WHCD Suprisingly Mum on Palin

After watching the White House Correspondents Dinner tonight and listening to the speeches of President Obama and comedian Seth Meyers (a supporter of Mr. Obama), I am left wondering if Donald Trump was a liberal-plant to remove the media’s fixation of Sarah Palin.

The president and Seth Meyers combined must have spent a good three-four minutes on poking fun at Donald Trump as Trump sat and appeared none-too-pleased.  The president also casually mentioned a handful of possible GOP candidates including Tim Pawlenty (snore), Mitt Romney (snore), and Michelle Bachmann.  The president himself mentioned nothing of Sarah Palin.  This is very stunning considering Palin has been the most vocal on attacking the president over his policies (the ones the media claim everyone should be focused on) and she’s probably received at least 90% of the media’s coverage over the last two years in comparison to that of Pawlenty or someone like Romney.

This has me wondering just what kind of Palin-chatter has been happening inside of the White House.  While the MSM has some Americans convinced that they’d love nothing more than for Palin to win the Republican nomination for President, it seems almost strategic on the part of the president to mention nothing of her in his round of jokes tonight.

Just last night in an interview with Bret Baier, Palin continued her harsh criticism of the president by pointing out gas prices increasing by 67% since he’s been president.  She also segued into her experience as Governor of Alaska explaining how she took on the oil companies and how she believed lower tax rates with tough policies against large corporations and closing loopholes would be a great commonsense approach to address many of these issues.  Finally, she suggested Obama has no idea what he is doing with regard to energy and how ramping up domestic production of our energy here at home by drilling — as opposed to asking other countries to do it for us — would be a solid step to better times.

So while Donald Trump is out dropping F-Bombs at speeches in Nevada and setting himself up suspiciously under the name “republican” to further explore an issue dismissed by most conservatives months ago (a rumor which began with the Hillary Clinton campaign), we still have a savvy potential candidate making the case for some of the commonsense ideals mentioned above.

Crying Uncle (The Media vs. Sarah Palin)

by Steve Flesher, courtesy of YAHOO!

In what appears to be a collective effort to wipe her off of the national political map, Sarah Palin’s most vocal critics seem to have accomplished the exact opposite.

From the 2008 presidential campaign, to her return to Alaska, to her resignation as Governor and her successes as an author, Fox News contributor, campaigner, and reality TV star, her critics just cannot seem to do what they are begging everyone else to do: forget about her.

In another collective attempt to shut the door on everything-Palin, many articles have surfaced in this past week alone begging journalists and pundits to go on a metaphorical Palin-fast. But in doing so, these same authors seem to forget that such pleadings have to make the headlines first, thus defeating the purpose of making the request.

In truth, Palin’s critics cannot come to a solid conclusion on her. If she’s not stupid, she’s a woman smart enough to orchestrate hate speech to the degree which results in mass shootings. If she’s not taking down Democrats through her efforts to campaign on behalf of the tea party, she’s blocking the successes of establishment Republicans who the Democrats suspiciously claim are the only kind that can win elections. If she doesn’t need to go away and disappear forever, she needs to run for President in 2012 to guarantee Obama another victory.

If the President is doing a good job in such a way that Americans are happy, should it matter who his opponent is in 2012? This point in and of itself allows objective observers the opportunity to understand that in the minds of Palin’s opponents, it’s more about making sure she never gets close to winning the nomination than it is making sure Obama wins a re-election. In a time when the nation is supposed to be uniting, how can it be good for America when the President’s own base is spending more time attacking a woman who is not currently holding elected office anywhere than they are at convincing others that he’s a good President?

Perhaps Ann Coulter was right in her July 2009 column, Forgetting Sarah Palin, saying her [Palin] critics would not have her to “kick around anymore — at least not with Palin’s hands tied behind her back by her public office.”

Coulter was of course referring to the onslaught of frivolous ethics charges waiting for Sarah Palin after she returned from the 2008 campaign trail which cost the taxpayers of Alaska millions of dollars and Palin herself a half million in legal fees.

