Obama’s Culture of Economic Stupidity

Quick, get the Stimulus Passed!

After all, in this type of a serious recession, naked pictures of Madonna may only go for 20 cents (their actual value).

Nude Photo of Madonna auctioned for $37,500 in NYC.

I’m so glad those Obama voters in NYC know what it’s like to be “one of us” rich and elitist Republicans.

Truth be told, it isn’t Wall Street that got us into this mess.  It’s stupid spending like this that has.

Hopping Mad Democrats & Stupid Celebrities

Okay, let’s get a few things straight. 

1.) Just because Matt Damon played an intellectual about two decades ago doesn’t make him one in real life.  If indeed Matt was trying to use a past character of his to align with his behavior during his “infamous” remarks on Sarah Palin, he would have had to have played a sexist pig in one of his films.  Movie buffs out there can let me know; however, since the typical Matt Damon film makes me snore.  He wants to know if she knows about dinosaurs; distinct just as his successful acting days were, only dinosaurs are much more interesting.  So, the next time Matt wants to portray Palin as a “hockey mom” going straight to the White House, he might want to stop for a bit to learn enough about her to fill in the massive hole he left in the middle.

2.) Since when do people quote Lindsday Lohan when it comes to anyone serious?  This can only mean that US Magazine simply wanted a put a juicy gossip article about a drunken-immature “woman” and her comments on the most famous woman in the country right now.

So I propose we do this: Make a list of every stupid celebrity who tries to prove to Americans that they are deep-thinkers in the effort to promote their bias.  I have a few that I know are hopping mad at Republicans right now; especially since McCain took the lead in the polls.  Plus don’t forget the signs after the 2004 elections that displayed celebrities on billboards saying “Thanks guys, we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Copy and paste the list as time progresses.  List the celebrity’s name and their action against either McCain or Palin:

  1. Lindsay Lohan (“Palin isn’t ready for the job.”) And Lindsay has never been ready to drive.
  2. The SNL Writing Team
  3. Barbra Streisand
  4. Matt Damon
  5. Madonna

I can’t wait to get George Clooney’s quote.  We need to send this entire list to the manufacturers after the election to make the same signs, and send a playbook of who you don’t want endorsing you to the DNC and the Obama camp.

Madonna, Typical Democrat

I suppose Madonna is part of the majority of Democrats who believe that comparing Republican Senators to Hitler is all it takes to be an effective party-supporter.  But living up to the standards of the party in her private life, never!

This article talks about Madonna’s crew that are accompanying her on her music tour.  The near 250 person crew are complaining and a lot are threatening to walk as they are sick of being hauled from city to city on over-crowded flights and being forced to stay in less-than-acceptable hotels.  Madonna; on the other hand, flies with her husband and children from stop-to-stop on a private jet.

First, doesn’t Madonna know that her wealth should be temporarily re-distributed to offer her crew members the same LUXURIOUS accomdations that she stays in?  Madonna’s behavior really does resemble the myth of Republicans spewed by Democrats on a daily basis.  The rich get richer, while the poor get stepped on!

Second, doesn’t Madonna know what her private jet is doing to our Earth?  For someone who celebrated Al Gore winning the Oscar, she seems to continue the celebration by flying around in as many private planes and sucking up just as much energy as Gore does.

These Democrats, such a principled party.  Comparing McCain to Hitler may very well be the best contribution this bubblehead could do for Democrats.

Madonna Hits Rock Bottom

Madonna compares John McCain to Hitler………..

This granny will apparently do anything for attention and it does not matter how many babies she has to adopt or how much botox she has to receive to get it!  The important thing is that Madonna has principles which are prioritized by her ability to get American press – even though she doesn’t live here anymore.

Of course the Dixie Chicks did a stupid thing when they bashed their President.  They made a sad attempt at a comeback and as we all see, even a politically-correct awarded grammy didn’t help them back.

Madonna now in her concert tour features a video montage during the performance of one of her songs which includes images of John McCain and Adolph Hitler in which she is comparing the two.  The song ends and everyone is happy where pictures of OBAMA, John Lennon, and Ghandi are shown.

Your political opinion is one thing, and I suppose we can all gather whom she is voting for in November.  But comparing John McCain, a man who has given up so much for his country, to Adolph Hitler is the most disgusting thing I think this woman has ever done (and I am even counting the time she rolled around naked with a german shephard in her “Sex” book). 

In the past, I’ve been a huge Madonna fan.  But this move takes away everything one could ever like about her.  In the 80’s, she was cool when she pushed buttons, in the 90’s she was cool when she pushed buttons, but this is an ultimate disgrace.

I hope her fan base (even Obama supporters can realize the difference between “political difference” and outright “slander”) makes her pay for this in the exact same way the Dixie Chicks had to pay for their screw up.

Madonna’s over and she’s more talentless & desperate now than she has ever been.

