cases, individual stories that prove the aforementioned injustice.

“It’s either freedom for everybody or freedom for nobody.”

Great. Freedom comes at a price. That price is responsibility. Obey the rule of law or your freedom will be taken away. Period.

“Doesn’t matter what color you are or what background you come from, our liberation is interconnected…it will not be achieved until you and I bring the colonial occupying machine down.”

It sure is. It’s interconnected with mine, so I get a say, too. You’re not bringing ME down, and I fight like hell. Not many people have the cojones to pick a fight with this Texan lesbian. The few who have did not walk away from it.

“It’s freedom for migrants and for women and for queer people or freedom for nobody.”

I’m a woman, and I’m free to do any job I am capable of performing, whether through physical labor or education. I’m a lesbian, and is actually only one law that I see as hindering my freedom; that is DADT. I am free to love my partner completely and fully without fear of reprisal from the government. People who wish to come to America are free to do so as long as they have our permission first. I don’t see where the problem is.

Raul, at least you had the temerity to show us what we’re fighting against. Your inability to string enough words together to form a truly coherent thought, coupled with your obvious lack of attention in class and your emotional appeal with blanket terms such as “racist” and “apartheid” prove just how low your side is willing to stoop. I’ve got news for you: this is the United States of America. You are free to believe and speak as you wish, but your subversion of our laws will not be tolerated (nor will your rank stupidity). Screw your revolution. Either assimilate into our culture or shut up and go home.

Useful idiots, my friends. Useful idiots.

Response to Felipe Calderon

Mexican president Felipe Calderon spoke in our House of Representatives yesterday and openly ripped on our federal immigration law. He also ripped on the new Arizona law, which places the ability to enforce immigration law in the hands of local and state law enforcement officers. Not to mention the fact that he made even more calls for America to fix our gun laws because supposedly 80% of the guns seized in crime raids in Mexico come from the United States. That’s a blatant lie, one manufactured to aid and abet our Second Amendment rights being torn down. In reality, only 17% of the guns seized in Mexico CAN be traced by US authorities – because the other 83% come from other countries (particularly Russia, China and multiple Mideast countries, including weapons stolen from Israel) and you can tell by the build and markings on them. True, of those submitted for tracing, 80% do come from the US. However, nearly 100% of the fully automatic weapons seized in Mexico don’t come from America. Fully 100% are already illegal here. If you ask me, Calderon is slowly pushing to disarm the American people so that if Mexico ever decides to invade we won’t be able to fight them ourselves. Just Google “reconquista” and “MECHa” to find out what kind of ideas are out there.

I will give a much more significant response to Mexico, the Mexicans in America who refuse to respect our laws and our flag, and Felipe Calderon himself at a later time (trust me when I say there will be no mistaking what I believe when you see it). For now, someone actually did have the cojones to stand up to Calderon while the Democrats cheered his denunciation of American sovereignty: