Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere Flub

During her visit to Paul Revere’s home on her One Nation bus tour, Sarah Palin made an honest and innocent slip when she explained that Paul Revere warned the “British” that they weren’t going to take our arms.  What factually happened was that he warned the patriots in Concord about the British whom he suspected was trying to steal them.

Of course I understood.  She was speaking extemporaneously to a drove of reporters who’ve been chasing her around like they do with celebrities.

Of course, her haters among liberal journalists have used the opportunity to condescend to her.  Anti-Palin bloggers are going crazy.

Of course they have amnesia with Obama’s various gaffes as well as Biden’s, nothing new there.

I wanted though to point out that because of one honest mistake, Palin accomplished what she had set out to do.  Because of her, we have an entire 24-hours news cycle of liberal journalists completely commemorating the memory and legacy of Paul Revere.

It was Sarah Palin’s hope of getting back to these principles and re-visiting our nation’s roots.  The Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, and Revere’s home were among her stops.

Revere proved that independence and its accompanying freedoms were worth fighting for.  Now, even liberals are properly schooled on one very important piece of history.

It has to happen little-by-little.  But because we’ve strayed so far away from these time-tested principles, we now live in a world with things like Obamacare and a nation with more food stamp recipients than it ever had before.

Sarah Palin has gladly taken her predictable beating from the left to bring the story of Paul Revere to the forefront of the nation’s attention.  Only she could pull this off.

Good work, Sarah!