My Response to a Liberal-9/11 Conspiracy Theorist

I wish liberals could be more regular in their rants.  One moment we hear that the majority of the people are on their side when it comes to the war and the USA’s dealings with its enemies.  Then the next minute, they miraculously switch positions and claim insane things like the MSM being conservative and Republican-controlled (LOL) and that something is wrong with America because everyone has been brainwashed.  Can we please get one liberal to actually stick to a position?  In any case, in a debate forum I encountered this following “argument” from a liberal:

You don’t wanna know what I think about this bullshit war, and the brain washing of the general populace. You would be outraged by what I’d have to say about the blatant subjugation of freedom known as the Patriot Act. You would be terrified by my thoughts on al-queda and its role within your beloved republican party. Do not follow the white rabbit, or you’ll be in for the trip of your life.

After reading this I became frustrated, sat back, and thought for a minute just how one liberal argument never seems to correlate with the others.  One group claims that the war is unpopular.  The next one claims that we are being brainwashed.  The only thing in fact that they seem to have in common is their utter hate for America.  The following is my response:

Right, that awful Patriot Act and those horrible programs like the surveillance that stopped blowing up the Brooklyn Bridge, the Sears Tower, Fort Dix, and JFK Airport. Who needs those landmarks anyway? And maybe we have too many innocent Americans running around to care, right?

We see that London has actual immigrant-doctors moving into town that also vowed to take the fight into the United States as well.

Maybe you’ll develop a liking for the Bush policies that have protected you if people like you stop the Patriot Act and car bombs start going off in your neighborhood.

Were the London plots and the intentions of all those Muslim doctors just another ploy by the Bush administration to scare us? Do you really think Jihadists want to be your friend if you’re nice to them?

We’re not talking about white bunny rabbits here. We’re talking about the protection of 300 million innocent people that reside in this country along with the countless billions residing on the rest of the planet that fall under the threats of Islamification.

Brain washing of the general populace? Well, the last time I checked the war was unpopular and 76 percent of the country were against it (according to phony news polls by CBS and Newsweek). Why don’t you be a good liberal and tell me how the entire country is on your side with this?

Or better yet, blame 9/11 on your country and let’s get through this conversation a lot faster.

Until then, you might want to develop arguments that contain facts and originality.

The only thing I regret about the Patriot Act is it doesn’t take dangerous individuals like yourself and Rosie O’Donnell into consideration when thinking about some of the people that are allowed to run free and use their right to free speech.

If the Patriot Act was THAT BAD, you would have been rounded up a long time ago.


Madonna: More Hollywood Hypocrisy


Roger Friedman of Fox News uncovered many secrets of the material girl and her foundations that own stock in many of the corporations that Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and other tree-huggers are detesting and blaming for the Earth’s destruction.

Madonna is the headline at the “Live Earth” show in London which is happening this weekend.  (With many SUV’s and bodyguards to guarantee her security, giving light with the attacks in London last weekend.)

Roger Friedman reports the following:

“Madonna, who seems to be on top of all her many business endeavors, has actually invested about $2.7 million dollars in companies that are creating the destruction that Live Earth is trying to raise awareness about. She has invested in several companies named as the biggest corporate polluters in the world.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve been alerted to Madonna’s hypocrisy when it comes to her concerns on the whole global warming crock.  Earlier this year, a video on YouTube shows her riding in a limousine to the airport and then hopping onto a private jet.

Couldn’t the Patriot Act have included a clause on insane-celebrity hypocrites?

What the London Attacks Really Mean for Terrorism


These fanatics that carry the desire to terrorize freedom, peace, and liberties all over the planet are telling a pretty clear story.

Of course this means that terrorism is very real and continues to exist and plagues our planet globally.  Liberals will either deny that or will agree but throw in their infamous qualifier of blaming this on Bush’s war policies.  Since this will not be “news” to anyone, I am choosing to turn my attention elsewhere.

Let’s take a quick recap of the last few would-be attacks.  We had Fort Dix and we had the JFK Terror plot.  Now we have three very sloppy terrorist attempts in London that have announced anything but “clever” in terms of adequate adjectives used to describe these individuals.  I think we can save all the adjectives and boil it down to “crazy.”

Today in Glasgow, Scotland – the terrorist who was submerged in flames fought off authorities by shouting “Allah Allah Allah.”  Seeings as successful as the attempts were in London yesterday as well as how the plots at Fort Dix and JFK Airport went, this tells me that these terrorists aren’t quite as smart as liberals are proclaiming them to be.

This means that Bush’s anti-terror policies are effective.  It also means that his mission in effectively sweeping up the top leaders of Al-Queda has done us justice as well.

9/11 took years to orchestrate.  It had a mastermind and a leader to its mission.  The only thing America lacked was the sense of how serious these threats were.

I believe we need to take this war to London – this does remind us again that we are up against insanity but also shows how sloppy our enemies are. 

We defeated Hitler and the Nazi regime because we went to war and did not have the mainstream media serving as the war-mascot.  We are fully capable to end this nonsense next week if we really wanted.

This is complicated only in the respect that terrorism is not confined to just one country.  The terrorists are now desperate.  We need to defeat their will to continue by reminding them over and over again that they will never over-power or outsmart the United States of America.

All we need to do is get liberals and the main stream media to shut up, continue full execution of Bush’s anti-war policies, and increase our power with more aggressive military action.