LOL of the Night

Doug Powers added his two cents (and so much more) over on Michelle Malkin’s blog today. Apparently, a group of Code Pink moonbats were going through Egypt on their way to aid those peace-loving terrorists in Gaza – better known as Hamas – when they were caught up in the unrest in Cairo. A group of Americans saved their rose-colored asses (sorry, ya’ll, but I couldn’t resist!) on a chartered flight out of the country and then proceeded to put the women up in a high-brow hotel in the Netherlands. The kicker? The Americans who came to Code Pink’s rescue were Shell Oil employees – the same company that Code Pink has repeatedly protested.

Doug had some sage words to make you wet yourself:

No doubt these two whiffle-brained irony magnets will be quickly reimbursing Shell because they’ll never be able to sleep at night knowing they’ve accepted blood money and favors from an evil oil company… right?

*Sniffle* Oh, my…WHOO!!!…that just burned another two hundred calories. I [heart] Doug Powers. There are links to some very good information about the incident, so please, visit the post and read all about it.

‘What about the Bush Administration?’



Do liberals really believe they have a complete pass from answering any questions or factually answering any allegations of corruption against their beloved President by saying ‘What about the Bush Administration?’ or ‘the last eight years….’?

I have such a new love and respect for Michelle Malkin.  This girl can fight!  And while she doesn’t make the hosts jump out of their skin and leap with vocal rage like Ann Coulter has with both Matt Lauer and Barbara Walters, she does a darn good job.

In both of these videos, Malkin discusses corruption and cronyism and with Joy Behar gets the ‘What about the Bush Administration?’ line. 

I’d like to point out that all conservatives were angry about Mike Brown and Harriet Miers and actually fought against Bush for appointing them.

Simply because these folks existed though does not excuse the true corruption hanging around the White House these days. 

Be prepared as the veil continues to be pulled off.  Now it’s time for every alleged act of corruption out of the Bush administration to make a comeback.

Valerie Plame, call your agent!  Maybe you can get that book published, after all.

Winter Soldier Syndrome

More than one reader has suggested that I go to a website hosted by Iraq Veterans Against the War to read about the “reality” of the Iraq war. It actually started before I joined Steve and Philip here on last year–people began emailing me on MySpace and telling me to read IVAW articles and quit talking about what I don’t understand. At least one was a person I knew; he had served in the Marines, but his boots never left U.S. soil. Others quoted names such as Jessie MacBeth and Josh Lansdale and suggested that I was fabricating knowing several people who had served and believed in their mission.

What’s hilarious to me now is that every single name quoted to me by those folks has been debunked as a fraud. And the list of said frauds continues to grow as time wears on. Let’s start at the beginning:

Shortly before the Iraq invasion, comic book author Micah Wright published a book called You Back the Attack, We’ll Bomb Who We Want! In it he claimed to be a former Army Ranger who’d served in Operation Just Cause (the 1989 invasion of Panama meant to depose drug lord and Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega) and had been forever changed by war. He was exposed as a fraud by Richard Leiby in the Washington Post and later recanted his story, resulting in his publishers dropping his material before his contract was set to expire.

Jimmy Massey claimed that, during his service as a Marine in Iraq, he and his comrades committed heinous atrocities. Among them were that his unit had fired on unarmed, peaceful Iraqi protesters, American Marines had shot a 4-year-old Iraqi girl in the head, and that at one point, his unit had killed so many civilians that they had to call in a tractor-trailer rig to carry the bodies away. He went on a speaking tour with Cindy Sheehan to warn parents of the evils of military recruiters and wrote a book called Kill, Kill, Kill that was a big hit in France. The Associated Press took Massey’s claims and ran with them, trumpeting them from every media outlet that would carry the story. They never checked their facts: they had a reporter, Ravi Nessman, embedded with Massey’s unit, and Nessman wrote in excess of 30 pieces about the unit’s activities. Nessman was never consulted, nor were the Marines ever asked to respond to the story before it was published as the gospel truth. To this day, however, he maintains a website where he peddles his lies and they are swallowed whole.

