The one thing that Bush did that pissed me off the most was his handling of the Compean/Ramos case. On February 17, 2006, Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean encountered a drug smuggler named Osvoldo Aldrete Davila; he had a van packed with 800 pounds of narcotics. During a chase, Davila assaulted them to try to throw them off, including throwing rocks and kicking debris at them. They finally fired a shot at the smuggler, hitting him squarely in the ass – and the Mexican government immediately backed the thug by demanding that the officers be brought up on charges. Once they were convicted and sent to prison, Davila filed a $5M civil rights lawsuit. US Attorneys later admitted that Davila lied on the stand, yet nothing was done to correct the injustice. Bush commuted the officers’ sentences, when in reality he should have given them full pardons. The fact that he allowed this injustice to carry into their entire lives is the part that angers me.

Today, we’re getting news that another Border Patrol agent has been railroaded by the government he has served for seven years. In October of 2008, Officer Jesus Diaz took part in a major drug bust and arrested a 15-year-old drug smuggler in the same general area. Within hours of the arrest, the Mexican Consulate filed a complaint, claiming that the teenager had been beaten. Photos taken, however, contradicted this – he had no bruises or marks on his body other than the marks left by the straps of the pack he’d been carrying, which was laden with marijuana. The same US Attorneys office that hamstrung Ramos and Compean did the same to Diaz – and he’s just been sentenced to two years in the clink for “improperly lifting the arms of a suspect” during an arrest – a tactic I have used myself in an attempt to get a combative detainee to comply. It’s not torture, nor does it cause injury (at least not if you’re doing it right). It is a nonviolent persuasive action used almost universally by police and corrections officers.

Even worse – the snot-nosed little punk who claimed he’d been beaten was given immunity to testify against this veteran officer. And to top it all off, we’ve already been told that most of the witnesses – the non-US citizens – lied on the stand. Brilliant.

Yet again, the Mexican government orders us to jump and our government replies, “how high?” The Mexicans pushed for this prosecution, and we gave it to them. Now a good man with seven years of experience is in prison for something that everyone does, and officers will, once again, fear their own decisions.

How fair is it to make these guys second-guess themselves in the middle of a serious incident when their instincts are well-trained into them, and their training can save their lives? Why are we allowing our government to stab these men in the back for doing their jobs? And why in the hell are we allowing anyone in Mexico to dictate what we do?

I say we should throw diplomacy with them out the window. You don’t like the way we do business here? Fine – get the hell out. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave. You won’t dare cater to us, but you demand that we cater to you, and that’s not good enough anymore. You preach human rights and act all high-and-mighty in your refusal to use the death penalty – or extradite criminals who may face death in our courts – but your jails are the picture of inhumanity, filthy, no running water, little electricity (if any), and families have to send clothing and food (and your officers take what they want before giving it to the detainee). Inmates have been allowed to leave to run their criminal enterprises, and the officers are usually in on it. Not one soul in Mexico gains anything on merit, either; my Mexican friends came to the US because their degrees will get them quite a bit farther here than they ever would in Mexico, all because they don’t have any money or connections.

And you have the audacity to preach to us about how things should be run? I have to ask, other than my friends, what good has ever come out of Mexico? Hell, I don’t even like your beer and tequila – it all tastes like fratboy piss. You send over your uneducated and your criminals, and then when we send them back you get your knickers in a twist because we’ve supposedly violated their “civil rights”. I know better. You’re only mad at us because you never wanted them in the first place. Plus, we’ve long since clued in to your hope for re-claiming our land, and we’re not okay with that.

Oh, and Obama? He ain’t stayin’, either. Don’t get your hopes up. He might give you what you want for now, but eventually WE will have our say and the welcome mat will be rolled up.

It is an absolute travesty that the best of us are being locked away for doing their jobs. We should be ashamed that we allowed this to happen. Mark my words, we all bear responsibility. When this wrong is made right we owe that officer an enormous debt.

