A Travesty to Democracy, Ohio “Volunteers” Stomping for Obama

Be prepared to get sick.  Watch the entire video!


Good news is coming! Court ruling today declares:

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is breaking federal law by not giving county elections boards the chance to determine whether new voter registrations are fraudulent, a federal judge ruled this evening.

What’s the point of ACORN these days?

Unless you’re living under a rock, I am sure you’ve been hearing all day today about the massive cases of fraud with regard to voter registrations in the battleground states.  Yesterday, ACORN offices were raided and today we read the headlines of both proven and suspected fraud in the states of Missouri, Ohio, Florida, Colorado, and Nevada

Voter registrations of dead folks and imaginary dreamed up names seems to all have the same party affiliation after them.  “D.”  This of course is causing an outrage.

Everyone I talk to in my personal day-to-day life is terrified of Obama’s plans to tax.

They all understand that 40% of Americans don’t pay tax to begin with and that raising taxes on businesses, corporations, and oil companies will simply result in lower wages, elimination of jobs, and will stunt the growth of new jobs.  Moreover; companies will merely raise the costs of goods and services to compensate.

Who will these issues affect?  Good old Main Street!  The same ones Obama is promising either a tax cut or a welfare check to.  What he doesn’t tell them is that whatever he is planning to cut will NEVER compensate for the downcuts in their jobs, benefits, and upgrades in the prices they will pay for goods and services.  Thus creating a larger deficit with more problems for the next President to fix.

What ACORN is doing is targeting the “poor” through community organizers to get crackheads and unemployed folks registered to vote.

We pay ACORN through tax dollars to do this.

I signed up to vote through my local municipal establishments.  That same right is opened to every American in their own towns.  Most of them; being unemployed, have a hell of a lot more time than I do to do the same thing!

The good news is, signing them up to vote just to get the daily-tracking polls up does not necessarily mean that most of the crackheads and phony names will actually show up to vote, which is why when McCain/Palin win in a landslide, we’ll be able to point this out.

This is all a matter of cheerleading for one side while decent Americans like us are paying for the pom-poms.

The “Broken Pipe” of Socialism


If we have to go down this November, and it is still pretty close in the polls, we have to do it screaming the obvious so that in four years when we come back, we can scream even louder “I told you so!”

The fact is; fellow conservatives, the bailout deal was anything but conservative.  The fact is, our own President endorsed it and our own Presidential Candidate went along with it. 

The only dissenter, or the one who took the position of normal Americans was Sarah Palin in the VP debate when she said that Americans on Main Street needed to take responsibility for their actions.

The video I posted above is the great Ann Coulter with Neil Cavuto.  They discuss the problems of sub-prime mortgages and liberalism’s hand in this. 

The mess in and of itself is not at all the fault of Republicans.  It’s a result of liberalism.

I feel sold out by McCain and Bush for coming in and approving this to give banks their way who are saying they aren’t loaning money to anyone unless the government comes through and hands them this money.  That’s sick.

The current crisis represents a leaking ceiling that required a patch.  Sadly, that patch cost us $700 billion.  But, the ceiling which holds the broken pipe of socialism will not only leak again eventually, but will finally out-and-out burst.  How much will that cost that?

Obama is adding one trillion dollars in spending virtually ripping the ceiling off altogether.

Just as Bush was magnificent at doing with foreign policy, the economic crisis required a long-term response to the broken pipe.  And while Democrats wouldn’t see the immediate results right away, we could easily be on the proper track of repair if we took the right attitude.  You cannot reverse major problems in a years time.

But sadly, now the work will be even more difficult if we have to endure four years of Obama.

Palin Wins!

Americans aren’t stupid! 
Philip in his post acknowleged much of Biden’s stupidity.  Both pundits on ABC and Fox both conclude about eight large factual inaccuracies on his part regarding McCain’s voting record as well as Obama’s.

However; to be fair, we know both sides can mis-characterize history to get jabs in.