Jessie MacBeth was once the darling posterboy of IVAW. He claimed to be an Army Ranger who served in Iraq and, like Massey, claimed he had either carried out or witnessed unspeakable acts of horror on innocent civilians in Iraq. He even posted a picture of himself in uniform with a flag backdrop. But as soon as the picture was released, real Rangers were all over MacBeth like flies on a cowpie. His beret was worn backwards, his BDU undershirt was the wrong color, his sleeves were rolled up (Rangers don’t do that), and his unshaven face was completely outside of Army regulations. A tiny bit of digging turned up MacBeth’s form DD-214 (his record of honorable discharge): he served from January to June, 2003, and never left basic training. He certainly never went to Ranger school or Iraq. To be fair, IVAW later began requiring proof of service and no longer endorses MacBeth.

Josh Lansdale, through Wesley Clark’s VoteVets organization, spoke up on behalf of vets by claiming that the Bush administration’s slashing of VA benefits left him unable to access care for his severe PTSD and “busted ankle” (as he put it) for six months. A VA spokesman raised the first red flag when he said that a soldier such as Lansdale would have been bumped to the top of the list and would have been treated within less than 30 days. Clark’s VoteVets group featured Lansdale in an ad designed to smear the Republican incumbent Clark was running against and claimed that soldiers were being sent to Iraq with “Vietnam-era body armor” (a patent lie). Lansdale disappeared shortly after the ad aired; his 1Sgt, Gary Kuehn, spoke about Lansdale’s claims after he retired and shot down every single one. He even pointed out that Lansdale’s busted ankle came from playing volleyball.

Scott Thomas Beauchamp wrote Shock Troops, a diary series, in The New Republic. In it he claimed that he had taken part in ridiculing a woman disfigured by an IED blast, laughed at a fellow soldier as he supposedly marched around with the skull of an Iraqi child, and helped another soldier use a Bradley vehicle to run over dogs. It was the claims of jerking the Bradley “hard to the right” to run over a dog that caught the attention of several reporters; a Bradley is a big, bulky vehicle incapable of sharp turns. Beauchamp later recanted, admitting that he had hoped that his time in the war would earn him credibility as a writer–after claiming “absolute moral authority” on the grounds of simply being a soldier.

Last but not least, today Michelle Malkin and This Ain’t Hell have exposed another fraudster used by the anti-war crowd to push their agenda. Rick Duncan claimed to be a former Marine. He claimed he survived the attack at the Pentagon on 9/11 and later served three tours in Iraq with the Marines. He claimed to have been a Marine Captain and said he’d graduated the US Naval Academy at Annapolis. He also claimed that during his third tour in Iraq, he was badly injured in an IED attack that killed four Marines and left him with a plate in his skull and blew off a finger (which was miraculously reattached). This week, members of the Colorado Veterans Alliance–a group that “Duncan” founded–discovered that he was actually Richard Glen Strandlof, and he’d actually been a patient in a mental hospital in Nevada during the time he supposedly survived the IED in Fallujah. He’s now in custody and is being investigated by the FBI for stealing money from the coffers of the CVA.

I can’t remember the last time I heard such a fable being fabricated by someone who supports the war.

Media fact-checking faux pas aside, the IVAW, Winter Soldier, VoteVets and other similar organizations have put people just like this up on their pedestals to speak for them before confirming the veracity of their claims. Not only is it damning to our country, but such fairy tales demean the thousands upon thousands who have served honorably (and the many who have bled and died) in the war, having never witnessed or committed any atrocity like the ones claimed by these charlatans. Winter Soldier began with a political wannabe named John Kerry and his cohorts lying to Congress about witnessing similar atrocities in Vietnam. Winter Soldier Syndrome lives on today.

It Wasn’t A Twist On Words…

During the Presidential campaign last year, a lot of people derided Sarah Palin for supposedly saying “I can see Russia from my house!” Trouble was, she didn’t say any such thing; Tina Fey did on Saturday Night Live:


And when I pointed out Barack Obama claiming he’d visited 57 states, someone tried to claim it was a play on words.  They said he was making a reference to the primaries.  Here we have it, from the horse’s mouth, AFTER he thinks before speaking:


We just elected this guy to be our President.  Obama and the Democrats are talking about universal government-run health care, such as they have in Japan, Canada, Great Britain and Spain.  Ask some of the people there what they think.  You have regular chances if you live up North–Canadians come into the US regularly for health care that they can’t get in their country’s universal health care system.  Need a transplant?  You’re screwed.  Just this week, a man on a bicycle was badly injured in an accident in Japan.  When paramedics arrived, they were able to stabilize him, but they spent an hour sitting at the scene trying to haggle with hospitals on who would take him.  Fourteen different hospitals turned them down, and by the time they got the victim to a hospital, he had deteriorated to the point that he couldn’t be resuscitated.  Is that the kind of situation we want here in America?

