I Kissed A Girl

I’ll never forget the first time I heard Katy Perry’s instant hit, “I Kissed A Girl.” It was a rare occasion where I was at a lesbian bar with some friends (I don’t go out because I can’t handle large crowds in confined spaces). All of a sudden, this song started and within the first two measures the whole club was cheering wildly. I paid attention to the lyrics and discovered why quickly.

I am not as thrilled with that song as so much of the gay community is. A few years ago, I worked part-time as a mentor at a shelter home for girls taken from their parents by CPS. One of the girls, the first night she was there, announced to the rest of the house that she liked to tell girls at school that she was a lesbian purely for the shock factor. I explained (without giving myself away) that saying that sort of thing for that reason could be offensive to actual lesbians, particularly if one of them asked her out and she had to tell the truth. I explained that it wasn’t nice because not only is coming out a difficult process for some people, but if you give a lesbian hope and she falls for you, she’ll be crushed when she finds out that you lied. The girl didn’t quite understand what I was saying and refused to stop doing it.

I’m still struggling to figure out when it became chic to say you’re gay.

I like Katy Perry. I still remember when she was recording under her real name, Katy Hudson, as a Christian singer. I remember when she made an appearance on the POD song “Goodbye For Now”. Even though I prefer hard rock and heavy metal, I do like Katy Perry’s music. I don’t really care for this particular song, though, because being gay should not be a fashion statement. I don’t think that’s how she meant it, and I certainly don’t mean to criticize her too harshly because she’s not the only person to have sung, written, or talked about experimenting with same-sex relationships. This song is one of the most widely-recognized missives about it.

When I began to realize that I might actually be a lesbian, my whole life turned upside-down. I had been raised in a culture that wasn’t very forgiving. Southern Christian churches in the late 80’s and early 90’s were far more anti-gay than they are now, believe it or not. The only time I ever heard anyone talk about gay people it was usually in church and the things said were very disparaging – and usually accompanied by the most shocking images the Christian world could find of gay pride parades and festivals. I was raised to believe that being gay was an illness, and if you were gay then G-d had given up on you. I spent six months so depressed that I am, to this day, surprised that I survived.

Hearing a song like “I Kissed A Girl” was almost a slap in the face to the struggle that I recall as the darkest point in my life. I don’t think for one second that Katy Perry meant to offend anyone with the song – not even her parents, who are still deeply religious. That song is just one part of a growing popularity contest on who can be a better friend to the gays. More often than not, it includes straight people saying that they pretended to be gay and using that to say they understand how I feel.

No. You really don’t. If you’re going to support us, then support us. Don’t toss out your version of “I Kissed A Girl” and claim it as a badge of honor. If you are straight, be straight and happy and support us as exactly who you are.

Device Drops ‘Vilify’

Disturbed has long been my favorite band. David Draiman and I don’t politically agree on everything, but he’s far more open to opposing ideas than liberals are (he considers himself a libertarian) – and he’s defiantly Jewish. His pulse-pounding “Never Again” calls out Holocaust deniers and the music written by Dan Donegan, Mike Wengren and John Moyer brings that message to a stage that no metal band has ever explored before.

I like all different kinds of music (with the distinct and strong exception of rap), but Disturbed is definitely my favorite. With Disturbed on hiatus, Draiman moved to Austin, TX (soon to be my home, so I’m excited) and started up a side project with former Filter guitarist Geno Leonardo. The project is called Device, and the first single dropped on February 19. I’ve been so busy with work that I didn’t even notice until last week.

Leonardo’s opening riff is definitely reminiscent of Filter, but the rest of the song seems to be a mesh of Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle – with Draiman’s signature vocals making it an industrial rock sound that is actually melodic. If you like hard rock, you’ll like Device. Lyrically, I love it; my favorite line comes from the first verse: “go find another lapdog, f—er!”

It should come as no surprise that I’m now claiming this song as my official response to gay leftists who publicly call me a self-loathing closet case and a traitor, while in private wishing for me to commit suicide or sending me a death threat.

WARNING: the video is not safe for work and definitely not safe for the kids. Click here for the video on the official YouTube channel.

You’ll Never Know

Two very highly talented musicians, Brian Sizensky and Vera Hadzi, got together to write an incredible song in tribute to Phoebe Prince, the Irish immigrant who committed suicide after being mercilessly tormented by bullies at her high school. I blogged about it earlier this year and Brian tried to post the link in the comments, but the settings (for some reason, I just checked and they’re not set to stop HTML links) stopped it from posting.

It’s a gorgeous song with poignant lyrics (to me, lyrics are every bit as important as the music itself, so whenever I post a song here or allow someone else to, pay close attention to the lyrics). Take a listen then scoot on over to the YouTube page and rate and comment.


Rest In Peace At Last, MJ

I was browsing the news online today when it hit me that we were one of maybe 10 sites online who hadn’t mentioned the passing of Michael Jackson.  So here is my personal tribute.

