LOL of the Night

Doug Powers added his two cents (and so much more) over on Michelle Malkin’s blog today. Apparently, a group of Code Pink moonbats were going through Egypt on their way to aid those peace-loving terrorists in Gaza – better known as Hamas – when they were caught up in the unrest in Cairo. A group of Americans saved their rose-colored asses (sorry, ya’ll, but I couldn’t resist!) on a chartered flight out of the country and then proceeded to put the women up in a high-brow hotel in the Netherlands. The kicker? The Americans who came to Code Pink’s rescue were Shell Oil employees – the same company that Code Pink has repeatedly protested.

Doug had some sage words to make you wet yourself:

No doubt these two whiffle-brained irony magnets will be quickly reimbursing Shell because they’ll never be able to sleep at night knowing they’ve accepted blood money and favors from an evil oil company… right?

*Sniffle* Oh, my…WHOO!!!…that just burned another two hundred calories. I [heart] Doug Powers. There are links to some very good information about the incident, so please, visit the post and read all about it.


While the Big O promised us all that he was coming to heal the planet, the majority of Americans went to sleep on election night with visions of peace and joy dancing in their heads. Free healthcare. A house for everyone. Jobs for all who want them. No more war. Thanks to Barack Obama, the people of the rest of the world were predicted to suddenly see the error of their ways, lay down their AK-47’s, set aside their Qur’an-fed sharia-loving ways and be reasonable enough to stop killing innocent people. The way everyone put it, you would think that Obama’s very presence in the White House was going to end the buildup of pollution in the cities.

Instead, we’ve got bailouts upon homebuyer tax credits upon regulations. Multi-trillion-dollar debt is threatening to drown our children and grandchildren so that the government can take care of us in the here and now. American “exceptionalism” is now a no-no; we’re not allowed to be better than anyone else. God knows (or the Big O, depending on who you pray to) we might hurt some other countries’ feelings if we were to actually be better than they are.

I am beginning to believe that Obama’s failure to properly control is not mere inexperience. The more bad news I read about the Gulf oil spill, the more I am convinced that the whole thing is a deliberate ploy to force America and other democratic/republic countries to accept greater government control. There is no way that the combination of blunders that Obama has made in handling this crisis can be coincidental. It strikes me as being more deliberate by the day.

At first the Big O flat refused help from other nations. He quickly realized that he couldn’t keep refusing and appear to be doing something, so he accepted a handful and most of the help was deemed temporarily illegal for use, whether because of the EPA or the Jones Act. Everything else has been listed as “under consideration.” He refused to allow Louisiana to build sand berms, saying that an “environmental impact study” needed to be done to examine how the berms might damage sensitive marshlands. It doesn’t take an biological expert to tell that sand berms wouldn’t do nearly the damage that a complete infiltration of crude oil would. Louisiana started anyway, and Obama let it slide until today.

Dredging for material to build the berms halted at midnight today because the area they’re dredging from is apparently too sensitive. Let’s forget about the fact that tens of thousands of barrels’ worth a day are being pumped into the Gulf. Let’s forget about the fact that some of the sludge has already washed into the marshlands and the effects have been devastating. Let’s forget that it will become far worse if it is allowed to continue. The Obama administration has decided that an issue that might have an effect on sensitive marsh islands is more important than a separate issue that will absolutely destroy them.

That isn’t stupidity. It’s deliberation. It is defiance of sound logic, one that does not require a doctorate in ecological studies to understand. There are reports of toxic rain in Louisiana and the Big O is still blaming the last eight years.

Unicorns may be riding on rainbows during the Obama administration, but they’re not doing the right thing. This is beyond distressing. It is my worst nightmare breathed to life. I cannot fathom how anyone is left in this country to support Obama and his methods. Then again, I have argued for some time that in order to have world peace, people would need to stop being unreasonable and be willing to consider a different point of view. It should no longer surprise me that people are willfully blind, deaf and dumb.

