Iranian Lies

The Iranians must think the entire world is blind, deaf and dumb.

News hit recently that Iranian evangelical Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani was to be executed for apostasy. It’s actually quite common to execute apostates – those who have rejected Islam as defined under Sharia – particularly in Iran. Homosexuality is immediate grounds for execution as well, and if a good Muslim in a Sharia nation tortures a homosexual, there is no punishment for the crime. Islam, especially in Arab nations, commits unbelievable atrocities with outstanding regularity and it still floors me that the Western World is snoozing while it continues.

Every once in a while, an atrocious case will hit international airwaves and the nation involved will back off. The King of Saudi Arabia famously pardoned a woman who had initially been sentenced to 90 lashes (later, upon appeal, her sentence was cranked up to 200 lashes and six months in prison) for the crime of “meeting with an unrelated male” just before seven men kidnapped and gang-raped her after the whole world found out about it and screamed bloody murder. Iranian despot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad famously claimed that Iran does not have homosexuals during a Q&A at Columbia University (the same university where liberal students loudly protested any and all conservative speakers, yet a militant Muslim dictator was allowed to lie like a cheap rug and get away with it). Now that Pastor Nadarkhani’s story has hit the headlines, Iran is making all kinds of excuses.

After American media contacts obtained copies of an Iranian Supreme Court ruling that found Pastor Nadarhkani guilty of both apostasy and proselytizing, Iranian government shills have come out with the unbelievable lie that he is actually facing execution for rape and extortion; another phrase the lying sack of beetle dung used was “security-related crimes.”

I call bullshit.

We’re talking about Iran, the most gung-ho, all-out Sharia-run nation on the planet. Even Saudi Arabia, run by Wahhabi Muslims, isn’t as brutal as Iran. Yet not one single Sharia-led nation in the Middle East has ever executed a man for raping a woman. By modern Sharia law, regardless of how scholars interpret the Qur’an and the Hadith, men are the victims; they were tempted by the woman (part of the argument often goes that the woman shouldn’t have been out without a male relative escort, which is also a crime), and that makes the woman the perpetrator. Women are commonly flogged after being raped. Men? They might get a few months in prison, flogging in severe cases, but never execution, even if a prosecutor demands it. The only time a man is guaranteed a flogging for a sexual crime is for Zina (the Arabic term for adulterous sex).

And Iran expects us to believe that a high court ruling that found this man guilty of crimes against Islam is really being executed for a crime that wouldn’t normally be a crime? Really? Did the Iranian justice system suddenly experience a change of heart? Are we to believe that Iranian judges are really going to shed a tear for a man who committed rape and they felt sorry for a female rape victim?

One thing this about-face tells me is that Iran has no intention of allowing him to be pardoned – not even if he recants Christianity and converts back to Islam. They are trying to make an example out of him. Not only has he been sentenced to death, but his lawyer has been sentenced to ten years in prison and permanently banned from practicing law just for defending him.

“Remember the prisoners as if chained with them—those who are mistreated—since you yourselves are in the body also.” – Hebrews 13:3

Iran’s “Peaceful” Nuclear Ambitions

I had a conversation with a liberal friend some time ago about nuclear weapons. It was pretty short, because I think she expected that my sexual orientation meant I believed the way she did. She made a comment that we needed to “set the example” by getting rid of all of our nuclear weapons, and when America did it, everyone else was sure to follow. We started it, right?

Wrong. Actually, it was in part German scientists defecting to the United States who helped us achieve a nuclear reaction, and they had been lucky to escape the Nazis who were not far from the same technology. The bad guys went after it, so we had to. How do you fight an enemy who wants to see your society burned to a pile of cinders and has the ability to put you in that state? You get a better weapon and you use it first. I hate to say it, but that’s the reality.

Naturally, when I said that (maybe not in so many words, but I made clear that setting an example would only leave us unprotected) she was stunned into near silence. The only reply she had was, “that’s just fear.”

