Blame It On The Mexicans

Tuesday night, in between calls, I watched a portion of the Joy Behar Show. Whoopi Goldberg was her guest, and they got onto the topic of Newt Gingrich’s idea that students in public schools could potentially be tasked with cleaning the facilities, freeing schools from having to pay high costs for janitorial staff (granted, it’s an idea that would never take off, but Newt did float it during an interview) and teaching kids the importance of hard work. Behar and Goldberg immediately called it racist. When I first heard it, I struggled to understand how they could have gotten to that point. Then the discussion progressed.

What was said next made me want to pitch my Gatorade at the TV. They literally said that when we in the Tea Party talk about illegal immigrants, we’re not talking about illegals who are French, Italian or Irish – we are talking about Mexicans. That’s it. We only want the Mexicans out. Why? Because, you know, we’re racists.

I am sick to death of that accusation. Where is your proof? What evidence do you have? Do you have any of us on video talking about how much we hate certain races? Do you have articles written? Emails? Recorded phone calls? What in the hell do you have that can prove that we are racists? As a matter of fact, I said on this very blog a few years ago that there were an estimated 12,000 Irish nationals currently residing in the US illegally, and I wanted them out – even with Bertie Ahern calling on then-president Bush to give them amnesty. I am Irish and German by heritage. I speak a little of the languages spoken in both of those countries. I do not give a damn what color your skin is, if you are in my country illegally, I want you out. Period.

If you’re looking for evidence in my life, you’re not going to find it. Two of my best friends in the wide world are from Mexico, and one of them is currently working her way through the naturalization process. They would not consider themselves politically conservative, but they are every bit as vehement about curbing illegal immigration in this country as I am. I went to see their wedding in Los Angeles and I joked that the State of California must have an aversion to putting up speed limit signs – to which one of them immediately replied, “no, they can’t afford to put them up because they’ve blown all of their money on the friggin’ illegals!”

There is nothing racist about wanting to see the law enforced. Just having a baby in this country should not give them automatic citizenship. We do not need to roll out the red carpet and let everyone who wants to live in America come here. It is lazy, insulting and intellectually dishonest to call a person a racist for merely wanting America to be the sovereign nation that we are.

Of course, Behar and Goldberg aren’t the only ones who have said those things. Rosie O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Janeane Garofalo, Chris Matthews and a host of others have said the exact same thing. Not one of them has a shred of evidence that we’re racists. I recently heard Bill Whittle of PJTV give a speech about being in the Tea Party, and he touched on this very subject. He made a very good point: they only call us racists because they know it bothers us. He also said the fact that it bothers us should prove the truth, but these people are unwilling to see it. This is a form of bullying you’ll never hear anyone call out because they honestly believe that we deserve it. Teach tolerance!

So now we’ve gone from Tea Partiers being across-the-board racists to just hating the Mexicans. Tell me something…when you frequently say that they’re here to do the jobs that Americans won’t do, what kind of statement do you think that is? It’s not anti-American. It is, at its core, very racist. What these people are saying through that simple remark is that the Mexicans crossing our Southern border to do low-paying manual labor are uneducated and unskilled and all that they’re good for are the jobs that we don’t want.

What flabbergasts me is that the illegal rights groups parrot the sentiment.

We Will Kill You Back

My home state is set to execute Humberto Leal Garcia, Jr. today by lethal injection for the rape and murder of 16-year-old Adria Saucedo. Looking at the facts of the case and the evidence, it really is open and shut; forensic evidence along with witness testimony was absolutely damning. This morning, the Supreme Court handed down a 5-4 decision against a stay of execution. The case, however, won’t die – any more than other cases involving foreign nationals, particularly Mexicans sentenced to death in Texas. Jose Medellin was executed in 2008 despite the argument that he was never given access to the Mexican Consulate.

The argument went that Medellin, who had been brought to the United States as a small child, had never been notified of his right to notify the Mexican Consulate and seek their counsel during his trial on the same thing – double rape and murder, a crime that he committed with friends as part of a gang initiation. Evidence in that case was outrageous and could not be denied; a nylon belt belonging to one of the gang members was found broken on the body of one of the victims, the rest of the belt in possession of its owner; a ring bearing a large “E” had been stolen by another gang member and given to his girlfriend; blood was found all over the shirt of another gang member; yet another was videotaped smiling at the scene of the crime. Along with this, witnesses and gang members who testified pretty well sealed the fate of Medellin and four of his friends – they received the death penalty. Later, after SCOTUS ruled that those who committed heinous crimes while under the age of 18 could not be put to death, two of the killers had their sentences commuted to life in prison. Medellin’s trial did not end until 1997, four years after the murders, yet his lawyers had failed to mention to anyone that he’d been denied his right to speak to the Mexican consulate – even though until then he believed he was born in the US and had no idea that he was actually an illegal from Mexico.

