Plame-Fame: 10 Steps to Fame


Steps to Plame-Fame!

1.) Use your “classified” desk-job position at the CIA to send your husband on a trip to Africa at the expense of taxpayers.

2.) Have your husband put your alleged “covert” status at risk by writing an op-ed to the NY Times. 

3.) Pose for a photo with your husband for Vanity Fair (adding to the careful step of preserving privacy explained in step 2.).

4.) Have your husband write a book about it while in the throws of “liberals-love-victims” slurpery.  (And get a six-figure deal on it.)

5.) Encourage Patrick Fitzegerald to move forward with his investigation perjury-trap EVEN AFTER anti-war mouthpiece; Richard Armitage, informs everyone (behind the scenes) that it was him who “revealed” her name.

6.) Continue to refer to yourself as “covert” after Patrick Fitzgerald announces his indictments on what was to be “Fitzmas Day” and consistently refers to your job status as “classified” (purposely avoiding the term “covert” multiple times.)

7.) After Patrick Fitzgerald indicts NOBODY for revealing your name, he indicts Scooter Libby on a perjury charge.

8.) File a personal lawsuit against members of the Bush administration, testify in front of Congress, and quickly work to finish up your book (which will hopefully do considerably better than your husband’s by the way.)

9.) May 29, 2007 – Get really lucky and have Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff report that Patrick Fitzgerald FINALLY refers to you as a “covert” agent in “new court filings.”  (Even though Richard Armitage has NOT been indicted for revealing you and even though the taxpayers paid for an investigation that leads to NOTHING but a phony perjury charge.)

10.) Just 2-days later; on May 31, 2007, announce a lawsuit against the CIA for “unconstituionally interfering with the publication” of your “memoir.”

I’m sure it was a total coincidence that Fitzgerald is now finally; after years and months of investigations, court hearings, and indictment readings, that he; FOR THE FIRST TIME, refers to her status as “covert” just two days before Valerie Plame announces YET ANOTHER lawsuit, this time against the CIA.

“Fair Game” or “Unfair Blame”?