Immigration Hysteria Reaching Fever Pitch

Any time an issue in which emotions run high hits the news, there are always those who use it for publicity or other personal purposes. With the passage of Arizona’s new immigration law there are people quite literally from all over the world weighing in – and the media is eating it up. Rarely do you hear reports about those who support the bill NOT being the racists and/or Nazis that the protesters paint them as. You don’t hear stories about the hardworking Americans who support the bill, good people who work hard, obey the law, and pay taxes that end up going to provide all kinds of services (legal, medical, educational and otherwise) to people who shouldn’t even be here. You don’t hear stories about the victims of illegal alien criminals who have to find a way to adjust to life after being assaulted, burglarized, molested, raped, robbed – or, worse, having to bury a loved one who was murdered. You don’t hear about the ones who got that knock at the door to find a police officer and crisis counselors there to tell them that their family member had been killed in a wreck and how they dealt with later finding that the drunk driver who stole that light from their lives had been arrested for DUI before and was in the country illegally.

Now, the incessant screeching from the pro-illegal open-borders crowd is reaching a crescendo into wailing and gnashing of teeth. On Thursday, May 6 – just last week – news hit that 50-year-old Gary Kelley got into a fight and shot his neighbor, 44-year-old Juan Varela. One witness, Varela’s brother, says he heard Kelley use a racial slur (he apparently called Varela a “wetback”). There are several rumors, but the scuttlebutt that seems to be consistent is that Kelley and Varela were once drinking buddies and got along but somewhere in the timeline a dispute rose between them and for a few years, there was a chilly silence. Their dispute was, for the most part, peaceful until last week. Kelley was drunk when the major confrontation began and at some point, Varela threw a swing or two. Then Kelley pulled his gun from his waistband and shot Varela.

Now, a week later, Varela’s family is claiming that SB 1070 – the new immigration bill – is to blame for Kelley’s dastardly crime.

It’s a hate crime, they say, because he used a racial slur. They’re blaming the bill for the climate that supposedly made Kelley feel it was acceptable to commit murder. They’ve also claimed that Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris came to visit them in an attempt to “intimidate” them into “not connecting this to racism.” This is a fabrication in whole on their part – Chief Harris has never spoken to the family. He certainly never visited them. If Chief Harris went to visit every murder victim’s family he’d never get the rest of his job duties done. They’re saying that the Phoenix Police Department is trying to sweep a hate crime under the rug. Considering the pace at which most murder investigations progress, one week is awfully damned fast for anyone to expect the police to make a decision of any kind, including whether it was a hate crime. There has to be pretty significant evidence beyond a single racial slur, one that can only be verified by one person, to come to that conclusion.

This is well beyond getting out of hand. City councils in both Los Angeles and Austin have voted to boycott Arizona along with San Francisco. They fail to see that they’re only exasperating the issue. The very people they’re trying to help will be the ones most severely impacted by their decisions, not us. Boycotting South Africa was one thing. Boycotting Denver didn’t work because it didn’t have any teeth. Now they’re not just running against Arizona, they’re running against a reported 60-70% of Americans who support the bill.

This isn’t about religion. It isn’t about racism. It’s not about who was here first. It’s about who is here NOW and the rule of law in America. Instead of the emotional, knee-jerk “you’re breaking up families you racist pigs” reaction that we’re accustomed to, please, by all means, somebody give me a well-thought response that will make me think.

I sincerely doubt we’ll get one. People, when in mobs, lose all sense of reality. If a single person ensnared by the mob thinks, “woah, wait, someone is going to get hurt,” but the mob refuses to stop, do you think that single person is going to stop? No. They’ll do whatever they can to avoid being run over, which means they join the mob.

Gary Kelley was 200% wrong for what he did. While I’m sure he won’t even face such punishment, I think he should get the death penalty for knowingly taking the life of another person for purposes other than personal self-defense. Juan Varelas’ family deserves much more swift justice than they’ll ever get. My sympathy stopped when the family began to use the incident to feed the mob, however. You are all absolutely wrong for that.

Immigration Insanity Continues

Since the news of Arizona SB 1070 hit the airwaves, immigrant-rights groups have been up in arms over what is perceived to be racially-biased legislation. I’ll explain the entire bill later. Today, however, the reality of what is going on all over the country is becoming more clear. Extremism and appeasement have reached a whole new level in America and the MSM is almost completely blind to it.