We Will Kill You Back

My home state is set to execute Humberto Leal Garcia, Jr. today by lethal injection for the rape and murder of 16-year-old Adria Saucedo. Looking at the facts of the case and the evidence, it really is open and shut; forensic evidence along with witness testimony was absolutely damning. This morning, the Supreme Court handed down a 5-4 decision against a stay of execution. The case, however, won’t die – any more than other cases involving foreign nationals, particularly Mexicans sentenced to death in Texas. Jose Medellin was executed in 2008 despite the argument that he was never given access to the Mexican Consulate.

The argument went that Medellin, who had been brought to the United States as a small child, had never been notified of his right to notify the Mexican Consulate and seek their counsel during his trial on the same thing – double rape and murder, a crime that he committed with friends as part of a gang initiation. Evidence in that case was outrageous and could not be denied; a nylon belt belonging to one of the gang members was found broken on the body of one of the victims, the rest of the belt in possession of its owner; a ring bearing a large “E” had been stolen by another gang member and given to his girlfriend; blood was found all over the shirt of another gang member; yet another was videotaped smiling at the scene of the crime. Along with this, witnesses and gang members who testified pretty well sealed the fate of Medellin and four of his friends – they received the death penalty. Later, after SCOTUS ruled that those who committed heinous crimes while under the age of 18 could not be put to death, two of the killers had their sentences commuted to life in prison. Medellin’s trial did not end until 1997, four years after the murders, yet his lawyers had failed to mention to anyone that he’d been denied his right to speak to the Mexican consulate – even though until then he believed he was born in the US and had no idea that he was actually an illegal from Mexico.

One year after the crime that shook Oak Forest, Humberto Leal was at a party with 16-year-old Adria Saucedo. Witnesses said that Saucedo was intoxicated and high on cocaine while several men at the party supposedly raped her. She was later put in Leal’s vehicle, and multiple witnesses said she left with him; a short time later, Leal’s brother showed up in absolute hysterics, screaming that Humberto had returned home covered in blood, saying he’d killed a girl. Partygoers immediately began searching for the girl and found her dying of severe head trauma, the 40-pound asphalt rock used to beat her to death in the dirt beside her, a stick with a screw still in it protruding from her vagina.

At first, when questioned, Leal claimed that he was taking her home when she got upset and jumped out of the car. When told that his brother had also given a statement about what he’d really said, Leal corrected himself: he said she jumped out but he had followed her and pushed her down, then when he saw blood coming from her nose and mouth he ran away. Police searched his home and found Adria’s blood-spattered blouse in his room. Luminol testing showed that blood had been present on the passenger-side seat and door, but a serious attempt to clean it up had been made and there wasn’t enough left to test. Bite marks on Adria’s face and neck matched Leal’s teeth. With more than enough evidence to convict, the prosecution easily won a conviction.

There are many, however, who are screaming that he should have been given access to the Mexican Consulate.

Why? He was brought here to the US when he was not quite two years old. I’d be willing to bet he didn’t know he wasn’t a US citizen, either, and it didn’t come up until much later. The argument being made by President Obama and several others is that Texas’ refusal to stop his execution and give him a new hearing about consular access will put Americans abroad in danger of being deprived of the same right.

How is that? How often are Americans given access to our consulate in Mexico when they’re arrested for petty offenses? There are a number of stories of Americans being arrested by crooked cops and being treated horribly in squalid jail cells, their possessions stolen and sold, while families fight tooth and nail to get them the things they need, much less get them home. Talk to Dawn Marie Wilson, stopped by Mexican police with her husband on their boat just off Mexican shores. During a search of the vessel, police confiscated a prescription – written by an American doctor and filled at a Mexican pharmacy, they accused her of possession of an illegal prescription. Without access to the US consulate she was sentenced to five years in Mexican prison, where she says drugs and prostitution were rampant and there was no sanitation, running water or adequate food. She was freed in 2004 after a year and a half – and Mexican police stole her credit card, charging $4200 on it.

Ask Tillie Blount, whose son James was arrested for possession of Thorazine despite there being no history at all of drug or alcohol use. James was tossed in a dank cell with 60 other inmates and appeared to US consular officials to be disturbed when they saw him. He was beaten to death by five inmates and a guard while he paced and talked to himself in 2000.