HELLO! Of course it is! Do liberals really think we would want to use those kinds of weapons again? Do you think we enjoy that it had to be done in the first place? On a smaller scale, I don’t like that I have to keep a gun. It isn’t all that much fun for me. I’m not a gun collector, and I am not looking for someone to start something with me so I can use it. I keep a gun and believe in my right to do so because humanity isn’t as rational as liberals would like to think.

Take the anti-war movement. I’ve said before that liberals sing that overdone (and very irritating) John Lennon song as if conservatives didn’t give peace a chance in the first place. The entire idea here–anti-gun, anti-war, get rid of all of our nuclear weapons–is that if we just sit down and talk to the bad guys, they’ll have a change of heart and stop trying to kill us. I have to ask, do you think that would have worked with John Wayne Gacy? Or Jeffrey Dahmer? Do you think it would work with the robber who walks into a bank, fires a few shots into the air and demands that everyone hit the floor while he strips all the cash from the tellers that they have? Sure, go ahead. Just talk to him. Keep talking while he shoots you for getting in between him and what he wants.

Think about how often you have to argue with someone you don’t agree with. Why do you think that happens? Doesn’t it make sense that there are irrational, unreasonable people in this world in light of how many of those around you who disagree with your perspective? Peace isn’t something that’s just going to happen. Peace only comes about because those of us who ARE rational and reasonable understand that we will at times need to defend ourselves against those who unreasonably expect us to give them what they want.

Iran, over the weekend, announced three things. First of all, it’s dumping the plan to send their uranium stores to Russia to be enriched to 20% to be used for energy and medical treatment (that plan would have left Iran with too little uranium to make a weapon with). Second, they’re using 2000 reactors to enrich their own uranium closer to home. Third, they have made advances in laser technology that allow them to fire nearly invisible missiles.

Somebody please tell me why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad felt it necessary to announce those three things over the weekend when Iran supposedly only intends their nuclear program for peaceful ambitions.

We’re talking about a country that wants to see the Nation of Israel destroyed. Mr. Ahmindamoodforjihad has said on more than one occasion that Israel is not to be recognized. I don’t care how you translate what he said in his speech to the World Without Zionism conference in 2005, whether you say “wiped off the map” (which is the translation made by Iranians, not Americans) or “vanished from the pages of time”, he absolutely meant to infer that Israel needs to be destroyed. By arguing about the verbage you’re just playing semantics.

Iran is hostile to any non-Muslim and more so toward Jews. A nation this violent cannot, under any circumstances, be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. As soon as they’ve got ’em diplomacy is going to go out the window. “We just want energy and medical treatment” will instantly become “kill all infidels,” which will be followed by the Shahada and a very big boom. If you wish to believe otherwise, that is your choice. Just remember this: while Japan was planning to attack us at Pearl Harbor for cutting off their supplies during their invasion of Manchuria, they were pretending to be friendly. They even gave our diplomats friendship medals to signify that there were no hard feelings. Then they struck, and we had a damn hard time recovering enough to put up a defense.

Now we’re playing with much more insidious technology. The genie is already out of the bottle. We can’t put it back in. All we can do is put on our best diplomatic face and try to talk–and when that doesn’t work, we have to be willing and ready to act more decisively. Obama has already tried his “new diplomacy” with Iran. They have made fun of him. Iran has snubbed five UN resolutions and nearly as many different rounds of sanctions. How long are we supposed to keep allowing them to say “nice doggie”?

Stripped of Human Rights

In the Jerusalem Post today, an almost unbelievable story has been published detailing shocking actions by the Iranian Basiji Guards. The story was given by a proud member of the guard force after he was arrested for releasing two young teenaged girls who’d been arrested for supposedly taking part in riots and violence over the recent election scandals.

His reason?

His mother sent him to the Basiji Guards when he was only 16 after his father was “martyred” in the war with Iraq. Within two years, his superiors were so pleased with him that they bestowed upon him the “honor” of forcibly marrying young girls sentenced to execution under Sharia law. According to Sharia, a virgin cannot be executed, regardless of her crime. To get around this important religious law guards would force the girls to marry them, then rape them.