Palin had been Governor for more than a year before accepting McCain’s offer to campaign as his running mate. Yet, it was after the 2008 campaign when Palin’s crowds drew in record-breaking attendances, when her Vice-Presidential debate drew in 70 million viewers, and when her face began appearing on every magazine cover that these ethics charges began pouring in.

After her resignation, the rumors began in even-larger numbers. Still, Palin continued to fulfill her promise to her supporters to move forward with her own agenda. She has had two massive bestsellers, gave Barbara Walters and Oprah their biggest viewing audiences in years when appearing on their shows for interviews, successfully campaigned for countless candidates in the 2010 midterm elections, and has had enormous success with her TLC show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Sarah Palin indeed proved herself a force to be reckoned with after helping the Republican party pick up more seats in the House of Representatives than any party had since 1948. Objectively, it appears the ethics charges and the various attempts to attack her by her opponents had done little to her influence on voters that mattered.

In many ways, this could explain to Americans why many in the media immediately began connecting the dots from the shooting in Tucson earlier this month to Sarah Palin within hours of the tragedy. After Palin immediately posted a message on her Facebook page sending prayers and well-wishes to Congresswoman Giffords, the sole focus became on awaiting her response to the criticism of her alleged “rhetoric.” Her opponents shouted because she said nothing for four days. Then, after she finally did respond, they shouted at the words she used which made it apparent to many that no matter what Palin says or doesn’t say, the same people are going to respond exactly the same anyway.

If all that wasn’t enough, her critics are now citing a tabloid story which alleges that Todd Palin had an affair with a female massage therapist. That same tabloid today has printed the facts which state the Anchorage police claim that none of the evidence collected on the therapist showed any connection to Todd Palin.

After watching how Palin’s success continues to grow and after watching how these various rumors continue to be proven wrong, perhaps it sheds light on the motive of the various journalists begging for a Palin-story hiatus. Perhaps it also shows that Palin is fully capable of playing along because it is clear now more than ever before, her opponents will cry “Uncle!” long before she will.

The only question is, how much further will they help her along? Because while it remains arguable on whether or not Palin supported or opposed a “Bridge to Nowhere,” it has become absolute that her ideological enemies are on one of their own.

Evidence of a Potential Palin Landslide in 2012


The liberals have insisted on obsessing of the possibility that in November of 2012, they could wake up in the morning with a new America: one ready to move forward with President-elect, Sarah Palin. 

It’s no secret, I am a massive Palin supporter.  She’s energetic.  She electrifies the ones who need inspiration to mobilize, turning their silence into endless wells of energy.  If that isn’t enough, she continues to infuriate all the right people, too.

Just yesterday, a questionable Bloomberg poll was released which suggested that Barack Obama would trounce Sarah Palin in a national election.  It placed Obama getting 51% of the vote with Palin getting 35% respectively.

Of course, every major news outlet has jumped on it including CBS and USAToday

The MSM is so terrified of Sarah Palin just as they were terrified of Ronald Reagan.  In fact, an article released by the NY Times in January of 1979, with numbers from a GALLUP poll stated the following:

WASHINGTON, Jan. 20–President Carter would easily defeat either former Gov. Ronald Reagan of California or former President Gerald R. Ford if the election were held today, according to the Gallup Poll.

But something else is coming into play here.  This is just as much a campaign to discourage Republicans from electing true conservatives as it is discouraging Americans from providing support to Sarah Palin. 

I would like to make it clear.  While I am focusing on 2010’s midterms (as Palin allegedly is), I am watching the media more closely this time.  I will not personally settle for another McCain. 

Hucakabee is boring who also compared illegal immigration to slavery. 

Romney is boring who passed his own state version of Obamacare.

Newt Gingrich is brilliant but lacks the energy which Palin is passing around to the grassroots who decide elections.  In other words, people are more likely to be energized to come out and vote in her case.

The only other person I would consider at this point would be Chris Christie.

After a day of obessing about the poll mentioned here, Chris Matthews has a hissy fit when conservative strategist, Ron Christie, says that Palin is absolutely qualified to be President, especially considering what we have now.