Ask attorney Dick Atkins, who reports that thousands of Americans go to foreign jails in Mexico every year, often languishing for months without being charged – some for years without charges or trial. In Mexico, those involved in traffic accidents often go to jail if they don’t first go to the hospital, regardless of who caused it, until the investigation is complete – and he described one case where an American was rear-ended by a Mexican (yes, the Mexican caused it) and was taken to jail. In other countries, he says that food and medical care are hardly adequate (India, Mexico), it can be nearly impossible to find a person incarcerated (China, and torture is rampant (Saudi Arabia). In most other countries, pretrial detention can last for years, often without bail.

I’m sorry, but I’m having an awfully hard time feeling sorry for the animal who tortured, raped and murdered a teenage girl and left enough forensic evidence to convince Hellen Keller of his guilt. He didn’t have access to the Mexican consulate? Aw, poor baby. My heart bleeds peanut butter for him. His life in US jails and prisons has been a vacation compared to what he would have gotten in Mexico, death penalty included. At least his death will be peaceful.

I don’t believe for one second that Americans will be in any more danger overseas than they already are with things being the way they are. When was the last time you heard of a US attorney demanding $70,000, a new house and a new car from the family of a suspect incarcerated for trying to pass counterfeit money to buy prescription medication? Aside from all of that, America is a sovereign nation, one not required to obey international law. John Kerry can kiss my ass with his global litmus test…if we spend all of our time trying to make everyone else in the world happy, we’ll never get anything done. Our laws are ours, and nobody else gets a say.

Don’t whine about how bad America is. We’re a shining light in this world. If you ask me, the bad guys have it way too easy in prison. Believe me. I saw it with my own two eyes. As for Humberto Leal, he and his family wanted to live here – they get to abide by our law. Put him to death and send everyone a message that if you kill someone here, in the words of Ron White, “we will kill you back!”


My Spanish isn’t great, but if that isn’t a word it should be.

“Grindaderas” is a slur that loosely translated means “things Americans do” (use your imagination on the actual meaning…it’s not nice). It was the headline of a front-page article in a Mexican tabloid after 15-year-old Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereka was killed by a US Border Patrol agent. According to US officials, the boy was in a group on the border that retreated back across the border to throw rocks at the Border Patrol agents. The agents were arresting illegal immigrants who had just crossed the border. When I say they were throwing rocks, I don’t mean they were picking up pebbles and making the courtesy symbolic gesture you see in the movies that isn’t going to hurt anyone. They were picking up stones the size of baseballs and grapefruits and chucking them at these agents. Some agents have, in the past, been badly hurt by rock-throwing hellions in Mexico. They’ve long believed that because they’re on the Mexico side and Border Patrol agents can’t cross, they could get their pitching practice in as long as they wanted with no consequences.

Not anymore. Yesterday, Huereka was shot dead while trying to help the poor, hapless immigrants being arrested by the Border Patrol agents. Had Bush been in office there wouldn’t be much of an argument. Obama is in office, however, and we all know where this is going.

In our upside-down world, right is wrong and wrong is right. Criminals have more rights than victims do. Law enforcement officers are, more often than not, guilty until proven innocent; all the accused needs to do is claim that they were brutalized and the media reports their side of the story without question. Now, we have liberals demanding that use of force in all cases be “proportionate.”

In other words, they’re demanding that the good guys only use force in self-defense that matches the force being used by the bad guys.

Mexicans, particularly authorities up to and including el presidente Felipe Calderon, are lambasting us right now. They’ve called us all racists and pointed to Arizona SB 1070 as the cause of the shooting of the boy. They’re wailing that the use of force against the kids throwing the rocks was “disproportionate”. FBI agents trying to investigate the scene couldn’t even get close to the actual border – Mexican federales were there pointing rifles at them, threatening to kill them if they dared to cross the border. At one point agents had to retreat altogether because the federales wouldn’t even let them into the Rio Grande riverbed without shouting and pointing guns at them. Sometime in the middle of the retreat, Mexican cops crossed onto the US side, picked something up, and carried it back to the Mexico side, where they deposited the item next to the body of the dead boy.

