The Ugly Truth

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” -Benjamin Franklin

The truth to the OWS protests (Occupy Wall Street, for the unbaptized) is right in front of our faces and yet the MSM has so far refused to report it. They have said in as many words exactly what I’m about to say. It’s on their fliers. It’s in their chanting. It’s on their signs, painted on their bodies, and in their internet postings: they want to put an end to capitalism and usher in the next communist “utopia”.

You won’t hear Anderson Cooper telling this truth on his show. You won’t hear Rachel Maddow call these animals out when the leaders tell the hordes of protesters not to report rapes, robberies and assaults to the police. You won’t see Keith Olbermann calling rioters the worst people in the world, not even when they’re attacking little old ladies or sitting their kids in the middle of a busy street. You sure as hell won’t have Wolf Blitzer asking Democrats any loaded questions, like, “scenario: a group of twenty-somethings are upset about not being able to get jobs and they organize a protest. Eventually it gets out of hand, but you can understand their frustration. Do you send in the police to put a stop to it?”

Thus far, political leaders in New York, Washington, DC, Oakland and other major cities have refused to stop the Occupy protests. Tent cities have sprung up in public parks where camping was previously strictly banned and nothing has been done to clear them out. On several occasions, violence has broken out – particularly in Oakland, where molotov cocktails have been used and storefront windows shattered – and very few arrests have been made. In Washington, DC they even had crowds forming human chains to stop traffic and, when motorists hit them, they started using their children to make the motorists stop. Where were the police when all of this was going on? They were given orders to simply contain the protesters.

Call me crazy, but I seem to recall the law being very specific about parents who knowingly put their children in danger. Last I read, the law called that child endangerment and it was a felony. Yet not only do cops see this happening, but photos of it are being posted online and absolutely nothing is being done about it. The press has done their damndest to paint the protests as a justified action and now they’re ignoring stories of rampant crime in the tent cities, protest leaders refusing to cooperate with police, and parents putting their kids in harm’s way to make a perverted point. What is the point? Corporate greed is evil. Capitalism doesn’t work. War, poverty and racism are the result, so we should ditch our free country and institute communism.

Then, to top it all off, we’ve got the biggest capitalists in the world playing the role of supporters. Numerous celebrities have appeared at the protests (usually wearing hundreds of dollars in designer clothes and shoes) to support the protesters. Ben & Jerry themselves, the two men behind the famous ice cream brand, went out to scoop free ice cream for protesters. These people are absolutely clueless. Do they see reports of flag burning, window smashing, and other acts of outrageous mob violence? Do they care that protesters have attacked elderly people and children? If they even know, I doubt they would care. We’re talking about people who have, for a very long time, wanted to see socialism set up in America.

War is hell. Racism sucks. Poverty isn’t nice, either, and I’m not being sarcastic when I say these things. What I cannot grasp is how, exactly, these people think capitalism is to blame for these things. Human beings are to blame for it, and I don’t care how socialist you are, you will never rid society of these things. It isn’t possible. In order for such an ideal to be possible, you would have to genuinely believe that human beings are inherently good – that belief is upended, however, by the acknowledgement that there are bad people in the world.

Yet if you ask one of the pitiful creatures joining in on these displays of wanton lawlessness to explain themselves, they’ll talk themselves into a corner and then blame it on YOU. You’re putting too much spin on it. You’re making things up. You’re lying. You’re among the 1%. You’re part of the machine.

The protesters have screamed bloody murder about the few arrests and citations there have been. They claim that their freedom of speech and assembly is being threatened. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said something pretty specific about people who exercise their “rights” in such fashion: “the right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.”

Let’s hear from some of our Founding Fathers on the issue…

“Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.” -Benjamin Franklin

“A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.” -Thomas Jefferson

“To model our political system upon speculations of lasting tranquility is to calculate on the weaker springs of the human character.” -Alexander Hamilton

“It is a principle incorporated into the settled policy of America, that as peace is better than war, war is better than tribute.” -James Madison

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.” -Thomas Paine

“Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness.” -George Washington

“The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” -Benjamin Franklin

“Anonymous” Thatcher “Aide” Says Palin is “Nuts,” Claim Thatcher is Snubbing Palin

I am writing about this as I am certain this “aide” is going to regret their words.