Back in 2006, students at Montebello High School in Pioneer, California were told that if they walked out of class they would face severe consequences; they remained in their seats as students from another high school arrived, took down the American flag, raised the Mexican flag and – underneath it – hoisted the American flag upside-down. You remember this picture, right?

Well, yesterday was Drinko de Mayo. It’s not a holiday celebrated in Mexico but it’s become the Mexican version of St. Patrick’s Day in America. It’s not complete without a bottle of Corona in one hand and a shot of Jose Cuervo in the other. Insanity at Live Oak High School near San Francisco won the day as four students were called into the principal’s office to answer for their clothing. What was so offensive about it?

Their clothing bore the American flag.

The principal, concerned that “the image might provoke violence among Hispanic students,” ordered the four young men to either remove the clothing or go home for the rest of the day. All four bravely stood their ground and refused to remove their country’s flag. As promised, they were sent home. At least one of the boys is Hispanic. What’s even more infuriating is that a small group of Mexican students is demanding an apology for being forced to see the American flag on a “Mexican Heritage Holiday.” Mexican student Annicia Nunez said, “I think they should just apologize because it is a Mexican heritage day and we don’t deserve to get disrespected like that. We wouldn’t do that on the Fourth of July.”

If you think you’re furious now, keep your pants on…it gets better.

In Spring, Texas, a large suburb of Houston, Klein Collins High School had decided to prominently display the Mexican flag. Since this is America, we haven’t figured out why, but they did. Several parents called the school to complain but nobody got a call back. Finally, a student took the flag down. School administrators went into a tizzy, reviewed surveillance tapes, and suspended the offending student for three days. If only schools would react so quickly to a report of drugs being sold on campus or a student being viciously beaten in the locker room.

I have news for that group of Mexican brats in San Francisco: THIS IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY. I would not be allowed to fly the American flag in Mexico, even on the Fourth of July. You do not come here and demand “respect” in the form of not having to see the American flag on a holiday that you’d have ignored at home anyway. You are in America, and we fly our flag here. If you don’t want to see it then keep your happy ass at home. We are not in the habit of taking down our flag to avoid offending people on our own soil. Get used to it.

To the administrators of both schools, I ask this: why are you so worried about offending a single ethnic group? Would you be so afraid to offend the white or black Americans on Memorial Day, when anti-war protests are stepped up a notch in the face of kids who sometimes have to remember a lost loved one? Would you be as protective if another student showed up wearing a peace symbol or a Code Pink t-shirt? Would you react as quickly and severely as you did over the Mexican flag if one of your Hispanic students removed the American flag on May 5? I daresay you wouldn’t. Here’s an idea…go back to the old days, when you soundly punished any student involved in violence or threats of violence and did so regardless of what the instigating factors were? Stop worrying about which ethnic group is going to get upset about the American flag flying as it would any other day and tan the hides of any kid who dares to disrupt the educational process for any reason.

I’ll say it again, just in case anybody missed it:


Our country. Not yours. Hands off.

The Battle of Arizona

I promised a report two days ago, but I’ve been having monumental issues trying to upload the pictures to my computer…so here’s my report, with the pictures to follow. It all started last Thursday with Shakira showing up in Phoenix to protest SB 1070, the immigration bill that has the whole hemisphere buzzing.

More than a year ago, I plugged my iPod into the dock on my desk at work and turned on some music. I happened to be in the mood to listen to Shakira, and I had many of her songs – all of them in Spanish – on my iPod. I tend to like her better in Spanish because she sounds more confident in her native language. One of my coworkers, who is from Mexico, was shocked that I was listening to it; she asked everyone else before figuring out that it was me. This person saw me in a bit of a different light after that day.

Fast-forward to last Thursday. I’m furiously taking notes in an EMT refresher and recertification course (something all EMT’s have to do every two years) and trying at the same time to think of what kind of questions I’d like to ask some of the protesters, because I’m planning to go get some information on the protests since I’m at a training facility that’s barely 15 minutes from the state capitol. I remember being nervous about my tests (I’m a total perfectionist) and about how to word questions so as not to give away which side I’m on. The trouble is that if you offend the people you’re trying to get information from, they won’t let you stick around long. They certainly won’t answer your questions.

