Lessons Never Learned: The Bastards in the Media

I am just as sickened by the blatant and feckless reporting of the alleged sexual harassment charge leveled against Herman Cain as everyone else is.  As a Palin supporter, I am used to vile rumors spread by ANONYMOUS sources.

Ann Coulter, when speaking with Geraldo the other night on Fox was right when saying that the left is terrified of strong conservative black men. 

Might I remind people though that the left is just as terrified of strong conservative women?

This happened to Sarah Palin, remember?  So, Republicans can bask perhaps in the fact that a Palin presidential campaign was never meant to be. 

But if you are (or were) one of those people who “really like” Sarah Palin but feel she is too badly damaged by the media’s lies, then I hope you never sincerely plan on supporting another good grassroots conservative ever again — INCLUDING Herman Cain.

In unison with Mr. Cain, Palin had business experience before entering public office.  She tells it like it is and delights us when she says something that irritates establishment candidates and politicians.

In contradiction to Herman Cain, Palin also gave us a strong record of elected public office.  She did a fine job at running the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.  She also comes with the experience of dealing with the bastards in the media for the past three years who not only accused her of sexual misconduct but also questioned the birth of her son Trig as well as her fidelity to her husband.

So why this grand movement of support for Herman Cain all of a sudden as if it were a bullet out of the blue that the media attacked non-establishment conservatives?

Newsflash: The media is never going to hold back on unfair attacks of a candidate.  If you (or pundits on Fox) are going to fight back at the media nonsense now with regard to Cain, you have to continue doing it in the future as Palin’s supporters did for three years while virtually everyone else wrote her off.

Gov. Palin said with regard to the election that it wasn’t enough to just change-up the uniforms, we have to change our game plan.

If you want Herman Cain to stand a chance, you might want to take her advice.

Otherwise, you can sit back and accept Mitt Romney as our nominee who coincidentally sits behind Obama in most of the state-by-state polls.

And the Big Spending Begins!

Just moments after learning that Mitt Romney is officially out, Democrats are wasting no time at stupidly spending our money.

Social Security recipients and certain “jobless” Americans feel it is “unfair” that they will not be receiving the tax rebate checks endorsed by President Bush this year.  So, of course Democrats and “some Republicans “are including them.  After all, it’s free money, right?

It’s not like I’m a licensed accountant or anything – oh wait – YES I AM!  Let me explain what a tax rebate is.  A tax rebate occurs when we wind up paying the United States Treasury (as all of us that work do) tax in any given tax year.

SOCIAL SECURITY RECIPIENTS and JOBLESS ONES do not have tax liability!  How in the hell can they expect a TAX REBATE when they don’t pay any tax in the first place!!??

I propose an all-out Republican vote-out this year.  Just don’t go to the polls at all.  That way, we won’t have the embarrassment of further decisions made like this under John McCain and we won’t have to be insane enough to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Another Coulter Coincidence


In my back-and-forth with Phil, I explained my main problem with McCain and four years with McCain and the ramnifications I feared it would have on Republicans.  While I remain creepy by even mentioning voting for Hillary over any Republican (as Ann says here as well) it’s going to be “four rotten years” either way.  Watch towards the middle to the end of this video as Ann describes this.

“Hillary’s House Of Horrors”

Suddenly, Mitt Romney is appealing to me as he describes what he calls “Hillary’s House of Horrors.”

“You go in one room, she wants to raise your taxes. You go in another room and she wants to have government taking over health care,” Romney said Saturday to laughter and applause. “You go in the next room and she’s weakened homeland security by voting against the authority of our government to listen in to al-Qaida’s calls.”

Well said, Mitt.

The Ron Paul Madness

How much longer will we have to endure libertarians’ (liberals disguised as Republicans) endorsement of Ron Paul?  Just how much history are they aware of?

An article today was misleadingly titled: Paul Tops List of GOP CandidatesUnforunately, that is not where the absurdity ends. 