The video is posted above.

Palin Derangement Syndrome Leads to DWTS “BooGate”

As everyone knows, Bristol Palin has been dancing and doing very well on Dancing With the Stars.  To support her, Sarah has been sitting in the front row for the past couple of episodes. 

After last night’s episode, the media went wild.  After Jennifer Grey’s performance, the judges gave their scores.  Then, in the backroom as Grey and her partner were being interviewed, you heard a suspicious massive loud booing coming from the ballroom — and immediately, the camera went right to the host sitting and talking with Sarah Palin.


Now, it is important to watch both videos, because you’re not going to get the full rebuttal from the MSM.  Why would the MSM waste their time correcting the assertion that Palin was booed?  How about the record number of mainstream outlets and liberal blogs who enthusiastically entertained it:

And there is much more fun!  Tonight, DWTS was forced to clarify what the booing was truly all about: the judges’ scores for Jennifer Grey; who did a wonderful job, considering all she had been through.  And with the clarification, comes the real video which revealed the real truth:


So why are liberals this desperate to mischaracterize boos from an audience (known to boo at the judges all the time) which leads the media to massively over-report the mistruth?

I think liberal-writer Jay Anderson over at BlackVoices says it best:

Sarah Palin scares me.

If you realllllly want to have a good time, click on one of the links above and look for one of the following:

A.) Liberal Silence

B.) Liberal Denial (I.E. the neocons over at ABC were forced to do it by Palin)

The beauty and comfort for conservatives and Palin-lovers alike lies in Jay Anderson’s remarks above (though the guts of his piece is the usual left-wing blather we get on Sarah).  They are so deranged over Palin, they actually find comfort that a small studio audience in the middle of Hollywood possibly booed her and made such a big deal about it.

No other conservative has stirred up this much derangement. 

What began as a funny post here (making fun of moonbats is always my favorite hobby) quickly turns into a serious point when you consider all of the Tea Party candidates she has backed and all the RINOs she’s been instrumental in tossing out of Congress.

Folks, if you ever doubted the power of Palin, I strongly urge you to reconsider.

This Week’s “Sarah Palin” Hysteria

   (Image created by liberal critics from Americans for Sarah Palin on Facebook)

Two major news stories are surfacing on left-wing blogs everywhere about Sarah Palin.

First, Palin responded light-heartedly to the “controversy” over scribbling six words on her hands before her Tea Party Speech by repeating an e-mail she got from a fan who told Sarah that God had done the same thing — mentioned in the Book of Isiah.  Palin then said that if it was good enough for God, it was good enough for her.

Suddenly, left-wing blogs are rushing to God’s defense.  For those out there wondering how bizarre this is, just think of a feminist rushing to the defense of a baby right before the late-term abortion is performed or Teddy Kennedy jumping back into the harbor to save Mary Jo.

Such as it was good enough for a laugh — as most folks really are interpreting it — their portrayal of Palin is comparing herself to God! (as they shout indignantly) is also logically untrue.  In fact, she was speaking in contrast to God.  I.E. If the almighty did it, what more can you expect out of a mere mortal? 

And by the way, which President has had pictures of himself taken all over the White House and which President has been copied and pasted into the Messiah-like images before?

In the case of Him, they were serious.  In the case of Her, they were sadly attempting sarcasm to profess false beliefs onto conservative Americans.  The only problem is, they did it first with their guy — AND THEY WERE SERIOUS ABOUT IT! 

Of course, conservatives would never deliberately place the photograph of a politician we loved in the place of the Messiah.  But knowing liberals were serious when they did it with theirs, it just gives the lie to this absurdity about Palin believing she is God-like or Christian-conservatives believing it as well.

No, Sarah Palin is not Jesus Christ.  She merely believes in Him, just like we do.

Moving on….

Giving a speech in Canada this weekend, Palin recollects her childhood in Skagway, Alaska 40 years ago as she recalls crossing Canadian lines and using their health care.

