Keith Olbermann Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

This past August, Keith Olbermann called NewsCorp owner and Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch for making more than $1M in campaign contributions to a friend – John Kasich, a former Fox News anchor. Kasich was running for governor of Ohio, and this week he won. It was months before his win that Olbermann went on a rant on his show Countdown with Keith Olbermann and said, “Fox News has put its money where its mouth is.” Olbermann’s head later exploded last month, when he devoted an entire segment to Rupert Murdoch’s $1M contribution to the US Chamber of Commerce (of which Murdoch is a member, making such a contribution a normal thing). Olbermann has been caught in multiple outright lies over the years, and he is as liberal as a bleeding-heart hatemongering liberal can be.

During his show last month with Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), Olbermann asked the following question: “[is there] a legislative response to the idea that there is a national cable news outlet that goes beyond having a point of view and actually starts to shill for partisan causes and actually starts to donate to partisan groups of one party?”

‘Cause, you know, “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press” should never be exercised at the same time, right?

Well, today Olby has been suspended by his home network, MSNBC, after being caught giving $2400 each to three political candidates (the maximum individual amount allowed by law). They went to Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) (that guy is a traitorous snake, but that’s a rant for another day) and Jack Conway (Senate hopeful defeated by Rand Paul in KY). MSNBC bars employees from working for or donating to political campaigns unless disclosure is made to the company and a special exemption is granted; Olbermann didn’t tell anyone, so by his employers’ rules, he’s in deep doo-doo.

Twitter is alight with fans of Olbermann’s show going mad over his suspension. They’re complaining about his First Amendment rights. @ericfadden says, “gotta love the new campaign contribution rules. Keith Olbermann donates as a citizen and gets suspended. A corp can give & remain nameless.” Completely aside from the fact that Olbermann has regularly ignored the First Amendment rights of others, what his fans are missing is simple: he’s not being suspended because he donated to political campaigns. He’s suspended without pay because he violated his employers’ rules. MSNBC is not run by the government, and they have every right to set a rule that you must have explicit permission before doing certain things, contributing to political campaigns among them. It’s simple…if I were to blog about an issue that involved one of my employers without permission, I could be fired on the spot. That wouldn’t be a violation of my Constitutional rights, it would be my just punishment for being an idiot.

The Huffington Post isn’t being its usual huffy self. Their heads are exploding. It’s front-page news, in big bold print, along with a link to Media Matters comparisons to Fox News contributors who have also donated to political campaigns. What HuffPo and MM have missed completely is also the employer rules issue. I don’t know that Fox has rules about political contributions, and even if it does if those employees who are making contributions are abiding by those rules (with media organizations, it’s always disclosure and permission), of course they’re not going to get fired. Naturally, HuffPo editors and MM blowhards aren’t going to point that out. It would require the ability to see an issue from a side other than the liberal one.

What they’re all missing is that a good number of Fox News contributors who do all of that stuff host specialty shows – opinion shows. MM also goes after folks like John Bolton, Tammy Bruce, Elaine Chao and Newt Gingrich for their political donations. Trouble is, none of those people are regular employees of Fox – they’re guests of certain shows. Do you think MM is going to point out the political contributions of Olbermann’s guests? I’d like to see them bitch about who Janeane Garofolo gives money to. Will they devote a post to the donations made by Rachel Maddow’s guests? I think not. Since MM touts itself as an anti- “conservative misinformation” outlet (read: Fox News), it’s not surprising that they would conveniently omit the facts about their own side. God knows we wouldn’t want THOSE lies to be pointed out.

Another point I’d like to make is about who does the political commentary on which channel. Olbermann has, for years, been MSNBC’s frontman during elections. He’s always the guy out there covering election news as it rolls in. If you watch Fox on election nights, you’ll notice something: you don’t see specialty show hosts like Greg Gutfield, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly or Geraldo Rivera covering election news. They’ll be on later to give commentary, but it’s actual news anchors who cover that at Fox. Olbermann contributed to three political campaigns right before having those candidates on his show.

