I still remember where I was on February 26, 1993. I was in the 8th grade at Pine Drive Baptist Christian School in Dickinson, a suburb of my hometown of Houston, Texas. My family was talking about moving at the time but had not yet decided. My grandmother, affectionately known as “Nana,” was still with us, though only for another month (she was complaining of headaches at the time and had to cancel an outing to a jazz concert later on). I didn’t know what time it happened because I didn’t find out about it until I got home from school that day. It was the only thing on TV, though, and it was all we watched.

In the following days it was all that was discussed. Six people died and more than a thousand were injured. It wasn’t the first time Muslim terrorists had attacked Americans. The last time had been during the Reagan administration. Reagan, however, refused to tolerate it. After the Beirut barracks bombing in 1984 and the bombing of a Berlin discotheque in 1986, Reagan finally had enough and bombed Moammar Qaddafhi and his support of Hezbollah straight to hell. The US didn’t hear much from Qaddafhi after that.

Clinton never got the memo, I guess. When the World Trade Center was bombed on that chilly February day in 1993, he did nothing. He handed it over to civilian investigators and, once the perpetrators were caught, prosecuted them in civil courts. By this time the Arab Muslims already knew they were at war with America. They had known for some time, and we were still sitting on our duffs when Ramzi Yousef wrote letters to every major New York press agency in the weeks leading up to the bombing. The plan was for the ton-plus urea nitrate truck bomb to send the North Tower toppling into the South Tower. I suppose we should have thanked God in Heaven that Yousef and his handlers didn’t know much about architecture; if they had, they may have parked the bomb closer to the North Tower’s concrete foundation and 9/11 would never have happened. If Yousef had gotten what he’d wanted, the towers would have come down that day and tens of thousands would have died.

The argument among liberals today goes something like this: Osama said that he attacked America all those times because America occupied the Arabian peninsula! That, ladies and gentlemen, is a cop-out, one meant to make the libs feel better about being anti-war. In truth, our issues with the Arab Muslims goes all the way back to the Barbary Wars. Back then, fledgling America was paying a couple million annually (translating to a couple billion in our terms today) to Muslim pirates attacking coastal towns and taking hostages. Finally, Thomas Jefferson wanted to know why they were doing it, so he asked the emissary of the Pasha of Tripoli. That emissary told him the Qur’an gave them the right to do it, and in fact they were mandated by Sharia to take everything from infidels. Jefferson read the Qur’an cover to cover and promptly went to war. During both major engagements, the American military handed the Arabs their backsides. In both instances we fought mercilessly until they begged us to stop. That was the only thing that worked then; it is the only thing that will work now.

Most people don’t remember the first WTC bombing because only six people died. Most news outlets didn’t even give it an inch of print space today. Here, however, are the sobering reminders that whether we like it or not, we’re at war – and failure to react accordingly will only result in further death and destruction:

(Oh, and I have to mention this, too…know how the Democrats have been wailing and gnashing teeth over the USA PATRIOT Act? Well, Democrats voted to extend it this week! And if you’ll notice, it was buried in a mountain of BS news about healthcare reform!)

Yes, I am STILL Islamophobic

Back in 2008, I posted a blog on my MySpace page about Islam’s use of our own culture to beat us down. That was what started it all: Steve, Philip and I became buddies and the world has never been the same since (well…at least for about two-hundred-odd people who read us!).

Today, in light of the most recent goings-on, I decided it’s time to write another one. Ibrahim Hooper, head of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, came out swinging today, accusing CPAC of engaging in “Muslim-bashing” during their conference. So it’s time for those of us who understand what’s going on to stand and be counted.

On April 18, 1983, a stolen truck drove into the driveway/breezeway area of the US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. Shortly thereafter it exploded. 63 were killed, including 17 Americans. Immediately afterward an anonymous call was placed to a news agency placing blame with Islamic Jihad, a wing of Hezbollah funded by Iran. The caller stated that the Muslim organization was striking imperialist nations all over the world.

If believing that this was less an attack on Americans in Lebanon than an attack on Americans by Muslims, then yes, I am islamophobic.