Tonight, once again, Sarah Palin is sending the blogosphere into full swing.

An article published in The Guardian claims that Palin is planning a trip to Sudan in July and desired to pass through England on the way back with a hope to meet with Margaret Thatcher, a pioneer to worldwide conservative politics.

Alan Colmes immediately posted tonight on it stating the story as it was: ONE anonymous aide said something to a reporter.  The remainder of Thatcher’s staff who would go on record merely point out that her health is very dire and that the only meeting/event Thatcher is trying very hard to attend is the unveiling of a statue of Ronald Reagan on July 4th.

The best depiction is that of the LA Times which blatantly headlines: “Margaret Thatcher refuses to Meet with Sarah Palin” and begins with a photograph of Thatcher with CARTER and follows with an unflattering photo of Sarah Palin looking whacky.

The media is going off the deep end folks and before they scare fellow Republicans into writing off Palin, I certainly hope the remaining Republicans out there who have a little integrity about them remember they can do this to any candidate we pick.

If we give in to them and their blatant bias, they win.  I refuse to do so.

Arizona Congresswoman Shot by Radical Leftist


It appears the profile I posted from Facebook was deleted already, yet others have been posted as well depicting the shooter as a conservative.  But as long as the AP can continue to post whatever THEY want, blame gun rights, and blame Sarah Palin for this tragedy — I refuse to change the headline.  As proof, I printed out the image of the Facebook Profile I saw earlier as I kept it pulled up on my screen.

**Original Post**

As has been reported over the last hour, Blue-Dog Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head at Tucson.

The AP article reporting this is unbelievably biased and laments on acts of violence against left-wing policy:

In July, a California man known for his anger over left-leaning politics engaged in a shootout with highway patrol officers after planning an attack on the ACLU and another nonprofit group. The man said he wanted to “start a revolution” by killing people at the ACLU and the Tides Foundation.

And also mentions the non-threatening (yeah, right!) Sarah Palin:

Giffords herself has drawn the ire of the right, especially for her support of the health care bill from politicians like Sarah Palin.

Absolutely disgusting.  Without a full investigation, lefties are already blaming the tea party and politicians like Sarah Palin. 

Sadly, what they fail to report is that Giffords is anything but a far-left-loon.  She supports tough immigration policy and she supports gun rights.

Moreover; the shooter’s name was revealed as Jared Laughner. 

I typed his name into Facebook and found a profile matching that name with the residence listed as Tuscon, AZ (where the shooting occurred).

In it, you see he is an Obama supporer, he loves Noam Chomsky, and his quote is the following:

About Jared Fight the Right! Obama and the Progressives will overcome the tyrrany of big business and the racist Tea Party.BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

Does that sound like a Tea Party patriot to you?

Will the AP correct this mis-reporting?

I am guessing the answer to both of those questions is “HELL NO!”

Here is the link to his Facebook page:!/profile.php?id=100001952074770

Palin Derangement Syndrome Leads to DWTS “BooGate”

As everyone knows, Bristol Palin has been dancing and doing very well on Dancing With the Stars.  To support her, Sarah has been sitting in the front row for the past couple of episodes. 

After last night’s episode, the media went wild.  After Jennifer Grey’s performance, the judges gave their scores.  Then, in the backroom as Grey and her partner were being interviewed, you heard a suspicious massive loud booing coming from the ballroom — and immediately, the camera went right to the host sitting and talking with Sarah Palin.


Now, it is important to watch both videos, because you’re not going to get the full rebuttal from the MSM.  Why would the MSM waste their time correcting the assertion that Palin was booed?  How about the record number of mainstream outlets and liberal blogs who enthusiastically entertained it:

And there is much more fun!  Tonight, DWTS was forced to clarify what the booing was truly all about: the judges’ scores for Jennifer Grey; who did a wonderful job, considering all she had been through.  And with the clarification, comes the real video which revealed the real truth:


So why are liberals this desperate to mischaracterize boos from an audience (known to boo at the judges all the time) which leads the media to massively over-report the mistruth?

