Attack of the 99-Pound Republican


I told you………I TOLD YOU!

This is such a marketing campaign for Donny Deutsch and if indeed he could get his message across on his own show, why the hell does he have to take it on the Today Show?  Which proves the point I am making.

Ann Coulter was right!  This excellent article covers it quite well but it reminds most of us what indeed she was speaking about.  If Donny Deutsch were a true-Jew, he would have understood it.  Jesus and all prophets were indeed Jews until they became “perfected” and became Christians; thus, explaining the basis of the entire New Testament.  So, Deutsch goes onto the Today Show and proclaims that this is an example of how Americans are tired of hate.  WHAT!?  It’s religious doctrine. 

I’m sorry – idiocy is just not tolerable anymore.  Deutsch has exposed himself as a sellout who will continue to have Ann Coulter on so that he gets oodles of YouTube attention so that his show gets more viewers.  If he were really offended before over the Clinton remark or the Jersey Girls, he would have stopped having her on. 

He purposely kept pushing Coulter to say something that he could turn around and use as “offensive” so he can take his turn on the victim-Ferris-wheel.

I guarantee his show will be getting cancelled, and this was his way of trying to breathe new life into it.  But for idiot liberals who pretend like they know anything whatsoever about Judaism, the Bible, or Christianity – America would have seen right through this instantaneously.

Deutsch, the Jersey Girls, Max Cleland, Katie Couric, the entire staff at the Today Show, AND Rupert Murdoch ought to send Coulter a MASSIVE thank-you note.

Liberals Going Crazy Over Religion?


It took Ann Coulter 50 thousand boring appearances on Hardball to realize that Chris Matthews was a liberal sellout.  When is she going to get the same message about Donny Deutsch (basically Barbara Boxer without the make-up)?  The last interview I saw of him with her was when he basically had a sissy fest over her remarks about the Jersey Girls.  Then it was Donny that was responsible for the indignance created over Ann implying that Bill Clinton’s behavior implied a level of “latent homosexuality” with a “bathhouse mentality.”  (Okay, I’d buy that, btw)  But for some reason, Deutsch takes the indignant road.  I don’t know how many times he has told Ann he was offended by something she has said, but I sure know how he gets his show in the headlines – by his many interviews with Ann Coulter

In the last interview, Coulter described Christians as “perfected Jews” and as she explained this, Deutsch continued to cut her off and was happy to leave it at her saying something offensive about Jews, him being offended, him acting indignant while simultaneously claiming that he’s not a liberal. 

Deutsch certainly is not passing the conservative-test with me.  Doesn’t he know that being an effective conservative means that you have to be censured by House and Senate Democrats?  Doesn’t he know that in order to be a real Republican, you have to have authors like Adam Nichols of the NY Daily News saying things about you like:

She called 9/11 widows “witches,” demanded killing and converting Muslims and branded presidential candidate John Edwards a “faggot.”

Now big-mouthed right-winger Ann Coulter has turned her slur machine on Jews.

Now we all know by now that Ann did not suggest converting all Muslims to Christianity (just the ones cheering and dancing in the streets of Middle-Eastern countries celebrating 3,000 American deaths).  We all know that Ann did not call 9/11 widows “witches” – she referred to four widows known as the “Jersey Girls” as “witches” and “harpies” for using their husbands’ deaths to force their insane political beliefs on the entire country that puts us at risk for more attacks.  She also referred to Edwards as a “faggot” in the schoolyard wuss-meaning to make fun of the fact that Isiah Washington was sent to rehab for using a word.

Similarly, I know that Coulter was trying to make a point to Deutsch about Biblical doctrine and Christians.  It is a fact that Jews are more bound by law to get to God than Christians are.  Christians accept that Christ died for their sins and we know that we are covered by his blood.  As Ann pointed out, Christians have the fast-track to Christ.  It’s like an Express-train.

I wonder if liberals got this indignant over Ahmadinejad’s denunciation of Jews?  Well of course they did!  There were so angered he got an invitation to speak at Columbia University!

In the end we have another victory for Ann, Donny Deutsch’s boring show gets a little media coverage, and we get to humorously listen to liberals pretend to care about Judaism!  A religion with 50-thousand more rules and laws than Christianity.

  • The Cost of Ann’s New Book: $14.97
  • Donny Deutch’s pin-striped suit jacket worn in the interview: $49
  • Listening to liberals defend any religion other than Islam: Priceless!

If Deutsch was a real-practicing Jew, or if liberals knew what they were talking about, they would know what any other true Jew or Christian knows in regard to what she was saying.  There was nothing “absurd” about it.