On October 23 of the same year, a suicide bomber driving a yellow delivery truck crashed through the outer gate and into the lobby of the US Marine Corps barracks at the Beirut airport. The bomber, upon coming to a stop, detonated the bomb inside, killing a total of 241 American Marines, Sailors and Soldiers. The rescue operation took days and workers had to dodge sniper fire. Several claimed responsibility but again, Islamic Jihad came out on top.

If believing that this was also more of an attack on Americans by Muslims, then yes, I am Islamophobic.

On June 14, 1985, TWA flight 847 was hijacked by Lebanese Muslims demanding the release of more than 750 Lebanese prisoners in Israel. Seven passengers believed to be Jewish were taken off the flight and shipped to Beirut. On the second day of the hijacking, US Navy Seabee Diver Robert Stethem was beaten to death and dumped onto the tarmac so the world would know the terrorists were serious. The standoff lasted for two weeks while the plane’s electrical system failed, heat in the cabin became stifling and the lavatory could no longer be used. In 1997 one of the at-large hijackers was arrested and tried in Germany after smuggling liquid explosives. He was sentenced to life in prison but the gutless Europeans released the bastard in 2005 to Lebanon.

If believing that this act was Islamic terrorism growing into something worse, then yes, I am Islamophobic.

On December 21, 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. All 259 souls on board along with 11 innocents on the ground died. During the days following the attack it was revealed that a number of European countries had been warned that an attack was being planned against Americans in an effort to sabotage peace talks between US officials and members of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). Libyan national Abdelbaset Ali Al-Megrahi was arrested, tried and convicted. Despite multiple claims and conspiracy theories about his guilt every Scottish and British court has upheld his conviction. Last year, he was released on “compassionate grounds” after being diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer; he received a hero’s welcome in Libya and immediately disappeared.

If believing that Megrahi should have died in prison makes me so, then yes, I am Islamophobic.

After a slew of attacks on Americans all over the world during Bill Clinton’s joke of an administration – including the 1993 WTC truck bombing – on October 12, 2000, the USS Cole was entering the Port of Adan in Yemen when a small boat approached. Due to the rules of engagement, suspicious commanders refused to allow sailors on deck to open fire when the boat failed to stop. It exploded, blowing a massive gash into the port side of the Cole’s hull. 17 sailors died in the attack. Clinton took no action despite mounting intelligence that this attack, as well as all prior attacks during the Clinton years, had been engineered and funded by Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. Yemen arrested three of those accused of plotting the bombing then allowed them to escape and have not lifted a finger since to recapture them.

If believing this was a flashing neon sign that Islam was already at war with America, then yes – I am Islamophobic.

For all the years of his service in the US Army as a psychiatrist, Nidal Malik Hasan made no secret what his religious views were and how those views shaped his behavior. He spoke openly during classes, berated soldier patients, did a presentation on Islam and Muslims in America, even had “SoA” on his business card: “Soldiers of Allah.” Even when the signs became obvious and his extremism was being called out by fellow officers in class, nobody clued in. On November 5 of last year, Hasan walked into the SRPC at Fort Hood, Texas, sat down, bowed his head, then jumped onto a table and screamed, “Allahu Akbar!” while firing on droves of unarmed soldiers. Before the 13 dead were even cold, liberals and Muslim apologists alike started defending Hasan and immediately and forcefully attacked any person willing to call it for what it was. The media whitewashed the event and there was no mention whatsoever of Hasan’s Islamic fundamentalism and contact with radical cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki prior to the shootings.

13 soldiers died in the Fort Hood attack and still, CAIR is trying to blame the massacre on Hasan’s pending deployment. Liberals are kowtowing to CAIR by marching to their extremist, Taqiyya-led beat. Janet Napolitano wasted no time in coming out and saying that Hasan’s actions were “individual,” and that “anti-Muslim sentiment should not emanate from this.” She said that Hasan doesn’t represent the Muslim faith.

