Washington’s Dividing (Gay) Issue of the Year: D.A.D.T.

For about a week now, the number-one searched term on internet search engines like YAHOO! has been: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” 

As with the previous administration, the current one is using an issue important to some members of the gay community to deflect from much larger problems most sane people would like dealt with first.

After completely failing the American people, Obama finally held a press conference today on the BP oil disaster which is closing down businesses, endangering the Gulf and all of its natural resources which human beings and wildlife rely on, and happened to kill a handful of decent hardworking Americans responsible for providing and refining energy that we need as a nation to remain productive.  In the conference, Obama accomplished what we all knew he was capable of doing: to assign total blame to BP and accept absolutely no substantial responsibility whatsoever.  

Couldn’t he have done this about 20 days ago?  Ahh, he must have been too busy playing golf, giving comedy routines to the Hollywood elite, and attending fundraisers and events for Barbara Boxer.  (Guessing by his track record of carrying candidates to victory in 2010 with endorsement, perhaps we can thank him for his contribution to at least one issue important to Americans: getting rid of pompous incumbents.)

And while he wasn’t playing golf and stumping for Boxer, he was busy having lavish state dinners with foreign leaders who attack American policies.  After inviting President Calderon from Mexico to the United States last week, we saw two Presidents disparage Jan Brewer’s noble efforts to protect Arizonans and rail in rounds of applause from a liberal Congress by trashing the majority of Americans who support it.  (Rumor has it one of those presidents were supposed to be American.)

Clearly Americans are royally pissed off at the administration and Congress which are reflected in the latest GALLUP tracking poll with the President’s approval rating at 46% and his disapproval rating at 47%.

What better way to attempt to distract from issues important to Americans like immigration and a current national crisis which goes far beyond the simple characterization of something equivalent to “Bush’s Katrina” than to stir up American disagreement on crucial matters of national security?

Clearly, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is a matter of national security where its proponents have made their valid arguments and its opponents have made theirs.  Honestly, I am sorry, but I couldn’t care less about it right now.  Other than a few friends directly affected by it — one in particular who was kicked out of the military once it was discovered he was gay — it is not an issue that united Americans are focusing on.

Flashback a few years to George W. Bush.  If you recall; McCain, Kennedy, and GWB were trying to force amnesty down our throats before the 2006 midterm elections and in the heat of grassroots-American rage in its opposition to what became known as “shamnesty,” Bush directed Congress to jump on a divisive issue attached to homosexuality and they immediately began debating gay marriage.

Most strident adversity to gay issues like “gays in the military” come from people who equate homosexuality to a sickness or a social disorder of some kind.  But people change and in order to get them to change, we must exist in a society where the most important issues of the day like a national tragedy such as the oil spill or the complete and utter madness stemming from a simple Arizona law supported by the majority are discussed and resolved.

Clearly, this administration and its liberal congressional partners-in-crime are not, and have never been, interested in representing the core parts of its people who unite us.  If they had, their version of “health care reform” would have never had a chance to come up for a vote, we wouldn’t be using our hard-working tax dollars to contribute to bailing out Greece’s failed socialist policies, we wouldn’t be inviting foreign leaders who cannot control criminals within their own country to come on our soil and accuse us of all being racists, and we wouldn’t be witnessing the most embarrassing reaction to a national crisis.

Instead of blaming Bush this time, he’s blaming BP and has ripped a page out of the worst chapter of the Bush playbook: when you’re up against the ropes, turn against the voters and throw out a scapegoat issues sure to divide Americans to distract from finding solutions to our biggest current problems.

THIS is the extent of gay relevance in Washington.  It doesn’t matter which party is running the show.  But at least one of those parties don’t run around pretending to be our best friends so we foolishly walk into voting booths and pull levers to gratify their electoral hunger.

Until we can get matters on track like jobs, our economy, securing our borders, and assisting those in the southern states most affected by the BP gush, I’d prefer Washington stop using our community to divide Americans and screw with delicate matters of national security.

Jan Brewer: The Envy of 49 States

My favorite female politician — aside from Sarah Palin — has always historically been Margaret Thatcher. 

Thatcher faced criticism from hysterical liberal men in the 1980’s for making shrewd decisions that bettered Britain.  As a result, she was scorned many times by members of the left-wing press and liberal politicians.

What Jan Brewer did last week reminded me of many things Thatcher did and received scrutiny for.

When Thatcher tossed thug-like trade union bosses out on their necks, suddenly the ordinary decent trade union worker could work without facing a force to come out on strike and businesses could operate without the threat of being closed down under a socialist labour government. 

When Thatcher; along with the British Government, extended the exclusion lines of the Falklands to further protect the British military in a time of war, the following statement was released making this policy well-known to all:

In announcing the establishment of a Maritime Exclusion Zone around the Falkland Islands, Her Majesty’s Government made it clear that this measure was without prejudice to the right of the United Kingdom to take whatever additional measures may be needed in the exercise of its right of self-defence under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter. In this connection Her Majesty’s Government now wishes to make clear that any approach on the part of Argentine warships, including submarines, naval auxiliaries or military aircraft, which could amount to a threat to interfere with the mission of British Forces in the South Atlantic will encounter the appropriate response. All Argentine aircraft, including civil aircraft engaged in surveillance of these British forces, will be regarded as hostile and are liable to be dealt with accordingly. 
In the true hot-headed fashion of the Argentine, they defied the orders and crossed the lines anyway.  As promised, Thatcher immediately gave orders to sink the Belgrano.  Thatcher did so to protect the military which she was responsible of.  The Argentine knew the rules, they broke them, they paid for it.
Of course Thatcher faced scathing dissent from the British left — proving once again — that when liberals go into hysterics, something happened for the betterment of their own nation’s security.
Similarly, Jan Brewer enforced national immigration law that has existed for decades.  She took the first step towards dealing with illegal immigrants, preventing them from committing crimes on our soil, from using up our infrastructure and resources, and avoid them from costing taxpayers more money with incarcerations.
Of course, liberals all over the country are threatening boycotts.  Pop star Shakira is flying to Arizona to protest and is requesting a meeting with the governor.  I wonder if her personal residence or neighborhood in Hollywood is gated to keep ordinary folks out?
This of course is evident of Margaret Thatcher’s most famous quote:  “If you want something said, ask a man.  If you want something done, ask a woman.”  THIS is how leaders are supposed to behave.  THIS is what inspires Americans and gives us a sense of unity as we all work to better our own lives.  THIS is the kind of government we deserve!
If a few high-profile Hispanics like Shakira start with threatening boycotts in their mission to mis-characterize what this legislation is all about, then all Americans — including legalized Hispanics who are continuously placed into the same category as illegal criminals for the sake of political correctness — can hit back.  Boycott Hispanics who contribute to the mischaracterization of immigration law.  Don’t listen to their music, don’t go to their concerts, don’t eat at their restaurants, don’t watch their shows. 
WE have the power.  The majority of this country supports this serious action taken by Brewer.  If the opponents of this refuse to conform to common sense, we can organize even better than they can.
Talk to your friends and pay attention.  Do your part.
God Bless Jan Brewer!  I will be visiting Arizona in June and because of her, I will be a lot safer.