Yes, you know where this is going.  It’s already been covered on the Huffington Post, the Daily Kos, and tonight on MSNBC

Suddenly, Palin is a hypocrite who uses the socialized health care system of Canada.  Nevermind the fact that both systems of health care in both countries were slightly different 40 years ago.  Nevermind the fact that she lived in a town called Skagway which rested on the Canadian border just years after Alaska had become a state. 

The joy of Sarah Palin is watching the left try as hard as they do.  I think for me, she’s already won the big battle with them.  What MSNBC and Media Matters fail to provide us with is precisely what the alternative was for the Palin family back then?  Just what did they want them to do?  Drive to Washington state every time someone broke a bone or had a fever?

My theory?  Palin knew liberals would react this way.  It wasn’t accidental that she mentioned this in her speech.  And the darlings of the left have not yet figured it out (to the point that screaming it from the rooftops now won’t take them out of their rotting anti-Palin daze) that they are so typical, they continue to eat out of her hand (with or without the scribbled words).

They run around screaming about how she’s such a dope — but they’ve all been duped by that “dope” over and over again.

Tired of SarahMania? Thank a Liberal.

Since I woke up this morning until just moments ago — on Super Bowl Sunday — on the same day a clean energy plant exploded, people just cannot stop looking at or searching for Sarah Palin.

First, we had our usual liberals assailing her for her hard words on Obama last night.  Even the folks on MSNBC promoted her from “dumb” to a “merchant of hate!” 

The immediately liberals started doing Exorcist-head-spins over the fact that during the speech, Palin had some notes written on her hand, comparing it to her joke on Barack Obama’s teleprompter.  Gazing at notes on your hand is a very usual process for many giving speeches.  Since I have personally shaken her hand, I can almost guarantee she did not have the entire 1-hour-long speech written on her little palm. 

 She did make one gaffe.  Instead of saying that America was not seen as the shining beacon by the rest of the world because of Obama, she said “Alaska.”  Even I chuckled, just as I chuckled when Obama proclaimed we had 57 states.

Then she did a full hour interview with Chris Wallace today for Fox News Sunday.

In this interview, she revealed that she was not ruling out a presidential run.  Coupled with last night’s “Run Sarah Run!” chant at the tea party convention, this was enough to set off firestorms all throughout media outlets and boy have the liberals come out screaming today.

Honestly, I caught Chris Wallace’s program this morning as I was getting out of the shower and getting ready to head into the office for a little while.  I also watched her speech last night.  Friday-Sunday are the only nights I don’t work until 1 a.m. so I got lucky.

With all the hullaballoo, you would think Palin has officially announced her candidacy.  But liberals won’t stop.  They constantly ask the question to give the answer.  I can only assume she’s sick of getting the question and tired of giving her stock-card answer: ‘that’s so far off, I am focusing on 2010.’  So today, Wallace turned it around and in lieu of asking if she’d run, he asked if she wouldn’t. 

Obviously just as she won’t confirm one way, she merely replied the total opposite.  ‘No I won’t rule it out.’ 

As much as I love the idea of it, I almost wish she’d give a solid answer of “no!” to running.  I’d really like to see what liberals would do. 

Honestly, Palin has accumulated more power by becoming the leader of the grassroots movements.  Anybody can run for President.  Butrarely does one person comes around who can lead a movement so effectively without an official title, one that outsells both Hillary and Obama with her first book, one that sends ratings of every talk-show she visits soaring all the way through the roof — just as she does with the blood pressure of watchdogs camped out at the White House late at night.

While Sarah Palin drags in headlines by the truckload with one speech or one book-signing, the poor President is standing off in the shadows smiling brightly as if to say: “hey guys, what about me!?”  With one Twitter/Facebook post sent from her kitchen in Alaska, she alters the plans of a health care disaster executed under a “super majority” and causes all pages in the House Bill — referring to incentivizing Doctors with our tax dollars to have end-of-life discussions with certain patients — to get ripped from the bill before passage.

She’s not elected to anything.  Still, current politicians waited with bated breath to hear what she had to say last night.