Well…if believing that, following history, Hasan does represent the majority of Muslims worldwide, if believing that Rifqa Bary would have died at her father’s hands if she’d been forced to return to his home, if believing that the underwear bomber meant to carry out jihad, and if believing that Ibrahim Hooper and his CAIR jihadists are using sharia principles and our own culture to wear us down so that Muslims can continue with their murder of Americans while the Democrats bow down…

Then yes, I am STILL Islamophobic. I only have one thing to say to you who think you’ll take America down:

The Wrong Message

I hope everyone had a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, or Winter Solstice (whichever greeting fits your fancy). My Christmas was wonderful…I got to see family I hadn’t seen in a very, very long time and have the opportunity to rebuild relationships that, a couple of years ago, I thought were gone forever.

On Christmas Day, however–December 25–we escaped tragedy by the skin of our teeth. 23-year-old Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded Northwest Flight 253 in Amsterdam with 80 grams of a high-grade explosive called PETN (Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate, which is also the main ingredient in Semtex) sewn into the crotch of his jockey shorts. When the plane entered the sky over Middlesex County (Ontario), Abdulmutallab used pillows and a blanket to conceal what he was doing: injecting a liquid acid into the packet of PETN in his underwear in an attempt to blow up the plane.

Thankfully, the good Lord had other plans, and they did not include allowing that passenger jet to be blown out of the sky. The Mixture didn’t react properly and instead of exploding, it merely set the would-be terrorist on fire. A Dutch passenger tackled him and dragged him to the front of the plane. All of the witnesses said that Abdulmutallab wore a completely blank, expressionless face, even though he had third-degree burns on his legs. He later crowed to investigators that he had attempted the attack at the behest of his Al Qaeda handlers in Yemen.

It has since come out that we knew who he was; his own father, Alhaji Umaru Mutallab–former chairman of First Bank PLC and a prominent member of Nigeria’s high class–had gone to the American embassy in Lagos and shared his concerns that his son had become radicalized in Islam and might be working with Al Qaeda. British MI5 had a dossier on him because of his extremist activities while studying in London. He wasn’t a lone nut, nor was he poor; his last known address was a three-million-pound loft in the UK.

Not only did we know who he was, how he got on the plane should have raised every red flag known to the transportation industry. He had no luggage and was escorted by a “well-dressed man”. He had no passport. Nobody thought to question why he would be getting on this flight to the US. Not since Richard Reid has a Muslim terrorist been so brazen in any attempt to commit terrorist acts on American soil.

Al Qaeda claimed the plot. Then they promised that they had hundreds waiting to commit similar atrocities.

Richard Reid hatched his boneheaded idea just a few months after 9/11. At the time, we were still cleaning up and trying to figure out exactly what to do to keep ourselves safe from this sort of thing. Today it’s been a full eight years since the face of our world changed, and while Bush had already done all he could do by the time Reid was stopped, Obama has done nothing but tear down our defenses–and when his administration’s stupidity was revealed by this latest attempt, he stayed in Hawai’i. Vacation was more important. Seeing Avatar is, too, I guess, because that was on the agenda for today.

I’m not nearly as angry with Obama for staying in Hawai’i as I am angry that something so horrid nearly succeeded because Obama doesn’t want to “rush” any decisions. We can’t racially profile. We have to be careful about offending Muslims by targeting them for searches at airports. We can’t rush to judgement on this the way we are on healthcare and climate change. God forbid we stop the killers; it’s far more important to keep shoveling money into that bottomless pit labeled “hysteria.”

As I sit here at my dad’s place, listening to good music and celebrating the start of a new year, I wonder where we’re going. Did we learn anything from 9/11? Did we learn from the London and Madrid bombings? Did we learn from Richard Reid? Or will the next Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab succeed in killing hundreds of innocent Americans before we wake up? Worse, will the next four or five succeed?

I wonder what kind of world my niece is growing up in. What will we tell her and my soon-to-be nephew when they come of age and ask us about this decade? Will we tell them that the Hollywood elite led us around on a short leash? Or will we be able to tell them with pride that we fought our hardest and won?

Personally, I’d prefer the latter. Israel makes no bones about the fact that they openly profile Muslims in their airports. I think maybe they’re on to something. Who else is trying to blow us all to kingdom come? I hate to tell you this, but white supremacists (while menacing) are not the biggest threat. If we really want to stop the next 9/11 from ever happening, we’re going to have to swallow our pride and start doing things that aren’t politically correct. We can start by knocking off the whining about immigration reform, kicking out the offenders, and not allowing those on extremist watch lists to EVER set foot on American soil.