Hey, Jude

On Friday of last week, BP CEO Tony Hayward was removed by the board of his company from his position leading the efforts to stop the oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. On Saturday, he took his teenaged son to a yacht race off the Isle of Wight. By Saturday night White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel was lambasting Hayward for going to the race. Today, White House Spokesman Bill Burton echoed that sentiment, saying, “We took him at his word that he was going to get his life back, and it’s clear that he has.” Hayward was removed from leadership after saying that he wanted his life back in a TV interview on May 30.

Obama said he was “looking for some ass to kick” over the Gulf spill crisis less than a week after taking time off to enjoy a concert with Paul McCartney and a mish-mash of American musicians, including the Jonas Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Jack White, former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl and a host of others. Obama graced McCartney with the Library of Congress’ Gershwin Award for his contributions to American music and culture. Posted on the White House website was this video, part of a broadcast to be put out in late July:


At least Obama was thinking of the Gulf Coast when he took time off for this shindig. I wonder if he was thinking of the Gulf Coast disaster any of the MANY times he’s gone to play golf. Or basketball. Or to see a baseball game while Hayward was at the aforementioned yacht race (it was the Chicago White Sox against the Washington DC Nationals, in case you were wondering).

The hypocrisy flowing so freely from the White House right now is absolutely breathtaking. Hayward hasn’t taken a single break from his duties to do something non-work related, yet while the Big O has done interviews and junkets several times, he’s done nothing…except play golf. The explosion occurred on April 20; It has now been more than two months, and we’re still hoping for a conclusion. He’s talked about plugging the hole, but what did he do to contain the oil from the beginning? Nothing. If you look at the reports to Democrat constituents, offers of assistance from other countries were accepted rapidly after being received; this is not so. Three days after the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon, the Netherlands was the first country to begin offering help. If you believe the politicians trying to placate voters, the Obama administration accepted that help in “early May.”

It is a patent lie. Not until May 23, ONE MONTH AFTER THE INITIAL OFFER WAS MADE, does the US State Department admit to accepting oil skimming vessels from the Netherlands. Those ships have not been put to use yet, though; the way they work and the foreign crews trained to operate them are the big issue. The Jones Act forbids the use of foreign workers as opposed to American union workers in US waters, and despite the unions saying repeatedly that they don’t want the Jones Act to become an issue, it already has. The other problem is that the EPA has rules regarding how cleanup can occur. Those rules forbid water previously tainted by oil from being sprayed back into the ocean. This creates a whole new problem because the skimmers are built to collect oily water, separate the oil and put the clean water back. The EPA won’t back down.

Thus far, offers from only five countries have been accepted. Offers from more than twenty others are still listed as being “under consideration.”

Considering the fact that Obama told Senator John Kyl and others that he was essentially holding border security hostage in return for immigration reform, this shouldn’t surprise us. He’s already begun to push cap-and-trade. Now we’ve got Democrats saying, “SEE?!? Drilling for oil is too dangerous!” Aaaaand, there’s another little factoid being conveniently ignored by liberals and the MSM.

Obama and BP have worked together on pushing cap-and-trade legislation, as well as other legislation – including green jobs, climate change, and strong EPA rights. Why would BP hamstring themselves so blatantly? Well, they’re not…they’re benefiting already. Such legislation offers handsome subsidies to companies that go from selling fossil fuels to helping in the effort to “save the planet”. Those companies aren’t being stiffed. They’re being bought off.

Deep-water oil drilling was always dangerous because there is no craft that can help humans survive at the depths they’re drilling. The oil companies are only out there because environmental activists have insisted on refusing to allow them to drill closer to shore. They were afraid of a spill like this. Unfortunately, this spill has proved to be most difficult for the simple fact that people can’t get to it – they have to send robots. Drilling in ANWR wouldn’t present nearly the same challenge as that region is ON LAND. The current Gulf disaster is a monster of our own making, and our President is too busy singing “Hey, Jude” with some of the biggest superstars in the world to actually do something about it.

Oh, and lest I forget…it’s not just Republicans who are cozy with big oil. Democrat John Kerry owns quite a bit of stock in oil companies, including BP. His wife owns millions of dollars in oil stock separately. People who live in glass houses…

“Plug the Damn Hole!”