But the ideology and intrinsic “I’m with you” appeal is with Palin as it was with Ronald Reagan. Talk about fresh blood, youth, and a breath of fresh air. I believe she should be on top of the ticket.

People who work a 40-hour or more week and most like myself who combats full-time school in pursuit of our Masters Degrees don’t want BIG GOVERNMENT like Obama/Biden taking control of hundreds of billions of additional dollars in the economy now and having the audacity to tell us “we will divide it up this way.”

The Democrats don’t trust us with our own money is what it boils down to.

Big Government Democrats want to get into office and search their big-government hearts to ESTABLISH MATTERS THAT BELONG IN THE PREROGATIVE OF AMERICANS!

If we want a bigger piece of that pie, we’ll use our efforts to work harder.

That’s the America I love. If you are anything but, you need to move to communist China.

The Mess Democrats Have Made – UPDATE



Ann Coulter links to this so I am sure a lot will see this anyway.  But I went into the video and have been chatting with others.

Workers are really so frustrated and angered at this liberal disaster.  The same disaster John McCain allowed Obama to say was a result “of the last eight years.” 

I drew a conclusion.  It will be hard to point out these facts since many of the programs mentioned in this video were geared toward the poor, only they were sponsored by stupid liberal policy.  Since Obama can portray it to say McCain is either racist or hateful, liberal policy shall forever have this edge.

We need to reverse that.

Economics and the True Difference in Candidates

It’s not a secret that we in these parts are supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin for President and Vice President of the United States.  There are; however, a handful of Obama supporters that show up.


After tonight’s debate, I am angry at John McCain for not being able to articulate what I am about to say.  We all know the delicate nature of discussing the economic struggles of families within the heartland of America (or as popular catch-phrase labels them: “Main Street”), so I can understand spotlighting the corruption among politicians and high-powered Wall Street CEO’s and giving corruption and irresponsibility on the level of consumers (middle America) and the middle-man mortgage brokers and firms across this land located in everyone of our small towns, a total pass. 


If McCain loses the election, I don’t want the reasons of the loss being that he wasn’t forthcoming about problems on the consumer level.  In other words, if they are both attacking just Wall Street executives and one another for taking money from these mortgage companies, Barack Obama’s argument will be better.


Let’s face it, if your argument and position is to solely attack high-powered executives and corrupt politicians, then Obama’s argument makes a lot more sense than McCain’s does considering their policies.  Obama wants to raise taxes dramatically on corporations and individuals making over $250K a year.  John McCain’s tax cuts would come to the tune of about $300 Billion dollars total. 


I know I don’t make $250K a year, and I don’t know about my site partners or anyone else who comments on here, but I concur with Airforcewife who is house-hunting and making offers now, Phil who prospers from hard-work and determination on his end, Jennifer who works hard, Mel who has her hands in many pots, etc.  The wide arrays of real people that show up on this blog astound me with inspiration from their personal stories on work, sacrifice, real-life problems, and work-ethics as real conservatives.  But my not making $250K a year is not the point, my working for many small companies in which I assist with their accounting, bookkeeping, and tax needs is the point.


If the economy is going to be the number-one issue in this election, as McCain in my opinion wiped Obama out with national security, then Obama has a bigger chance of being the next President of the United States unless Sarah Palin and John McCain use the next debates to get real with people about people taking responsibility on all levels of this mortgage crisis.  How are Americans – real Americans – supposed to believe that Wall Street executives are the main source of the problems without supporting raising the taxes of such? 


The reason McCain and Palin have to speak out about this is because the average American (the undecided voter) is not going to do the research required to dig deeper.  Anybody who could dig deeper though will see that the main source of these problems began in the 1990’s.  The ideology of the left that claimed that ‘everyone was entitled to home ownership’ is the main root.  Federal programs and bills passed to get lenders to hand out mortgages to “minorities” and struggling families abroad.  This resulted in three very damaging aspects:


a.)   People with bad credit or coming right out of bankruptcy getting home loans.

b.)   People who didn’t have sufficient income getting approved and pushed through anyway on mortgages they couldn’t possibly afford in the long run.

c.)   A wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing called “market confidence” in real estate, meaning that many folks bought homes and cashed in on their equity once the values began to rise.