One year after the crime that shook Oak Forest, Humberto Leal was at a party with 16-year-old Adria Saucedo. Witnesses said that Saucedo was intoxicated and high on cocaine while several men at the party supposedly raped her. She was later put in Leal’s vehicle, and multiple witnesses said she left with him; a short time later, Leal’s brother showed up in absolute hysterics, screaming that Humberto had returned home covered in blood, saying he’d killed a girl. Partygoers immediately began searching for the girl and found her dying of severe head trauma, the 40-pound asphalt rock used to beat her to death in the dirt beside her, a stick with a screw still in it protruding from her vagina.

At first, when questioned, Leal claimed that he was taking her home when she got upset and jumped out of the car. When told that his brother had also given a statement about what he’d really said, Leal corrected himself: he said she jumped out but he had followed her and pushed her down, then when he saw blood coming from her nose and mouth he ran away. Police searched his home and found Adria’s blood-spattered blouse in his room. Luminol testing showed that blood had been present on the passenger-side seat and door, but a serious attempt to clean it up had been made and there wasn’t enough left to test. Bite marks on Adria’s face and neck matched Leal’s teeth. With more than enough evidence to convict, the prosecution easily won a conviction.

There are many, however, who are screaming that he should have been given access to the Mexican Consulate.

Why? He was brought here to the US when he was not quite two years old. I’d be willing to bet he didn’t know he wasn’t a US citizen, either, and it didn’t come up until much later. The argument being made by President Obama and several others is that Texas’ refusal to stop his execution and give him a new hearing about consular access will put Americans abroad in danger of being deprived of the same right.

How is that? How often are Americans given access to our consulate in Mexico when they’re arrested for petty offenses? There are a number of stories of Americans being arrested by crooked cops and being treated horribly in squalid jail cells, their possessions stolen and sold, while families fight tooth and nail to get them the things they need, much less get them home. Talk to Dawn Marie Wilson, stopped by Mexican police with her husband on their boat just off Mexican shores. During a search of the vessel, police confiscated a prescription – written by an American doctor and filled at a Mexican pharmacy, they accused her of possession of an illegal prescription. Without access to the US consulate she was sentenced to five years in Mexican prison, where she says drugs and prostitution were rampant and there was no sanitation, running water or adequate food. She was freed in 2004 after a year and a half – and Mexican police stole her credit card, charging $4200 on it.

Ask Tillie Blount, whose son James was arrested for possession of Thorazine despite there being no history at all of drug or alcohol use. James was tossed in a dank cell with 60 other inmates and appeared to US consular officials to be disturbed when they saw him. He was beaten to death by five inmates and a guard while he paced and talked to himself in 2000.

Ask attorney Dick Atkins, who reports that thousands of Americans go to foreign jails in Mexico every year, often languishing for months without being charged – some for years without charges or trial. In Mexico, those involved in traffic accidents often go to jail if they don’t first go to the hospital, regardless of who caused it, until the investigation is complete – and he described one case where an American was rear-ended by a Mexican (yes, the Mexican caused it) and was taken to jail. In other countries, he says that food and medical care are hardly adequate (India, Mexico), it can be nearly impossible to find a person incarcerated (China, and torture is rampant (Saudi Arabia). In most other countries, pretrial detention can last for years, often without bail.

I’m sorry, but I’m having an awfully hard time feeling sorry for the animal who tortured, raped and murdered a teenage girl and left enough forensic evidence to convince Hellen Keller of his guilt. He didn’t have access to the Mexican consulate? Aw, poor baby. My heart bleeds peanut butter for him. His life in US jails and prisons has been a vacation compared to what he would have gotten in Mexico, death penalty included. At least his death will be peaceful.

I don’t believe for one second that Americans will be in any more danger overseas than they already are with things being the way they are. When was the last time you heard of a US attorney demanding $70,000, a new house and a new car from the family of a suspect incarcerated for trying to pass counterfeit money to buy prescription medication? Aside from all of that, America is a sovereign nation, one not required to obey international law. John Kerry can kiss my ass with his global litmus test…if we spend all of our time trying to make everyone else in the world happy, we’ll never get anything done. Our laws are ours, and nobody else gets a say.

Don’t whine about how bad America is. We’re a shining light in this world. If you ask me, the bad guys have it way too easy in prison. Believe me. I saw it with my own two eyes. As for Humberto Leal, he and his family wanted to live here – they get to abide by our law. Put him to death and send everyone a message that if you kill someone here, in the words of Ron White, “we will kill you back!”