I also gotta ask, if paying taxes is so patriotic, then why are so many of Obama’s cabinet nominees being challenged on the basis that they were caught NOT paying their taxes?  First, Tom Daschle was nominated for secretary of health and human services, despite the fact that he’d accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from healthcare industry bigwigs who stand to profit from the right person in that position.  Then it comes out that he failed to pay taxes for a car and personal chauffeur that were donated to him by a political supporter.  THEN, when he came out and said, “sorry, it was a flub and I’ve paid it,” it comes out that there were MORE taxes he skipped out on, so to avoid any further microscoping of his finances he backed down from the nomination.  Tim Geithner, Obama’s nominee for Treasury Secretary, was so meticulous he “flubbed” to the tune of $43,000 on his self-employment taxes.  He finally coughed up about $25,000 of it after his nomination.  Where was the Republican party when he was being voted on?  Oh, yeah, they were drooling over him.  NOW, Nancy Killefer, Obama’s nominee for Chief Performance Officer, has withdrawn from her nomination after it’s been discovered that she had been slapped with a tax lien on her home for failure to pay taxes for unemployment compensation–for her maids.  I love elite Democrat patriotism.

And today, via Michelle Malkin, we have Nancy Pelosi, the beloved Democrat Speaker of the House, giving us the most depressing news ever:


Wow.  Way to Know Your Power, Nancy.  Five hundred million jobs a month?  That comes out to six billion jobs lost annually.  Trouble is, there’s only two billion people in the United States–that includes the disabled and children who don’t work.  Oops.  They’re just numbers, right?

Don’t forget, according to Joe Biden, JOBS is a three-letter word.

One Thing Michelle Missed

I was happy to hear Rush today for a bit because, as I predicted, we would start getting the true analysis of what went wrong for us.  Then, I read Michelle Malkin’s answer to all the pity e-mails she’s been getting regarding last night’s results.

She was right.  We simply stand for what we believe in and scream from the rooftops our opposition to basically everything Obama will stand for.  Simple enough, right?

Well there’s one part that I wish she would have embellished on (perhaps Ann Coulter’s column released tonight will touch on it as I heard her on talk radio this morning).  We realize we can truly never trust the media ever again.

We learn to recognize the warning signs like the NY Times who referred to McCain many times as a “maverick” before the primary.  Then, we call them out on it.

We learn our lessons and never forget them.  One major lesson Americans keep forgetting is that we are asking for major Democratic wins in possible landslide victories (like the one last night) when we run a mild Republican as opposed to a true conservative.

Barry Goldwater lost in a huge defeat.  Bob Dole lost in a defeat.  And McCain was rejected by America as well.  In fact, McCain would have done much worse had it not been for Sarah Palin.

Bush did three great things for our country.  First, he gave us tax cuts.  Secondly, he did not cave into Democrat whining when putting forth his national security or domestic policies which kept us safe.  Then, we got a couple of great Supreme Court Justices out of it.  But, he also did some very horrible things as well.  These include massive spending, support of amnesty, and support of the bailout.

These things were also supported by John McCain.  In addition, he threw in McCain-Feingold to boot.

I thank GW Bush for keeping me safe.

I thank John McCain for serving us in Vietnam and for Sarah Palin.

But, as conservatives, I am ready for both of them to be gone.

Next time, the media will not be selecting our candidate for us.  It is time many of us come together and work to make Sarah Palin our front-runner for 2012, a real conservative as her running mate, and a strict selection of strong conservatives to run for Congress.

You cannot sell out conservative ideals, Christians, and fiscal conservatives without losing an election in a landslide and carrying an “R” at the end of your name.

Finally, you thank God we didn’t have McCain who would have worked hard to appease the insane left in Congress, leading us to further failure and giving us two terms of Hillary landslides once the country felt the disaster.  The only thing is, Republicans would have been blamed.

This way; at least, the country feels disasters under liberals in both the Executive and Legislative branches.  Then we pounce back with Palin in 2012.