Thomas Jefferson understood what needed to be done with the Muslim raiders in his day. He read the Qur’an and used their own beliefs against them. To this day, the copy he owned sits under glass in the Library of Congress.

We here at hope you all have a very happy and safe new year. I pray that our eyes will open this year before any more have to die. God’s grace, love and peace to you all.

The Shooter’s Calling Card

A picture of Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s calling card has been released. Take a good look. Notice something?

You should notice the SoA(SWT) on the card. “SoA” stands for “Soldiers of Allah.” SWT usually follows Allah’s name when written by a Muslim. It stands for “Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala,” or “glory to him, the exalted.” This is the card he distributed professionally. He also handed it out with the copies of the Qur’an he gave away before the shooting, including one in Spanish to his landlord.

Something else has been confirmed, too: Hasan told his landlord two weeks before the shooting that in two weeks, he’d be moving out. And on the day of the shooting he’d shaved his head. I’d be willing to bet his entire body had been shaved–this is common with Muslims preparing to martyr themselves.

General Casey still has the patent nerve to swear that the Army never missed the warning signs. If the warning signs had been this absolutely blatant before the latest school shooting, teachers and principals who ignored them would be tarred and feathered.

Oh…and another link. Here’s the powerpoint slideshow that Hasan used when he gave his speech on Muslims in the military, which repeatedly quoted the Qur’an and threatened “adverse events”:

Casey may well be right. They may not have missed them; they may well have ignored them.

Reputations vs. Reality

US Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan spent a sleepless night calling friends and neighbors, telling them goodbye and saying he’d miss them. He handed out copies of the Qur’an. He went to morning prayers, got his usual coffee and hash brown from a local convenience store, smiled at other patrons, then went home and changed into his ACU’s (Army fatigues). He arrived at the processing center at Fort Hood and at 1330, he jumped onto a desk, shouted “Allahu Akbar!” and began a shooting rampage that would end with 13 dead–12 fellow soldiers and one security guard–and 40 wounded, 28 seriously.

Saturday Hasan was removed from a ventilator. Today it is reported that he is talking. He has already asked for a lawyer and the lawyer has ordered federal investigators to stay away. And while some of the reports coming out of the Fort Hood tragedy are still being investigated as possible leads, there are some that have been confirmed as absolutely true by investigators.

-While stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Hasan attended a mosque led by Anwar Al-Awlaki, a radical Islamist who was the spiritual advisor to three of the 9/11 hijackers, including Hani Hanjour.

-Hasan attempted to contact recruiters for jihad militant group Al Qaeda. At least one US Intelligence agency–as yet unnamed–notified the Army that he was contacting anti-American extremists.

-Classmates at the military university where Hasan received his training in psychology have all gone on the record as having complained that Hasan was openly anti-American and frequently made statements that gave the impression that he was a ticking time bomb.

-Hasan actually gave a presentation in one of his psych classes that was meant to justify suicide bombings, a belief that was echoed both in person and over the internet.

-Hasan told many people both in the Army and out that he was a Muslim first and an American second–and he held Sharia above the Constitution of the United States.

-In a class on environmental health–where an assignment to give a speech on things such as water contamination and the effects of mold was given–Hasan stood up and gave a speech about the War on Terror actually being a war on Islam. The instructor refused to question him.

-Osman Danquah, a leader at the Islamic Community of Greater Killeen, was so concerned about Hasan’s extremist rhetoric that he denied his request to be a lay Muslim leader at Fort Hood.

In the two days immediately following the shooting, one of Hasan’s uncles was interviewed in the West Bank–his family is of Palestinian origin and he claimed his citizenship as Palestinian–and a string of so-called “experts” were paraded on MSM channels saying that, based on the family’s reaction, we can’t call Hasan’s actions terrorism; it was too early for that, they chided. Larry King’s idea of a “balanced panel” was to have one single Iraq war veteran up against a slew of liberal windbags so he could be yelled at for calling a spade a spade.

