Mondale: Still Sore From ’84?


Former Vice-President, Walter Mondale wrote a column in today’s Washington Post in which he exudes fond memories of Carter’s move to “make the most of” the “underused asset” known as the office of Vice-President.

In a book-report that focuses on our current Vice-President; Dick Cheney, Mondale remembers the days of the Carter administration with fondness.

“I remain enormously proud of what we did in those four years, especially that we told the truth, obeyed the law and kept the peace.”

That’s a pretty strong statement for the Vice-President of an administration that allowed Islamic fanatics to overthrow the Shah of Iran.  Did the Carter administration fight back like Reagan or Bush or Cheney would have?  I seem to remember an embrace of the new Iranian government by the United States (led by Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale).  After that diplomatic and peace-loving decision was executed, Carter couldn’t even retain the backbone to cut off all ties to the Shah when he let him back into our country to get treatment for the Carter/Mondale- knife he had in his back cancer at the Mayo Clinic in 1979, which of course led to the hostage crisis in Tehran that lasted 444 days.

Apparently, Carter and Mondale were such “peace” activists, they still couldn’t figure out which team they were batting for. 

Carter then decided it was time to toughen things up a bit by executing Operation Eagle Claw on April 24, 1980.  In this attempt to end the crisis that Carter was initially responsible for, five USAF Airmen and three U.S. Marines were tragically killed.

This was the first major Jihadist-association-happening in U.S. history that demonstrated the left’s “be nice to our enemies” plan by exercising the kind of “diplomacy” that Barack Obama is campaigning on now.

Mondale continues his fond recollections of his special relationship with Carter.

“Every Monday the two of us met privately for lunch; we could, and did, talk candidly about virtually anything.”

Apparently, devising clever military strategies was not part of their happy-meal repartee.  Come to think of it, clever economic and unemployment strategies were not part of it either. 

To their credit, they did manage to drum up a nomination and confirmation of Judge Anna Diggs Taylor (a left-winger), who last year struck down Bush’s NSA Spying program (with the help of the ACLU).  Thankfully, just a few short weeks ago, her enemy-helping ruling was overturned.

It is apparent to me that whenever any liberal talks about “peace” or “law”, it’s just a shifty way of advocating the far stretches of both desired elements.  Every decision made during their administration along with current decisions made by their judicial appointees boil down to one ideal: help the enemies escape, be nice to them, and hope they don’t hit us while our necks are buried in the sand.

Mondale might want to think back to 1984 when he decided to run against Reagan and lost in 49 out of the 50 states in this country.  The only state he managed to pick up was his own of Minnesota; where even there, he only won by 3,200 votes.  America remembered the backlash of thoughtless and irresponsible “be nice” policies of Democratic politicians.  Either Mondale (along with left-wing blogs, front-running Democratic-Presidential candidates, and all of the mainstream media) is suffering from major political amnesia or he really does wish for the destruction of America.

What more proof do we need than the facts of Democratic policies along with Mondale’s charge of criminality against the current Vice-President?

“It was Cheney who persuaded President Bush to sign an order that denied access to any court by foreign terrorism suspects and Cheney who determined that the Geneva Conventions did not apply to enemy combatants captured in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

To begin with, it is not only Dick Cheney that understands the fact that terrorists are not uniformed combatants represented by a formal military.  Moreover; if Carter and Mondale would have decided to take our enemies seriously back when they were showing the warning signs, it would have never progressed to the level that is has to today.

Forgive Bush and Cheney; sir, for attempting the clean up the mess that you and Carter made 28 years ago. 

Word To Your Mullah!

I’m constantly amazed at the international community’s tolerance of Iran.  I’ve always said that, in retrospect, we should have ignored Sadaam and gone after the nutjobs in Persia.  Nevertheless, we are stuck with a theocracy and an insane madman, Ahmadinejad, who threaten to destabilize the Middle East and place nuclear weapons into the hands of terrorists.  So what do we do?

 ENGAGE THEM! (of course)

Taking a page from the Madeline Albright and Bill Richardson book of “How To Appease Dictators To Make Friends,” the Bush administration has decided to engage Iran despite Iranian obstinance on important matters, its obvious sponsorship of terrorists, and its refusal to give up the pursuit of nuclear weapons.  If you don’t understand the threat posed by the mullahs, I would simply refer you to this piece by Caroline Glick, a Jerusalem Post commentator.

Russia, France and China consistently coddle this dictatorship, buying them the precious time they need to complete their pursuit of nuclear weapons.  Israel, who has been threatened with extermination by Iran, and the US should be actively working to stifle the threat.  This is not to mention Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt – all Sunni nations who are inherently threatened by Iranian hegemony.  Nevertheless – everyone seems to be covering for Iran.

Pressure on the US from Europe and the Democrats has led the Bush administration to engage in pointless talks with Iran.  The spineless government of Israeli PM, Ehud Olmert, has backed down and sought to entertain discussion with Iran’s puppet state – Syria.  The Middle East “moderates” have taken a stance of appeasing Iran in the naive hope that they can limit Iran’s threat to supporting insurgencies in Afghanistan and Iraq (they’re next – trust me). Europe and China?  Don’t make me laugh.

I don’t know the answer to solve the Iran problem, but I do know this –

  1. The US should not be engaging in talks with the #1 terrorist sponsor on the planet.  We have never dealt with terrorists in the past.  Why start now?
  2. Israel needs to elect Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party so that the nation of Israel will have a chance.
  3. Businesses in the US must refrain from any investments in any companies that have anything to do with Iran.
  4. Someone needs to splash some cold water on Saudi Arabia et al and make them realize that Shi’ite Iran will kick their Sunni butts in a New York second if given the opportunity.

Don’t look for Iran to change simply because the international community chooses to engage them or because Olmert chooses to ignore them.  The mullahs only understand one language – resolve.  Just as Iran is resolved to develop nuclear weapons and finance terrorist activites, the international community should be equally resolved to stop the #1 threat on the globe today.  Until that time, Iran will continue their activities and look to buy themselves time and cover for their dangerous pursuits in any deceptive manner possible.

UpdateHow’s that for timely?  Check this out.