The guard who spoke said that the girls were actually more afraid of the rape than their execution, so much so that they had to be tranquilized before the deed was done. He said that by the next morning their faces would look hollow and empty–as if they were glad to be facing death.

The guard (who could not be named else he face execution himself) said that it was past experience that taught him what would happen to the two teenage girls he helped. As a husband and father now, he said he could not bear to let it happen because they were so young.

Note to those who still protest Prop 8 with signs that say “stop the Christian Taliban” and “stripped of human rights”: you have no idea what it really, truly means to be stripped of human rights. Go live in Iran, where the religious police can publicly beat and torture you–literally–for wearing clothes deemed “too Western.” Go to Iran, where you can be executed for being a woman out with no related male escort, and your execution will be made legal with a rape the night before.

THAT is what it’s like to be stripped of human rights.

Someone tell Code Pink to wake up.

The Face of The Oppressed (WARNING: Extremely Graphic!)

(Sorry I was gone so long, ya’ll. Be sure to read Philip’s posts, because he was gone far longer and I love his most recent posts; Steve drew in over a hundred comments on his latest post, so we know we’re getting to the libs!)

Neda, known to bloggers for her Twittering of the protests in Iran, was a beautiful young philosophy student out covering the protests last week when a Basij (Iranian paramilitary who takes orders from the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard) shot her to death. Here is a short clip of the protest before the shooting (keep an eye on the man in the blue striped shirt–she’s with him, and via Allahpundit at Hot Air, he’s her music teacher):


Minutes later, this was the scene (this is extremely graphic, so be forewarned):


I’ve seen a person die in this fashion before. What’s disturbing to me about this is that Neda was completely innocent. It was the government that killed her, and they did it to suppress the voice that she provided to the world so we could all know the truth about what’s going on in Iran.

Neda was not armed, nor were the protesters with her. They were not throwing rocks, bottles, or any other bludgeons. The Basij (read: coward) who shot her was hiding on a rooftop nearby and didn’t even have the balls to look her in the face. In the second video, you hear her music teacher saying “Neda, don’t be afraid…Neda, stay with me!” in Farsi. So far, 32 have been killed by police and Basij forces, hundreds have been badly injured and thousands have been jailed. All for questioning the outcome of the elections in which Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was supposedly re-elected.

FACT: in more than 50 Iranian states, more votes were cast than there were eligible voters to cast them. FACT: media was shut down in Iran on the day of the elections to halt reporting on the results. FACT: cell phones were jammed by government workers to stop communications during the elections. FACT: interior employees of Ahmadinejad’s government managed to get word out before the election that the government had already rigged the election. FACT: the election was fixed by Ahmadinejad and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in an effort to stop the more moderate Mir-Hossein Mousavi from undoing all of the power plays the government had managed to accrue in the past several years.

Internet access has been all but shut down by the government in recent days in an effort to stop news of the protests and military crackdowns from being seen by the rest of the world. Some photos and Twitters are still getting out because of the bravery of Iranians who refuse to be silenced. It took Obama days to speak out against Ahmadinejad’s cruelty. The whole world is watching, and Neda has become a heroine and a rallying cry for those unwilling to accept what’s happening. It should be noted as well that the regime shut down Neda’s memorial service.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the face of the oppressed:


The Real Self-Haters

We get a lot of liberal gays coming to tell us that we’re a troupe of self-haters here at “How can you be gay and conservative at the same time?!?” they scream. “That’s like a Jew calling himself a Nazi!”

I routinely become very irritated with those people because they’re being exactly what they call conservatives: closed-minded, intolerant bigots who can’t listen to anyone but those they agree with. Well, they’re being out-classed, and by the same people they tie their allegiance to. In fact, I daresay they’re all in the same boat on this issue.