Standing on Our Own Two Feet

In the past couple of months, I’ve been Aunt Mel pretty well constantly. I’ve gone from playing hero to playing house, playing kid-friendly songs on my guitar, and playing horsie. Aunt Mel briefly became a mountain to climb, then became the rescue crew for a game of, “oh no, I’m falling!” Today, just a tad earlier than expected, my two little grasshoppers – along with my brother and sister-in-law, naturally – started the journey to a duty station in Europe. They were supposed to go to Maryland, but that changed as things frequently do in the military. If Bill Cosby were still doing his remake of “Kids Say the Darndest Things”, he’d have made a small fortune with my niece and nephew. Today my nephew turned one year old, and over the past couple of months we’ve had many conversations (usually consisting of either “da” or me shaking my head and going, “aaaaahhhhh!” while he laughs at me). My niece will be three in July. She’s been walking for a while; my nephew, however, took his first real steps during their time with us and eventually began walking around all on his own. It was pretty cool when one of his early independent walking streaks was directly towards me (and the phone in my hand).

I love my brother and his sense of honor in serving our country. I love my sister-in-law for supporting him no matter what. I just wish they weren’t going to mainland Europe.

There are so many things going on right now that make me question whether this country is headed in the right direction. Just in the past week, here in Arizona, two illegal immigrants have committed serious crimes – one shot a police officer, the other allowed his 8-year-old son to play with his handgun and shoot a 2-year-old. The cop killer had been in a California prison and was incorrectly classified before release, so he wasn’t deported. According to US law, he was illegal, therefore not allowed to possess a firearm; that’s not to mention the fact that he was also a convicted felon, so legal or not STILL would not have been allowed to possess a firearm.

The other case saw a man in this country illegally possessing two .22-caliber guns, one handgun and one rifle. The handgun was on the floor next to a stuffed animal when his daughter saw it and thought the gun was a toy as well. It wasn’t until her 8-year-old brother shot her 2-year-old daughter in the face that she realized the gun was very real. The gun’s owner, as an illegal, was not allowed to possess a firearm. All of this happened in the space of a week.

Now, we have President Obama – the Big O, as I refer to him – claiming that the border is secure enough that we can “start the legalization process.” Really? How do you plan to pull this off? How are you going to talk a House Republican majority into going along with it? I promise, if an executive order is issued, you will immediately alienate all of the middle-of-the-road voters who pulled for you in the last election. It’ll also be the quickest way to get every conservative voter who didn’t vote last time to get out and make sure you’re booted out next time.

We still have drophouses being found in Phoenix. We still have massive drug busts going down involving illegals. We still have murders being committed by illegals. We’re talking about an entire community working to hide each other in plain sight and doing far more than washing dishes and picking crops (that’s what the liberals would have us all believe, that these folks are here to do the jobs that Americans supposedly “wouldn’t do”). They’re not just Mexicans, they’re not just from Central and South America. They come from all over. Here in Arizona, however, they happen to primarily be Latino. That’s not racism; it’s plain-and-simple fact. We’re just a few hours’ drive from the Mexican border.

I often wonder what kind of country we’re leaving for the next generation. What will they inherit? A justice system gone from being in crisis to being in shambles? Insurmountable debt that will be a drag on their hopes and dreams? Indoctrination of liberal, altruistic beliefs that charity must be forced and not from the heart? Laws that prevent them from defending themselves?

My nephew didn’t start walking overnight. He’d already taken his first steps before they got here, he’d just never walked without help before. It’s a difficult process; his little legs are still getting used to it. He’ll walk several steps, then fall flat on his butt. Sometimes he gets back up but more often than not he’ll just get on all fours and crawl. He never cries when he falls. He actually laughs. Sometimes he even does a little dance where he sits before crawling toward whoever he was headed for. He doesn’t give up, though. When he decides he wants something he goes for it until it’s in his tiny, slobbery little hands.

I once worked with a guy who had come out of a hardscrabble life. He’d grown up in poverty, resisted pressure from his family to quit school early and get a job to help provide for the family, worked his way through college, and ended up graduating at the top of his class and getting job offers from top-notch companies…all without owing a dime in student loans or taking a single red cent in government funds. He is, to this day, extremely proud of his accomplishments. I can only hope that the spirit that drove him – the true American spirit of standing in the face of adversity – will be absorbed by my niece and nephew. Men like my brother and my friend are willing to do what needs to be done to make this world a better place. Nothing in our Constitution guarantees that the government will be there to make the experience of working toward success easier.

It gives us the freedom to stand on our own two feet.

Do Democrats Hate Poor People?

All too often, the issues facing our country are discussed in purely political terms with partisan ideology at the center. This guarantees that opinions will be formed purely on emotion, and not the facts. If the issue is illegal immigration, Republicans hate Mexicans. If it’s education, Republicans hate children. If it’s welfare reform, Republicans hate poor people.

So on that note, let’s examine how Democrats fare under the same level of scrutiny, shall we?