What happened with this was disastrous.  People used equity loosely for vacations, for play money, or to pay off credit cards they recently racked up in living everyday and meeting monthly expenses.  When newly college graduates making $40K a year are getting home loans for homes worth $250K, they have to survive somehow.  So, as a result of the Clinton years, we had a massive rise in bankruptcy, Chapter 7, and Chapter 13 leading to the bankruptcy reform during the Bush administration as many consumers began to abuse the bankruptcy system.


Sadly, this is the part of the human soul that liberal politics have spoiled.  It started with FDR’s New Deal.  Hard work ended, affirmative action surfaced, and income re-distribution has always been around but certainly not to the level Obama is wanting. 


Simply put, bad consumers living on “Main Street” who mismanage their own finances, who rack up credit card debt, who put off mortgage payments to go to casinos, go on vacations, etc. were and are on the rise.  After all, bankruptcy solved all their problems! 


Losing homes and defaulting on loans which were so easy to acquire in the first place made it less devastating to them as consumers as it was to the mortgage companies having property that was not easy to sell. 


Those are the blocks that led us to where we are today.  If you add up all the Wall Street executive salaries in the last 10 years, I highly doubt it equals a trillion dollars. 


So because of the bad people on Main Street, the good ones have to suffer.  Obama wants to tax anyone making $250K or higher more than the already-outrageous corporate and personal taxes these people already pay.   He already has $800 billion in extra spending he has plans for. 


These corporations and small businesses are in charge for the salaries and wages of dozens of millions of American “Main Street” employees making $40K and $50K a year.  Adding the corporate taxes, income taxes, FICA taxes, and state/local income taxes, these folks are literally handing over half of their profits to the federal government (if his plan goes through). 


What will then happen to the chances of advancement for those “Main Street” workers?  What will then happen to their chances of raises or even holding onto their jobs?  Will Obama’s re-distributive welfare checks compensate for this?


The sad thing is, this country will head in the wrong direction.  More “bad people” will surface and more will be conditioned like Pavlov’s dog to believe that their next moment of happiness is the next time they receive a welfare check from the United States Treasury. 


McCain’s $300 Billion tax cuts to corporations and small businesses lost, plus Obama’s push for excess taxation on all of them; some believe come to the tune of about $800 Billion.  Ironically, the same amount Obama has planned to spend, spend, and spend.


The difference:


Obama’s plan discourages hard work and continues to contribute to the overall tone of personal irresponsibility among the trash on Main Street that does not know how to pay their bills on time as it is.  The same $800 Billion exists; it’s just now under his control.  There’s a word to describe this kind of policy and it is not “American.”


McCain’s plan keeps that money into the economy and employers have the opportunities to pay fair wages, to give raises, to offer vacation time, and allow their employees to benefit and flourish.  It gives the good people like me, Phil, and everyone else on this blog reasons to continue using our efforts to work harder. 


The question is: will McCain and Palin begin to point this out?

The Smear’s Working Wonders

After a week of McCain losing his “campaign bounce” and liberals were hopping with joy when Obama hit 50% this week, liberals went hard to work trying harder to smear McCain and smear Palin.

Moreover; in Couric’s interview with Palin, she boasted that the national attention on the economy is giving Obama a higher lead in the polls.

Well, after a week of Freddy and Fannie, Troopergate, and Witchcraft-chasing pastors, McCain is up.  Tied neck to neck, but this is pretty interesting.

Obama is DOWN 4 points and McCain is up 2 points.  Thanks libs!

McCain: 46%

Obama: 46%


AP Showing True Colors:

I love the liberal portrayal of John MCCain’s invitation to skip Friday’s debate to be able to focus on one of the most historic decisions ever in the history of this country.  The idea that McCain is playing politics or that he is purposely avoiding a debate is the rumor circulating tonight.