One such PC voice was Shoshana Johnson, the Army Specialist who has earned the distinction of being the first-ever black female to be a POW. She rolled her eyes and shouted at the former JAG officer, saying, “I was a POW! You were a JAG officer in Iraq, you didn’t do anything!” Well, miss Johnson…it’s not like you were in the infantry. You were a food worker. And it’s worth pointing out that you were a taken along with Jessica Lynch, whom liberal reporters castigated as a posterchild for the Republican war effort when she supposedly didn’t suffer the real harm of what they deemed a “real” POW. So I have to ask, when did Johnson and Lynch become legitimate to the MSM?

That JAG officer on Larry King was trying to talk people into contemplating the idea that Hasan really was acting out his personal version of jihad just like the 9/11 hijackers. Johnson, along with Dr. Phil, shouted him down, with Johnson screaming that his knowledge was worthless. This is what the MSM calls balance?

In the meantime, it was a British newspaper–the UK Telegraph–that first broke the story that Hasan had attempted to contact Al Qaeda. While the American media dithered about the subject of Hasan’s ties to extremists and the very real possibility that he might have committed his crime in the name of waging jihad against Americans, a country that can’t even allow its citizens the natural right to defend themselves called this whole brouhaha exactly what it was.

Earlier this year a friend of mine, now serving in the Army, called me late at night to tell me an incredible story. His unit was called together for an announcement: effective immediately, all US Army personnel were to cease use of the term “swine flu.” Complaints from Muslims were too great; they were to refer to the new flu strain as H1N1 or risk disciplinary action.

This sounds absolutely silly, but it’s standard operating procedure for the US military these days. Everything (except the idea of gays in the military, mind you) has to be absolutely politically correct, elsewise we might offend someone and we just can’t have that. I have heard several soldiers in the Army say in the open that they didn’t join to go to war, and if deployed they would go AWOL. And in this case, with Maj. Hasan, a Muslim extremist, can spew seditious vitriol for years without anyone questioning whether he should still be allowed to draw a paycheck. In everything I’ve read so far it seems the general concensus among those who served with Hasan is that the Army was both desperate to keep an officer and afraid of being seen as discriminating against a Muslim.

My friend Jennifer, a military wife, brought up a very good point. Obama was quick to tell us that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions or act rashly. Yet the first words out of his mouth about a police officer in Cambridge the day after an incident were that the officer “acted stupidly.” We shouldn’t rush to judgement, and need a measured response to this tragedy, but when it comes to something like the stimulus or healthcare reform, we need to get it done NOW–without reading the bill.

Oh, but don’t offend the Muslims. Even if the next Nidal Malik Hasan is among them, we can’t upset them. Worry about their reputation now. Screw reality.

No Scape-goating Allowed!


I say we honor liberals today by supporting abortion.

However, instead of aborting unborn fetuses, would it be possible to abort the insane political correctness that gets Americans killed?

The bodies of 13 young soldiers were still close to living-body temperature last night, when this Muslim activist went on television to discuss his concern for unfair scape-goating against Muslim Americans. 

He does manage to thank the American media for working with them to avoid making Muslims look bad. 

He also opened the segment up in a very politcally correct way by offering condolences to the families of these fallen soldiers.

As I drove home last night, and as the details of Nidal Malik Hasan and his radicalist views on America’s war policies started to unfold, I began to cry.  The local newscasters here on WLS (the biggie here in the midwest for news) were speaking very quietly and carefully to not “jump to conclusions” as the President himself today begged us all not to do.

I am scared as hell.  I am so angry I want to scream at this man in the above video for coming on television to make a statement about his fears about his fellow Muslims here in America.

He claims that already Mosques in America were being threatened.  He claims that some in the blogosphere and certain talk show hosts were already hate-mongering but again reminds us that most of the American media have been responsible by trying to “tone down any anti-Muslim rhetoric.”

My anger at the Muslim community today rises out of their inability to be the ones who take the fall for this extremism within their own community.  But right here in America, and over in the Middle East, and for the past 30 years, we have had to watch multiple groups of Americans and non-Muslims to be the ones required to pay the price for this extremism while men like this go on television to foam at the mouth about political correctness.