When even the New York Times is ripping on you for your rank stupidity and arrogance, you know you’re about half a bubble off plum.

This Week’s “Sarah Palin” Hysteria

   (Image created by liberal critics from Americans for Sarah Palin on Facebook)

Two major news stories are surfacing on left-wing blogs everywhere about Sarah Palin.

First, Palin responded light-heartedly to the “controversy” over scribbling six words on her hands before her Tea Party Speech by repeating an e-mail she got from a fan who told Sarah that God had done the same thing — mentioned in the Book of Isiah.  Palin then said that if it was good enough for God, it was good enough for her.

Suddenly, left-wing blogs are rushing to God’s defense.  For those out there wondering how bizarre this is, just think of a feminist rushing to the defense of a baby right before the late-term abortion is performed or Teddy Kennedy jumping back into the harbor to save Mary Jo.

Such as it was good enough for a laugh — as most folks really are interpreting it — their portrayal of Palin is comparing herself to God! (as they shout indignantly) is also logically untrue.  In fact, she was speaking in contrast to God.  I.E. If the almighty did it, what more can you expect out of a mere mortal? 

And by the way, which President has had pictures of himself taken all over the White House and which President has been copied and pasted into the Messiah-like images before?

In the case of Him, they were serious.  In the case of Her, they were sadly attempting sarcasm to profess false beliefs onto conservative Americans.  The only problem is, they did it first with their guy — AND THEY WERE SERIOUS ABOUT IT! 

Of course, conservatives would never deliberately place the photograph of a politician we loved in the place of the Messiah.  But knowing liberals were serious when they did it with theirs, it just gives the lie to this absurdity about Palin believing she is God-like or Christian-conservatives believing it as well.

No, Sarah Palin is not Jesus Christ.  She merely believes in Him, just like we do.

Moving on….

Giving a speech in Canada this weekend, Palin recollects her childhood in Skagway, Alaska 40 years ago as she recalls crossing Canadian lines and using their health care.

Yes, you know where this is going.  It’s already been covered on the Huffington Post, the Daily Kos, and tonight on MSNBC

Suddenly, Palin is a hypocrite who uses the socialized health care system of Canada.  Nevermind the fact that both systems of health care in both countries were slightly different 40 years ago.  Nevermind the fact that she lived in a town called Skagway which rested on the Canadian border just years after Alaska had become a state. 

The joy of Sarah Palin is watching the left try as hard as they do.  I think for me, she’s already won the big battle with them.  What MSNBC and Media Matters fail to provide us with is precisely what the alternative was for the Palin family back then?  Just what did they want them to do?  Drive to Washington state every time someone broke a bone or had a fever?

My theory?  Palin knew liberals would react this way.  It wasn’t accidental that she mentioned this in her speech.  And the darlings of the left have not yet figured it out (to the point that screaming it from the rooftops now won’t take them out of their rotting anti-Palin daze) that they are so typical, they continue to eat out of her hand (with or without the scribbled words).

They run around screaming about how she’s such a dope — but they’ve all been duped by that “dope” over and over again.

My Day With Sarah Palin (Dedicated to AirForceWife)

Have you ever wondered what Heaven was going to look like?  I have, and I think I got a little preview Thursday when I went to Sarah Palin’s book signing in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  (In the following video, you will see me at 0:26 looking horrible as my friend, Veronica, a liberal – laid exhausted at my side).


The signing was from noon until 3pm.  We needed to be there, with our books – by 10am to obtain a wristband.  Since this was Palin’s second stop from her kick-off in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we were sure to watch the news on Wednesday; during the day, to get an idea of how early to arrive.  Boy, I am sure glad we did because Grand Rapids was quite a crazy event.  In fact, folks who could not get to see her in Grand Rapids due to crowd issues, took a chance and left out Wednesday night to get to Fort Wayne, Indiana in plenty of time.

