Erasing Moral Hazard

I cannot understand the mentality of someone who slams Wall Street while they simultaneously ask for its support

A position like this usually indicates an avoidance of a point.  That point in this case would be acknowledging the federal government’s interference and what affect it has.  Under George Bush, the regulators didn’t stop Bernie Madoff.  Regulators are federal employees paid for with our tax dollars.  When the United States Government chooses to assert themselves as “Master” instead of “Servant,” the consequences are never far behind.

We saw it happen with the collapse of the banking industry.  When is someone going to confront the president with the fact that it was government interference which lead to the creation of Fannie and Freddie?  What did these government entities do?  They used taxpayer money to back bad loans.  This practice — along with regulation — enabled corruption all across the land.  As with most government “assistance,” it enabled the corrupt and punished the worthy.  No moral hazard whatsoever.  Big homes with no money down!  Subprime mortgages for everyone!  A sweetheart Countrywide deal for Chris Dodd and a scratch on the back from Barney Frank’s “acquaintance” sitting on the top of the banking institution’s panel.

It makes one wonder why “the last eight years” was referenced as Obama’s boneheaded hypocrisy (damning Wall Street while asking them to be your friend) shines through it all. 

The good news is that Americans are inheriting a lot of important wisdom right now and November is right around the corner.

Chicago’s Tea Party


This fella hit a great note this week on CNBC when he spoke on behalf of “the silent majority.”  His liberal counterparts are simply speechless.

Finally, the true majority is starting to scream back.  A Chicago Tea Party in July, I invite all out to join us!  😉

I have officially switched my position on the Fairness Doctrine….so long as Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews will not be able to escape guys like Rick Santelli.

One Thing Michelle Missed

I was happy to hear Rush today for a bit because, as I predicted, we would start getting the true analysis of what went wrong for us.  Then, I read Michelle Malkin’s answer to all the pity e-mails she’s been getting regarding last night’s results.

She was right.  We simply stand for what we believe in and scream from the rooftops our opposition to basically everything Obama will stand for.  Simple enough, right?

Well there’s one part that I wish she would have embellished on (perhaps Ann Coulter’s column released tonight will touch on it as I heard her on talk radio this morning).  We realize we can truly never trust the media ever again.

We learn to recognize the warning signs like the NY Times who referred to McCain many times as a “maverick” before the primary.  Then, we call them out on it.

We learn our lessons and never forget them.  One major lesson Americans keep forgetting is that we are asking for major Democratic wins in possible landslide victories (like the one last night) when we run a mild Republican as opposed to a true conservative.

Barry Goldwater lost in a huge defeat.  Bob Dole lost in a defeat.  And McCain was rejected by America as well.  In fact, McCain would have done much worse had it not been for Sarah Palin.

Bush did three great things for our country.  First, he gave us tax cuts.  Secondly, he did not cave into Democrat whining when putting forth his national security or domestic policies which kept us safe.  Then, we got a couple of great Supreme Court Justices out of it.  But, he also did some very horrible things as well.  These include massive spending, support of amnesty, and support of the bailout.

These things were also supported by John McCain.  In addition, he threw in McCain-Feingold to boot.

I thank GW Bush for keeping me safe.

I thank John McCain for serving us in Vietnam and for Sarah Palin.

But, as conservatives, I am ready for both of them to be gone.

Next time, the media will not be selecting our candidate for us.  It is time many of us come together and work to make Sarah Palin our front-runner for 2012, a real conservative as her running mate, and a strict selection of strong conservatives to run for Congress.

You cannot sell out conservative ideals, Christians, and fiscal conservatives without losing an election in a landslide and carrying an “R” at the end of your name.

Finally, you thank God we didn’t have McCain who would have worked hard to appease the insane left in Congress, leading us to further failure and giving us two terms of Hillary landslides once the country felt the disaster.  The only thing is, Republicans would have been blamed.

This way; at least, the country feels disasters under liberals in both the Executive and Legislative branches.  Then we pounce back with Palin in 2012.

Until then, we support eachother and pull through it.

The “Broken Pipe” of Socialism


If we have to go down this November, and it is still pretty close in the polls, we have to do it screaming the obvious so that in four years when we come back, we can scream even louder “I told you so!”

The fact is; fellow conservatives, the bailout deal was anything but conservative.  The fact is, our own President endorsed it and our own Presidential Candidate went along with it. 

The only dissenter, or the one who took the position of normal Americans was Sarah Palin in the VP debate when she said that Americans on Main Street needed to take responsibility for their actions.

The video I posted above is the great Ann Coulter with Neil Cavuto.  They discuss the problems of sub-prime mortgages and liberalism’s hand in this. 

The mess in and of itself is not at all the fault of Republicans.  It’s a result of liberalism.

I feel sold out by McCain and Bush for coming in and approving this to give banks their way who are saying they aren’t loaning money to anyone unless the government comes through and hands them this money.  That’s sick.

The current crisis represents a leaking ceiling that required a patch.  Sadly, that patch cost us $700 billion.  But, the ceiling which holds the broken pipe of socialism will not only leak again eventually, but will finally out-and-out burst.  How much will that cost that?

Obama is adding one trillion dollars in spending virtually ripping the ceiling off altogether.

Just as Bush was magnificent at doing with foreign policy, the economic crisis required a long-term response to the broken pipe.  And while Democrats wouldn’t see the immediate results right away, we could easily be on the proper track of repair if we took the right attitude.  You cannot reverse major problems in a years time.

But sadly, now the work will be even more difficult if we have to endure four years of Obama.