The audacity he has to express concern of alleged threatened Mosques in this country – or to whine about anything that anybody may be saying in the blogosphere is disgusting.

Think of 13 Americans – among the best and brightest this country has to offer.  They woke up yesterday as I did, as all of you did – feeling safe.  They had plans for the weekend.  Like us, they began making plans for Thanksgiving and moving ahead to begin filling out Christmas lists for loving family members they hardly got to see at all.  They had lives, they had plans, they had friends, they had love, and they had courage.

Mr. Al-Marayati, keep your empty condolences.  I do not forgive you for coming on television just hours after the people who make this country wonderful for you to live in were slaughtered by an extremist of your persuasion.  The idea that you chose, in that moment, to victimize the entire Muslim community by proclaiming some form of brewing hatred against you is sickening.

In our country, sir, you have the right to say that.

How many Mosques in America were destroyed after 9/11?

How many Muslims in America have been killed by Christians in retaliation to 9/11?

How many Mosques were bombed after the Muslim man ran over his “Americanized” daughter recently?

How many Americans have been tortured, killed, or held hostage by Muslims in the last 30 years?

So, with all respect, it’s about time for Americans to shift their focus before only a few of us are left standing and it’s too late.  This is homegrown terrorism. 

Something must be done NOW to stop it.  No more political correctness, no more excuses, no more phony concerns for what Christians and Americans are going to do to the Muslim community.

They have declared war on our soil, yet again, and if we leave it up to the media and the President to recognize it and to take it seriously, more Americans will die and be sacrificed.

The question is, when will that realization materialize in more minds than my own?


To a Muslim, there is no such thing as an innocent infidel. Learn this fact now and learn it well, before you read the rest of this missive. The Qur’an, Hadith and Sunnah all say that very explicitly.

While the dust and smoke was still days from settling after the attacks on 9/11, Yasser Arafat (then the head of the Palestinian government) openly condemned the attacks. What nobody pointed out at the time was that he had previously–on multiple occasions–praised the “martyrdom operations” of suicide bombers who routinely blew themselves up in crowded ice cream parlors, pizza restaurants, and buses in Israel to kill as many Jews as they could. Arafat was never questioned by the MSM about this duplicity. But those who have studied Islam can tell you exactly what it was all about.


It is a purely Muslim concept, one that few Americans have ever heard of. It is also called “dissimulation” in English: it gives a Muslim the right, even the mandate, to hide one’s faith whether in part or in whole in order to protect oneself. Most often these days it is used to simply save face, and it’s excused by many Imams and the Ayatollahs as being the right thing to do. Since the Imams regard attacks launched with the intent of killing infidels as jihad, technically, they’re not lying when they say they don’t support terrorism.

If you recall, when the news of who was responsible for the attacks on 9/11 was released, we learned quite a bit. Unfortunately the facts were quickly buried by the media; they were scrambling to make sure that America didn’t do to Muslims what was done to Japanese, Germans and Italians after WWII. It’s an understandable reason, but one that has been far too dangerous for us to keep harping on.

Whether America wants to believe it or not, Arab Muslims are our enemy. Even those in Saudi Arabia; they may be our allies on the face, but that is merely to keep the beast at bay. If the Saudi royal family hadn’t grown so accustomed to the wealth and power they have, they would be on the same bent as the rest of the Muslim-led nations in the Middle East. They would swear that America is the great satan and jihad must be waged for the sake of allah.

Taqiyya has something to do with that as well. As it stands, even if every one of those nations banded together to attack us, America could bomb them back to the stone age. They all know it. Especially after 9/11, they knew that if they really pissed us off, we’d let ’em have it. So despite his previous statements (and the Palestinian people dancing in the streets and firing their guns in the air and praising their god for what had happened), Arafat knew that if he didn’t come out and publicly denounce the attack, he’d be on the same short list as any other nation found to support Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Did you ever wonder why he condemned the attack but never condemned the celebrations of his people?