US officials confirmed that the action was caught on video, as was the actual shooting showing the agent still on the US side. They have not yet released the video. I’m inclined to believe them considering the fact that the US Border Patrol has a long history of demonizing their own officers in the name of keeping things cool with Mexico. The existence of the video came up after a Mexican politician, Arturo Sandoval, claimed that an autopsy had revealed that the boy had been shot at “relatively close range” and that a .40 caliber shell casing was found next to his body. After this statement was made the Border Patrol immediately coughed up the video to Mexican investigators. Very little was said afterward.

Calderon, for his part, said, “[Mexico] will use all resources available to protect the rights of Mexican migrants.”

So will we, sir. Americans are getting tired of being expected to simply allow your people to come here and live whenever they please. We are tired of our people being killed by yours when they refuse to obey the law here. Our children have been raped, our police officers have been shot by thugs and run down by drunk drivers, men and women have been assaulted and killed in the name of Mexican gangs and drug dealers. We are tired of being expected to simply live with this reality. Our current President may not know where he left his balls, but the rest of us are fed up and believe me when I say we WILL put someone in office next time around who will tell you exactly where you can shove your faux outrage.

Where was your outrage over the death of officer Marc Atkinson at the hands of Mexican drug dealers who had originally “just come here to work”? Where was your outrage when a Mexican national was arrested and convicted of a string of rapes of young teenage girls? Where was your outrage when another police officer, Nick Erfle, was shot by a Mexican thug and gang member who had been deported before and was simply being asked not to jaywalk? Where the hell was all this indignation when one of your own got drunk and hit another police officer responding to an emergency and it was discovered he’d been deported multiple times and had THREE DUI warrants out for his arrest under as many different aliases?

Your anger, your self-righteous judgement of all Americans based on that anger, means nothing to us. You have done nothing to stop the flow of dangerous people into my country and they have raped, pillaged and murdered. Wherever possible, you have had the gall to feign moral superiority by refusing to extradite those hiding in Mexico if they faced the death penalty for their crimes in America.

If you really believe that the use of force was disproportionate, then I’d have to ask you why your officers were carrying fully automatic rifles and pointing them at FBI agents armed only with semi-automatic pistols. That’s a little over-the-top if we’re playing by your rules. That’s not to mention the fact that they actually verbally threatened to kill our agents if they tried to cross onto the Mexican side to even look at evidence. Another thing you’re ignoring is that the boy that was killed was actually on a list of most wanted smugglers; he was well-known to be a juvenile smuggler in the El Paso region. That won’t be important to you, though. Americans never have been.

You are quickly wearing out your welcome. If it helps to say it in your language, me estás cabreando.

Response to Felipe Calderon

Mexican president Felipe Calderon spoke in our House of Representatives yesterday and openly ripped on our federal immigration law. He also ripped on the new Arizona law, which places the ability to enforce immigration law in the hands of local and state law enforcement officers. Not to mention the fact that he made even more calls for America to fix our gun laws because supposedly 80% of the guns seized in crime raids in Mexico come from the United States. That’s a blatant lie, one manufactured to aid and abet our Second Amendment rights being torn down. In reality, only 17% of the guns seized in Mexico CAN be traced by US authorities – because the other 83% come from other countries (particularly Russia, China and multiple Mideast countries, including weapons stolen from Israel) and you can tell by the build and markings on them. True, of those submitted for tracing, 80% do come from the US. However, nearly 100% of the fully automatic weapons seized in Mexico don’t come from America. Fully 100% are already illegal here. If you ask me, Calderon is slowly pushing to disarm the American people so that if Mexico ever decides to invade we won’t be able to fight them ourselves. Just Google “reconquista” and “MECHa” to find out what kind of ideas are out there.

I will give a much more significant response to Mexico, the Mexicans in America who refuse to respect our laws and our flag, and Felipe Calderon himself at a later time (trust me when I say there will be no mistaking what I believe when you see it). For now, someone actually did have the cojones to stand up to Calderon while the Democrats cheered his denunciation of American sovereignty:


Immigration Insanity Continues

Since the news of Arizona SB 1070 hit the airwaves, immigrant-rights groups have been up in arms over what is perceived to be racially-biased legislation. I’ll explain the entire bill later. Today, however, the reality of what is going on all over the country is becoming more clear. Extremism and appeasement have reached a whole new level in America and the MSM is almost completely blind to it.