Hating Mexicans

In America, we have immigration laws – like them or not. They are in place for a reason, mainly to ensure that we know who is coming here, and that we can accommodate the increase in local, state, and federal services their presence requires. Currently, we let roughly 1 million immigrants into America legally, almost 2,800 per day. Think about it: 2,800 people per day that need jobs, housing, food, education for themselves or their children, drivers licenses, social security cards, and many other necessities. Now add to that another 1 million who come in illegally, or overstay their visas. These are people we don’t know. They could be anyone from a hard-working farmer to an Al Qaeda terrorist – and anyone who tells you differently is wrong. If we don’t know who they are, then we don’t know how they aren’t. Now, while some people will say it’s racist to single out Mexicans in the illegal immigration discussion, let me explain why that is by showing you the country of origin of those living in the U.S. illegally, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

#1 – Mexico: 62%

#2 – El Salvador: 5%

#3 – Guatemala: 4%

#4 – Honduras: 3%

That’s quite a drop-off from #1 to #2, isn’t it? Also bear in mind that these 4 countries equate to 74% of our illegal immigration problem, and they all enter the U.S. through our border with Mexico. So it’s not racist to talk about our southern border, it’s REALITY.

So, don’t like the laws? Change them. But until then, the government’s job is to enforce them. And that’s what Republicans want. They want a secure border. They want legal immigration. They want those here illegally to be deported when caught, according to the law.

Now we can argue immigration reform all day, and I’m one Republican who thinks it is impossible to deport the 15-20 million people here illegally. However, until we actually pass immigration reform and discover a way to handle all of these issues, we have no choice but to enforce the laws.

But what about Democrats? Do they hate Mexicans too?

Many liberal Democrats argue against raiding businesses that hire illegals. Why? Because they will be deported, and working for $3 per hour in unsafe conditions is still better than Mexico.


If that’s the case, isn’t the problem Mexico? And if everyone with the motivation to work hard leaves Mexico, who will be left to fix it, other than the drug cartels?

So these liberals would rather have illegal immigrants working in unsafe conditions, unable to report accidents, earning slave wages – simply so they don’t have to return to their home country?


Slavery was wrong in the 19th century, and it’s wrong today. But you don’t hear anyone saying that liberals hate Mexicans, do you?


Hating Children

Education is a hot button issue that is frequently distorted into an ideological war of emotions, when in fact there is nothing emotional about it. Schools exist to educate. Period. And on that measure, they are failing.

Since 1970, our education system has flat-lined on achievement in reading and math. Despite that, we’ve increased funding exponentially with zero results. Zero. Absolutely no movement of the needle. So the answer is more money?

“Since 1971, educational spending in the United states has more than doubled, from $4,300 per student to more than $9,000 per student, adjusted for inflation.” – “Waiting for ‘Superman’”

So if money is the answer, why has money not been the answer? And does wanting the correct answer constitute hating children? Of course not. Does putting your own selfish agenda ahead of the success of our children, and our nation, constitute hating children? Judge for yourself.

Many of the obstacles to fixing our education system reside with those controlling it: Teachers’ unions.

Do not confuse teachers’ unions with other unions, or you will fall into the same trap of thinking with emotions. Unions were created to help workers negotiate for better pay and working conditions, against giants of industry who were profit-driven. Education is a non-profit endeavor, paid for by tax payers, and therefore there is no evil CEO to demonize.

There are many things that will help toward improving our education system, including the use of technology to lower the cost of educating our children as a whole, rewarding the best teachers while coaching or removing the underperformers, adequately preparing middle school children for high school, and high school children for college, and making school districts accountable to parents and tax payers.

Unfortunately, teachers’ unions do not want technology to lower the cost of education our children, because it will result in a need for less teachers – even though our school districts are wildly under-staffed as it is.

Teachers’ unions also do not want teachers to be treated differently, in any way. So rewarding great teachers, and firing bad ones, is completely off the table.

Furthermore, these unions resent standardized tests, as they do not believe the performance of students has any bearing on how qualified a teacher is. After all, they can’t make the kids learn.

In fact, according to “Waiting for ‘Superman’,” the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers (the two most organized unions) spent $55 million on federal campaigns over the past 20 years, and 90% of it went to Democrats. So, if teachers’ unions are in the way of improving education, and they donate almost entirely to Democrats, do Democrats hate children?

Let’s pretend you own your own business. Would you want to keep your good employees, and get rid of the bad ones? Would you want to reward your best people with incentives to perform well? Would you expect a return on your investment? Well none of that applies to education, mainly because of teachers’ unions.

Apparently, if you support school choice, merit pay for teachers, and accountability to parents and taxpayers, you hate children. But if you want to give those controlling our education system more money, after a 40-year track record of failure, well… you’re a kid’s best friend. (Read: nightmare)


Hating Poor People

Almost a full 50% of Americans pay no income tax. Now just to clarify, most do pay it in their paychecks, but they get it all back on their tax returns. And while they do contribute to Medicare and Social Security like all Americans do, this 50% of Americans are far more likely to need Medicare and Social Security than those who do pay income tax.