Now, taqiyya is serving Muslims well in the press. They can deny that Abdel Yasser Said murdered his two daughters in an honor killing by spouting a list of insignificant questions about the case and dismissing writers like me as Islamophobic. They can disavow the crime committed by Muzzammil Hassan as simply being domestic violence despite the fact that he beheaded his wife after she served him with divorce papers.

And they can paint 17-year-old Rifqa Bary as a liar after she ran away from home to escape the father who threatened to kill her for converting to Christianity. They can help her father, Mohammed Bary, lie to the whole world about just wanting Rifqa to come home. Through the spokesman for the Noor Islamic Institute (known for its ties to terrorism), they can lie about the injury that brought the Bary family to America in the first place (a beating that left her without the use of her right eye), they can accuse the pastor who took her in of using Rifqa for religious and political purposes, and they can say, “if her father is a true Muslim, why would he allow her to wear a short skirt and shake pom-poms as a cheerleader?”

Why would he allow it? Taqiyya. By the way, apostasy to Muslims is the greatest crime of all–killing an apostate in one’s own family is not merely allowed, it is commanded.

To Muslims, it is a tool. I say it is the most gutless rule ever offered by any belief system. Because infidels are not innocent, crimes committed against them (up to and including murder) are not crimes. Agreements signed with them are null and void. And peace? Guess what…according to the Qur’an, any peace accord with infidels is not allowed to last longer than ten years.

Tomorrow marks eight years since 9/11/2001. We have been lulled into believing the way we did on 9/10/2001 by taqiyya in action. We can’t offend them, people say. What if we’re wrong? What if they really are trying to live in peace?

To that, I pose another question…are you willing to be one of the victims that proves peace isn’t what they want? Better yet, are you willing to let someone you love die for that?

Stripped of Human Rights

In the Jerusalem Post today, an almost unbelievable story has been published detailing shocking actions by the Iranian Basiji Guards. The story was given by a proud member of the guard force after he was arrested for releasing two young teenaged girls who’d been arrested for supposedly taking part in riots and violence over the recent election scandals.

His reason?

His mother sent him to the Basiji Guards when he was only 16 after his father was “martyred” in the war with Iraq. Within two years, his superiors were so pleased with him that they bestowed upon him the “honor” of forcibly marrying young girls sentenced to execution under Sharia law. According to Sharia, a virgin cannot be executed, regardless of her crime. To get around this important religious law guards would force the girls to marry them, then rape them.

The guard who spoke said that the girls were actually more afraid of the rape than their execution, so much so that they had to be tranquilized before the deed was done. He said that by the next morning their faces would look hollow and empty–as if they were glad to be facing death.

The guard (who could not be named else he face execution himself) said that it was past experience that taught him what would happen to the two teenage girls he helped. As a husband and father now, he said he could not bear to let it happen because they were so young.

Note to those who still protest Prop 8 with signs that say “stop the Christian Taliban” and “stripped of human rights”: you have no idea what it really, truly means to be stripped of human rights. Go live in Iran, where the religious police can publicly beat and torture you–literally–for wearing clothes deemed “too Western.” Go to Iran, where you can be executed for being a woman out with no related male escort, and your execution will be made legal with a rape the night before.

THAT is what it’s like to be stripped of human rights.

Someone tell Code Pink to wake up.

How To Win A War

Before I begin, watch this video in its entirety. Pay careful attention to the last 45 seconds.


(Tip of the mean black cowboy hat to Michelle Malkin)

Now, if you watched the video, you know what’s going on. It’s a public memorial for Pvt. William Long, shot to death by a jihadist outside an Army-Navy recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas. A Muslim woman showed up, apparently dragging her kids along with her, to protest the memorial. She screams that US soldiers are killing women and children–innocent civilians. She hollers that 9/11 was an inside job. Then she talks about how her religion is “peace.” The media wants to talk to her. At the end, the answer comes into crystal-clear focus.

If you notice, she has several “9/11 was an inside job” bumper stickers. She also has several bumper stickers touting Infowars. For those late to the game, Infowars is the disinformation group of conspiracy nutcases led by Alex Jones–a man more in dire need of a straitjacket and a Thorazine drip than any person I’ve ever seen in my life. You really have to see some of the footage of him running around and screaming like a lunatic at the Denver Mint to understand what he’s really like. He’s a taco short of a fiesta.