Back in 2006, students at Montebello High School in Pioneer, California were told that if they walked out of class they would face severe consequences; they remained in their seats as students from another high school arrived, took down the American flag, raised the Mexican flag and – underneath it – hoisted the American flag upside-down. You remember this picture, right?

Well, yesterday was Drinko de Mayo. It’s not a holiday celebrated in Mexico but it’s become the Mexican version of St. Patrick’s Day in America. It’s not complete without a bottle of Corona in one hand and a shot of Jose Cuervo in the other. Insanity at Live Oak High School near San Francisco won the day as four students were called into the principal’s office to answer for their clothing. What was so offensive about it?

Their clothing bore the American flag.

The principal, concerned that “the image might provoke violence among Hispanic students,” ordered the four young men to either remove the clothing or go home for the rest of the day. All four bravely stood their ground and refused to remove their country’s flag. As promised, they were sent home. At least one of the boys is Hispanic. What’s even more infuriating is that a small group of Mexican students is demanding an apology for being forced to see the American flag on a “Mexican Heritage Holiday.” Mexican student Annicia Nunez said, “I think they should just apologize because it is a Mexican heritage day and we don’t deserve to get disrespected like that. We wouldn’t do that on the Fourth of July.”

If you think you’re furious now, keep your pants on…it gets better.

In Spring, Texas, a large suburb of Houston, Klein Collins High School had decided to prominently display the Mexican flag. Since this is America, we haven’t figured out why, but they did. Several parents called the school to complain but nobody got a call back. Finally, a student took the flag down. School administrators went into a tizzy, reviewed surveillance tapes, and suspended the offending student for three days. If only schools would react so quickly to a report of drugs being sold on campus or a student being viciously beaten in the locker room.

I have news for that group of Mexican brats in San Francisco: THIS IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY. I would not be allowed to fly the American flag in Mexico, even on the Fourth of July. You do not come here and demand “respect” in the form of not having to see the American flag on a holiday that you’d have ignored at home anyway. You are in America, and we fly our flag here. If you don’t want to see it then keep your happy ass at home. We are not in the habit of taking down our flag to avoid offending people on our own soil. Get used to it.

To the administrators of both schools, I ask this: why are you so worried about offending a single ethnic group? Would you be so afraid to offend the white or black Americans on Memorial Day, when anti-war protests are stepped up a notch in the face of kids who sometimes have to remember a lost loved one? Would you be as protective if another student showed up wearing a peace symbol or a Code Pink t-shirt? Would you react as quickly and severely as you did over the Mexican flag if one of your Hispanic students removed the American flag on May 5? I daresay you wouldn’t. Here’s an idea…go back to the old days, when you soundly punished any student involved in violence or threats of violence and did so regardless of what the instigating factors were? Stop worrying about which ethnic group is going to get upset about the American flag flying as it would any other day and tan the hides of any kid who dares to disrupt the educational process for any reason.

I’ll say it again, just in case anybody missed it:


Our country. Not yours. Hands off.

Don’t Listen to Me…I’m Just a Right-Wing Extremist

I’ve been really busy lately and am now as sick as a dying dog (my friends would argue that it’s my refusal to take a break that’s to blame), but since the local pharmacist is going to take TWO HOURS to fill my prescription for codeine, I’m going to channel the body aches, the fever, the racking cough and the near-migraine into a blog. (I bet it’s nothing compared to Steve’s predicament–being a tax guy who just blitzed the end of tax season!)

So much has happened in the news this week that I’m not sure where to start, but it all ties in. I guess I’ll start where the madness began: the DHS report released on Monday, Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment. Unfortunately, I’m not kidding. They actually released this report. Our liberal readers will jump up and down and scream, “they released a report on left-wing radicals in January!!!” Here’s my beef: that report released earlier this year named specific groups, listed the aims of those groups and highlighted specific incidents (such as bombings, break-ins, flooding homes and threatening personal violence) and gave police reports as their sources. The report on “right-wing extremism” does no such thing. It’s very vague. And here’s how it starts off: “the economic downturn and the election of the first African American President present unique drivers for rightwing radicalization and recruitment.” It claims that white supremacist groups are on the rise, and points out “opposition to abortion or immigration” as key indicators of right-wing extremism. Its sources? Not police reports…more like the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has named the American Legion a “hate group” for opposing illegal immigration.