A few days ago, a filling came loose in a tooth of mine.  Therefore; I was in quite a bit of pain.  I had planned on attending the book signing with one friend.  It was so annoying that I almost decided to stay home.  But as the pain grew, so did my desire to put it aside and place mind over matter when seeing that this was my opportunity to meet someone so incredible.  So without a lick of sleep; Wednesday night, I met Veronica in Indiana (my home is located in Illinois just on the border). 

Veronica is one of my best friends.  She voted for Obama and was apprehensive about meeting Sarah Palin.  Nonetheless, we’ve had eachothers’ backs through a lot more than this, so she happily agreed to the three-hour road trip getting no sleep as well.

We arrived at Meijer in Fort Wayne, Indiana at approximately 3AM.  It’s a large store popular in the midwest.  Thank God it’s opened 24 hours because her and I brought blankets and pillows to camp out in “Karen” (my Lexus) with the heated seats to keep our bums from freezing.  With luck, we went into the store and the folks in Fort Wayne were so nice…they allowed us to bring our pillows and blankets inside and to join the already multiple crowded aisles of folks who had been there since 9pm Wednesday night.

We then settled in “our aisle” and quickly noticed the vast crowding of folks outside.  (We apparently got there just in time to get a final indoor waiting spot).  People didn’t care.  They brought blankets, coats, and even though we were all deathly tired, people kept smiling and chanting for “Sarah!”  In some cases, people from the inside would temporarily switch places with someone from outside to allow small children to warm up, etc.

As I sat in the aisle (pictured below) among other people, a news reporter (who is also responsible for these images) approached me and talked with me about Palin and why we drove from Chicago to meet her.  As a result I was quoted in her article covering the event.

Nearby, Stephen Flesher from Chicago leafs through the book as well.
“I think Sarah is very cool. She knows how to bring a lot of good people together. I think she is inspirational,” he said.

Speaking of media, many correspondents were there from Fox.  Also, Norah O’Donnell from MSNBC was trolling around the crowds with her cameramen and microphones.  But, since we all knew what she was up to from the day before in Grand Rapids, we were certain to chant Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! every time she came by our aisle trying to interview interrogate folks.  Good Morning America was running around and Andrea Mitchell from Today was there as well. 

The connection we all shared was amazing.  I was thoroughly impressed with the store and its management.  We were treated free coffee and refreshments and were allowed to save spots for one another so that people could go outside and smoke, use the restroom, etc.  Out of thousands of folks who turned out, there was not one altercation or incident which confirms what I said: “Sarah brings good people together.”  People were polite, smiling, and though we were all tired, we shared stories and ideas and talked a lot about politics and government.  It truly was a nice time meeting other Palin fans in and of itself.

As Sarah Palin entered the building, everyone stood up and applauded loudly….tears streaming down faces of military wives who were holding portraits of their husbands who are overseas fighting for our country, little girls dressed up hand-in-hand with their parents, and some standing with gifts and flowers they had brought for the Governor.

Miraculously, MSNBC and Norah O’Donnell had disappeared before reporting that part of the event….the rest of the media were still there.

Palin immediately began signing books.  We were all told that she would be able to sign two books each and had 20 seconds per person.  This was not the case.  Palin insisted on asking everyone’s name, asking where they were from, shaking hands with every admirer and sending well wishes as folks left. 

…and whenever a military wife would approach, Sarah would always reach out for a hug and a kind word…

As I saw Sarah Palin hugging these various military wives, I thought of our very own AFW and noticed the raw emotion of these women.  This was their time to shine and be noticed.  They deserved it because of their selflessness they grant to us everyday.  So AFW, again, thank you for your selfless contribution to our country!