The author links Ronald Reagan to Barry Goldwater of all people while simutaneously giving us  a rundown of true Republican values.  We know what those values are:

  • National Security (#1 these days)
  • Life
  • Low Taxes
  • Small government

Barry Goldwater was not in any way like Ronald Reagan when it came to the social issues.  Barry Goldwater lost in the biggest defeat ever of a Republican candidate and Reagan won in two historic landslides. 

We have endless carping about the interference of our civil liberties with Bush’s magnificient anti-terrorism measures set forth since 9/11.  These “big government” decisions that some are complaining about happened to have saved thousands of lives.  It stopped the Brooklyn Bridge from being blown up, plans to bomb the Sears Tower, the passengers headed to England on a flight destined for 9/11esque destruction, and finally the JFK terror plot.

Conservatives (the real ones) have tried explaining over and over again to liberals and libertarians that the mistakes of the Carter administration in dealing with the Shah of Iran and embracing the new government led by Islamic fanatics began most of the issues happening in the world today. 

We have a guy here who wants to be our Commander-in-Chief and also wants to pull all military out of Iraq and leave it to terrorists.  He does not see the value of deposing a brutal dictator like Saddam Hussein nor does he acknowledge the fact that when you have a madman like Saddam making purposed bluffs to the U.N. about WMD after 9/11, you don’t ignore it!  Especially after we went in and put a stop to rape rooms and torture chambers that were in daily operation.  And nevermind the fact that Saddam harbored and funded terrorists as well. 

Such individuals living in this kind of denial are called liberals.  Not people who live by “true Republican standards.”  How about the Republican standard of realism?

We also have a man who could blame a tragedy like 9/11 on our own Government (thus explaining the support gained from whacky conspiracy theorists).  Has he paid attention to the endless terrorist attacks on our interests for the past 20 years?  Do the conspiracy theorists have explanations for those, too?

People like Ron Paul and folks who support him are dangerous to our humanity.  They want us to remove anti-terrorism measures proven to be effective right here in our homeland, they want us to run out of Iraq like “paper tigers” (as declared by OBL after Clinton ripped our troops out of Somalia), and serve as Al-Qaeda’s head-cheerleaders. 

I’m sorry, Republicans aren’t that stupid to run away and stick our necks in the sand praying that somehow, some way, our enemies will like us more and will never attempt to hurt us again if Ron Paul becomes President.

Ron Paul hardly “tops” Romney, Giuliani, or Thompson in the various polls available to us.  (click here to see how things are looking)

Once the Iowa Caucus is done and over, we can finally see an end to this madness.

Mitt vs. Fred: My Top Two Picks

I watched the Republican debate on CNN while simutaneously switching back and forth to Hannity & Colmes to watch the Fred Thompson interview.

McCain is really starting to alienate Conservatives with his immigration bill.  Moreover; he responds by asking detractors to come up with something else.  Romney last night answered this question, though I have a feeling McCain missed it and is still walking around today believing that he can still use the “do you have anything better to offer?” line.  Romney said that the visas issued to the 12 millions illegals should not be permanent.  Rather, they should be temporary.  In his words, to do otherwise is “not fair” to all Americans.

I did not like that Thompson split-voted during Clinton’s impeachment.  Basically, Fred Thompson presented himself as a good potential and I would have to support him.  However; Mitt Romey is still my favorite among the official candidates.

Ann Coulter was interview on H&C immediately afterwards and made two excellent points:

1.) Thompson is a true conservative from a very conservative state.  What this means is that Thompson had to live up to a minimum amount of conservatism to get elected in Tennessee.  Romney on the other hand holds many of the same values but manages to get elected as a red-stater in a massive blue-state.

2.)  Since Thompson was elected as a conservative in a red-state, we are left to judge him on the outside points.  According to Ann Coulter, the split vote on the Clinton investigation was indeed one of those moments and in fact Thompson failed that test.

 The fact that Romney got elected in a blue state holds A LOT of weight.  He is not shy in answering McCain’s shamnesty bill and is excellent on spending. 

At this point, it’s very hard for me to give all of my support to just one of them.  I will make sure to observe in the weeks to come before making my final decision.