One man named Jose came with a group of 200 others from Las Vegas to protest the bill; they carried a professionally-printed banner of a photoshop of Jan Brewer in Adolf Hitler’s uniform. When I asked him why they thought supporters of the bill were Nazis, he replied, “oh, we don’t think they’re really Nazis. They just call us criminals and we want them to know how it feels to be labeled as something you’re not.” 46-year-old Angela, who didn’t understand a word of English and needed her 12-year-old daughter to translate, said that she heard about the bill and “it made me sad.” Ron, who didn’t wish to give his last name, carried a sign that said “brown is beautiful” and gave me an earful. He was nice enough to me. When asked if he’d read the bill, he said he’d read the “core components” (I guess the whole 25 page document was too long for him) and gave me points that weren’t even in the bill – in particular, he talked about being arrested for “associating with illegals.” That isn’t in the bill; knowingly hiring illegal day laborers or transporting illegal aliens, however, is. Something else he said that sticks with me was, “people are gonna get hurt, you know? If this doesn’t stop, people are gonna start getting hurt! I hate to say it, but it’s gonna happen!”

There were exactly two counter-protesters on hand, neither of whom had extreme messages but who were both being openly reviled by the rest of the crowd. Then, Shakira showed up, flanked by Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon and state representative Kyrsten Sinema (both are Democrats). She first addressed the crowd in Spanish, then in English. She said that the bill went against human dignity and civil rights, then went on to mock the law AND Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio (whom I also don’t like, albeit for much different reasons). She said, “right now, I could go to jail because I didn’t bring my driver’s license. Mister Arpaio, are you gonna come and arrest me because I didn’t bring my documents?” The crowd cheered wildly and broke into chants of, “si, se puede!” There was a huge police presence at the capitol. When I left right around sunset that evening, I tried to talk to Sinema – who does know who I am and heartily disagrees with my politics – and she all but ran in the opposite direction. The event itself was pretty tame in comparison to others I’ve witnessed in the past couple of weeks.

Tonight, however, Al Sharpton drew a crowd of about 2,000, far more than Shakira. His visit coincided with both the Phoenix Suns’ use of an alternate jersey that read “Los Suns” and Drinko de Mayo (I’m sorry, Mexico doesn’t celebrate it, I don’t see any reason we do other than to drink). He gave a speech at a church less than a mile from the state capitol then led the mass to the capitol, where several speeches were given and are by all accounts still going on now as I type. I hurt my back yesterday while trying to lift heavy objects (what’s saddest of all is that I knew I was doing it the wrong way but I was in a rush), so I was in no condition to do two miles’ worth of walking to get a few pictures and maybe a few quotes. As I sat watching the footage, though, I wished more than anything that I could have gone. I wish I could have been there to give Sharpton a piece of my mind even though he’d never have the nerve to ever have a real debate with someone who disagrees with him. I’m sure the instant I got near enough to ask a difficult question I’d have been removed by force.

The same theme runs commonly throughout all of these protests: you can easily tell that none of them have read the bill.

Comments about racial profiling, arrests for simply associating with illegals, calling the bill immoral and misguided, accusations of racism, hate and Nazism…all of it is the product of a misinformed, extremely emotional group of people. Rather than asking what’s in the bill they’re making assumptions based on hearsay and every single assumption they’re spouting is 100% wrong. In fact, the bill is made of word-for-word verbiage from both federal immigration law AND the civil rights act. I’ll get into the specifics later, but the bill both provides the ability to local officers to enforce laws that the feds have refused to enforce and provides protection from racial profiling.

As if what’s gone on isn’t bad enough, Ricky Martin has weighed in, several California cities have as well, and Sharpton has called on Major League Baseball to cancel the planned All-Star Game in 2011 at Chase Field. I will tell you here and now, the stars and race-baiting politicians who are getting involved know absolutely nothing about the actual bill; they’re saying things that are not true in order to gain a little more publicity.