Go read it for yourself. Put down your drink before you do, or you’ll be choking on it. Trust me.

It’s no coincidence that the report was released just days before the massive Tax Day Tea Party protests across the country. It was no secret that this was coming, organizers started over a month ago planning this shindig. The Tea Parties were a throwback to the historic Boston tea party, when American colonists dumped shiploads of tea into Boston Harbor to stop the tea tax levied by the Crown without any say in the colonies. Today, we’re angry about being told that it’s our “patriotic duty” to pay more taxes (don’t give me any of that “it’s only the rich” BS, either, because ALL taxes will rise eventually thanks to the Democrats’ outrageous spending). Yesterday’s massive nationwide protests are the backlash that was inevitable, and all of those registered Republicans who couldn’t stand to plug their noses and vote for McCain showed up with people from all walks of life to send the message that we’re not interested in being taxed to death. The aforementioned report is the Democrat government’s version of a preemptive strike.

Not that they really needed it. The MSM did a remarkable hatchet job all on their own, no doubt in an effort to protect Barkey’s messiah-like aura. Anderson Cooper stooped to the level of sexual innuendo by calling them “teabagging” parties, fat bastard James Wolcott from Vanity Fair put his fingers in his ears like a two-year-old and said, “they didn’t appear on the front page of my newspapers, so I WON’T believe they happened!”, and CNN’s Susan Roesgen whined that it was offensive to call Obama a socialist (this after gushing over a paper-mache effigy of Bush with devil horns and a Hitler ‘stache as an “excellent lookalike”). The message? If we don’t agree with you, we’re going to do our level best to make you all look like the radicals that our Democrat DHS says you are!

Then, today, in an amazing, brazen act of hypocrisy, Obama went to Mexico and held hands with Felipe Calderon (well, not really, but what happened is just as nauseating as watching Bush hold hands with the same Saudi king that Obama bowed to not long ago), declaring–and I do quote–“how we can improve our enforcement of existing laws because even under current law, trafficking illegal firearms, sending them across the border, is illegal. That’s something we can stop.”

This is where Philip goes, “oh, REALLY?”

I’d like to know exactly how Obama plans to do that. He not only refuses to secure the border, he also openly announces a brewing plan for amnesty–all the while accusing those of us who want the current laws enforced EXTREMISTS. How does he intend to pull off this heroic act? Send the National Guard to the border to seal it off with orders to let any “workers” coming North to pass by? How does he think the drugs are getting here? How ’bout we look at something that happened right here in Phoenix. In 1999, Phoenix police officer Marc Atkinson spotted a suspicious vehicle and pulled it over. The three men inside hid around a corner and ambushed Atkinson; an armed American citizen had the cojones to return fire in defense of the fallen officer and hold one suspect for officers responding to the scene. Today, that citizen would be labeled an extremist along with the rest of us.

But not only does Barkey swear to stop the flow of cash and guns South and the flow of drugs North, he yet again repeats the tired, debunked lie that 90% of all of the guns being used by the cartels come from the United States (I’m not gonna re-iterate my point, just read it here). The Arizona Repugnant repeats that lie and instead of “reporting” the story of Obama’s visit to Mexico, it gives a personal spin that makes it reek of a badly-placed editorial. So much for journalistic ethics.

What’s really funny is that in a related piece, the same freakin’ paper points out that a .50-caliber anti-aircraft machine gun was recovered in Mexico, mounted to a truck. Where’d it come from? Not the US, but you wouldn’t know that from the tacit omission by the writer who submitted the garbage for print.

If we can commit $350 million to stepped-up enforcement on guns and drugs on the border, then we can sure as hell start enforcing the immigration laws that our government has, so far, refused to enforce. Guess what? This human cost that you’re pointing out here, Barkey–THIS IS THE HUMAN COST OF IGNORING THE LAW AND GIVING A FREE PASS TO THOSE WHO FLAUNT IT. We don’t need reform. Our immigration laws are the way they are for a reason, and guest workers have the H2-A guest worker visa now to make themselves legal with. Stop bending over for the shamnesty crowd or you become the laughingstock you say your predecessor was.