As I approached Palin myself, I grew weak in the knees.  However; Sarah made up for that with a surprisingly firm handshake and a smile.  I told her I had driven from Chicago and she asked how long it took.  I then told her I was so grateful to her for everything she’s done and how she had a lot of support in the Chicago area whether she realized it or not.  She smiled and said “thank you, that is so encouraging” and said she was amazed I had driven three hours.  She then ordered me to go get some sleep.  (I must have really looked awful! 🙂 )

No matter where Sarah Palin goes, I feel in my heart that it’s upward.  She’s brave and she speaks our language.  This day in my life was very special. I met some terrific friends and for about 10.5 hours total, I was reminded how peaceful and happy large groups of people can really be – especially when we all share a hope for something better.  I then for two seconds wondered if this is how conservatives felt when they first discovered Ronald Reagan.  Perhaps.

So, do I really think this encouraging day of mass familiarity was an indication of what Heaven is going to be like?

You betcha!

Who Needs the Truth?

Ever since election day 2000, we’ve heard nothing but “Bush stole the election!” Nobody has been able to prove this. They keep whining about Florida, and how the race was rigged, but the real truth has been stuffed down and ignored.

At 1949 Eastern Standard Time on November 7, 2000, nearly all of the major news networks–beginning with NBC–announced that the polls had closed in Florida and Gore had won the state’s 25 electoral votes. Trouble was, the Florida Panhandle was on Central time. Their polls were actually due to remain open for another hour. Thousands of voters who had not yet been able to vote didn’t go. Some were standing in line when the announcement was heard and left. With the demand for a recount, even with the military votes tossed out Bush still carried the state. He won three recounts. In the aftermath, the Supreme Court of the United States had to intervene to stop Florida voting laws from being upended. Even a Democratic strategist admitted that Bush lost no less than 10,000 votes in Panhandle precincts where the announcement caused people not to vote. The media, quick to prejudge, cost Bush votes–but he still managed to eek out a win. The AP refused to concede that Bush had won throughout the whole mess.

Later, at 0216 EST, FOX News analyst John Ellis made his network the first to announce that Bush had won the presidency. Somehow, the same MSM networks that had erroneously called the Florida election for Gore an hour too early managed to make the Bush win all Ellis’s fault. According to them, his announcement made it a psychological thing, some sort of behemoth that couldn’t be stopped (at two in the godforsaken a.m.? Please!). Why? Because Ellis was Bush’s cousin. Then, with no proof at all, the MSM accused Ellis of giving Bush confidential inside information–something that was completely illegal.

They’ve never dropped it. Not one of them has ever been able to prove the accusations against Ellis, but they refuse to let it go. A Lexis/Nexis search turns up literally hundreds of news articles about John Ellis’s role in the 2000 election…and next to none about the rest of the networks choosing to call Florida for Gore an hour before their polls closed, with less than 2% of the precinct numbers in.

Most recently, the MSM sought to sully the name of another conservative, this one far more prominent: Rush Limbaugh.

Rush has always been an object of hatred for the MSM. The liberal-controlled press, normally compassionate to liberals with drug problems, bragged about “the permanent smirk” they wore after Rush admitted to being addicted to Oxycontin in 2003. Just a couple of weeks ago Rush put in a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams (NFL). The media jumped on the announcement with both feet.

Dave Zirin, a writer for a radical rag known as The Nation (but put forth by MSNBC as a sportswriter), was the first to malign Rush over his bid. He claimed to have heard Rush say “slavery had its merits.” The same quote was used by NFL quarterback James Farrior and was posted on NBC’s website after being regurgitated by Dave Schuster. CNN joined the charge when anchorman Rick Sanchez spit out a more complete version of the quote: “…slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back. I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.”

The next day, the only mention of the quote on CNN was made by Sanchez, and he only said that Rush had denied ever saying anything like it. Nobody had offered the date, time, or an audio sample to prove its authenticity, but it was out there, and a good number of people believed it without question. Sanchez defended himself by claiming–also baselessly–that other racist quotes had been attributed to Rush and a lot of people found it offensive.