With that said, the answer to everything these days seems to be: “Tax the rich – or you hate poor people.” I guess it is perfectly okay to hate rich people. After all, rich people are the ones hiring the rest of us. But it’s not all rich people that are evil blood-sucking greed-mongers. What about actors? Hollywood is gluttonously wealthy, yet you don’t hear liberals screaming for them to hang, do you? Nobody blames the ills of society on Johnny Depp and Ben Stiller, do they? Yet from June 2009 – June 2010, they were the two highest paid actors in Hollywood, earning $75 million and $53 million respectively.

“But it’s different,” they’ll say, because people pay to go see Johnny Depp and Ben Stiller, which justifies their huge salaries. Of course that argument doesn’t seem to work for the rich guy who created Wal-Mart, an outlet in which millions of Americans pay to buy things – justifying his huge salary.

You see, it’s all about emotion. The guy who runs the business must be exploiting workers, while Johnny Depp makes people smile. Of course if Wal-Mart went out of business tomorrow, we’d see how many people would be smiling when all of their employees were out of a job, and the public could no longer buy a pair of jeans for $8 or an entertainment center for $69.

If you wanted to raise taxes on soda and bottled water, would that be good for poor people whose grocery bills would go up? Well, that’s what Democrats in New York and Nevada want to do.

Does it help or hurt poor people when gas is $4/gallon? Wouldn’t drilling for oil inside the U.S. help bring those prices down? Many Democrats are against drilling in America, even though they love beating up Republicans for going to war for oil in the Middle East. If we had more drilling here, Democrats would have one less thing to blame on Republicans – so obviously that’s out of the question.



There are many things to dislike in our country, and even some things to hate. There are a lot of things to love about American too, but most people take those for granted.

To think that Republicans hate Mexicans, children, and poor people, simply because of their political views is just plain ignorant.

I don’t think Democrats hate Mexicans, children, and poor people either. But they do hate Republicans – and that’s really what all their bitching is about.

Victim of the System

Unbelievable…President Obama’s Auntie Zeituni Onyango had a few things to say to a Boston reporter recently, and she proudly represents the entitlement group of illegal immigrants who believe America owes the world. Tip of the mean black cowboi hat to Pat over at Tammy Bruce’s site:


Outrageous. A few thoughts…

She says “the system gave it to me. I didn’t ask for it.” Really? In order to obtain public assistance in the form of housing and disability checks, you have to apply for it. If you don’t play the lottery, you can’t win; similarly, if you don’t apply for public assistance, you cannot receive it. If I lose my job, I’m not going to get unemployment by sitting in my home and whining about how terrible my circumstances are. I have to apply, answer questions, and prove that I’m continuing to apply for new jobs. Don’t give me this BS about not asking for it – if you applied for it, guess what? You ASKED for it.

She says, “I didn’t vote for your system. Go ask your system!” You’re not allowed to vote for anything, and even WE didn’t vote for this system. She says, “I’m not a criminal. I didn’t kill anybody. I didn’t steal that money.” Horsefeathers. If you didn’t pay into that system yet you benefited from it, you did steal that money, and you are a criminal. That’s not to mention the fact that you were ordered not once but TWICE to leave the country and you refused to.

What she starts out with, however, is most galling of all. “If I come to this country, you have an obligation to make me a citizen.” Wait…WHAT?!? I have an obligation to what, again? I don’t have any obligation to you at all. If you come here, you may obey the laws and apply for citizenship. You may ask our permission to remain here. If we feel that you will abide by the rules, we may give you a conditional residency but you will have to earn your citizenship here just as you would need to earn it in any other nation on this planet.

In an astounding twist, this woman was granted amnesty in May of this year.

Mountains from Molehills

The last prison facility I worked at was the Eloy Detention Center in Eloy, Arizona. It is still run by Corrections Corporation of America, better known as CCA, contracted to house ICE detainees for hearings and removal from the country. I primarily worked the night shift. I already had experience working for state corrections and had left because I simply didn’t have the patience to listen to grown men whine about how terrible it was and keep my mouth shut (imagine that!). I took the job when the full-time EMS job I’d sought didn’t pan out. I had often heard my conservative counterparts rave about how perfect an idea private corrections was, so when I was offered the job I took it eagerly. A few things were quite noticeable to me from the get-go: first of all, they didn’t fingerprint me. They didn’t ask me if I had a fingerprint clearance card, either. They asked permission to do a background check on me but never asked me about anything they found in it. I did absolutely no testing for them the way I had in state corrections (such as the MMPI, which measures your personality). The “academy” was no academy at all. I was in a training class with about thirty other people, some of them I knew from the start were only there because the company needed warm bodies to fill uniforms.

