Pro-Choice, but for who?

The hypocrisy coming from feminists and pro-abortion fanatics is astonishing with regard to the Stupak amendment.  The Stupak amendment was passed on Saturday with bipartisan support – just in case the travesty bill known as HR3962 passed (which it sadly did).  Basically, it prohibits the use of public funds for abortion by women.  Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

Not according to Planned Parenthood and NARAL.  Tonight on Joy Behar’s show, the ultra-liberal pro-choice host had on a few of these women along with Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  To say these women stretched the truth is a huge understatement. 

When people take advantage of a public option to anything, they succumb to big-government bureaucracy.  It’s always been that way, it always will be.  Who votes for these politicians who support big-government bureaucracy?  Why I do believe it’s the same liberals who are angry about the Stupak Amendment!?

What angered me about Behar’s show (not that I expect journalistic integrity out of her) is how uniformed she herself was as the fanatics proclaimed that women would still be denied abortion if they paid for their own policies.  She, of course, was appalled as the same fanatics continued to blame “anti-choice” members of the House. 

“Paying for their policies” doesn’t grant them that right if they are paying for their policies out of the exchange.  Why?  Because if a woman purchases an insurance policy out of the public option and pays $100 per month for a policy which she would have paid $300 per month for from Blue Cross Blue Shield, this means that two-thirds of her insurance policy is subsidized by the American taxpayer.

It’s the same concept with Section 8 or public housing.  Folks pay a small sum of money – say $150 per month – and the government covers the remaining $600-$800 per month.  In my county, such recipients are constantly put through the most rigorous procedures.  They have to send in pay stubs every month, they get their house inspected every two months, their kids’ clothes are inspected and beds are checked, personal questions about the dating lives of the recipients are asked, etc. etc. etc.  Every aspect of their lives from A to Z is violated.  There is no privacy when you sell out to big government and wear one of their numbers.

What about the “choice” anyway?  Any liberal who complains about this Stupak amendment is a total hypocrite.  What about the choice of taxpayers who have to pay for the bill (considering it passes the Senate)?  Do they have a “choice” of whether or not to pay for it?  Miraculously, Planned Parenthood or NARAL doesn’t seem to mind that, nor do liberal politicians, nor do the voting liberal base.

They selectively apply “choice” and “privacy” to matters that are only important to the radical left-wing.

Here’s a little newsflash for them (and feminists alike): this is only the beginning!  Every aspect of your life is going to be uncovered, there will be an answer to them for everything you do, and they WILL have the control over your life that they have always wanted.

And you know what?  You deserve it. 

You want your precious privacy?  Good!  You might have just taken your first step to being a conservative!

More Nuts on Ron Paul………


This is from youtube and headed “Ron Paul Revolution: A Manifesto…”

I’d say getting a look at this fella is all we need to know in terms of the types going gaga over Ron Paul.    

I just cannot imagine the pro-war folks being this extreme about their positions.  What are these liberals and 9/11 conspiracy people doing?  Breaking up in clusters based on categories of insanity?

Be it pro-abortion folks or anti-war nuts, these people from now until the primary are going to be fun to watch.  These anti-war sissies have absolutely no idea the kind of fight they are in for when they piss off the abortion ladies, LOL.

9/11 Conspiracy Nuts vs the Nuts at NARAL

A great liberal-loony-9/11 conspiracy theorist left the following comment regarding the conspiracy leftists’ campaign to elect Ron Paul:

“I hear he based the votes for his entire career on the “Constitution.”” 

FINALLY – a liberal agrees that abortion is non-constitutional! 

Read the following:

“Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided … because abortion simply is not a constitutional issue. There is not a word in the text of that document, nor in any of its amendments, that conceivably addresses abortion. There is no serious argument based on the text of the Constitution itself that a federal ‘right to abortion’ exists.”

Ron Paul – 01/30/2006

So now we have two types of “one dimensional” liberals.  The ones who believe in voting only on abortion and the ones that are blaming 9/11 on the United States.  Apparently Ron Paul agrees that there are no rights to abortion in the Constitution.  Someone at NARAL needs to be alerted real soon that they are being sold out by liberals (and I thought I’d never say this) that are even MORE insane than they are.