Roxana Saberi is an American journalist. She was arrested by the Iranian government earlier this month for allegedly buying bootleg wine. A few days later, Iran said that she had been arrested for working as a journalist in Iran without a permit. On April 19, after a one-hour trial, she was convicted of espionage and sentenced to eight years in prison. Now, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian “president”, stated publicly that Saberi was to be allowed a full defense. However, when it came down to the trial, neither Saberi nor her lawyer were informed of the date or time of the trial–neither knew until the trial had been underway for fifteen minutes, and according to reports from Saberi’s father they found out about it by accident. In one hour, without being allowed to defend herself at all, Saberi was sentenced to eight years in Evin prison, notorious for its political prisoners and believed to be the dumping grounds for many Americans and other international prisoners still being held illegally by the Iranians.

Many are calling this an outrage, and rightly so. Why couldn’t they get it right the first time they arrested her? Why couldn’t they decide what they were arresting her for? And a full defense? Come on. It was a farce and the Iranians know it. They wanted nothing more than an excuse to throw another Westerner in prison. If they can’t attack us outright, they’ll go the back way. Kill all infidels–one way or another.

But some of those calling Saberi’s imprisonment and non-trial an outrage have long been outspoken opponents of the sanctions against Iran. They’ve demanded that we be more “diplomatic” somehow in our dealings with the extremist theocracy (this while they accuse Bush of founding a “theocracy” in America and screaming that we weren’t more diplomatic with Iraq). We shouldn’t impose sanctions over their nuclear program, they say, because they’re just generating energy. Get out of Iraq, stay out of Iran. Can’t we just keep to ourselves?

Sure…the problem lies with the Iranians. We never started this fight. Yet again, we’ve forgotten that we’re dealing with a culture that believes it is their mandate from their god to kill anyone who does not adhere to Sharia law. They don’t recognize any international law, let alone the laws that govern the countries of the people they’ve tossed in prison to rot. But we’re supposed to be the diplomatic ones. Someone please tell me how you restore diplomacy with a nation that isn’t interested in diplomacy?

In the line of work I’ve been in for most of my life, I’ve learned that there are many people in this world who don’t want to be reasonable. They want what they want and they’re not going to stop until they get it. How do you talk down an inmate who is in prison for the rest of his life while he’s got your partner in a chokehold with a knife in his hand? That guy has nothing to lose. What do you say to him when he knows that no matter what, he’s going to be behind bars for the rest of his natural life? How can you make things worse for him?

Now apply that principle to the extremists in Iran. They believe Allah will be angry with them if they fail to do what they’re doing. How do you argue with that? What do you say to a person who believes their god has commanded them to kill anyone who refuses to convert to their religion? With Western Christians you can at least sit down and have a civil conversation. As much as I’m sure most of the gay community would like to believe Christians are the extremists, I’ve had more meaningful conversation with the Christians I know than I’ve ever seen occur with some Muslims in this world, particularly in Iran.

Jeneane Garofolo proved she is a self-hater by claiming that any and all disagreement by white people is racism. Many a congressman and senator has admitted self-hate by demanding that, many generations after the fact, we pay reparations to certain races for crimes we never committed. And a small horde of Americans have admitted self-hate by demanding that we try diplomacy long after it has failed with a people who have enjoyed watching us sputter and trip over ourselves trying to follow their dance. Roxana Saberi deserves more support from the American people. But the real self-haters are never going to acknowledge her need because it would be tantamount to admitting that we’ve been wrong all this time–and Iran really can’t be reasoned with.

The real self-haters would rather go to their graves defending themselves with words than ever put up their dukes and fight.

Oh Really: Obama and Iran

Well kids – it looks like it’s time for another game of “Oh Really?” (conservative-style).  The subject of this edition?  The illustrious Mr. Obama.

The messiah – having solved the economic crisis, lowered the sea levels, ended poverty, and achieved global harmony – decided to turn his focus to more leisurely endeavors.  Things like filling out his NCAA basketball bracket, making fun of the handicapped with Jay Leno on national television and making sweet videos for the Iranians.  This last one really blew my mind.

Get this line of bull. 

President Barack Obama is reaching out to the Iranian people in a new video with Farsi subtitles, saying the U.S. is prepared to end years of strained relations if Tehran tones down its bellicose rhetoric….