I think liberal-writer Jay Anderson over at BlackVoices says it best:

Sarah Palin scares me.

If you realllllly want to have a good time, click on one of the links above and look for one of the following:

A.) Liberal Silence

B.) Liberal Denial (I.E. the neocons over at ABC were forced to do it by Palin)

The beauty and comfort for conservatives and Palin-lovers alike lies in Jay Anderson’s remarks above (though the guts of his piece is the usual left-wing blather we get on Sarah).  They are so deranged over Palin, they actually find comfort that a small studio audience in the middle of Hollywood possibly booed her and made such a big deal about it.

No other conservative has stirred up this much derangement. 

What began as a funny post here (making fun of moonbats is always my favorite hobby) quickly turns into a serious point when you consider all of the Tea Party candidates she has backed and all the RINOs she’s been instrumental in tossing out of Congress.

Folks, if you ever doubted the power of Palin, I strongly urge you to reconsider.

Liberals Getting Sloppier (Yes, it’s possible!)


The biggest hindrance to Democracy is untruth.  Especially when we are supposed to be able to rely on human decency and our media for information and objective opinion.  If liberals weren’t so sloppy at the lies they tell and tricks they pull, they could pose a real danger to our freedom.

The first example involved a “man” by the name of David Weigel who showed up at a political event held for Kentucky.  He posed as a racist Republican who was a supporter of Rand Paul.  But when the cameramen got word of his trick from the other side (members supporting the liberal actually bragged about what he was doing), the cameraman had a conversation with him both as a Rand Paul supporter and then caught him marching and chanting for the liberal later on that day. 

With so much emphasis liberals have placed on the Tea Party (not to mention the NAACP), you would think this story would show up somewhere on CNN.  Yes, I know millions of Americans are out of work, losing their homes, and Michelle is enjoying one heck of a taxpayer-funded getaway to Spain, but you’d think after all that has happened with regard to the Tea Party, they’d have time for such raw footage.

Rick Sanchez of CNN has the time to entertain a piece of “raw” video on Sarah Palin which was brought to light by an Alaskan blogger who has been obsessed with the Governor for the past three years. 

The video — which Palin herself has responded to on Facebook today — depicts Palin “rolling her eyes” at a “teacher” by the name of Kathleen Gustafson.  The “teacher” turned out to be a “theater tech” and sits on the Board of Directors of the town’s local “Family Planning Clinic.”

It’s funny knowing this and then listen to her begin by telling Palin she swore on her “precious Bible” to serve the state then implied that Palin left for personal gain.  If she’s a board-member of a Family Planning Clinic and uses the Bible in such an angry context, I find it hard to believe Ms. Gustafson was a Palin supporter to begin with. 

Then take into consideration that Gustafson lives in the same town of Homer, Alaska as Shannyn Moore does.  Shannyn Moore is President of the Palin Derangement Syndrome Society.  For years, she’s “investigated” the Governor (falsely said Palin was under investigation by the FBI and cried victim when Palin’s attorney threatened lawsuit for it) and has entertained Levi Johnston.  We all know by now how credible he turned out to be.

C’mon liberals!  Are we really supposed to believe that this woman — an unhinged lefty — was standing up and holding a sign that said “Worst Governor Ever!” and happened to be accompanied by her own cameraman and just happens to live in the same town as Shannyn Moore (population of Homer is just over 5,000) all by coincidence?

Immediately Shannyn Moore posted two articles on this, uploaded the video to youtube, copied and pasted her article to the Huffington Post (which drew over 10,000 comments from other lefties suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome) and sent it to CNN.

This is the same woman who appeared on “Countdown” with Keith Olbermann where she was introduced to his regular 12 viewers.

The indignant “teacher” is not very impressive.  It is a well-documented fact that Palin-haters in Alaska filed numerous ethics violations costing taxpayers $2M and Palin $500K in defense fees.  She resigned to dis-empower them and give Alaska a Governor who could devote the time to them without those interruptions.  Somehow the “teacher” is unable to comprehend this and yet she wants us to believe that parents trust her with guiding their children?