President Obama, proving yet again that he’s just a normal guy, became agitated during a meeting and snapped, “just plug the damn hole!”

We would all hope he’s talking about Bozo the Veep Joe Biden (who recently delivered a speech in Brussels and declared it the “capital of the free world,” saying that Washington, D.C. was undeserving of the title). After all, every time that guy opens his mouth he kicks his foot straight into it with accuracy unmatched by Audie Murphy. Alas, he wasn’t experiencing a lapse into momentary sanity; he was talking to representatives of oil giant British Petroleum about the oil that continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico and has begun to creep into the Louisiana wetlands.

I remember in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina first began to pose a threat to New Orleans. For years, forecasters had warned that a strong enough storm would destroy the city, which sits below sea level. City government did nothing about it. Right up to the days leading up to Katrina’s landfall, mayor Ray Nagin refused to even call for a mandatory evacuation until a mere twelve hours before landfall – by which time it was far too late for those with no means of transportation to find a way out of the city. Despite dire warnings of catastrophic flooding, many stayed and scores died for their decision during and after the storm. In the wake of the storm, cities that had been similarly devastated – such as Biloxi, Long Beach and others that had issued the mandatory evacuation orders well in advance of the storm and in plenty of time to save lives – got the help they needed from FEMA and immediately began to rebuild their cities and lives. Something went wrong in New Orleans. Everyone remembers Geraldo Rivera standing on a loading deck at the Superdome, demanding to know why federal help hadn’t arrived.

To this day, everyone blames George W. Bush for failing to act. Nobody remembers that Ray Nagin didn’t have the nerve to tell people to get the hell out. Nobody remembers that the city didn’t have much of a contingency plan. Nobody remembers the cities that didn’t have that issue despite being practically blown off the map. Americans tend to have the attention span of a gnat. If it doesn’t catch their attention with cool music and flashing lights right now, they forget about it.

It was an emotional issue, but one that is still being horribly misjudged. FEMA and federal law require specific requests to specific areas before they can send help. On a smaller scale, look at your local fire department. If you call 911 to report that your neighbor’s house is on fire, the dispatcher takes the information and dispatches the closest available units. Those units not dispatched don’t go; it’s called “jumping the call.” It’s considered disrespect to command and it tends to screw up the general order in effect. The same goes for FEMA. They don’t simply come in and take over because they think it needs to be done. They cannot do what they are not specifically requested to do. For all they know, there’s a plan and their intervention could dramatically screw things up.

Despite these facts, many still blame Bush for the mass deaths in New Orleans in 2005. Now that the Deepwater Horizon has exploded and sunk, leaving a shattered pipeline so far down on the ocean floor that manned watercraft cannot safely reach it because of pressure levels, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has put out very specific calls for specific actions from the government and the Army Corps of Engineers. This crisis has dragged on for a month now, and Jindal has gotten absolutely no help from Obama’s government. Jindal is being forced to take action on his own, lowering tons of boom (sand) into the state’s wetlands to protect them from the oil already creeping in.

Obama is proving quite adept at issuing demands for everyone else to fix the issues facing our country. He doesn’t want to enforce immigration laws, but he’s demanding that Arizona knock it off. He wants jobs created, but he doesn’t know how to do it, so he simply demands that hundreds of billions of dollars be thrown at it, and Democrats in the House and Senate are more than willing to oblige. He wants the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy to be repealed but he doesn’t know how to properly do that, either, so he’s demanding that someone else helm the project. Obama doesn’t know how to respond to a call for assistance from a governor, but he sure as hell knows how to tell the company trying to fix the issue to hurry up and fix it while he makes damn sure to rub elbows with celebrities.