Fast forward to about three months after I finished their training. It’s right around 0200 (that’s two in the a.m.) and I’m driving a perimeter truck with a shotgun. I have the only hard rock radio station in Southern Arizona on. Suddenly, I hear a familiar voice being played over the airwaves. I turned up the volume and heard, “…yeah, I’m an inmate at an ICE detention facility in Eloy and I just wanted to say…”

That was all I needed to hear. I slammed on the brakes, got on the radio and told my lieutenant exactly what I’d heard. No inmate phone would have been able to call a radio station; inmates are only allowed to call numbers approved prior to the call to be sure they’re not going to call a victim. Plus, it’s 0200. All inmates are locked in their cells. The facility is packed to capacity and nobody but the officers are up and about. An inmate somewhere in that facility had a cell phone.

Unless you’ve worked in corrections, you cannot understand how much damage an inmate can do with a cell phone. Officers weren’t even allowed to bring cell phones inside the gates. They can call other felons they are prohibited from having contact with, coordinate delivery of all manner of contraband items (narcotics and weapons among them), give sensitive information about officers to dangerous people unimpeded, plan an escape, or – and I believe this to be the worst, even worse than jeopardizing my personal safety – contact victims to torture them further. Cell phones are strictly banned at jails and prisons across America. Yes, it was a very bad thing that an inmate had a cell phone. The next morning it was found in pieces being hidden by four different inmates. They’d had it for a week. Were I to describe anything else I know I would be treading the line between legal and illegal disclosure.

During my time at that facility, I came to realize that private corrections is quite possibly the worst idea a human being could have conceived (with the exception of communism and the atomic bomb). Officers caught bringing contraband such as narcotics and weapons or even porn, or those caught having sex with inmates would have been arrested on the spot if they’d been working for state. Not so in private corrections. You see, the arrest of an officer looks bad and has nearly guaranteed potential to cause a sharp drop in stock value for the company. Officers I knew who were caught bringing in dangerous narcotics, weapons, and other contraband items, and those caught having sex with inmates, were merely fired and walked out of the facility. At least two openly bragged to me and others about having gotten their jobs despite having done time in federal prison for aiding human smugglers (a direct consequence of not fingerprinting applicants or conducting FBI background checks). I worked with officers who had no business being officers because of physical limitations or an extreme lack of intelligence. Such facilities are not safe, neither for officers or staff.

As much as I loathe private corrections, however, I am stunned at the willful stupidity of the local media in the most recent episode of the SB 1070 saga. Here’s the report:


(It’s important to note that the footage you see is NOT the Eloy facility that the report is discussing. It’s another facility entirely.)

Okay…just a few things. Number one, you would think that a major media outlet would know the role of a lobbyist. They lobby for legislation that favors the interests of their cause or business. Hence the term lobbyist. They do not sell services to potential clients, nor do they negotiate contracts with said clients. They lobby congressmen to pass laws that would favor their industry. Neither of the two connected to CCA as lobbyists for private corrections would have had anything to do with pushing this legislation to further CCA’s interests. Which brings me to number two…the facility is ALWAYS full. The biggest problem they have is not having enough room (at least the way they see it; I personally would say they have much bigger issues). There were times when inmates were illegally stacked three to a cell because ICE didn’t have anywhere else to put them and the facility had no room left. SB1070 would only have exacerbated the problem. Unless they had begun building a new facility, which is no small undertaking and costs billions of dollars, it cannot be proven that CCA saw this as a boon to their business.

Number three, you have to bear in mind that many immigration detainees don’t go to those kind of facilities. Most are allowed to remain free and, when deported, are ordered to self-deport (often they refuse to obey the order). In those cases they never see the inside of an ICE-contracted facility. SB1070 would not have produced nearly enough bodies to justify lobbying efforts from CCA to pass the legislation.

As for the claim that Brewer is making up stories about decapitated bodies being found, CBS 5 is saying they called the ME’s offices for all of the counties along the border. They say they were told that no such bodies have been reported to them. What CBS 5 won’t tell you is that, often, without actually going and looking at the records or requesting a specific record, no medical examiner’s office is going to offer up information like that. There are times you may get someone on the phone who either isn’t allowed to speak on such claims or doesn’t actually know. So, was there a case reported recently? Likely not.

The general public doesn’t realize that they’re being quietly hoodwinked by the media. They’re still buying the MSM’s story, though. CBS 5 is making a mountain out of a molehill because as good liberals it’s their job to do so.

Nazi Racists…YOU’RE WHITE! You Don’t Belong Here!

I love this. A brown beret activist from La Raza (meaning “the race” in Spanish) shows up for a protest and immediately starts calling SB1070 supporters racists and Nazis.

What comes next will floor you…she says, “go back to Europe! This is America! You’re white, you don’t belong here!”


She is right. This is America. We speak English and we live by the rule of law. Don’t like it? Go back to Mexico.