MSNBC didn’t even post Rush’s denial of the quote. They didn’t give him a second thought. David Schuster and Tamron Hall only repeated the quote and swore up and down that it was legitimate. Hall’s guest on that show, on Tuesday, October 13, was Karen Hunter–and she took the attack on Rush a step further by claiming Rush had praised James Earl Ray (Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassin) and said he deserved the medal of honor. Rachel Maddow parroted both quotes on her show. Trouble was, the only source from which the James Earl Ray quote was taken was a radically left-wing book by Jack Huberman called 101 People Who Are Really Screwing America (ripped from Bernie Goldberg’s book of the same title).

The “slavery” quote, which made it’s MSM debut with St. Louis Post-Dispatch op-ed writer Bryan Burwell, also originated with Jack Huberman. Burwell followed that bogus quote up with the following: “I know how those words play out in idiot America. They’re embraced as gospel.” The Post-Dispatch refused to back up their writer, but he wouldn’t back down. He went on to describe his article as “throwing a deck chair off the Titanic,” and made the first claim that Rush had a litany of racist remarks, thus making him unfit to own an NFL team.

When nobody–not Huberman, Burwell, Schuster, Sanchez or Hall–could come up with any proof that Rush had made any of those statements, the media spent less than 60 seconds on the idea that Rush may have been falsely accused. After that 60 seconds was up, they dropped it.

FOX has been the only network that has aired Rush’s demand that the accusations be retracted.

I don’t listen to Rush much. I really just don’t have the time. When he’s on, I’m at work, and I have more important things to do than listen to talk radio. What I do hear from him, however, I tend to agree with. And I find it stupefying that the MSM can all but try to throw a presidential election, blame it on a FOX analyst, and try to ruin a man with accusations of racism and hatemongering when all of it–ALL OF IT–is a crock of lies. I guess the quotes were just too good for anyone to do any source-checks.

Who needs the truth when we’ve got the media?

Shannyn Moore: The Liberals’ “Hero”


It’s okay to be a hero.  Being a hero gives one a sense of honor.  Along with honor comes compassion, decency, and respect.  Not just respect for ourselves, but also respect for others around us.  Being a hero commands an essence of fairness and requires an understanding of truth and facts before taking action.

Did anyone ever see an episode of Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman where either one of the three captured or brought down someone without using their super powers to gain the absolute truth about one of their bad guys before taking action?  If so, I’d like to see them.  Then again, those shows had plots which were written decades ago – back when someone like Shannyn Moore would be forced to pay dire consequences for her irresponsiblity and her candid apparent starve for attention regardless of the cost to others.

Shannyn Moore “reported rumors.”  This is her defense.  And its this defense that has readers of the Bluffington Post declaring “Shannyn is a hero in my book.” 

If that book had a title, I wonder what it would be.  The Adventures of the Rumor-Reporting Alaskan?

Shannyn Moore; on her webpage, led others to believe (or in her words: “reported rumors”) that Sarah Palin may be under federal investigation.  Immediately, the FBI answered and said such rumors were absolutely false.  Did Shannyn Moore apologize?  No, she gave a speech in front of Sarah Palin’s office portraying HERSELF as the victim and Palin as the “bully” and “coward.”

If indeed Shannyn Moore was not a guest on MSNBC or never wrote blather that winds up on the Bluffington Post or in “articles” that pop up on internet search engines when one selects “news”, I wouldn’t be complaining.  But, this is someone Keith Olbermann (I know, just go with me for a minute) uses as a reference and has as a guest on his show whenever they want to report another ethics probe-canard against Sarah Palin.

Everyone of them (18 in one year) were won by Sarah Palin in which they found nothing wrong.  Even though Alaskans footed the bill for the legal fees and even though Sarah Palin had to pay in the neighborhood of $600K out of her own pocket to cater to these lunatics everytime MSNBC wanted to throw a worm to Shannyn Moore for more gossip on the soon-to-be ex-governor. 

After Palin announced her resignation, it was brought to Palin’s attention that this woman was contributing to the spread of these false rumors.  The response from Palin’s attorney is stated below in another post addressing Ms. Moore directly.