Obama is declining McCain’s offer.  Which isn’t hard to believe since he’s declined offers before, such as the many old-fashioned townhall debates McCain begged Obama to do with him.  Perhaps Obama needed to study foreign policy as hard as liberals are accusing Sarah Palin of right now before he actually faced McCain in a debate?  Well, apparently, Barack has all of his answeres memorized now.

The fact is McCain has the foreign policy experience.

The fact is McCain has challenged Obama to no-holds-barred debates and Obama has chickened out of each one!  What were Obama’s reasons?  Can one liberal answer that question?

But the one time a candidate does move to cancel a debate – in a move to extend a working hand across party lines – Obama supporters respond by playing politics.

The Associated Press is in on it, too.  The article written by Beth Fouhy describes both positions of both candidates but manages to throw this unquoted, un-sourced perspective in:

McCain beat Obama to the punch with the first public statement. The surprise announcement was an attempt to outmaneuver Obama on an issue McCain trails on and as the Democrat gains in the polls. McCain went before TV cameras minutes after they spoke and before the campaigns could hammer out the agreed-upon joint statement.

WHAT!?  So this is a politcal move to “outmaneuver” Obama?  I thought it was just an invitation to work together?

It’s clear; as evidenced by this article, and every liberal in the country tonight, that Democrats are not interested in bi-partisan work for the better of Americans.

Mel or anyone else, I am currently searching for the e-mail address of Beth Fouhy as well as the other authors that contributed to the article listed in the bottom.  I cannot seem to find one on her, but in googling her name have found her active in Hillary’s campaign.  Not quite certain how deep she was involved, so I cannot lie blame.  But this type of “reporting” is precisely what liberals accuse Fox of all the time.

She and all “contributors” need to answer why that was necessary in the article.

Hopping Mad Democrats & Stupid Celebrities

Okay, let’s get a few things straight. 

1.) Just because Matt Damon played an intellectual about two decades ago doesn’t make him one in real life.  If indeed Matt was trying to use a past character of his to align with his behavior during his “infamous” remarks on Sarah Palin, he would have had to have played a sexist pig in one of his films.  Movie buffs out there can let me know; however, since the typical Matt Damon film makes me snore.  He wants to know if she knows about dinosaurs; distinct just as his successful acting days were, only dinosaurs are much more interesting.  So, the next time Matt wants to portray Palin as a “hockey mom” going straight to the White House, he might want to stop for a bit to learn enough about her to fill in the massive hole he left in the middle.

2.) Since when do people quote Lindsday Lohan when it comes to anyone serious?  This can only mean that US Magazine simply wanted a put a juicy gossip article about a drunken-immature “woman” and her comments on the most famous woman in the country right now.

So I propose we do this: Make a list of every stupid celebrity who tries to prove to Americans that they are deep-thinkers in the effort to promote their bias.  I have a few that I know are hopping mad at Republicans right now; especially since McCain took the lead in the polls.  Plus don’t forget the signs after the 2004 elections that displayed celebrities on billboards saying “Thanks guys, we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Copy and paste the list as time progresses.  List the celebrity’s name and their action against either McCain or Palin:

  1. Lindsay Lohan (“Palin isn’t ready for the job.”) And Lindsay has never been ready to drive.
  2. The SNL Writing Team
  3. Barbra Streisand
  4. Matt Damon
  5. Madonna

I can’t wait to get George Clooney’s quote.  We need to send this entire list to the manufacturers after the election to make the same signs, and send a playbook of who you don’t want endorsing you to the DNC and the Obama camp.

McCain Takes the Lead!

Just moments ago, Gallup released their daily tracking and McCain leads Obama.

McCain 48% and Obama 45%

Obama’s lead (which was up to 8 points a week ago) began to shrink at the announcement of Governor Palin as McCain’s running mate.  Just yesterday, Gallup’s headlines read “too close to call” but still giving Obama a 2% lead.  Well, today folks it is no longer too close to call.