It’s beginning to make us mad. When Arizona was boycotted in the early 1990’s over their refusal to recognize Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday as a holiday, there was some – SOME – justification in it. Here there is none, because none of those who are protesting the legislation understand what’s in it. To those of you who have seen fit to stick your proverbial nose in our politics, remember one thing: the truth always comes out. We’re not racists. We’re certainly not Nazis. The problem is simple: we don’t know who is coming across the border, but we know that a fair number of them are the bad guys that our immigration process is designed to weed out. In the past two years the Valley of the Sun has lost two police officers to illegal aliens and a multitude of victims’ lives have been upended by illegals through a plethora of crimes, including burglary, robbery, aggravated assault, rape and murder. The drug trade thrives here because Arizona is so close to the border.

Something had to be done. And I have to say this, too…it’s highly self-aggrandizing to hold yourselves, the Latino community, up as the sole group who will be impacted by this bill. If anybody is a racist group here, I’d say it’s YOU.

The Immigrants We Need

I went to the Arizona State Capitol to cover the protest on Thursday and was there for Shakira’s visit; I got some good pictures and some good quotes. My report will be up sometime tomorrow. For now, I had to post a short note on how things are going all over the state. I live in the Phoenix area (Scottsdale to be exact), but many other cities are up-in-arms as well – particularly Tucson.

State Rep. Raul Grijalva openly called for a boycott of our state after the signing of SB 1070, the now-famous immigration bill recently signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer. The bill requires law enforcement to ask about a person’s legal status in the event that, during legal contact, they suspect the person they have pulled over/arrested for breaking the law/been called to remind of civil ordinances (such as noise pollution laws) may be in the country illegally. Here in Phoenix, protests have gone on nearly every single day since the bill was signed. Ricky Martin has blasted it in interviews, Shakira actually came here and supported the protesters, and there have been small riots in a couple of instances when white people that protesters didn’t like got under someone’s skin. The vast, overwhelming majority of the protesters are Hispanic and chants of “si, se puede” (“yes, we can”) have been prevalent.

During a Tucson city council meeting, however, a beautiful lady named Gabriella Salcedo stood and spoke from her heart about the bill. Take note, as we’ve said over and over and over again, we want people to come. We are not in any way against immigration; we are merely against illegal immigration. None of us cares what color your skin is. This woman has a wisdom that few could hope to achieve in their lifetime and is the perfect example of the immigrant that America needs.


Seeing this video made my eyes well up. I feel a great swell of pride in my country when those who face difficulty do the right thing.

You can join us now on the Facebook page Americans Boycott Shakira!

What Political Correctness Gave Us

As you may or may not have heard, tonight in NYC, yet another failed bomb attempt occurred.  This time, smoke was observed from a vehicle and was followed up on when others reported someone unidentified fleeing the vehicle.  Now the license plate on the Nissan does not match its registration so police are relying on security tapes to get clues.  Of course, we won’t be allowed to judge based on the appearance of the suspect on the videotape for the sake of being politically correct.  And of course, we won’t be hearing about this anymore in the media, nor will we hear about it until the bomber(s) are successful next time.

Political correctness gave this to us.

  • Political correctness resulted in thousands of illegal aliens who feel entitled to sponge off of our resources to demonstrate today.
  • Political correctness resulted in 13 of our men and women in uniform to be slaughtered on our own soil at Ft. Hood because nobody wanted to improperly “profile” Malik Hasan.
  • Political correctness has ruined our educational system.

This country no longer protects its own people. Its first priority has switched to first and foremost giving its benefit of the doubt to our enemies and the illegals who have invaded.

And here we all sit like a bunch of sitting ducks hoping that our pledge to remain politically correct until the very end is what saves us. Either that, or we can hold our government responsible and ask them to put US first for once.

Jan Brewer: The Envy of 49 States

My favorite female politician — aside from Sarah Palin — has always historically been Margaret Thatcher. 

Thatcher faced criticism from hysterical liberal men in the 1980’s for making shrewd decisions that bettered Britain.  As a result, she was scorned many times by members of the left-wing press and liberal politicians.

What Jan Brewer did last week reminded me of many things Thatcher did and received scrutiny for.

When Thatcher tossed thug-like trade union bosses out on their necks, suddenly the ordinary decent trade union worker could work without facing a force to come out on strike and businesses could operate without the threat of being closed down under a socialist labour government. 