Reality Check: The Long Reach of Illegal Immigration

My anger over the current crisis surrounding illegal immigration is a little personal. Way back in 1999, a person I worked with stole my identity – name, social security number, date of birth, address at my parents’ house, all of it – and bought a car. When the payments weren’t made the bank I worked for at the time started chasing me down. I got harassing phone calls every day from a guy who was determined in his refusal to believe that I didn’t own a fully-restored 1960’s Thunderbird. It took six months to convince them that I never applied for or ever took control of that vehicle. Believe it or not, that was far more efficient than what was about to happen.

Fast forward to 2005. At least I think that’s when it happened. Two Mexican men who worked for the same company that employed me, a small family-owned company, got their hands on my social security number and started establishing new identities. Both of them ended up getting worker’s compensation. Both opened bank accounts and credit cards. One got an auto loan and the other managed to get a mortgage (how that happened I’ve nary a clue). I didn’t know anything until I filed my tax return in 2006. Instead of the fair-sized direct deposit I expected, I got a letter. I had apparently worked THREE other jobs, collected worker’s comp at two different addresses that I didn’t recognize, and owed far more in taxes than I had paid according to the IRS.

It wasn’t until 2008 that I finally got my back returns for the previous three years combined. In the meantime, I had also begun to get letters from two banks and a lawyer regarding debt on several accounts that were somehow linked to me. It wasn’t until this year that I didn’t have any difficulty in getting tax returns paid. Five years. That is how long it took me to convince Wells Fargo, Desert Schools Credit Union, and the IRS that I hadn’t worked for a restaurant or a construction company and that I hadn’t collected worker’s comp or taken out loans for a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe or a house down on Southern Avenue. I was even threatened with the specter of imprisonment at one point – for fraud that I hadn’t committed. I never told my family and most of my friends never heard about it because I was genuinely afraid that I might be in big trouble over another person’s crime. It was a nightmare I hope never to revisit.

Today, MCSO deputies raided a local family-owned sanitation business called Parks & Sons after the company hired people who used fake ID’s and stolen social security numbers to get their jobs. The raid was the culmination of an eight-month-long investigation into a tip from an employee. As is customary now, wives showed up with a small army of children in tow, some of them crying and screaming at deputies for arresting the men. Only seven were actually taken into custody; another 40 are at large, most of whom managed to jump fences and escape as the raid began.

One woman, Maria Ruiz, said, “they’re coming here to arrest people that are here working…how come he doesn’t go to the border or to, uh, somewhere to arrest criminals? People that are on the streets? I have six kids! So what’s gonna happen now? I’m waiting for my US citizenship. My kids are US citizens! So what’s gonna happen now?” Naturally, the cameras captured her and a friend both wearing the customary “Legalize Arizona” t-shirts that anti-SB 1070 protesters wear (either it’s becoming a staple in their wardrobe or they were prepared for this incident). And they were captured crying hysterically as the MCSO paddywagon pulled away. It was all very dramatic.

There was no drama when I found out that I was being held responsible for bills I hadn’t incurred. I was the only one crying when I got a phone call from an investigator who told me that the penalty for tax fraud could be prison time. Nobody was there to crusade for me when two illegal immigrants bailed on their debts when they couldn’t find jobs and I was the only one left without a chair. I did nothing wrong, yet I paid dearly.

I get tired of hearing about how the illegals have such a rough time of it. It makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck when I see these people showing up at deportation raids wailing and gnashing teeth about how horrible it is that their loved one is being arrested. They say it’s all about racism. I say they’re full of shit. I have lived the reality of identity theft and I am angry that nobody seems to care about the fallout from these supposedly “victimless” crimes. What’s worse is that there are far worse examples out there and people have put out far more time and money than I did to clean up their credit. Some of the victims are kids who have no idea what’s in store for them – the first time they go to open a checking account, they’ll be rebuffed because there are already accounts and loans under their identity.

To Maria Ruiz and those like her, I say this: get out of my country. Stop popping out anchor babies. Stop using whatever means you think you can get away with to get jobs, bank accounts, mortgages, business loans, worker’s compensation, and unemployment benefits. The pity party is only going to get you so far. Obama won’t be in office forever. We will not allow political correctness to destroy our country.

Dereliction of Duty

I have to wish a very happy father’s day to all the dads out there…I spent the day with my dad. When I was a kid we didn’t get along. Now that I’m an adult, my dad is one of my best friends. We talked politics all day long (between episodes of Band of Brothers), and at the end we both admitted that we fear our country may already be so far down the path to destruction that it may not be salvageable.

Then, fellow blogger and friend Nic Minacapelli shared a video on Facebook that made my blood run cold. Apparently the Obama administration and Democrats are holding border security hostage – for immigration reform.


How would we like it if a cop refused to go on a call unless the city agreed to pay his mortgage? That’s essentially what Obama is saying.


My Spanish isn’t great, but if that isn’t a word it should be.