This was Shannyn Moore’s weakest attempt at investigative blogging as it took conservative bloggers about three minutes to solve this.  The homely “Girl from Homer” is getting desperate.

CNN should report these developments but I won’t hold my breath.


As noted by “jerry” who I also believe is posing as “robert” on other conservative blogs, Gustafson does work for a school.  Though the title is “theater tech” as I stated before (hardly the reading-writing-arithmetic type).  And “jerry” denies Ms. Gustafson being President of the local family planning facility but does acknowledge she sits on the board. 

Since Shannyn Moore fought so hard for her right to report rumors when she was going around telling others that Palin was being investigated by the FBI, I have appropriately changed the paragraphs which questioned Gustafson’s teaching credentials. 

Lastly, she injected herself into the public arena by protesting and certainly should be subjected to the same scrutiny and specificity as Joe-the-Plumber was.

Am I a Racist?

Be honest! 

In a discussion with a liberal moonbat earlier, I unveiled for him the obvious list of Obambi-related failures.  I also reminded him that a lot of us were able to determine this before he was elected as he had no experience at anything….

I called him “Obama-the-monkey” as the leader to all the same monkeys (moonbats) who walked into a voting booth and voted for this disastrous man to lead our country; thereby, disqualifying them from having any say whatsoever on who our next president should be.

He got mad, avoided the substance, and called me a “racist.”

I Am Offended

In a society where everyone is so worried about offending someone, it seems there’s a singular exception to the rule: conservatives.

You don’t need to be white, claim Christianity or Catholicism as your faith, or even be a heterosexual. If you are politically conservative in the current culture, it is perfectly acceptable to offend you. You, however, are not allowed to offend anybody. You are not allowed to have the same amount of airtime as liberals. You are not allowed to think for yourself or have your own identity. While we’re at it, you’re not allowed to speak, be heard, or be taken seriously when you write. If liberals had it their way you wouldn’t be allowed to breathe their air. If you espouse conservative politics, you are automatically a white, xenophobic, homophobic, patriarchal lib-trashing bible-thumper and you will never be allowed to prove yourself otherwise. If you are (insert racial minority here), and you are conservative, you’re an “Uncle Tom.” If you’re gay, you’re a self-loathing closet case and a traitor.

You know what? I’m offended every single day, but nobody cares. It offends me that college professors are allowed to hand out bad grades to students whose religious beliefs or political stances they don’t like, and do so with little to no intervention from governing boards. When Jonathan Lopez, a student at a Los Angeles Community College gave a speech about Proposition 8 – given in response to an assignment to give a speech about any topic they wished – the instructor, John Matteson, refused to grade him, allowed his classmates to shout him down, called him a “fascist bastard” then refused to let him finish his speech. He wrote, “proselytizing is not appropriate in public schools” and “ask God what your grade is” on the student’s assessment sheet. This young man’s faith was assaulted by a “teacher” who probably defends the rights of Muslims to threaten violence against infidels, and I am offended.

It offends me that global warming is pushed on society by the rich and powerful and no rebuttal is offered. They hold up Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” along with his petition supposedly signed by thousands of “professionals” without telling you that of those thousands, exactly THREE have any climatology experience whatsoever. The list includes physicians, lawyers, OB/GYN’s, and…this was a hoot…a few landscapers for good measure. There are physicists and college professors in various subjects listed on said petition. They scream hysterically while driving SUV’s, flying in private jets and living in mansions that put off more of a carbon footprint in one week than my entire condominium complex has put off so far this year. They tell us that we’re the ones who need to change while they live with creature comforts which, if they were right, would only be compounding the problem. The reality is that Gore has been disproven; polar bears aren’t dying in mass numbers, Lake Chad didn’t dry up due to climate change, and even the IPCC admitted that Gore’s crockumentary was hysterical for claiming a 20-foot rise in sea level was on the horizon. I am offended that Gore, the moron who couldn’t identify George Washington and James Madison at Monticello, would have us all believe that he knows more than we do simply because he has money and was once Bill Clinton’s bitch.