When Thatcher; along with the British Government, extended the exclusion lines of the Falklands to further protect the British military in a time of war, the following statement was released making this policy well-known to all:

In announcing the establishment of a Maritime Exclusion Zone around the Falkland Islands, Her Majesty’s Government made it clear that this measure was without prejudice to the right of the United Kingdom to take whatever additional measures may be needed in the exercise of its right of self-defence under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter. In this connection Her Majesty’s Government now wishes to make clear that any approach on the part of Argentine warships, including submarines, naval auxiliaries or military aircraft, which could amount to a threat to interfere with the mission of British Forces in the South Atlantic will encounter the appropriate response. All Argentine aircraft, including civil aircraft engaged in surveillance of these British forces, will be regarded as hostile and are liable to be dealt with accordingly. 
In the true hot-headed fashion of the Argentine, they defied the orders and crossed the lines anyway.  As promised, Thatcher immediately gave orders to sink the Belgrano.  Thatcher did so to protect the military which she was responsible of.  The Argentine knew the rules, they broke them, they paid for it.
Of course Thatcher faced scathing dissent from the British left — proving once again — that when liberals go into hysterics, something happened for the betterment of their own nation’s security.
Similarly, Jan Brewer enforced national immigration law that has existed for decades.  She took the first step towards dealing with illegal immigrants, preventing them from committing crimes on our soil, from using up our infrastructure and resources, and avoid them from costing taxpayers more money with incarcerations.
Of course, liberals all over the country are threatening boycotts.  Pop star Shakira is flying to Arizona to protest and is requesting a meeting with the governor.  I wonder if her personal residence or neighborhood in Hollywood is gated to keep ordinary folks out?
This of course is evident of Margaret Thatcher’s most famous quote:  “If you want something said, ask a man.  If you want something done, ask a woman.”  THIS is how leaders are supposed to behave.  THIS is what inspires Americans and gives us a sense of unity as we all work to better our own lives.  THIS is the kind of government we deserve!
If a few high-profile Hispanics like Shakira start with threatening boycotts in their mission to mis-characterize what this legislation is all about, then all Americans — including legalized Hispanics who are continuously placed into the same category as illegal criminals for the sake of political correctness — can hit back.  Boycott Hispanics who contribute to the mischaracterization of immigration law.  Don’t listen to their music, don’t go to their concerts, don’t eat at their restaurants, don’t watch their shows. 
WE have the power.  The majority of this country supports this serious action taken by Brewer.  If the opponents of this refuse to conform to common sense, we can organize even better than they can.
Talk to your friends and pay attention.  Do your part.
God Bless Jan Brewer!  I will be visiting Arizona in June and because of her, I will be a lot safer.

The Brownshirts Are Coming!

…And they’re accusing everyone ELSE of being Nazis. It’s incredible how the left behaves when they think they have a right to. Since the signing of SB 1070, there have been an awful lot of claims that the pro-immigrant crowds have been “peaceful,” but I’ve seen them being anything BUT. It never ceases to amaze me that they’ll call conservatives names then turn around and become exactly what they accuse others of: intolerant, hatemongering bigots. This thing is turning Arizona into an open-air insane asylum, and the patients are trying to run the nuthouse.

Michelle Malkin posted some very good pictures of this weekend’s protests. The pro-immigrant crowd swears that they don’t want to undermine the laws of the US. They don’t want open borders. They want the criminals to go. They say they want the right thing and they want peace. Tell me, does a law-abiding citizen need to wear a mask?

Do law-abiding citizens who believe in the rule of law advocate smashing the state?

Do law-abiding citizens who want peace advocate invading another country (translation: “green light to invade Arizona”)?

Do law-abiding citizens who want to see the right thing done accuse the opposition of Nazism because they don’t like the outcome?

How about vandalism? Swastikas and “AZ=Nazi” were smeared in refried beans (of all things) on and around the windows of the State House and Senate buildings. Oh, but the protesters are really peaceful. They’re so peaceful, they start riots and assault cameramen who haven’t said anything but apparently anger Spanish-speaking pro-immigrant protesters just by being there:


In all of the protesting against this bill, in all the cries to end racism and hate, the only racism and hate I see are from the pro-immigrant protesters. I cannot say enough how much I want those who want to come here to make a better life for themselves to be able to. However, as long as illegal immigration continues to be a problem, as long as drug trafficking and human smuggling are an issue, and as long as illegals are caught committing all manner of crimes in this country (drunk driving, breaking and entering, assault, battery, domestic violence, child abuse, manslaughter and murder are among the crimes illegals have been charged with here in Arizona in just the past 12 months), we will need law and order to stem the tide.