“Grindaderas” is a slur that loosely translated means “things Americans do” (use your imagination on the actual meaning…it’s not nice). It was the headline of a front-page article in a Mexican tabloid after 15-year-old Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereka was killed by a US Border Patrol agent. According to US officials, the boy was in a group on the border that retreated back across the border to throw rocks at the Border Patrol agents. The agents were arresting illegal immigrants who had just crossed the border. When I say they were throwing rocks, I don’t mean they were picking up pebbles and making the courtesy symbolic gesture you see in the movies that isn’t going to hurt anyone. They were picking up stones the size of baseballs and grapefruits and chucking them at these agents. Some agents have, in the past, been badly hurt by rock-throwing hellions in Mexico. They’ve long believed that because they’re on the Mexico side and Border Patrol agents can’t cross, they could get their pitching practice in as long as they wanted with no consequences.

Not anymore. Yesterday, Huereka was shot dead while trying to help the poor, hapless immigrants being arrested by the Border Patrol agents. Had Bush been in office there wouldn’t be much of an argument. Obama is in office, however, and we all know where this is going.

In our upside-down world, right is wrong and wrong is right. Criminals have more rights than victims do. Law enforcement officers are, more often than not, guilty until proven innocent; all the accused needs to do is claim that they were brutalized and the media reports their side of the story without question. Now, we have liberals demanding that use of force in all cases be “proportionate.”

In other words, they’re demanding that the good guys only use force in self-defense that matches the force being used by the bad guys.

Mexicans, particularly authorities up to and including el presidente Felipe Calderon, are lambasting us right now. They’ve called us all racists and pointed to Arizona SB 1070 as the cause of the shooting of the boy. They’re wailing that the use of force against the kids throwing the rocks was “disproportionate”. FBI agents trying to investigate the scene couldn’t even get close to the actual border – Mexican federales were there pointing rifles at them, threatening to kill them if they dared to cross the border. At one point agents had to retreat altogether because the federales wouldn’t even let them into the Rio Grande riverbed without shouting and pointing guns at them. Sometime in the middle of the retreat, Mexican cops crossed onto the US side, picked something up, and carried it back to the Mexico side, where they deposited the item next to the body of the dead boy.

US officials confirmed that the action was caught on video, as was the actual shooting showing the agent still on the US side. They have not yet released the video. I’m inclined to believe them considering the fact that the US Border Patrol has a long history of demonizing their own officers in the name of keeping things cool with Mexico. The existence of the video came up after a Mexican politician, Arturo Sandoval, claimed that an autopsy had revealed that the boy had been shot at “relatively close range” and that a .40 caliber shell casing was found next to his body. After this statement was made the Border Patrol immediately coughed up the video to Mexican investigators. Very little was said afterward.

Calderon, for his part, said, “[Mexico] will use all resources available to protect the rights of Mexican migrants.”

So will we, sir. Americans are getting tired of being expected to simply allow your people to come here and live whenever they please. We are tired of our people being killed by yours when they refuse to obey the law here. Our children have been raped, our police officers have been shot by thugs and run down by drunk drivers, men and women have been assaulted and killed in the name of Mexican gangs and drug dealers. We are tired of being expected to simply live with this reality. Our current President may not know where he left his balls, but the rest of us are fed up and believe me when I say we WILL put someone in office next time around who will tell you exactly where you can shove your faux outrage.

Where was your outrage over the death of officer Marc Atkinson at the hands of Mexican drug dealers who had originally “just come here to work”? Where was your outrage when a Mexican national was arrested and convicted of a string of rapes of young teenage girls? Where was your outrage when another police officer, Nick Erfle, was shot by a Mexican thug and gang member who had been deported before and was simply being asked not to jaywalk? Where the hell was all this indignation when one of your own got drunk and hit another police officer responding to an emergency and it was discovered he’d been deported multiple times and had THREE DUI warrants out for his arrest under as many different aliases?

Your anger, your self-righteous judgement of all Americans based on that anger, means nothing to us. You have done nothing to stop the flow of dangerous people into my country and they have raped, pillaged and murdered. Wherever possible, you have had the gall to feign moral superiority by refusing to extradite those hiding in Mexico if they faced the death penalty for their crimes in America.

If you really believe that the use of force was disproportionate, then I’d have to ask you why your officers were carrying fully automatic rifles and pointing them at FBI agents armed only with semi-automatic pistols. That’s a little over-the-top if we’re playing by your rules. That’s not to mention the fact that they actually verbally threatened to kill our agents if they tried to cross onto the Mexican side to even look at evidence. Another thing you’re ignoring is that the boy that was killed was actually on a list of most wanted smugglers; he was well-known to be a juvenile smuggler in the El Paso region. That won’t be important to you, though. Americans never have been.

You are quickly wearing out your welcome. If it helps to say it in your language, me estás cabreando.