It offends me that other filthy-rich politicians and their handlers are slowly pushing to eventually ban guns in America. They would have us believe that guns are evil and we civilians should never have them because of how dangerous they are. They’re made only to kill, so we should hate them. In 2000, 6-year-old Kayla Rolland was shot by a classmate – last name Owens, believed to possibly have been named after his father Dedric – and killed. You didn’t hear about the fact that the boy’s father was in jail at the time for parole violation on drug and burglary charges. You didn’t hear that selling crack was the family business, that his father, mother, uncles and grandparents were all in on it, and that he was living in the house where guns were routinely traded for drugs. You didn’t hear that the Owens boy found the gun, which was already illegally possessed, stashed under a pile of blankets in his uncle Jesse’s room. And nobody in the press seemed to be interested to know how a criminal who wasn’t obeying the law about guns in the first place was going to abide by an all-out ban, or even by laws requiring trigger locks (which was being pushed at the time). We still haven’t heard why those who lived in the house largely got off (Jesse got exactly nine months behind bars). They still haven’t told us why making drugs illegal hasn’t stopped those from getting into the hands of millions of addicts a day. The liberal elite would have us believe that we, as law-abiding, peaceful citizens, are capable of handling our cars but not able to handle the freedom to defend ourselves? I am deeply offended by such condescension.

I am offended that my fellow homosexuals call me a “Judas” and a self-hating homo and a closet case for refusing to be a liberal. What happened to all that tolerance you demand from others? Are you that incapable of giving it? I am offended when I am called a racist for disagreeing with President Obama. Folks, I don’t care what color his skin is, what matters is that he ran out of toilet paper and sent the Secret Service to retrieve the Constitution so he could wipe his rear end with it. I am offended by the expectations of Democrats that because I am a lesbian, I’m surely voting for them. What happened to courting the vote? I am offended when people in other states tell me that the state I live in is wrong for something we haven’t even done. If you’re going to be a liberal, could you at least make some sort of half-hearted attempt to know what you’re talking about? Is it that much work to read a ten-page document to get your facts straight? I am offended when others look down on me for truly being different and refusing to simply “go with the flow” while they idolize those they see as rebels. Does anyone else see the dichotomy in this?

Most of all, I am offended that everyone is so caught up in trying to make sure they’re not offending anyone until it comes to me. When I’m offended, it’s acceptable. I daresay it is praised. There is a different standard for liberals than there is for conservatives. Liberal tolerance in action.

Something else offends me, so much so that I can almost apply the word “hate” to it: Russell Brand. ‘Nuff said.

Dealing With Extremists

By now we’ve all heard the news of a so-called “Christian” militia broken up by FBI and local law enforcement in Michigan. The Hutaree, an extremist survivalist group claiming their name means “Christian soldiers,” had planned to kill a cop (possibly even the cop’s entire family) and then bomb the funeral procession. Their plan was then to retreat onto their property and booby-trap it with tripwire IED’s for a final standoff with government forces because they believed the Antichrist had already been revealed and God had ordered them to survive “using equipment.”

Aside from the fact that these folks were complete lunatics, their plan had to be taken seriously because equally loony extremists had caused deadly standoffs with law enforcement before (think Branch Davidians). Hutaree leaders, during the raids on their homes, called members of other local militias and begged for help; each and every one turned them away. Militias, for the most part, are typically comprised of freedom-loving citizens who merely wish to obey the law. This particular militia was one of a couple that had proven itself dangerous to others. It was absolutely right to raid and arrest them.

Almost immediately, liberal bloggers and the MSM pointed to the fact that they called themselves Christians and pinned it all on conservatives. Just as they’d done after Bill Sparkman’s suicide, they instantly jumped to the conclusion that this militia had sprung up because of Obama’s presidency and they were out to kill liberals.

Now the truth has been revealed, and suddenly the press doesn’t want to touch it. All of the members of Hutaree were active voters. The first to be identified, 33-year-old Jacob J. Ward, is a registered Democrat.

So much for the argument that all the kooks are conservatives.

Go Sit in the Corner!