“So in this season of new beginnings I would like to speak clearly to Iran’s leaders,” Obama said in the video. “We have serious differences that have grown over time. My administration is now committed to diplomacy that addresses the full range of issues before us, and to pursuing constructive ties among the United States, Iran and the international community….”

In his message Friday, Obama had a warning for Tehran: “This process will not be advanced by threats. We seek instead engagement that is honest and grounded in mutual respect.”

“You, too, have a choice. The United States wants the Islamic Republic of Iran to take its rightful place in the community of nations,” Obama said. “You have that right, but it comes with real responsibilities, and that place cannot be reached through terror or arms, but rather through peaceful actions that demonstrate the true greatness of the Iranian people and civilization.”

So, Mr. Obama – you think that 30 years of US policy aimed at Iran is wrong-headed and stubborn?  Ronald Reagan, George HW, George W and, yes, even Bubba were misguided in their attempts to punish Iran for their support (financial and military) of terrorist groups.  The Iranian calls for the destruction of Israel were just silly little words.  And Iran’s insistance on pursuing nuclear weapons is just a little misunderstanding.  After all they are just a “tiny country” that poses no threat, right?


And so – Mr. Obama, Mr. President, Barry ole pal – you’re gonna undo 30 years of “misguided” US policy towards Iran by making a sweet, precious video.  You’re going to extend the hand of friendship to Iran’s theocratic thugs.  They just need to be not-so-mean – play nice, say nice things about others, and maybe smile a little more.  That’ll solve everything, eh?


Well, buddy.  Iran’s supreme dude, responded to your video message.  You know what he said?

Khamenei set the bar impossibly high — demanding an overhaul of U.S. foreign policy, including giving up “unconditional support” for Israel and halting claims that Iran is seeking nuclear arms. Iran insists its nuclear program is only for peaceful energy purposes.

“Have you released Iranian assets? Have you lifted oppressive sanctions? Have you given up mudslinging and making accusations against the great Iranian nation and its officials?” Khamenei said in a speech in the northeastern city of Mashhad. The crowd chanted “Death to America.”

“He (Obama) insulted the Islamic Republic of Iran from the first day. If you are right that change has come, where is that change? What is the sign of that change? Make it clear for us what has changed.”

Oh no.  Sounds like they aren’t gonna play nice, Mr. Obama.  Of course – it wasn’t all bad for you.

Still, Khamenei left the door open to better ties with America, saying “should you change, our behavior will change, too.”

Well, there you have it, Barry.  All we have to do is concede that the US has been wrong for 30 years and change our ways.  Just denounce Israel, back off the nuclear thing and turn a blind eye to Iranian support for Hamas and Hezbollah.  That shouldn’t be too hard for you.  You already have your folks kissing Syria’s rear-end, and you’re going to give the Palestinians nearly 1 billion of American taxpayer dollars (we don’t need that money anyway).  So, acquiescing to Iran’s demands just seems to follow the natural course of things.  Then all the radical Islamist guys over there will love us and stop killing us.  And we will all have you to thank, Mr. President.

Let’s take a break now.  The point of “Oh Really?” is to point out that someone has lost touch with any semblance of reality.  Obama has reached that point.  He has gone and humiliated the United States with this garbage, making us appear weak and, quite frankly, ignorant.  You want mutual respect from Iran, Barry.  Did you hear any respect from Khameni?  I sure as hell didn’t. This is unforgivable.

Mr. Obama – there have been many Euro-liberals before you who have tried this approach with Iran and their ilk.  They thought that we just weren’t open enough.  We just needed to try and be understanding, culturally-sensitive and open to dialogue.  Where the hell did that get any of them?  Iran’s behavior has not changed despite this kowtowing, ass-kissing type of message.  You think this will all change just because it came from you, Mr. Obama?  I realize that you might believe it will.  After all – you are the messiah.  And you are accustomed to the adulation and adoring crowds who take your every word as gospel.  Hope and change, dude. Hope and change.