A woman with this level of power, who earns $100K from one speech (of which every penny will be put back into the conservative cause) and is paid $10M to  innocuously sell a book, should almost never run for any elected office.  Everything that she has delivered on could have not occurred if she were an elected official.  Sarah’s great as she is…a strong feminist in a powerful position because of free market principles — not because of a political establishment.

While we may never know what she’s going to say or do next — let alone in 2012 or 2016, I guarantee liberals will keep searching and reading and commenting on every web page they can in aggressive opposition.  That’s power no President can ever match.

“President Palin”


The immediate news shows — even the ones on CNN — gave Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Convention speech great reviews.  The speech was simply inspirational along the lines of her RNC speech in 2008.

In the post-speech Q&A, the gentlemen remarked to her:

I can think of two words right now that scare liberals, “President Palin.”

A simple but classic line that drew roars of applause and ovation followed by a “Run Sarah, run!” chant.

Palin, in answering that comment sure hit the nail on the head when she addressed the current administration’s phony and loose use of the word “bipartisan.”  There was nothing bipartisan about any part of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid plan to hijack another sector of free-market enterprise.  (Since the government’s involvement in the mortgage industry was so impressive!)  This flack about bipartisanship was a strawman for liberals — as it never truly existed — and merely impossible for Republicans since no Democrat took any of their ideas seriously.  Palin said that if she were president, she wouldn’t lie to Americans the way the current administration has in that regard.  If Obama’s policies are so good for the country, and knowing how conservative free-market principles are so demonized by the left, why would he risk his credibility with the moonbats by pretending to even want bipartisanship on an issue so important as health care? 

If Palin were President, she’d tell it like it was.  Her Congress won’t be pointlessly rattling on about a bipartisan effort with nuts like Pelosi or Kucinich.  However; the Tea Party has proven that conservative free-market principles are not Republican ideas.  They are American ideas promoted by conservatives.  There are conservative Republicans,  conservative gays, conservative Democrats, conservative blacks, and conservative whites. 

There is no “bipartisanship” in rejecting the Constitution.

Sarah Palin drove that point home tonight by speaking simply, honestly, and directly to the Tea Party crowd.

I cannot think of a better way to honor Ronald Reagan on his 99th Birthday than to have the nation hear the words “President Palin” uttered after what will go down in history as one of her most definitive and effective speeches ever.

Here is the full speech in all five parts!






“Rights and Responsibilities”

Somehow another “we got Palin this time!” message was sent to me on one of my political web forums I debate on.  Included in the message was a link to Shannyn Moore’s blog.  (The liberal in Alaska who’s made a full-time job out of studying every waking moment of Sarah Palin’s life).

This blogger has postings going all the way down the page where each and every one of those focus on Sarah Palin.  She also apparently uses Levi Johnston and his bodyguard as the type any person should take seriously by interviewing the bodyguard and posing for pictures.

She was confronted by Palin’s legal team previously for reporting lies.

Still, Keith Olbermann is using her for some kind of news source. 

Proof that one should never cry about Fox News while it exists in a world that has MSNBC.  That’s all I’m saying.

Alaska’s Ethics Act was set up to hold politicians accountable.  Now, that Act has to be reformed and that power has to be taken away from all of the people because of a few extremists who abused its priviledge.

As stated in my article written on American Thinker, “Sarah Palin’s Reagan Qualities,” these type of people do not matter and will not hinder Sarah Palin’s growth to Reaganesque stardom.  Sadly though, they kill the political process for the remaining members of their state in their lame attempts.

Palin’s attorney sent out a message in response to the final two frivolous ethics charges filed against her being dropped.