I’m not sure this bill was the right way to go, but then again, the feds weren’t doing anything – and their inaction resulted in the death of an Arizona rancher. Their inaction has resulted in a great many evil things. Now they’re content to feed the anger of a foreign mob for the sake of gaining more votes. I’ve always called a spade a spade, and right now I’m going to declare that if the liberals don’t stop courting this particular group they will all find themselves without jobs very soon. A very, very large portion of Americans still want their country to have its own identity.

If you wish to come here for a better life, fantastic. Come through the front door. Do not show up flying another country’s flag and call for an invasion. Try it. We’ll kick your ass. There is no room for those who do not wish to be Americans here.

Here are more videos from the photographer who was harassed by protesters:



A Lie, Told Often Enough

I hate to step on Philip’s toes – he posted earlier and you should scroll down to read it, Steve posted just before that – but today a milestone was set in the state I live in.

SB 1070, a piece of legislation aimed at getting tough on illegal immigrants coming through Arizona, was signed into law today by Governor Jan Brewer. It is the toughest set of immigration laws in the nation. At its base it is meant to provide state and local law enforcement with the tools to help enforce immigration laws that are not being enforced by federal agents. It makes it a state crime to be in Arizona while in the United States illegally and gives officers the mandate to inquire about one’s immigration status if they suspect a person is in the country illegally.

For the past week, protest crowds have grown to teeming hordes at my state capitol. I am a Texan, but I am also an Arizonan, and my current home state has been struggling to keep up with a lot of issues created by illegal aliens. People have come from all over the country to protest the passage of this bill (many of them having complained about national support for local campaigns in New York and Massachusetts); even President Obama weighed in today, calling the legislation “misguided.” Having read the bill now, I beg to differ.

One Democrat legislator called for businesses and tourists to boycott our state (yeah, that’ll solve our employment issues!). A Democrat from Illinois, Luis Gutierrez, called for the federal government to immediately order Arizona not to enforce the law because it supposedly runs afoul of the Constitution. If that’s the case, then I’d like to see anti-Second Amendment measures in multiple states struck down due to the Constitution. I bet the liberals will line up to support that one.

If a person comes onto my property without my permission and refuses to leave, I can have them arrested. It’s called trespassing. SB 1070 is built on the same concept – any person caught illegally in the United States within the borders of the State of Arizona is trespassing and can go to jail and be deported for it. Police officers, once not allowed to ask about immigration status during traffic stops are now given the ability to do so. Rampant crime rates, including line of duty deaths of police officers dealing with illegal immigrants, home invasions, drophouses and kidnapping, have caused this bill to become a necessity. It’s not just Americans being victimized, either. Those seeking to cross the border illegally are victimized from beginning to end and refuse to speak out for fear of never being able to come back to America, so many criminals capable of figuring out who to target often go free.

Amazingly this is being called racism, hatred and bigotry. Those against this bill have made the most outrageous claims to date. Several posters on an Arizona State Democrat’s Facebook page openly accused Republicans and Independent supporters of trying to bring back segregation. One invoked the spirit of 1952 Alabama, where “colored” people were not allowed out after a certain hour and had segregated everything – from water fountains to buses to seating in theatres and restaurants. When Prop 8 passed in California, I was angry to see my fellow homosexuals parading through Hillcrest with signs that read “No H8” and “Stop the Christian Taliban.” Such arguments, I said, cheapened our movement with hysterical references to horrific conditions that we cannot imagine surviving no matter how much we read about it.

It angers me just as much now to see it happening all over again. Vladimir Lenin, the father of Russian communism as it was known when I was a child, was a master strategist capable of pushing anything on the masses. He once told his subordinates, “a lie, told often enough, becomes the truth.”

How true.

Of course, he liked the idea. He could lie through his teeth and the only media allowed to report, being state-run, had to print it and eventually every lie he told became the truth. The same happened during the Cuban Revolution when Che Guevara, the famous mass murderer, began executing some homosexuals and sending others to labor camps for “re-education”. Today, though, it happens courtesy of the slavering liberals in America who don’t know any other way to get what they want.