Well, here’s a message for you.  You and the Ivy League nerds that comprise your administration are naive at best and dangerous at worst.  Your socialist/marxist professors indoctrinated you with worthless, failed economic theory.  They made you believe that a socialist, utopian economy and social structure could actually work despite the fact that it has failed over and over again.  Similarly, you guys were brainwashed by American-hating “educators” who railed against those damned neocons.  They taught you that you must be embarrased by your nation.  They threw around phrases like “social justice” and “hegemony” to emphasize the need for your guilt.

And, so, it leads you to do something as shameful and ridiculous as this.  The slap in the face that you received from Iran should be a lesson to you.  But I doubt you learn that lesson.  You and your kind are oblivious and blind.  There is no hope for you.  The only hope is that your presidency is short and that the damage you do can be undone by those who come after you.



From Iran, With Love

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the “president” of Iran, recorded a holiday message for the world to be played on Britain’s Channel 4. As is typical with him, Mr. Ahmindamoodforjihad spews lies and practically froths at the mouth in vague (but not unidentifiable) references to America:

“[If Jesus were alive, he would] stand with the people in opposition to bullying, ill-tempered and expansionist powers…If Christ were on earth today, undoubtedly He would hoist the banner of justice and love for humanity to oppose warmongers, occupiers, terrorists and bullies the world over.”

Say WHAT?!?

This is coming from the guy who called for the eradication of Israel. He also denied the holocaust as a “myth.”  I’m curious to know how he defines “warmongers, occupiers, terrorists and bullies” in light of what his religious police do:


Those are toilet watering cans, used by Iranians in place of toilet paper, and the morality police are requiring these guys to suck on them…while they whip and mercilessly beat them.  They’re later taken away and punished further.


Note to all the gay activists out there: THIS is what it looks like when you’re really stripped of your human rights!


What was their crime, you ask?  They were dressed in a manner deemed “too Western.”  Soccer jerseys are apparently a sin, as are blue jeans and shaggy hair.  I guess I’m going straight to hell!

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.  Someone look at these pictures and tell me that diplomacy is going to work with these guys.  I dare you.

It’s a little hard to take this guy seriously when all he does is lie like a fake Persian rug.  Then again, we’re talking about a Christmas message from a Muslim who wanted to lay a wreath at Ground Zero in memory of the hijackers who murdered 3,000+ innocent people.  He doesn’t even believe in Christ!

Smack me on the wrist now.  Bad Mel!  How Islamophobic of you!

Think Before You Vote

I ended up too busy with guests at home yesterday to post…so I’ll do it today.

I’ve talked before about the difference between thinking with one’s emotions and thinking with one’s logic.  Some of the conversations I’ve had lately have once again put this issue in the forefront of my mind, as I think there are still far too many people who base their reactions to certain things–such as politics–on their emotional feelings rather than logic.  I met a lady yesterday who is an absolute joy to spend time with, but one of the conversations we had reminded me starkly of the same conversation I’ve had with several people.

There are a handful of reasons why several of those I know are voting for Obama, but the same two keep being paraded out by everyone: abortion rights and “diplomacy”.  I have to say, there are many much larger reasons to consider before voting this year, and the diplomacy argument isn’t being considered past your own living room.  You have to really think, and genuinely expand what you know before you can say you really know why you’re voting a certain way this year.

Abortion is a big reason for a lot of women.  This, I say again, is NOT serious enough to be the sole reason to vote for any candidate, let alone our next President.  Personally, I believe abortion should be outlawed past a certain point; I believe partial-birth abortion should be outlawed as cruelty and there should be laws (ones that Obama has never supported) that protect babies delivered alive during certain abortion procedures.  I think the morning-after pill is perfectly acceptable.  Too many women, though, say they don’t want Palin to be one step away from the Presidency because they think her religion is her “agenda” somehow.

Let’s talk about Palin’s religious agenda.  That argument is stricken dead by Palin’s own record.  In her first year as governor of Alaska, the people of her state overwhelmingly voted to approve a ballot measure that would have banned gay partners of state employees from receiving benefits the way married couples do.  Yet when the resolution hit her desk, Palin unequivocally vetoed it.  If her religion is her agenda, she hasn’t shown it.  There’s no evidence of this.  Try again.