Many lawmakers have given us multiple reasons to shake our heads and say, “how did you get elected, you idiot?” Here’s Maxine Waters’ exchange with Fed chairman Ben Bernanke:


What she never seems to get, even at the end, is the big difference between the discount rate and the federal fund rate (the discount rate being the rate banks borrow from the government, the fed fund rate being the rate at which banks borrow from each other). No, nitwit, mortgages aren’t going to rise because the discount rate is going up ever so slightly. One would think you’d have learned a thing or two from your involvement with OneUnited. But, then again, you have hidden your involvement in that cover-up well and have been given a free pass for championing their cause by securing $12M in TARP money for which they didn’t qualify while you shrieked at big bank CEO’s about things you knew little about and were not willing to allow the CEO’s to explain. Don’t forget, though, Tea Party protesters are outrageous because they “shout.”

Waters has been outdone, though. Hank Lewis tossed a nice little gem out for us yesterday. While hearing testimony from Admiral Robert Willard, the Democrat from Georgia said one of the most unbelievable things I have ever heard (aside from Waters threatening the CEO of Shell with a nationalization of the oil industry). I kept waiting for the “April fools!” but none came:


He then went on to talk about global warming.

Words escape me.

I had to post this, too, brought to us by Tammy Bruce:


I couldn’t resist…I was laughing so hard I nearly wet my pants.

This Week’s “Sarah Palin” Hysteria

   (Image created by liberal critics from Americans for Sarah Palin on Facebook)

Two major news stories are surfacing on left-wing blogs everywhere about Sarah Palin.

First, Palin responded light-heartedly to the “controversy” over scribbling six words on her hands before her Tea Party Speech by repeating an e-mail she got from a fan who told Sarah that God had done the same thing — mentioned in the Book of Isiah.  Palin then said that if it was good enough for God, it was good enough for her.

Suddenly, left-wing blogs are rushing to God’s defense.  For those out there wondering how bizarre this is, just think of a feminist rushing to the defense of a baby right before the late-term abortion is performed or Teddy Kennedy jumping back into the harbor to save Mary Jo.

Such as it was good enough for a laugh — as most folks really are interpreting it — their portrayal of Palin is comparing herself to God! (as they shout indignantly) is also logically untrue.  In fact, she was speaking in contrast to God.  I.E. If the almighty did it, what more can you expect out of a mere mortal? 

And by the way, which President has had pictures of himself taken all over the White House and which President has been copied and pasted into the Messiah-like images before?

In the case of Him, they were serious.  In the case of Her, they were sadly attempting sarcasm to profess false beliefs onto conservative Americans.  The only problem is, they did it first with their guy — AND THEY WERE SERIOUS ABOUT IT! 

Of course, conservatives would never deliberately place the photograph of a politician we loved in the place of the Messiah.  But knowing liberals were serious when they did it with theirs, it just gives the lie to this absurdity about Palin believing she is God-like or Christian-conservatives believing it as well.

No, Sarah Palin is not Jesus Christ.  She merely believes in Him, just like we do.

Moving on….

Giving a speech in Canada this weekend, Palin recollects her childhood in Skagway, Alaska 40 years ago as she recalls crossing Canadian lines and using their health care.

Yes, you know where this is going.  It’s already been covered on the Huffington Post, the Daily Kos, and tonight on MSNBC

Suddenly, Palin is a hypocrite who uses the socialized health care system of Canada.  Nevermind the fact that both systems of health care in both countries were slightly different 40 years ago.  Nevermind the fact that she lived in a town called Skagway which rested on the Canadian border just years after Alaska had become a state. 

The joy of Sarah Palin is watching the left try as hard as they do.  I think for me, she’s already won the big battle with them.  What MSNBC and Media Matters fail to provide us with is precisely what the alternative was for the Palin family back then?  Just what did they want them to do?  Drive to Washington state every time someone broke a bone or had a fever?

My theory?  Palin knew liberals would react this way.  It wasn’t accidental that she mentioned this in her speech.  And the darlings of the left have not yet figured it out (to the point that screaming it from the rooftops now won’t take them out of their rotting anti-Palin daze) that they are so typical, they continue to eat out of her hand (with or without the scribbled words).

They run around screaming about how she’s such a dope — but they’ve all been duped by that “dope” over and over again.