Madonna Divorcing Guy

Yes as tragic as it is, it seems like only yesterday when the press was camped outside of the church they were marrying in.

Ya know, here we are again – three kids (one from her trainer and the other adopted from Malawi) removed from a familiar existance.

Tell me, why do celebrities even get married?  Is it so they can divorce and use the media attention as career boosters?

As a performer though, I shall vow to love her forever, but I do have a personal question to ask my friends who show up regularly.

On this topic, I’ve received a wedding invitation for someone I’ve know most of her adult life who is indeed on her third marriage.  I’ve attended the other ceremonies, gave up weekend days of rest and relaxation, gave money or expensive gifts before.

How many times are we obligated to attend weddings of friends when they have a proven track record of picking bad mates? 

Perhaps it’s a question for Dr. Laura.

Analyzing Madonna – and Lovin’ the Song!


Okay – as a conservative I will admit one weakness…..my love of Madonna.  I’ve attended many shows, bought every CD, and saw every movie – no matter how bad.

Sometimes though (and this is open for criticism) I wonder just how “liberal” Madonna really is when it comes to politics.  Yeah, she dissed George Bush in her last concert a few times and yes she spoke kindly of Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s documentary and even rubbed noses with Michael Moore.

But – let’s take a look at a couple of noticeable highlights of the last few years.  Contradicting her position to loving Al Gore’s documentary, she still flies private jets, rides limos, and has many huge estates all over the world.  While being interviewed on “The View”, Madonna explained how having a family was important to her and put emphasis on having it all – including the hubby.  Joy Behar immediately challenged her by remarking that some single parents were happy and fulfilled.  Madonna replied “well, I need a husband.”  (which drew applause from Hasselback and the entire audience).  When it comes to spending, she personally inspects every invoice in her office daily and vocally challenges hidden charges.  At restaurants, she tips the strict rate of tip provided the help did a great job.  She demands a lot from her employees and makes them earn raises.  This doesn’t mesh well with the big-spending and big-tax ideas of the Democrats.

While other celebrities like O’Donnell, Streisand, and Fonda became active in their stance against the war, Madonna remained quiet.  (With the exception of random remarks that never seemed genuine.)

Madonna is a businesswoman and a damned good one.  If she were even a political moderate and considering the bulk of her audience, what do you think it would do to her career to say she supported conservative policies?

Just a few things to think about.  I’ll shut up now.  In any case, this song is a jam!


See Liberals, Terrorists Really Do Hate You!


As if poor Britney did not have enough trouble, a Muslim Extremist leader has threatened to behead both Britney and Madonna.  Well, there would go 90% of what makes the gay community wake up in the morning!  Finally, maybe they’ll be willing to fight.

Madonna, in particular has been especially vocal in her opposition against George Bush.  The terrorists know that she is against George Bush.  Doesn’t this debunk the Ron Paul arguments that if we just leave them alone, they will stop? 

Low and behold the terrorist’s name is “Muhammed.”  Why do I get the strange feeling that Madonna and her liberal (especially the gay ones) fans will finally begin to support profiling?

Mainly in response to Madonna and her Kaballah-reading, he says the following about both women:

“If I meet these whores I will have the honour to be the first one to cut their heads off if they will keep spreading their satanic culture against Islam”

There you have it liberals.  There you have it, Ron Paul!  If you believe in freedom, no matter how vulgar, you need to be converted to Islam, or you must die.

I wonder why this hasn’t made headlines?

Read more here.

Madonna: More Hollywood Hypocrisy


Roger Friedman of Fox News uncovered many secrets of the material girl and her foundations that own stock in many of the corporations that Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and other tree-huggers are detesting and blaming for the Earth’s destruction.

Madonna is the headline at the “Live Earth” show in London which is happening this weekend.  (With many SUV’s and bodyguards to guarantee her security, giving light with the attacks in London last weekend.)

Roger Friedman reports the following:

“Madonna, who seems to be on top of all her many business endeavors, has actually invested about $2.7 million dollars in companies that are creating the destruction that Live Earth is trying to raise awareness about. She has invested in several companies named as the biggest corporate polluters in the world.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve been alerted to Madonna’s hypocrisy when it comes to her concerns on the whole global warming crock.  Earlier this year, a video on YouTube shows her riding in a limousine to the airport and then hopping onto a private jet.

Couldn’t the Patriot Act have included a clause on insane-celebrity hypocrites?

Madonna’s Contribution to the Global Warming Cause


After the Oscars this year, I remember Madonna coming off of the red carpet to talk to a reporter.  The first thing she said was how happy she was that Al Gore’s documentary had won. 

In this funny video taken in early 2007, we see that Madonna not only uses a limousine but is also carted off to a private jet.

Perhaps Madonna maybe trying to win the love of the members of the Academy so that she may actually win an Academy Award someday.

Well, at least it’s a lot more likely than her ever really giving a true damn about Global Warming.