Now, this woman is going on Keith Olbermann’s show AGAIN tonight to talk about this issue.  In the video above, it is astonishing how this woman – this scumbag and sorry excuse for someone who could possibly report ANYTHING – and be used by a “news” organization like MSNBC, can state the First Amendment as defense in her response to Sarah Palin.  How about an apology?

The audacity one must have to claim being a victim and to be bullied by Palin when indeed it was this woman who helped bring many of these bogus ethics charges against Palin is off the charts.

JohnInCa sent an article in a previous forum stating that if Sarah Palin decides to follow through with her plans to sue someone like Shannyn Moore, that it could cost Moore thousands of dollars…..she deserves it…..and it needs to be immediately known that not only does this woman continue to hold her head high after stooping so low for attention, but that MSNBC and others in the media will continue to use her as a credible guest on their programs.

Any liberal that shows up, I challenge you to look through every post on this blog and find one false rumor peddled about any liberal politican as if it were fact.


This woman needs to grow up and deserves the legal beating of her life.

Palin’s Troopergate Report: Liberals Settling for Bacon Grease


Poor liberals.  They got short-changed two years ago when Plamegate gave us a phony perjury charge against Scotter Libby, to which President Bush issued a pardon.  Nobody outed Plame.  Rove, Rice, Bush, and Cheney were charged with revealing her name and liberals after months of hysteria had to settle for bacon grease.

With Troopergate, liberals were sure they would be delivered the actual bacon.  And in the far-off land of liberal-reporting in the MSM like the following MSNBC video, they are still pretending they have it by outright lying. 

I believe it was politically planned to release this report on a Friday night to keep all the conservatives on talk radio like Rush and Sean from delivering the truth on the MSM’s portrayal of this until Monday, giving us an entire weekend of Palin-bashing.

Palin’s “abuse of power” in the report merely charges her for not stopping her husband from contacting her subordinates, contacting state representatives, and others in the Alaskan legislature to get Mike Wooten fired.  Suddenly, liberals are against any state or federal citizen contacting state or federal officials to express concern against policies or decisions made? 

What a strange way to get liberals to admit that they do indeed support the Patriot Act!  In fact, they want it massively amended!

Speaking of “abuse of power” – Rachel Maddow of MSNBC abuses her power as a broadcaster immediately in this video in opening up the segment by saying:

“Governor Palin abused her power in firing Alaska’s public safety commissioner.”

Then seconds later quotes the report as saying:

“Governor Palin’s firing of Commissioner Monegan was a PROPER AND LAWFUL EXERCISE”

It then goes on to describe the complaint of the Palin family going to state officials.

Many articles online tonight and broadcasts on MSNBC are headlining the “Abuse of Power” and some like Rachel Maddow are even going so far to continue to implicate that the report concludes Palin was found guilty of it for firing Monegan, which liberals have proclaimed all along.

Now that it proves them wrong, liberals are again living off the bacon grease.

Should we expect anything less of the darlings?

Moonbat Alert!

Ahhh, so if my regulars will scroll down to my post about Shannyn Moore, you will see an interesting comment from a moonbat calling herself “Kelly.”

Then, when you head to Shannyn’s blog, you see that she calls herself “Martha” with the same reply.

Obviously “Kelly” doesn’t understand that we have an option to obtain the e-mail address.  That with a google search reveals quite a bit:

Check out the following page:

Turns out “Kelly” is “Kelly Walters” and her name appears just under Shannyn’s.  Yes, Kelly works for Shannyn and in an e-mail which you can see at that link, you will see a bulk piece of spam being sent around on Sarah Palin with sources of such fair-and-balanced reports as “” and “crooksandliars.”

To think, Shannyn’s email sent to me – which I posted for all to see – claims she’s “independent.”  I scanned the sources in the e-mail for “Fox News” but there doesn’t seem to be one.  😉


Being that I smacked “Kelly” around with a few facts or two, I don’t think we’ll be hearing from her anymore.