Anyway…this clip is the perfect example of exactly how the extremists are winning the war on terrorism, and they’re doing it by using our own rules against us. We, as a society, don’t like to hurt others. We don’t like the idea of killing, even when it’s necessary. We pride ourselves in being “multicultural,” “diverse” and “tolerant” to the point that we’re not willing to step on anyone’s toes.

The extremists know this, and they know it well. They’re using it against us.

If you think the militant Muslims bent on destroying the US aren’t paying attention to raving quacks like Alex Jones, think again. They know exactly what that guy and his army of bile-spewing zombies believe, and they’re happy to push that line because they know that Americans don’t think as much as they feel, and the instant someone waves anything under the collective noses of America that even comes close to looking like evidence of a government-led attack and coverup, droves in this country will buy it hook, line and sinker. Not only do they know we’ll fall for it, but they are counting on it. It’s going to be the best way for them to get where they need to be, because now they have us questioning the official story. That means that if Muslims aren’t to blame, we need to do all we can to protect them.

It makes their job far easier.

A smart opponent knows how to hit you. He’ll find a method of attack that uses the least amount of resources and manpower. Since the Muslim extremists don’t have an unlimited supply of either, they’re legitimizing themselves to make it easier to take us down. In case nobody noticed, it’s working. They’ll rely on the likes of Alex Jones and Dylan Avery (maker of the crockumentary “Loose Change”) to create an atmosphere more tolerant of them so they can continue to work in the open, just as they did before 9/11. They know how to win a war these days, and it hardly takes any effort, mostly because we’re not willing to give any.

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America is a MUSLIM NATION

According to the New York Times today, Barkey had the gumption to claim that America is a Muslim nation on the eve of his trip to the Mideast.

I kid you not.

Here’s his exact words: “And one of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”

Oh, no he just didn’t.

He went on to babble about “those who build” as opposed to “those who destroy.” My God, man, do you really think Sunni Muslims in Egypt are going to go along with that crap? Now, all of a sudden, after spending the entire campaign getting all butt-hurt about the use of your middle name and allusions to your Muslim upbringing, NOW you’re talking about your pride in your Islamic heritage. First you denied it, then you decided to embrace it. Then again, you’ve changed your mind suddenly on a lot of things–Jeremiah Wright, taking over the banks, taking over GM, et cetera.

Holy good Godfrey, Barkey is the moodiest president ever to sit in the oval office. Someone give him a Midol already!

I love another one of his little sound bites: “the United States and other parts of the Western world have to educate ourselves more effectively on Islam.”

Okay…newsflash, Mr. President: I HAVE. I own copies of both the Qur’an and the Hadith and I’ve studied both Sunni and Shi’a sects heavily. I understand their beliefs, their laws and their resultant actions. YOU have either missed the lesson, or you’re deliberately misdirecting everyone with your nauseating talk about how we need to educate ourselves and we need to create “dialoge.”

Just so nobody can say they weren’t told the truth, here it is…you tried to create that dialogue with Iran and it didn’t work. Did you not stop to think about that before you started calling for more talking? Of course you didn’t, because you have to appear to be doing something. As long as you’re at least flapping your gums nobody can accuse you of doing nothing (which, in reality, is exactly what you’re doing).

Here’s another tidbit of truth: the Qur’an calls on Muslims to kill all infidels. Sure, they should take care of the widow and the orphan, under the conditions that the widows and orphans are Muslims holding true to Sharia. An infidel is any person who refuses to adhere to Muslim faith and teachings and pray to Allah in the name of Muhammad.

There should be no mistaking exactly what Muslims in the Mideast believe and what their faith commands. Let’s not kid ourselves; there was a reason for 9/11, and it had nothing to do with what our military had done. Those hijackers believed that they were going to be assured a special place in heaven for their act of terrorism, and the belief it was based on was ingrained in them from childhood by the Imams in the nations Obama is paying homage to now.

No, sir, America is NOT a Muslim nation. We are America. If you can’t understand that, then we have a problem.