Michael influenced a lot of people now in their 20s all the way to folks in their 40s and 50s.  Though his last few years were tainted by his odd behavior and scandal, there is no denying that Michael Jackson was an incredible talent.  That voice was just off the charts.  I was saddened to see the sorry state that he had entered over the last decade.  We may never know if he did the things he was accused of.  Personally, I just think he was an innocent soul who cracked under the pressures of fame.  We have all seen what has become of so many child stars in the realm of TV and movies.  So many committed suicide, ended up in jail or became destitute outcasts.  Michael eventually became a victim of those same circumstances fueled by his father’s abusiveness and by the pressures of fame at an early age.

But with his passing, I will reserve all judgment and celebrate a very influential and incredibly talented musician.  I am a child of the 80s and the 90s.  And MJ was a pivotal character in the pop culture of my childhood and teen years.  I wasn’t into parachute pants, break dancing, or moonwalking.  In fact, I wasn’t a major fan of Michael Jackson’s music although I did like it.  I was stuck on the new wave syntho-pop thing back then.  But I do appreciate his music from all eras whether it’s ABC, Billie Jean or Man In The Mirror.  He really didn’t ever sing a bad song.  It was all incredible.

My favorite song, though, is one I had forgotten until just today from his early years.  “Ben” was an incredible, beautiful song.  And for a pet lover like myself, it was very touching (even though it was about a rat).  Here’s a vid from the Sonny & Cher show in 1972 (before I was born…haha)


On another note, I found a version of Ben sung by child star Billy Gillman at a tribute for Michael Jackson several years ago.  I really thought it was awesome – very beautiful.  Michael was present and evidently approved.  I thought I would post this one too.


Analyzing Madonna – and Lovin’ the Song!


Okay – as a conservative I will admit one weakness…..my love of Madonna.  I’ve attended many shows, bought every CD, and saw every movie – no matter how bad.

Sometimes though (and this is open for criticism) I wonder just how “liberal” Madonna really is when it comes to politics.  Yeah, she dissed George Bush in her last concert a few times and yes she spoke kindly of Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s documentary and even rubbed noses with Michael Moore.

But – let’s take a look at a couple of noticeable highlights of the last few years.  Contradicting her position to loving Al Gore’s documentary, she still flies private jets, rides limos, and has many huge estates all over the world.  While being interviewed on “The View”, Madonna explained how having a family was important to her and put emphasis on having it all – including the hubby.  Joy Behar immediately challenged her by remarking that some single parents were happy and fulfilled.  Madonna replied “well, I need a husband.”  (which drew applause from Hasselback and the entire audience).  When it comes to spending, she personally inspects every invoice in her office daily and vocally challenges hidden charges.  At restaurants, she tips the strict rate of tip provided the help did a great job.  She demands a lot from her employees and makes them earn raises.  This doesn’t mesh well with the big-spending and big-tax ideas of the Democrats.

While other celebrities like O’Donnell, Streisand, and Fonda became active in their stance against the war, Madonna remained quiet.  (With the exception of random remarks that never seemed genuine.)

Madonna is a businesswoman and a damned good one.  If she were even a political moderate and considering the bulk of her audience, what do you think it would do to her career to say she supported conservative policies?

Just a few things to think about.  I’ll shut up now.  In any case, this song is a jam!


My Sympathy for Britney


Wow, things really are not going well for Britney.  Just like the writer of Fox News that wrote this story, my knowledge of her is somewhat limited.  Although I always did remember her being one major star that did say she supported George Bush back when the rest of Hollywood was dissing him.

However; it turns out after her major flawed performance at the MTV awards, she was just fired last night by her manager and she was also fired by her divorce attorney.

She is also at risk of losing custody of her kids to her ex-husband (who I understand isn’t exactly the most prominent and accomplished “man.”)

New album or no new album, she really needs to go away for awhile and clear her head.  It’s very sad to see talented young women (Whitney included) get sidetracked and screwed up by horrible men.  While all of it was self-inflicted, it’s hard to not feel some kind of sadness for her.

Song of the Week – Love it!


Maroon 5’s “Makes Me Wonder”

Have you guys been hearing this tune on your radio the last couple of weeks as I have?

Very rare that a song from these days catches my ear like this.  Catchy is this song’s middle name!  Check with me in a couple of weeks though and I’ll probably be sick of it.

Another Go-Gos Moment……


 I have been really indulging in YouTube lately and all it offers for classic videos.  I’m a big music fan and I was scanning through various 80’s songs/videos.

I came upon this fun video by the Go-Gos and glanced through the comments on it.  This is absolutely the most beautiful comment I have heard in SUCH  a long time:

“Here it was, the height of the Cold War in Reagan’s America and we still had positive, well-crafted pop music that could make you smile.”

Is that not beautiful!?  “Reagan’s America” and good music.  Could it get any better?

Saturday Jam Session!


It’s been such a good week. 

  • Crazy Terrorists Were Stopped in London
  • Madonna exposed as a liberal hypocrite
  • The high courts backing Bush’s surveillance programs
  • Bush commuting Scooter Libby
  • Atheist Christopher Hitchens getting so frustrated during a debate that he stormed off stage.
  • And last but not least – watching liberals like Keith Olbermann go crazy over some or all of the above.

Today, I shall take a break and enjoy some good tunes.  Here is a favorite of mine from the 80’s by the Go-Gos- don’t know why, but this song has always caught my ear.