I wonder what Alaskans would think to know people like this are among them.  Why don’t these two just move to San Francisco?

Playing Fair with Palin Complaintants

Hi everyone…..

I figure it’s only right to be fair.  Last night I posted about Shannyn Moore, the Alaskan whose been appearing Olbermann lately and used as Olbermann uses many when it comes to Republican candidates.  I wanted to admit that she did in fact: a. allowed my comment that I shared with you all to be posted and b. responded to me via e-mail last night.

It said the following:

I have to get on the air, but want to address your statements.  I don’t work for a publication, but people have felt free to repost my writing in a few places, I have no control over where because I can’t keep up.

Sarah Palin and I spoke on the air the morning of her nomination.  I have differed many times on policy with her, and always had enough respect for the office that we have kept an on air discussion going for as long as she has been gov.  I know her well, and better than most.  I would hope you understand this is not a lack of respect.

Palin has been popular because even if Alaskans felt her policy was wrong, they felt like she was open and honest and they like that.  I liked that, hell, I loved that.  After years of corruption in this state, we welcomed it and rolled up our sleeves. 

She asked for and welcomed an investigation.  She did it on the air with me  All when neither she or anyone else knew of a VP nomination.  These investigators and legislators are neither partisan nor vindictive.  It is awkward.  This is about Alaska, not anywhere else.  Having lawyer teams come up here from either campaign is not welcome and will not be tolerated.  Lawyers who are not even members of the Alaska Bar are practicing and are getting the boot.

The new commissioner was only employed for 2 weeks, then given $10,000 to go away when it was discovered he had multiple sexual harassment offenses in his past. 

The tazer incident happened almost 2 years before it was reported.  It was only reported during a divorce.  The mother was in the room, as were 3 other boys, and the cartridge was taken out.  I think it was terrible, but I also know the boy said he was showing off for his friends and it did not hurt him.  This was part of a very messy divorce.  Please see the letter of rec. that Sarah wrote for Wooten.

I know Walt Monegan, he is a decent man.  He is very respected by Alaskans, and though a reason was not needed, several have been, and all debunked.  Walt is an Alaskan Native and has taken seriously our epidemic proportion of rape and incest – mostly alcohol realated.

I am an independent.  I am very concerned about the state of the country, and want to be able to talk to people who don’t agree with me about policy and still reserve respect.  I hope you don’t feel disrespected.  This is an Alaskan issue, and we want to handle it.  If you read all the times Sarah said she wanted it, the only time it changed was with the nomination.  I feel bad for her, I know her to be someone who likes to not have filters on, and just say what is on her mind.  She steps in it all the time, and then laughs, and says “oh, I’m not that P.C.” and we all move along.  I think it must be hard on her to not fulfill her promises to Alaska. 

Take care, and thank you for spending so much time writing me.  If you have any other comments, I’d like to hear from you…

Take care,

Claiming to being an independent and titling your web-blog “Turning a red state blue” doesn’t really align well with the other.  I still think the tazering and threatening of Palin’s father was sufficient enough evidence to get the guy out of there immediately.  Plus I’ll be looking for sources on the replaced commissioner paid $10,000.  If he is a sexual offender, I certainly hope they aren’t using him as the source!

Especially seeing as liberals are using the e-mail hacking to detour from “Palin’s e-mail was hacked” to “Sarah might have conducted government business on her personal e-mail.”

You folks can be the judge though.

Olbermann and MSM DESPERATE for Troopergate Sources

And I am not kidding.  Apparently this gal was on with Keith Olbermann to give her “concerned” and thoughtful opinion in the best interest of Alaskans, the rule of law, and the Constitution.  As this crackpot “investigation” begins to unfold with apparent members of investigators whom are less qualified than the lollipop guild, it begins to reveal itself as most liberal-endorsed investigations are, perfectly-timed spectacles of distracting hysteria.

Sarah Palin asked to be held accountable two months ago.  Now, suddenly, the incompetents in Alaska are wanting to conduct it now?  Is it any wonder?  Why it’s only a coincidence that Sarah Palin is on the campaign trail now, isn’t it? 