The man doesn’t understand the traditions of the office he holds. He was the first president to ever skip the Medal of Honor Recipients’ Ball on the night of his inauguration since the party’s inception in 1953. Instead he felt it necessary to hit all the inaugural balls that included major celebrities. He’s been snapped on multiple occasions standing with his hands in an embarrassing fig-leaf position during the playing of the National Anthem while everyone else properly places their hands over their hearts (or stands at attention, if in the military). He’s been caught on film bowing to both the Saudi king and the Japanese emperor. It took him badly mispronouncing “corpsman” TWICE before he got it right, and neither time did the media ever pick up on it (except FOX). He abandoned the traditional White House Christmas ornaments for those decorated with Chairman Mao and one of RuPaul’s “Drag Race” contestants. He will be the first President in a very long string of them to forego the Memorial Day tradition of laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier next week for a trip to Chicago, but he’ll be damn sure to be back in time to hobnob with Sir Paul McCartney. Next we’ll be hearing that he’s auctioning off slumber parties in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House. Oh, wait…

Mr. President, you want them to “plug the damn hole.” I have a demand now, before you open your mouth one more time about Arizona’s law enforcement:



This story comes from

Federal officials say they plan to investigate every possible cause of last week’s massive explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico — including the possibility of criminal acts or negligence….

The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of the Interior are conducting a joint investigation into the explosion. “Investigations are ongoing and everything will be examined,” a DOI official told in an e-mail Friday when asked if any evidence points to acts of criminality or negligence. “It’s obviously too early to know.”

They need to examine “everything.”  Negligence?  Maybe.  Criminality?  Maybe so. 

I’m not going to say too much more.

It’s a sad shame that this oil rig disaster happened so soon after a major disaster in West Virginia at the Massey coal mine.  America’s fossil fuel industries really seem to be taking a major beating lately.  And it’s a horrible shame.  Obama had just opened himself up to the idea of increased offshore drilling in an attempt to alleviate America’s increasing dependence on foreign energy sources. Now I guess that will have to be on hold.  I know that Barack is torn up about this.

I’m sure that these two tragedies will set our nation back in their attempts to tap domestic energy sources. The federal government will surely need to investigate and possibly increase regulations and safeguards in order to make sure that these types of things don’t happen again.

It’s just a damned shame that these two disasters had to occur.  It really shakes America’s confidence in our energy producers.  And for these two events to happen so closely in succession…..damned shame.

I Knew I Was Right, But DAMN…

OPEC, on a mission spearheaded by Iran and Venezuela, managed to cut production by 1.5 million barrels a day.  Saudi Arabia actually refused to cut production and, in fact, is pushing for the reduction to be stopped.  But despite their best efforts, oil prices continue to plummet.  After Iran’s oil minister said (and I quote), “the era of cheap oil is finished,” oil stocks continued to drop today.  They settled at less than $64 a barrel. 

They’ll meet again in December to revisit the issue and decide whether they want to cut production even more, but as I said, Saudi Arabia is against the cut in production.  I hate to sound like a broken record, but with the massive spike in prices over the last year, they gave us a taste of a life we have no desire to live.  We’re not willing to give up everything else to be able to drive gas-guzzling SUV’s.  Now the Iranian oil minister is all smiles, thinking they’re gonna get what they want after trying to proverbially slash our throats with the prices we were paying?  He’s joking, right?

When gas hit $4.10 a gallon here in Phoenix, I read Bill Hennessey’s blog and he predicted a collapse.  I told him not to tease me, but I agreed that with the pain induced by filling up our tanks oil prices could only drop or else people would just stop driving and cease the need for oil and gas.  Prices are continuing to drop not nearly as much because of the financial crisis (the dollar is getting stronger, folks) as it is because they forced us to figure out ways to cut back on our need.  Now that we know what they want, let’s drill and start studying chemistry like it’s going out of style.

Two More Reasons to Drill

Now that oil prices are dropping like a rock, Iran and Venezuela are heading an emergency meeting of OPEC–aka Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries–because the two countries can’t believe how quickly and how far they’ve dropped.  Due to the recession here in the United States (if you haven’t woken up yet, yes, we’re in one) oil has dropped below $72 a barrel, a far cry from the $147 a barrel being demanded in July.  Both of the aforementioned radical countries had enjoyed the skyrocketing oil prices, with Iran expanding its nuclear program and Venezuela buying mountains of Russian weapons.  Now that their fundage is being cut, they’re panicking.  They’ve had a taste of what oil can bring them, and they want that money back.  They’re trying to convince the rest of the OPEC members to cut production in a concerted effort to drive prices even higher than they were before.