Until then, we support eachother and pull through it.

Get Geraldo off of Fox!


Geraldo has gone absolutely nuts and brings the entire illegal-alien debate to a whole new level: he wants to “spit” on Michelle Malkin.  That’s a dignified liberal for ya!

This all started with the above interview/debate between O’Reilly and Malkin.  Geraldo is sickened at the idea that Michelle Malkin actually wants to follow the damn law when it comes to illegal immigration and says what any American should say if they knew there was an illegal alien living across the street from her: she would REPORT THEM!

Geraldo in the following segment started crying about his hispanic-American sons as if they had anything to do with what she said.  His being hispanic does not give him authority over illegal immigration!

Everyone’s ancestors are immigrants in this country.  Not just Geraldo’s.

Because Malkin wants to stand up for principles (much like Duncan Hunter by the way) that disagree with Geraldo Rivera’s shifty values, he wants to “spit” on her?

If Ann Coulter said that she wanted to spit on a liberal, can you imagine Geraldo’s response?

Kos: Fox News vs. “Hundreds of Thousands of Voices”


In a usual display of liberal-whining and Fox News-bashing, Kos uttered the following line when his site’s insanity factor was questioned by Harold Ford: 

“It’s called Democracy, if you don’t like regular people…”

On Meet The Press, Kos showed his true-blue colors by complaining to Harold Ford about his appearances on Fox News.  He then labeled Ford’s recent comments on Harry Reid as an “attack.”

Ford then directed some of the attention to the insane things put out on Kos’s website and Kos then decided to start throwing in the old Democracy (the kind that they love when they denounce their country and root for U.S. troop failure in Iraq, but the kind they hate on Fox News) canard.

Since Kos has so much respect for the voices of “hundreds of thousands,” then how about the “millions” that did the following:

— “millions” watch Fox News and continue to keep Hannity & Colmes and O’Reilly Factor number one among top-rated cable TV shows. 

— “millions” voted in the last two national elections for George W. Bush.

— “millions” of Iraqis showed up in three elections to show their true desire for the same “Democracy” that Kos allegedly celebrates.

— “millions” of Americans want Roe v Wade overturned.

— “millions” of Americans buy books by Ann Coulter.

“millions” of Americans buy books by Michelle Malkin and read her blog weekly.

I think you get the point and I could go on and on.  If Democracy is such an important issue to Democrats (as it is not) then Kos wouldn’t have to keep complaining about Fox News and liberals would have a new-found respect for Rush Limbaugh!

“Democracy” for the Kos apparently means a club of hand-picked, finely-selected collections of nuts that want to hold hands and sing “Give Peace a Chance” with Muslim fanatics while they have bombs strapped to their chests. 

Apparently, Meet The Press is no longer the serious forum for discussion anymore, and perhaps this explains why the real Democracy of America continues to float toward Malkin, Coulter, Fox News, and conservative talk-radio.

Does he really think Hillary is going to show up to his “convention” again after she wins the Democratic nomination?  Won’t she be too busy appealing to the moderate Christians, then?

Good luck with next year’s convention, Kos.

The Real “Bumper Sticker Slogan”


So, I was reading a couple of insane postings from a ranting liberal — more like a “stalker” of Kevin’s at QueerConservative — who was yapping on as most liberals do about their true anti-war position:

 “Where’s Osama?” they scream, they cry, they pretend as if they really care.  We’ll see just how many of them ask that question to Hillary Clinton next year after she wins the Democratic nomination.  After all, if her husband during his eight-year reign as President had done more to detain him when we all knew and suspected Osama to be a deranged lunatic (kind of like how we disarmed and deposed Saddam before he was out of control with power to kill us)  we wouldn’t be in this position.

Truth be told, “Where’s Osama” is the reproductive slogan that gave birth to other idiotic epithets like their constantly telling us that Iraq had nothing to do with the “war on terror.” 

Apparently, their slogans aren’t much effective anymore as Americans are finally starting to catch on to the fact that the Democratic party will never support anything having to do with the defense of this country and its citizens.

The evidence is overwhelming that the Democrats want us to flat-out lose and let terrorists hurt our country. 

If they want us to believe otherwise, they will have to stop their “bumper sticker slogan” of “Where’s Osama?” and actually support just ONE of the many measures mentioned above.