Don’t like a conservative perspective? Don’t like a piece of legislation they want to pass? Don’t like the candidates on their ticket? All you have to do is start small: call them racists, homophobes, bigots, and general hatemongers and once you’ve told enough people, just stand back and watch how far it goes. Just look at the Tea Party movement. Liberals, to include Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper, have a good portion of the country believing that all Tea Party members are white rednecks who can’t spell their signs correctly and are racists and homophobes. I know quite a few, though, and I know the opposite to be true. I know black people and fellow homosexuals in the Tea Party movement, but you’ll never see that on any MSM news channel other than Fox.

They’ve told the lie often enough that it has become the generally accepted truth. Such behavior is an injustice that I cannot abide.

Nobody wants to see segregation brought back (well, nobody outside the 100 or so white supremacists scattered around the state who are commonly laughed at when they poke their noses out of their hidey-holes). Nobody is willing to start racially profiling. Yes, a good majority of illegals arrested here are Hispanic, but we’re in Arizona – right on the freakin’ Mexican border! I used to be an officer in an ICE jail, and believe you me, Hispanics were certainly NOT the only ones there. Trust me when I say that skin color has little to do with it. In most states, if you cannot prove that you are a legal resident of the US, you can’t get a drivers license. If you can’t provide a US drivers license that’s suspicion of illegal entry. If I were stupid enough to leave home without my ID I would fully expect police to suspect that I was in the country illegally. Since many illegals have licenses from their home countries, providing that is suspicion enough, regardless of skin color.

That won’t matter, though. The lie has been told often enough at this point. I fear we are already on that slippery downhill slope to losing our identity as a nation and our sovereignty to enforce our own laws without interference from other countries. I have had enough of being called a racist for simply wanting the right to enforce the laws of my country. Cardinal Roger Mahoney, of the Los Angeles Diocese, called us German Nazis outright. Oh, how far we have fallen.

A Matter of Time

We’ve all heard the news that a rancher in Arizona was murdered, most likely by an illegal immigrant, on his own property. I didn’t want to blog about this until I was able to get some more news on the subject. When it first happened, the media didn’t report much outside of Arizona. It took conservative bloggers’ attention to get Fox News to report it. Other big-name outlets still haven’t given it much attention. MSNBC reported on the plight of a Mississippi teenager whose orientation sparked the cancellation of a high school prom on multiple occasions. CNN never reported it until a network blogger wrote about it, and the Washington Post didn’t say anything until the murder sparked outrage among ranchers along the US Southern border and they began calling for tighter security for the umpteen jillionth time.

This near-blackout by much of the MSM didn’t have anything to do with the fact that they felt it was a local issue and “just another murder.” The fact is that the MSM heads felt that this story wouldn’t fit their narrative about illegal immigrants in America being nothing but hard-working folks here to do the jobs that Americans just won’t do and they mean us no harm.

Robert Krentz managed a ranch that his family had bought and started working over a century ago. Despite illegals breaking into his family’s home, killing his cattle and generally destroying his property, Krentz offered food and water to illegals found in distress. He kept wells on his property because he felt it was the human thing to do. For years, he argued along with many other Southern Arizona ranchers that security along the border with Mexico needed to improve drastically as they all complained of the same issues: break-ins, threats, assaults, dead cattle, and drugs being run across their property. Last year fellow rancher Roger Barnett was sued by 16 illegals and for all intents and purposes, after a lengthy trial, Barnett won, but not after MALDEF was caught practically admitting that they were filing lawsuits to intimidate Americans to stop fighting for their rights in their own country.

The day before the shooting there had been an incident on Krentz’s property involving drug smugglers. On March 27, Krentz took his dog, hopped on his ATV and went out to check a fence and water line. At some point he radioed his brother and told him he was giving food and water to a couple of illegals wandering on the property. The very next call was for help, and it was very short. Right around midnight Krentz and his dog were found dead on the ATV about 35 miles from the main house. They’d been shot.

Law enforcement tracked the crime scene and found the footprints of the shooter; they led 20 miles south beyond the Mexican border. If there are any leads officers aren’t sharing them. Sue Krentz and the rest of Rob’s family is now without the man who made their lives complete and did the lion’s share of the work on the ranch that their family had worked since 1907.