I remember the fable of the golden goose.  For those unfamiliar with the story, a farmer had a goose that laid golden eggs, and while the money was good and steady, the farmer became greedy.  He demanded that the goose lay eggs faster, but the goose wasn’t able.  One day, having spent his savings, the farmer went to kill the goose to take the eggs he was sure were inside it; the goose warned him that there were no eggs waiting to be laid, that if he wasn’t patient he would lose his gift.  The farmer killed the goose anyway, only to find the goose was right.  There were no eggs waiting to be laid.  It was just a regular goose that once in a while did something extraordinary, and he’d destroyed that steady flow of income.

Iran, Venezuela, and other oil-rich nations that make most of their money from oil exports are sitting on a gold mine.  They have something the entire world needs, and it’s done very well for them so far.  But with a little taste of extra money that came from hard times in America, they have decided that they just can’t give up their newfound wealth.  So instead of being wise about it and waiting for the next boom (which is inevitable), they’re trying to force other OPEC members to join them in forcing the prices back up so they can continue to live the uber-comfortable life they’ve come to know.

What they’re forgetting is that we’ve gotten a taste of it, too.  We’ve gotten a good taste of what high gas prices are like and we are not willing to go back to that.  What they don’t realize is that if they move to drive prices back up, we here in America will be driven to do the one thing that would destroy their goldmine: drill for our own oil and research alternative fuels, making ourselves far less dependent on them and sending them scrambling to find some way to make ends meet.  They haven’t clued in to the fact that when pushed, most people push back.  If they’d just sit back and enjoy what they have they wouldn’t have anything to worry about.  But threatening to make us pay through our teeth again?  Them’s fightin’ words, ya’ll.

Go ahead, boys.  Try to put the squeeze back on us.  We’ll just find another way to provide for our oil needs and send you back to being the sand rats you really are.  Your greed will be the death of you.

Obama: Testing the Waters of Patriotism

Yes, here we are in the middle of probably the most important conflict of our generation.

Yes, our awesome troops are proud of what they are doing.  Yes, they are succeeding. 

I guess Obama has paid attention to the news lately – which means that he can at least read.  I’m sure he’s realizing that violence is at record lows in Iraq.  He’s realized the success and acknowledges the oil contracts we are bidding for now and what these can possibly mean to our economy.  Money, money, money – hey then we can invent new taxes!

Obama says Iraq trip can refine his policy

Right, after eight years of Bush getting harangued on a daily basis, Barack Obama does two things:

First, he actually admits he supports domestic spying (something even Alan Colmes is angry about).  Second, he slowly starts to “refine” his war position.

Oh sure, after all the work has been done by Bush and Rice, Democrats will try to find some way to take credit for the success this war brings, or will attempt sadly to begin a pathetic backtrack of their eight years of blatant idiocy and this time, they didn’t even have to run a phony war-hero to do it.

Hopefully when this begins, we will know better.  Start looking for the signs real soon.

Take this article as #1.  I can’t wait to hear Code Pink’s response to this incidentally.


Apparently Code Pink and the rest found out – yes, less than three hours after reading the first article above – we get a new “unchanged” Barack.

Thanks Barack, and thank Code Pink along with the crazy Koz kids and the moonbats from over at Air America radio that still believe the war was evil.  Silly me to think that Democrats (the elected ones) could ever claim credit for Iraq’s success.  

Obama Wades Into Controversy With Iraq Comments

An Oily Predicament

We can log this one as a Republican success!

The Democrats had another brilliant idea today of taxing oil companies an extra 25%.  Our guys struck it down immediately.

As an accountant, when the taxes rise for my business clients, they raise their prices to compensate.

What did the darling Democrats think this was going to do aside from giving them more money to pay some tree-hugger to monitor Earth temperature?

Senate GOP blocks windfall taxes on Big Oil

Watching Chuck Schumer go crazy makes it totally worth it.