This writer; Shannyn Moore, is an Alaskan and titles her blog “Painting a red-state BLUE, one stroke at a time” and basically copied and pasted an article she wrote for a really bad version of the Huffington Post called the Alaska Report.  Just gazing the front page sort of lets you in on where these folks stand politically.

This is it folks.  This is what the MSM and MSNBC considers credible and bi-partisan for news reporting.  I left the following comment on her web-blog (thanks Mel for the fabulous “anti-cop” line I borrowed) and it says it’s “awaiting moderation.”  Which is basically a nice way of saying that “a difference in opinion must be terminated.”  Enjoy:

Well, it seems her [Sarah Palin] popularity has managed quite well. The “publication” you write for also seems to be a less-beefed-up version of the Huffington Post to say the least.

Here’s what Americans perceive as an “investigation.” When Palin said to hold her accountable, I have a feeling she was under the impression that the investigators weren’t going to take almost two months to INVESTIGATE. Now suddenly, they want her back in Alaska now and want to drag it out over the next few weeks?

Is any American with a brain supposed to believe that it is sheer coincidence that the process of investigation is merely happening during the most crucial weeks of the campaign? Are we supposed to believe that these incompetent investigators show the desire at the same time Palin is bringing in droves of crowds where ever she goes with screams, goats, shouts, and cries of support hurling from tens of thousands of supporters at one time – at one rally?

Are we supposed to believe that a new commissioner is managing to keep his job even now that Wooten is still employed, yet Monegan was allegedly let go for the same reason?

Replace his tazered son with Rodney King or Sean Bell and miraculously liberal opinion would sway. Where’s all the anti-cop rhetoric when we need it?

The fact is Monegan could not control a budget and he’s a pompous hot-head using this newly acquired internet-fame to bolster his severly deflated girlish ego.

Prosecutors and “investigations” have been used for years to derail candidates loved by Americans. We saw it with Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald when he used Plamegate as an opportunity to drag out a tax-funded perjury trap for Scooter Libby even after it was revealed that Iraq-war opponent Richard Armitage was the one who revealed her name and even when it became apparent that Valerie Plame was not anymore covert than Obama is “really” black.

We saw it when it took liberal Ronnie Earle in Texas to empanel six grand juries in order to win an indictment against Tom Delay forcing him to step down as Majority Leader just within a year of the 2006 Congressional elections. Delay; like Palin was (and is) a politician Republicans loved and one who energized his base. It’s been over three years now and still no conviction.

We see it takes three years for a phony investigation and indictment of Delay. We saw it took almost a year for a phony perjury trap in the case of Plamegate.

Not anymore, liberals! Your wildcard that uses taxpayer money and candidate time to move forward with botched-partisan investigations to prevent Americans from getting to know a terrific person and from stopping America from moving forward has been played one too many times. It’s expired, it’s utterly apparent to Americans, and it’s never going to work anymore.

In a year where an election should have been handed to Democrats with absolutely no problems, this year will indeed serve as a national embarrassment to their party.

Take a bow liberals, we still need your hysteria and support for just 50 or so more days!

Staying in line with the Palin-smear campaign, Michelle Malkin – accompanied by other bloggers – have traced back varying disgusting youtube videos to a Democrat Public Relations Firm.

Olbermann Declares “End is Near” for Ann Coulter


Keeping with the issues as well as they always do, liberals and Olbermann are fixated on Ann Coulter’s visit to a supermarket last week where her credit card was rejected (reason never reported).

This of course is the billionth time Olbermann has made Coulter the “Worst Person/Best Person in the World.”

Signs that Coulter’s end is near: her credit card was rejected and a liberal Newspaper characterized her in a negative manner.  (Gee that’s never happened before!)

Signs that Olbermann’s career is already over: Making Ann Coulter the “Worst/Best Person in the World” more times than the number of viewers your show gets.