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. I think it has taken so long only because both human and drug smugglers have feared that pissing off Americans would result in unbelievable difficulty in crossing the border. If you read the stories of many of the ranchers on our Southern border, though, you’ll find that in the late 90’s and early in the new millenium, illegals started becoming more brazen. That is when the break-in’s began, they started killing cattle for food, and the trash buildup became so insane that ranchers simply couldn’t keep up with the mountains of garbage being left behind. (To which I would ask where all the environmentalists are when you need them.)

I’m morbidly surprised that this is the first time this has happened. Unfortunately, it won’t be the last. Our government never woke up before. They’re not going to start now. Rob Krentz’s murder will likely never be solved. Even if it is, Mexico will never extradite the fugitive because they might face the death penalty in Arizona. Either way it’s not going to stop now – drug smugglers will be emboldened to kill until they get what they want. How many have to end up dead before our government wakes up to the fact that we have a very serious problem that calls for more than just a fence?

Charge Them With Trespassing

My adopted state, Arizona, has just passed a law that criminalizes illegal aliens being in the state. It also criminalizes those who hire illegal day laborers, a problem that has left some business owners scrambling to care for the customers who stop coming because of the sorry state that the day laborers cause when loitering in parking lots and harassing said customers. My stepmother’s parents own a store in Phoenix and have had a hell of a time getting day laborers to stay away; they trash the parking lot, drink, urinate, vomit, spit on the windows when asked to leave, and when a customer pulls up they’re hounded by no less than three illegals asking if they need work done at their homes before they’ve even gotten out of their vehicles. At the Home Depot near where I used to live at 59th Ave and Beardsley, illegal day laborers have become an enormous problem; the store management threw them off the property, but the came back anyway, loitering on the sidewalk just outside the property.

Now the State of Arizona will charge illegal immigrants with trespassing when they’re caught.

I wish I could talk about calls I’ve been on that involved crimes committed by illegal immigrants. I wish I could talk about cases I’ve worked on that involved identity theft perpetrated by illegal immigrants. Unfortunately, I cannot, but I will tell you that the news rarely tells you what’s really going on and how widespread the problems are. All I can say is that you should regularly check your credit bureaus and never drive without coverage on your vehicle that will protect you from uninsured motorists.

I’ll never forget sitting in court one day just a couple of years ago when the judge asked how many people in the courtroom needed a Spanish interpreter. Thirteen people raised their hands, and all of them had come into the court after me. I was there to testify in a hearing about a woman who had caused a wreck with me (her claim was that since I’d been in a wreck before it had to have been my fault, despite the fact that she managed to T-bone me while driving in the same lanes of traffic that I was in) and our hearing had to be pushed back due to the thirteen people requiring a Spanish interpreter. The interpreter was going courtroom to courtroom to offer services and now all these folks who had come in late were moving to the front of the line.

One by one, they all took their turn and of the thirteen, fully EIGHT had caused collisions while not insured. One by one, the judge asked them why they weren’t insured, and one by one they all admitted they couldn’t get insurance. When the judge asked why, they all said they couldn’t get insurance in America. The judge never asked any of them if they were in the country illegally. He simply asked in each case, “well, what is the person you hit supposed to do? Their car is totalled. Do you know that you have to have insurance if you drive in America? Can you afford to pay the expenses of the person you hit? No? Well, here’s your fine…”

It was an embarrassment. If I’m caught driving without insurance, I can be tracked because I’m here legally. I’ll be forced to pay a fine, and if I don’t pay I’ll be arrested. My vehicle will be impounded, my license plate confiscated, my registration suspended and my license suspended (and taken by the officer so I have no ID). I don’t even have to cause a collision for all of this to occur. If I’m caught driving after all of that, I can go to jail and pay more fines. If I fail to pay fines or carry out community service as promised, I can go to jail again. All because I’m a citizen and I can be tracked.

Illegals can’t be tracked. I guarantee each of those thirteen in court that day who’d been caught driving without licenses, insurance or valid registration simply started using another alias and went out and bought another jalopy to drive to the jobs that Americans apparently won’t do. At least one ended up getting drunk and killing a Phoenix police officer; that man gave an alias that night and was discovered to have given police at least two other aliases after DUI arrests and the wreck he caused while driving uninsured.

I don’t feel sorry for the illegal immigrants in this country. This is my home, and if you can’t obey the rules you can get out. Period.