Palin’s attorney today released the following:

When the Governor announced her decision to resign on July 3, she pointed out the then 15 frivolous ethics complaints that had been filed against her and dismissed. It was intended to explain, in part, her decision to resign as well to educate the public about the abuse of the Alaska Ethics Act through a repetitive stream of baseless partisan accusations, each one seemingly more pointless and frivolous than the next. The Governor’s message was not intended as an invitation to run off half-cocked and file more baseless ethics complaints, but not everyone understood that message—or wanted to understand. In August 2009, largely in response to the abuse of Alaska’s Ethics Act by partisan shills and low level lackeys, the Attorney General issued an opinion recommending changes to the Ethics Act ”to prevent another potential harm—abuse of the process. Some Alaskans have argued that the Ethics Act has been used inappropriately in some circumstances to politically damage the subject of the complaint.” (August 5, 2009 Attorney General Opinion). That argument was asserted by the Anchorage Daily News. “Our View: Abuse of Ethics Complaints Turns Good Law Into Bad Politics,” Anchorage Daily News, May 3, 2009. The Attorney General further recommended “another safeguard to discourage habitual complaint filers who use the Ethics Act process to harass executive branch employees. Statutory amendments could provide authority to the personnel board to decline to process further complaints filed by a person who has abused the Act in this way.” Though it is encouraging to see an impartial evaluation of the problem, it is ultimately up to the Legislature to implement any of these recommended changes. Governor Palin has been subjected to 24 ethics complaints, several lawsuits, and dozens and dozens of public information act requests, few of which raised even a scintilla of a good faith issue, and most of which were simply done to garner a headline or promote opposition research for political gain.

Recently we learned that two more ethics complaints against Governor Palin have been dismissed—complaints that were filed after the Governor announced her plans to step down. One complaint asserted that it was unethical for the state to follow its own per diem regulations and pay per diem to the Governor as set forth by law. Of course, the complainant conveniently overlooked that the Governor and her family received less per diem than they were entitled to under State law—why let such details stand in the way of an ethics complaint? The other complaint that was dismissed asserted that the Governor, through me, supposedly violated the constitution because we informed a person who falsely implied that the Governor was “under investigation” by the FBI, that such statements are defamatory. It is notable to watch those who agitate on all things Palin—locally and even across the Atlantic—as they Huff and puff falsehoods about Sarah Palin under the guise of free speech, which brings us to a teachable moment. All too often we hear about constitutional rights—as we should—but many forget about constitutional responsibilities. As citizens we have both rights and responsibilities. Though we have the right to exercise free speech, we have the responsibility to exercise that right without defaming people. I like the way our Alaska Constitution describes it: “Every person may freely speak, write, and publish on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right.” Ak. Const. Art. I, Sec. 5. The irony of filing an ethics complaint because of a reminder about the constitutional parameters of free speech is no doubt lost on those consumed by irrationality when it comes to Sarah Palin; but one does not need an ethics law to know that positive political discourse depends on a robust debate about facts and the policy implications stemming from such facts. The nation is not helped by calumnious ad hominem attacks against Sarah Palin, matrilineal conspiracy theories and aberrant notions of ethics.

– Thomas Van Flein, Personal Attorney for Sarah Palin

My Day With Sarah Palin (Dedicated to AirForceWife)

Have you ever wondered what Heaven was going to look like?  I have, and I think I got a little preview Thursday when I went to Sarah Palin’s book signing in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  (In the following video, you will see me at 0:26 looking horrible as my friend, Veronica, a liberal – laid exhausted at my side).


The signing was from noon until 3pm.  We needed to be there, with our books – by 10am to obtain a wristband.  Since this was Palin’s second stop from her kick-off in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we were sure to watch the news on Wednesday; during the day, to get an idea of how early to arrive.  Boy, I am sure glad we did because Grand Rapids was quite a crazy event.  In fact, folks who could not get to see her in Grand Rapids due to crowd issues, took a chance and left out Wednesday night to get to Fort Wayne, Indiana in plenty of time.

A few days ago, a filling came loose in a tooth of mine.  Therefore; I was in quite a bit of pain.  I had planned on attending the book signing with one friend.  It was so annoying that I almost decided to stay home.  But as the pain grew, so did my desire to put it aside and place mind over matter when seeing that this was my opportunity to meet someone so incredible.  So without a lick of sleep; Wednesday night, I met Veronica in Indiana (my home is located in Illinois just on the border). 

Veronica is one of my best friends.  She voted for Obama and was apprehensive about meeting Sarah Palin.  Nonetheless, we’ve had eachothers’ backs through a lot more than this, so she happily agreed to the three-hour road trip getting no sleep as well.