What about the War on Terror?  Has anyone considered this?  Another issue commonly raised is that we’re somehow not being “diplomatic” enough in our dealings with other countries.  I beg to differ.  We’ve been nothing but diplomatic with Iran.  Part of diplomacy means that when you’re done talking, if nothing has been accomplished, you let the other guy know that you will use force if necessary.  We’ve been very diplomatic with North Korea and Russia.  We’ve been diplomatic with everyone–even Iraq.  Bush gave Saddam the opportunity to snap to and start following the terms of surrender laid down for him in the first Gulf War, and he refused to do it.  So, Bush told him that he had until a certain date to have a change of heart, lest he be invaded.  Two days before we invaded, a massive movement of something into Syria was recorded by US military intel on satellite images.

We’ve tried diplomacy.  Where it doesn’t work, you have to be willing to stop talking, roll up your sleeves, and take a huge swing at the bad guy’s proverbial chin.  You can only talk so long before diplomacy becomes useless.  We tried diplomacy with Jimmy Carter back in the ’70’s, when Iranian radicals took the American Embassy in Tehran and held the employees hostage for over a year.  The day Reagan was inaugurated, they let the hostages go without precondition.  They knew that Reagan would beat them to death if they didn’t.  When diplomacy didn’t work with Moammar Quaddafhi, Reagan bombed the guy’s complex; he stopped supporting terrorism immediately because he knew we weren’t kidding.

Barack Obama wants to downscale our military the way Clinton did.  Clinton spent eight years downscaling our military; by the time he left office, military spending had been cut by more than 35%.  Nine months later we watched the towers fall in New York.  Coincidence?  I think not.

You have to stop feeling and start thinking.  You have to read both sides of every issue before making a decision based on a gut reaction.  If you’re not making an attempt to be logical about it, you may be making the most grave mistake of our generation.

A Nuclear Conflict Of Interest


This one has always been in the back of my mind. Nah.  It’s been at the front of my mind.  I don’t want to sound un-PC.  But I will. When you put someone named Mohammed ElBaradei in charge of the IAEA (International  Atomic Energy Agency) and charge them with investigating Iran’s nuclear activities – what do you expect?

Hurl your accusations of racism or nationalism or whatever at me, but not before you read this article from the Wall Street Journal that simply confirms what I have believed aboutMr. ElBaradei all along.  ElBaradei is a fraud who exhibits anti-Western and anti-Israeli tendencies. 

Mr. ElBaradei’s report culminates a career of freelancing and fecklessness which has crippled the reputation of the organization he directs. He has used his Nobel Prize to cultivate an image of a technocratic lawyer interested in peace and justice and above politics. In reality, he is a deeply political figure, animated by antipathy for the West and for Israel on what has increasingly become a single-minded crusade to rescue favored regimes from charges of proliferation.

Mr. ElBaradei assumed the directorship on Dec. 1, 1997. On his watch, but undetected by his agency, Iran constructed its covert enrichment facilities and, according to the 2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate, engaged in covert nuclear-weapons design. India and Pakistan detonated nuclear devices. A.Q. Khan, the Pakistani nuclear godfather, exported nuclear technology around the world.

Why trust this man?  He has shown no propensity to curb third-world nuclear proliferation anywhere on the globe, much less in Iran.  Yet someone hands him a Nobel prize and declares him a demi-god?  More likely that was done because of his opposition to the US and their attempts to keep maniacs like Ahmadinejad from achieving nuclear capabilities.  ElBaradei is a Muslim sympathizer.  His record speaks for itself.

The IAEA director seems intent on undercutting Security Council diplomacy. Just weeks after President George Bush toured the Middle East to build Arab support for pressure on Tehran, Mr. ElBaradei appeared on Egyptian television on Feb. 5 to urge Arabs in the opposite direction, insisting Iran was cooperating and should not be pressured. And as he grows more and more isolated from Western powers intent on disarming Iran, Mr. ElBaradei has found champions in the developing and Arab world. They cheer his self-imposed mission — to hamstring U.S. efforts to constrain Iran’s program, whether or not the regime is violating its non-proliferation obligations or pursuing nuclear weapons.