But don’t listen to me. I’m just a right-wing extremist. I believe in the rule of law, liberty for all law-abiding citizens and LEGAL immigrants and small government that allows me to keep what I work hard to earn.

All the things that spell disaster, right?

Hmph…no pun intended.

Who Needs The Truth?

Per’s William Lajeunesse, some sobering statistics are being presented that directly contradict the numbers being presented by politicians and newsmakers alike. Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (among multiple reporters) have quoted the statistic claiming that 90% of all guns used for drug cartel crimes in Mexico came from the United States. It seems simple, straightforward and easy to explain, right? Here’s the problem: it’s a complete fabrication.

These people aren’t idiots (and before you libs jump on me for quoting FOX, the writer quoted ATF, FBI and ICE agents as well as Amnesty International and the LA Times–go read the piece for yourself). The politicians blindly tossing this number about know exactly what they’re doing. After making a big to-do about planning a trip to Mexico to work on stemming the violence South of our border, Democrats promised to do all they could to make sure that US gun laws stop making it so easy for the cartels to obtain guns. It’s a precursor to sweeping, across-the-board gun control legislation.

But the 90% figure? They didn’t just pull it out of their derrieres; there is, in fact, a grain of truth to it. Somewhere around 29,000 guns were seized in 2007 and 2008 in Mexico. Of that number, only 11,000 are traceable–meaning they have serial numbers or other markings that provide information on where they came from. Not all countries require this kind of information on guns, but the USA is one of them. Of the 11,000 traceable weapons found in Mexico over those two years, only 6,000 were successfully traced; and of that number, just over 5,100 were, in fact, traced back to the US market at some point or another. But in reality, that means only around 17% of the guns seized in TWO YEARS in Mexico came from the United States.

Think carefully about that claim. The weapons being seized in Mexico are incredible–AK-47’s, M16’s, shoulder-fired RPG’s, fragmentation grenades, you name it–are already illegal in the United States. You have to have a federal firearms license to even be in possession of one of the kinds of guns popular with the cartels, and to be federally licensed you have to jump through a myriad of flaming hoops. What do you think the ATF does? They raid the places that illegally traffic these weapons, and they do it on a regular basis. They’re not sitting on their laurels.

The drug trade is a lucrative business. The Russian mob is heavily involved and funnels weapons and money to the cartels. They get weapons made in South Korea, China, Spain, and Israel. A question brought up by Lajeunesse brings home a very good point: why would the cartels pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for straw buyers in the US when they can get what they want at a far lower price without having to go through the tight US dragnet at the border? They can have it brought in on boats without being questioned.

Think about this one, too–in the past six years, 150,000 troops have deserted the Mexican army. When they do this, they usually take their weapons with them. The standard issue rifle in the Mexican army is still the M16. I wonder where those are coming from? And, seriously–RPG’s? Fragmentation grenades? Who really believes that those are being procured in the USA?

The argument that we are primarily responsible for the bloodshed in Mexico because of our gun laws is absolutely preposterous. A criminal, by nature, is ultimately a completely selfish beast. He will try to find the easiest route to procure what he wants. He would rather take the path of least resistance to his goal, and if he can avoid a struggle or a high price, he will do so every time. The fact that Mexico’s drug cartels have more money does not negate these facts. They’re only killing more people because there’s more people involved and much higher stakes to consider.

The politicians who are now badly misquoting the 90% figure know exactly what they’re doing. They’re not complete idiots. I brought this up in my last post on DADT; they’ll woo us with promises that they have no intention of keeping, then once they’ve got what they want, they’ll screw us royally. They want to force their mission of gun control on us any way they can, and the quickest way to dupe the populace is to simply lie to them. The easiest lie to tell is the one that has a grain of truth to it. You see, it’s not just us being affected now–it’s the innocent people of Mexico being caught in the crossfire, and it’s all our fault. At least that’s what they’d have us believe.

Who needs the truth when they already have the power?