We arrived at Meijer in Fort Wayne, Indiana at approximately 3AM.  It’s a large store popular in the midwest.  Thank God it’s opened 24 hours because her and I brought blankets and pillows to camp out in “Karen” (my Lexus) with the heated seats to keep our bums from freezing.  With luck, we went into the store and the folks in Fort Wayne were so nice…they allowed us to bring our pillows and blankets inside and to join the already multiple crowded aisles of folks who had been there since 9pm Wednesday night.

We then settled in “our aisle” and quickly noticed the vast crowding of folks outside.  (We apparently got there just in time to get a final indoor waiting spot).  People didn’t care.  They brought blankets, coats, and even though we were all deathly tired, people kept smiling and chanting for “Sarah!”  In some cases, people from the inside would temporarily switch places with someone from outside to allow small children to warm up, etc.

As I sat in the aisle (pictured below) among other people, a news reporter (who is also responsible for these images) approached me and talked with me about Palin and why we drove from Chicago to meet her.  As a result I was quoted in her article covering the event.

Nearby, Stephen Flesher from Chicago leafs through the book as well.
“I think Sarah is very cool. She knows how to bring a lot of good people together. I think she is inspirational,” he said.

Speaking of media, many correspondents were there from Fox.  Also, Norah O’Donnell from MSNBC was trolling around the crowds with her cameramen and microphones.  But, since we all knew what she was up to from the day before in Grand Rapids, we were certain to chant Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! every time she came by our aisle trying to interview interrogate folks.  Good Morning America was running around and Andrea Mitchell from Today was there as well. 

The connection we all shared was amazing.  I was thoroughly impressed with the store and its management.  We were treated free coffee and refreshments and were allowed to save spots for one another so that people could go outside and smoke, use the restroom, etc.  Out of thousands of folks who turned out, there was not one altercation or incident which confirms what I said: “Sarah brings good people together.”  People were polite, smiling, and though we were all tired, we shared stories and ideas and talked a lot about politics and government.  It truly was a nice time meeting other Palin fans in and of itself.

As Sarah Palin entered the building, everyone stood up and applauded loudly….tears streaming down faces of military wives who were holding portraits of their husbands who are overseas fighting for our country, little girls dressed up hand-in-hand with their parents, and some standing with gifts and flowers they had brought for the Governor.

Miraculously, MSNBC and Norah O’Donnell had disappeared before reporting that part of the event….the rest of the media were still there.

Palin immediately began signing books.  We were all told that she would be able to sign two books each and had 20 seconds per person.  This was not the case.  Palin insisted on asking everyone’s name, asking where they were from, shaking hands with every admirer and sending well wishes as folks left. 

…and whenever a military wife would approach, Sarah would always reach out for a hug and a kind word…

As I saw Sarah Palin hugging these various military wives, I thought of our very own AFW and noticed the raw emotion of these women.  This was their time to shine and be noticed.  They deserved it because of their selflessness they grant to us everyday.  So AFW, again, thank you for your selfless contribution to our country!

As I approached Palin myself, I grew weak in the knees.  However; Sarah made up for that with a surprisingly firm handshake and a smile.  I told her I had driven from Chicago and she asked how long it took.  I then told her I was so grateful to her for everything she’s done and how she had a lot of support in the Chicago area whether she realized it or not.  She smiled and said “thank you, that is so encouraging” and said she was amazed I had driven three hours.  She then ordered me to go get some sleep.  (I must have really looked awful! 🙂 )

No matter where Sarah Palin goes, I feel in my heart that it’s upward.  She’s brave and she speaks our language.  This day in my life was very special. I met some terrific friends and for about 10.5 hours total, I was reminded how peaceful and happy large groups of people can really be – especially when we all share a hope for something better.  I then for two seconds wondered if this is how conservatives felt when they first discovered Ronald Reagan.  Perhaps.

So, do I really think this encouraging day of mass familiarity was an indication of what Heaven is going to be like?

You betcha!