Yeah.  Sorry.  Muslim sympathizer.  He is an apologist for Islamist regimes like Iran and a protector of any other tin-pot dictatorship that antagonizes the US and the West with threats of nuclear weapons.  I want to know who the hell put this guy in charge of the IAEA in the first place.  He is biased, has a political agenda and does not serve his office or the international community well.  It’s time to “can” ElBaradei before it’s too late.

Who’s Stopping Him From Getting the Hell Out of Here, Anyway?

Obviously, this Kevin Sites “journalist” had nothing negative to write on the war in Iraq this week since even liberals now have to admit the success of the troop surge and the massive decline in violence.  It kills ’em, doesn’t it?  This week, he chooses to showcase an Arab with a chip on his shoulder about the FBI investigating him after having good reason to do so.

The Arab in question is 35-year old Hasan Elahi who was investigated by the FBI after the agency was given tip about a storage shed he had rented which was believed to have been filled with explosives and emptied right after 9/11. 

After being investigated, Elahi was cleared of suspicion by the FBI.  Now; of course, he has a chip on his shoulder about it and has decided to videotape every single moment of his life and share it with us all on the web.  So; in other words, he’s violating his own “right to privacy” now.

In being interviewed by Kevin Sites, Elahi said:

We’re in this mentality where anyone who looks a little bit different is automatically a suspect.

NO!  The FBI was given a tip about a storage shed he had rented and merely followed through on it! 

You know when Ann Coulter talked about the Jersey Girls and the old Democratic trick of using “victims” as spokespeople?  Someone now who was appalled to be a suspect now feels compelled to share every moment of his life with us on a website?  Do the words “attention whore” come to anyone else’s mind?

I’m not sure if he’s checked the statistics but 100% of attacks overseas and on our own soil were committed by Arabs.  100% of the men who committed 9/11 were Arab men.  If 100% of the people killed overseas and in the World Trade Center on September 11th were all Arabs, perhaps I wouldn’t feel the same way.  But all people are falling victim to this lunacy.  All people are suffering because of a certain colored skin that manages to remain at 100% when it comes to calculating those involved in attacks with bombs strapped to their chest and simultaneously shouting “Allah Akbar!”  If it were up to me, more of them would be investigated while standing in line at airports but they are not.

While I completely agree with the notion that the majority of Muslims are peaceful, the fact becomes less vivid every single day when someone like this chooses to showcase his “peace” by attacking the United States government because it’s doing everything in its power to protect 300 million lives! 

Moreover; his claim of being looked at because of the way he looks is preposterous in his specific case!  The FBI were given a tip!  What did he expect them to do with it?

If overfed Polish boys were guilty of the same thing and someone had reason to believe I was a threat, I would expect nothing but the same thing that happened to Elahi. 

Taking into account the fact that 100% of Democrats’ hope that the U.S. would sustain an embarrassing loss in Iraq have diminished, I see now that certain liberal journalists have shifted the attention somewhere else.

Kevin “Drama-Queen” Sites; the magnificient journalist that he is, begins the article (which includes a video) by asking:

What would you do if you were suspected of a crime that could send you to a jail cell in Guantanamo Bay for untold years?

Well, I’d like to end this post by asking three things:

  1. Why in the hell was he allowed to stay in the United States when it was even suspected that he had explosives removed from a storage shed after 9/11!?
  2. If he doesn’t understand that there are 299,999,999 other people residing in this country that need protection from people that look like him, why doesn’t he use his P/R to attack the crazy lunatics that have brought this kind of embarrassment onto him?  No, somehow the U.S. Government is who he has the problem with.  If you ask me, the U.S. Government might need to take one more look!
  3. If he truly doesn’t understand why we have to be protected, why the hell doesn’t he just leave?

The sad fact is he was suspected to have had explosives stored in a rented shed AFTER 9/11 and he was still allowed to stay in the country during the investigation.  The moral of the story here isn’t that his life was terribly interrupted, rather that the Patriot Act isn’t harsh enough.